How to Choose Best Amazon Suppliers

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The search for a reliable and legitimate Amazon supplier can be a difficult and tricky.

The selection of the supplier is a crucial decision for the success of your business.

The Amazon suppliers are partners of your business and who can support you at every step and can make your business a success story.

If you are a beginner at Amazon and wondering about getting a trustworthy and reliable Amazon supplier for your business, you are at the right place.

You can continue the reading and know the ways to find the best supplier for your business.

Best Suppliers

Why Need A Great Supplier For Your Amazon Store?

If you want to make your business a success story, you will have to get a reliable supplier. The supplier is a partner in your business and can be your most generous support.

On the other hand, it’s the supplier who can ruin all of your money. Therefore, you must take care of while choosing the supplier.

A reliable and legitimate supplier can ensure the success of your business. Once you have got the best supplier, try to develop a long term relationship with them.

If you have a friendly relationship with the supplier, you can work in a comfortable environment. And in the end, the customers can also have a memorable and positive experience.

The suppliers can affect your business in various ways; for instance, if the suppliers did not deliver the products on time, you may face some extreme circumstances.

It can not only make the customers unhappy but will also make the buyers unhappy.

Therefore, you should take some time and spend energy to find a reliable, trustworthy supplier. The time you spend now in searching for a reliable supplier will pay you in the future.

You Can Get A Sweet Reputation And Seller Rating

If you can provide the best quality products at economical prices to the customers, it will help you to get the sweat reputation and a better selling rating at the Amazon.

So, it would not be wrong to say that the right supplier will let you make your business a success story and get a tremendous amount of money.

You Don’t Have To Deal With Product Issues And Late Orders

The legitimate supplier can provide you with good enough products on time. In this way, you can develop a healthy relationship both with the supplier and as well as with the customer.

Your Customers Will Have A Positive Experience

If you have a healthy relationship with the suppliers, they will ensure a constant supply of the best quality goods.

In this way, you can develop a long-lasting and reliable relationship with the suppliers. Furthermore, the customers will have a positive experience, and they will also force others to buy from your store.

Your Customers Will Have A Positive Experience

Types Of Suppliers For Amazon

While searching for the Amazon supplier, you will get four types of suppliers, i.e., drop-ship suppliers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and factory outlets. A brief description of all the suppliers is given below.

Dropship Suppliers

They are the most popular among online store owners. The dropship suppliers can maintain the inventory and can deliver the products directly to the customers.

So, you will not have to store or manage the inventory, and you can focus on the growth of your business in a better way.


The following are the advantages of getting the products from dropshipping suppliers. So, if you want to get these benefits, then you can contact the dropship supplier.

1. No Inventory

The inventory can be a significant problem if you have a busy, productive Amazon store.

And the maintenance of the inventory can be problematic; for instance, you will have to pay time and money both to store the products. Beside it, you will also have to take care of the shipping process.

If you have done the deal with the drop ship supplier, you will not have to manage all of these issues.

2. Low Overhead

Instead of getting a large number of products at a time and them feeling pressure to resell them can be hectic.

So, it is better to pay the seller only when you get the payment from the customers. And this only possible if you are getting the products from the dropship suppliers.

3.Various Kinds

The primary benefit which you can get from the Amazon store is that you can sell any numbers of products at a time. You can offer all types of products which customers ask from you.

You can offer a vast range of products to the customers and can earn a considerable amount of money.


The following are the disadvantages of the dropship suppliers, which you must consider before you finalize the deal with the supplier.

1.Less Control

If you let the dropship supplier control all of your shipping processes, you introduce a mediator. But is you verify the middleman and try to develop the right relationships with the supplier, it would not be problematic in the future.

2. Item Costs Will Be Higher

Dropshipping is an easy and most convenient way of getting the products. But as you will not buy in bulk, it can cost you a higher price per-item.

And above all, this makes it harder for your Amazon store to have competitive pricing and give a massive amount as the profit.

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The wholesale suppliers provide a large number of products at reasonable prices. So, if a buyer purchases a considerable number of products, he can enjoy many benefits in the form of discounts and free shipments.

The wholesale suppliers are well famous for providing a large number of products at low prices. If you want to get the benefits, you will have to purchase the maximum number of products.


If you are getting the products from the wholesalers, you can enjoy the following benefits.

1.Low Cost

Well, the price of the products is a very crucial factor, which draws the attention of the Amazon sellers to get the products from the wholesale suppliers. If you buy the products in bulk, it will decrease the per-item price.

2. Simplicity

The other advantage which you will get by sourcing the products from the wholesalers is simplicity. You will find this method relatively easy and straightforward as compared to other ways.

And above all, you can get all sorts of products from the same wholesale supplier.


The following are the disadvantages of getting the products from wholesale suppliers.

1. A Large Sum Of Money To Start

Well, in the case of wholesale suppliers, you will need to have a large amount of money as a start-up cost, as you will need to purchase a lot of products at once.

2. Inventory Management Challenges

If you are getting the products from wholesale suppliers, be ready to manage the inventory. It would not be an easy job to manage a large number of products at once.

3. Pressure To Sell

In the case of wholesale suppliers, you get the products in bulk. Sometimes it becomes quite challenging to sell the products in bulk.

Therefore, it can cause pressure over the seller. But if you are confident about the evergreen nature of your products, it would not be a significant issue for you.

But on the other hand, if the help life of your products is just a few days, it could be a severe problem for you to sell these products to see your money.

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Buy Wholesale to Sell on Amazon FBA


With the help of manufacturers, you can get the products directly from the producers. And this way, you can get the best quality goods at the lowest prices.

But the manufacturers give you offers when you purchase the massive minimum orders. It means you will have to pay massive upfront.

The manufacturers can be a good option but for the well-established sellers. On the other hand, for beginners, they can be a challenge.


You will be to enjoy the following benefits if you are sourcing directly from the manufacturer.

1. Low Per-Unit Cost

The manufacturers can provide you with a reliable per-item price, although they are less open t0 the price negotiation.

2. Opportunity To Build Your Private Label Brand

The manufacturers also offer you their products for the private label. So, you can get the products from the manufacturer and then can resell them to earn money. It is the best way to develop your brand.


The following are the disadvantages of getting the products from the producer.

1. Requires A Larger (And More Expensive) Starting Order

Just like the wholesaler, if you are purchasing the products from the manufacturer, you will have to buy in bulk. Therefore, you will need a massive upfront cast to make it possible.

2.They Often Create Relationships With Bigger Retail Names

The manufacturer may not be willing to work with small or medium-sized businesses as they develop a relationship with the more prominent retail names.

Factory Outlet

The factory outlet is the best option if you want to get the minim number of products at the lowest price. The factories can provide you with high-quality goods at the lowest prices.

Above all, you can get your order within a short period. But it involves a high-risk factor regarding product quality. Therefore, most of the time, factory outlets are considered to be unreliable suppliers.


The factory outlet offers many advantages to the suppliers, and one of them is the availability of high-quality goods at an economical price.

You can get the products directly from the factory. In this way, you can develop a reliable relationship with the customer by providing the best quality goods.

At the factory out, you can examine the products for their quality and can also check if they are according to the required standards or not.

Get An Excellent Per-Item Price

The factory outlet gives you the product at a low price. So, the per-item price will be low automatically. If you want to get the required number of products at a low price, the factory outlet would be an excellent choice for you.


Along with the pros, the factory outlet also offers you some cons too. The products which you get from the factory may not be reliable.

1. High Risk

The products which you get from the factory outlet are at high risk concerning quality.

The products can be of bad quality, as there is no third person involvement, and you are buying the products directly from the manufacturer, so you may not get the required quality.

2. Unreliable

The products may not be reliable. In many cases, the factory owners show the best quality products but later on deliver a different product with cheap quality.

It can make the customers unhappy, and you may lose all of your efforts and money. Therefore, it is better to choose a reliable supplier.

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Factory Outlet

How To Find The Best Suppliers For Amazon In China?

The search to get the right supplier can be time consuming and hectic, but once you have got the right supplier, you are going to get the fruitful results.

Many factors can influence your research, such as the buyers’ reviews, expertise, business age, lead times, supplier experience, and many others.

Unfortunately, if you get the wrong supplier, it can ruin all of your money and can set your business back.

The Chinese suppliers are just like your partners, who will stand with you during thick and thin and will be there to help you out in every situation.

Product Sourcing Agencies

If you are searching for the Amazon supplier, you can also take help from the sourcing agencies. These agencies can provide you with a list of all the reliable suppliers. Furthermore, these agencies try to facilitate you at every step.


The company well knows helping buyers. The Leeline sourcing helps you at every step. It provides you with a guideline to get the best and reliable suppliers for your business.

The company will provide you with a list of reliable suppliers and will try to help you in finding the best products from the Chinese markets.

Once you have finalized the supplier, the company will stand beside you to get high-quality goods direct from the factories.

The company will make sure you are getting the best quality products and inspect the quality of goods at each step.

The company can also organize a factory audit for you so that you can get the products with the required quality.


Online Marketplaces

The online marketplaces are one of the best and reliable places to find a legitimate supplier from China.


The primary benefit which you can get by sourcing from Asia, specifically from China, is low cost with the best quality.

You can get the products directly from Alibaba, very easily and quickly. The company also provides you with all the required details of the suppliers so you can get the products at the rock bottom prices.

If you are a beginner and do not know how to find a reliable and legitimate supplier, you can get the one quickly from Alibaba.

The company can end up all of your searches and can provide you with the right supplier within no time. At this platform, it will be a little bit difficult to cut the middle man.

Alibaba, being the most massive marketplace in China, provides you with an easy way of getting a reliable supplier. Well, at this platform, you will not face any problem while finding the required supplier.

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This site was founded in 1998 and has a long history in supplying the business to business services and products. Made-In-China is one of the leading third-party platforms in China.

The company aims to link international buyers and Chinese suppliers. So, Chinese products can be supplied to all the global markets. The company offers you products from more than 27 categories with 3600 subcategories.

You can contact them to get the Amazon suppliers list. All the suppliers you will get here are reliable and legitimate.

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Global Sources

The company is small as compared to Alibaba or Made in China, but tries to offer you the best products and reliable suppliers from Chinese markets.

The suppliers have to pass the quality check. They must have positive qualities if they want to become a supplier at Global Sources.

Global Sources

Tools To Help You Choose Suppliers

The Chines economy has shown rapid growth, and the cost of manufacturing is meager as compared to other places in the world. Therefore the Chinese market is the best place to source the products.

China presents a fantastic opportunity for you as a seller.

If you source the products from China, it will offer you an excellent profit margin. You can purchase the products in bulk, and it will offer you low prices per item.

So, while searching for the best and reliable suppliers from China, you can also take help from the following.


If you have the ideal product in mind and want to find the Chinese suppliers, Salehoo will help you out in this situation.

The search for a reliable supplier can be a difficult job, and Salehoo helps you in searching for the required products and suppliers.

If you are not pleased with the supplier or facing any other issue, you must satisfy the customer in every situation. And make sure the customers are not aware of your situation.



This tool is beneficial in searching for the required supplier. You can take help from this tool and get the required products.


How To Choose The Best Suppliers For Your Amazon Store?

The price of the products is not the only factor that you consider while searching for the best Amazon supplier. You should consider the quality of the products and the efficiency of the suppliers too.

In some cases, the buyers find the local suppliers to be cheaper as compared to other well famous suppliers.

The latter comes with overhead costs like shipping, packaging, taxes and customs clearance, etc. So, the following are the things which you must keep in mind while searching for the Amazon supplier.

Double-Check Your Supplier

Well, if you got the supplier through Alibaba or any other well-renowned website, it does not mean that the supplier is reliable. Still, you have to verify whether the supplier is legitimate or not.

The best way to check the reliability and legitimacy of a supplier is to have a face to face meeting with him.

You can visit China and can have a meeting with them. Some buyers cannot visit China. Therefore, you must opt for the trade assurance suppliers while buying from Alibaba.

The trade assurance will not ensure the on-time delivery of the best quality products. Still, it will let you get an idea about the dealings of the supplier.

The simple Google search will give you an idea of whether the company is legitimate or not. Furthermore, you should also ask the following details.

  1. Business License

You can get the Amazon suppliers to list from different platforms. Still, the list is compulsory to verify them before you finalize the deal with them.

For this purpose, you can ask the supplier to show you their business licenses, as it will let you know about their reliability.

If you found that the supplier has all the required documents and looks reliable, you can book the order.

  1. Location Of The Supplier

The location of the supplier is another critical factor. The supplier must be present at a suitable location so that you can get the supply of products quickly. Otherwise, it can be a difficult job to get the product on time.

  1. Ownership Status

The ownership status is a significant factor, which most of the buyers ignore. While you are searching for the Amazon supplier, you must keep this factor in mind.

  1. Photographs Of The Company’s Operations

If you want to get the best quality goods, then you can check the photographs of all the working units.

It will let you have an idea about the necessary steps and other procedures involved in the manufacturing of the products.

After getting the idea from the photographs, you can contact the supplier and book your order. It may not be possible for the buyers to visit China and have a meeting with the supplier or visit the factory. So, in this scenario, it will be best to get the photographs from the supplier.

  1. Content Info

You can get the contact information of the supplier and can discuss all of your requirements with them.

Furthermore, you can also check the reviews and comments of previous buyers at the site of the suppliers. All of these will help you to get enough information regarding the suppliers.

  1. Necessary Certifications For The Products

The documents play a very crucial role when you are importing the products from outside the country or from China. So, make sure that the supplier has all the required documents.

  1. Assess Product Quality And Safety Standards

You should keep in mind that different marketplaces have different safety standards, and the products which you are getting from the suppliers will not fulfill all of those requirements.

Being a buyer, it is your responsibility to make sure that the supplier will provide you with all the products according to your local standards.

If you found something wrong with the product, do not source the products, as it will waste all of your money.

The safety regulations are harder to look out for, especially in the case of some complicated products such as electronics.

A Large Minimum Order

The order qualities play a vital role when you are finalizing the deals with the supplier. You must know the maximum order quantity of the wholesale supplier.

It will give you the number of products which you will get. If that quantity is quite enough to fulfill your requirements, then you can book the order and can ask for the delivery of goods.

Payment Methods

Well, in the case of international trade, payment methods are the essential factor that traders must keep in mind.

You must choose a reliable way of money transfer and make sure that there will be no issue during the transaction.

Figure Out The Logistics

The shipment of the products from different countries is a time-consuming process. Beside it, the import of goods involves different costs such as freight charges, which most of the sellers overlook. So, you should discuss all of these costs before you do a partnership with the supplier.

The cost of the products is not the only thins which you need to consider. The production of new products can take much time a may involve a new set up, and which can take a long time.

So, you must find how long it will take to produce new products, and how much time is required to clear the customs.

If you do not have enough inventories, it can affect your business so badly. So it is essential to note the duration required for the delivery of the products.

  1. Shipment Time

The customers cannot wait along to get their parcels. So, if you want to make your business a success story, make sure that you are getting all the required products on time. It will make the customers satisfied, and you will get more sales this way.

So, if you want to develop long term relationships with the customers and want to make your story a success story; choose that supplier who can assure you a constant supply of products.

  1. Shipment Method

The shipment methods are essential in various ways. The shipment method will not only affect the delivery time, but it will also affect the total cost of each product.

For instance, if you choose the air freight, you will get the required product within no time, but it can be a little bit expensive.

Therefore, you must choose those suppliers who can provide you with the required goods on time at an economical price.

  1. How They Track Packages

These days customers have become very sharp, and they want to track their parcels at every step and can ask you the tracking number of their order/parcels.

So, while choosing the supplier, try to be a little wise and finalize the deal with only that supplier who can give you the tracking number of your products.

Therefore, in this way, you will not only satisfy the customers but will also be to satisfy your customers.

Track Package
  1. Their Return Policy

The refund and return policies are essential and play a vital role in deciding the success of your business story. If you will offer a refund or return offer to the customers, it will make the decision easier for them.

The buyers take no time purchasing those products which come with a refund or return policy. The customers know they can get either a new product or their money back. So, it would be an excellent option to buy the product.

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Return Policy

Review From Other Store Owners Who Have Used Their Services

These days everyone asks for the feedback, as positive reviews and user comments can attract more buyers.

So, it could be the best idea to check the reviews of previous customers, and it will tell you every minor detail about the supplier.

So, if you positive feedback from the, you can do a partnership with that supplier.

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How Leelinesourcing Help You Find The Best Amazon Suppliers And Wholesale From China Smoothly

The company provides a list of the trusted and reliable supplier from China.

The company searches and tries to introduce with the best suppliers so that you can get high-quality goods at economical prices directly from China.

Furthermore, the company can also arrange the factory audits for you so that you can get the products of the required quality.

And if you have not enough time, then the Leeline sourcing will visit the factory on your behalf and will make sure you will get the best goods.

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handle everything

Final Thoughts On Amazon Suppliers

The Amazon supplier is like your business partner, who can assure you a constant supply of products and can make your business a success story.

It is the supplier who can you’re your business, either a success or a failure. Therefore, it is very crucial to search for the best supplier.

FAQ For Amazon Suppliers

The following are the questions which most of the suppliers asked while searching the best suppliers for their Amazon store.

How Do Beginners Sell On Amazon?

The beginners have to follow the under the given step if they want to sell on Amazon.

  1. Create a business plan
  2. Find the niche
  3. Do market research
  4. Identify the suppliers
  5. Place the orders
  6. Register account on Amazon
  7. Create product listings
  8. Manage inventory and optimize the product listings
  9. Start selling

What Is The Best Website To Buy Wholesale From China?,,,, and many other wholesale websites are the right places to wholesale from China.

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Can Amazon Make You Rich?

Yes, it is possible to make a considerable amount of money from Amazon. But you will have to pay some time and money to get the fruitful results.

What Is An Amazon Distributor?

The Amazon reseller or distributor is someone who buys the products and then resells them to get the profit.

How Do I Become An Amazon Profitable Vendor?

If you want to become a successful seller at the Amazon, you need to take help from the seller central, who will manage all of your deals and will you to make your business a success story.

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