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LeelineSourcing Find The Best Bracelets Suppliers and Manufacturers In China For you.
  • Leeline will be able to help you get different types of wholesale bracelets.
  • Leeline ensures that wholesale bracelet supplies are delivered on time.
  • Leeline will take care to deliver bracelets directly from china bracelet manufacturers in good condition.
  • Leeline arranges the delivery of wholesale bracelets in bulk to your door for a reasonable price.
  • Leeline provides a catalogue of bracelets from Chinese bracelet suppliers.

Leeline keeps an eye on all aspects of the bracelet’s shipment from bracelet suppliers to the client.


Top 10 Hot Selling Bracelets From China

1. Chain Bracelet

Importing Chain Bracelet From China

Chain bracelets made of metal loops linked together to create a chain. You can find a variety of chain types you can choose from china bracelet vendors. Bracelets are used for different occasions and give a charming look to your wrist. China represents the net market for bracelets, where you can find different types of bracelets suppliers. China’s jewelry market worth is 750.3 billion valued in 2020. From the Chinese bracelet market, you can get any style of chain bracelet at a minimal price. 

2. Tennis Bracelet

Wholesale Tennis Bracelet From China

Tennis bracelets are highly stylish and modern. The diamond beads make it a precious and charming bracelet. Now men’s bracelets have become very popular. It gives you a great polished and graceful look if you are wearing a men’s tennis bracelet. Diamonds are also used in tennis bracelets and hold their value. 

The rate of diamond sharing in China comprises 20%, while gold is 47%, according to the 2019 report survey. If your heart has set on a tennis bracelet, go for the China bracelet market because they provide graceful quality. Furthermore, you can get bracelet beads at wholesale prices.

3. Bangle Bracelet

Buy Bangle Bracelet From China

Bangle bracelets are circular and not flexible. So, you can use it by sliding the bracelet over your hand instead of onto your wrist. These bracelets look charming even you use them casually. On the global level, China’s most of the revenue has been generated in jewelry valued at US $17,961 Million in 2020. China is one of the massive markets; at this place, you get your desired wholesale bangle bracelets with a unique and charming design.

4. Cuff Bracelet

Wholesale Cuff Bracelet in Bulk From China

Cuff’s bracelets are inflexible bangle but are different from bangle in that they have an opening. This feature makes the cuff bracelet easier to put on hand. In the China market, there are a vast collection of cuff bracelet sizes and styles with graceful and charming work is present. Cuff bracelets are come up with a variety of designs. 

In China, the market command by world-renowned brands like Hong Kong brands and Chinese mainland brands. Thinner cuffs are also offering in China for regular wear. By importing wholesale bracelets in bulk quantity, you can save delivery charges. China market provides you with excellent quality and variety for business. 

5. Beaded Bracelet

Wholesale From China Beaded Bracelet Suppliers

Beaded bracelet is a very famous bracelet for its simple looks and has versatility in color, style, and themes. Flower embroidery has used in boho style. Beaded Bracelet is not just a piece of fancy jewelry but also a symbol of faith. The jewelry market was valued at $32.9 billion in 2019 and expected to cross $ 59.7 billion by 2027. In China, the production of the beaded bracelet is very massive. 

6. Charm Bracelet

Wholesale From China Charm Bracelet Manufacturers

In the early 20th century, a charm bracelet becomes very popular. There are so many types of charms bracelets available that representing various topics, hobbies, and themes. Charm bracelets are versatile, beautiful, and eye-catching. The Charm bracelets are beautiful and delightful gifts. Charm Bracelet is the category of charms that we use to representing love, luck, and inspiration. Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Chengdu are well known for handmade jewelry. In China, you find a lot of charm bracelet manufacturers offering in different colors and sizes. 

7. Designer Bracelet

Importing Designer Bracelet From China

A designer bracelet is a type of bracelet, is attractive and valuable. They are typically custom-created and high-end pieces of jewelry. The Chinese bracelets wholesaler provides the super best quality and costly bracelets like diamond, platinum, and gold. There are tons of outstanding samples present in China that capture your attention within seconds.

8. Pearl Bracelet

Wholesale Pearl Bracelet From China

Pearl bracelet goes with any outfit and, used on most occasions. A pearl bracelet also a part of beaded gemstone bracelets, but it’s so popular due to its charming and expensive look. These bracelets are beautiful, simple, and give a touch of modern look. China provides you with good quality and has a vast gemstone bracelet wholesaler. A lot of Chinese manufacturers have been exporting high-quality pearl bracelets with unique styles.

9. Wrap Bracelet

Buy Wrap Bracelet From China

Wrap bracelets are great to look like bangles but are much more flexible and comfortable. It has a long length, sometimes worn as a necklace or anklet. It has made of beads and also using different colors of threads. China has a vast market where you can get all the colors of bracelets. China has been producing wrap bracelets in bulk quantity. Importing from China in bulk form is a great idea it saves shipping costs and helps boost your profit.

10. Friendship Bracelet

Wholesale Friendship Bracelet in Bulk From China

Friendship bracelets are colourful as like friends. This type of bracelets is exchanging between friends to symbolize their friendship and making precious moments. These bracelets are made of thread or string by the creativity of designs. In the 1970s, friendship bracelets become very popular in the world. These bracelets are simple and very cheap. Friendship bracelets are popular in school, college, and university students. In China, the production and demand for friendship bracelets are very high. You can order the best quality directly from Chinese bracelet vendors.

Leeline Help You Import Bracelets From China

Product Sourcing

Bracelets Product Sourcing

With Leeline, you can source the best wholesale bracelets. They provide numerous methods for getting your desired bracelets.

Factory Audit

Bracelets Factory Audit

Leeline can help you complete a factory audit. Leeline helps you get a clear-cut indication of bracelet suppliers, whether everything the supplier states is true or not.

Product Inspection

Bracelets Product Inspection

In terms of product inspection service, Leeline is rated highly. All bracelets shipped in bulk undergo a thorough inspection before they leave the factory.

Amazon FBA Prep

Bracelets Amazon FBA Prep

Leeline service offers the best Amazon FBA prep. They ensure that the bracelets are accurately packaged and labelled. Leeline instructs bracelet vendors on how to pack them properly.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

Bracelets Shipping To Amazon FBA

Leeline offers shipping services of your wholesale bracelets supplies to Amazon FBA. A person can have all the facilities provided under a single umbrella.


Bracelets DropShopping

If you think about dropshipping of bracelets supplies, then choose leeline service. You can be assured that they will deliver the bracelet to the buyer on your behalf.

Why Choose Leeline To Import Bracelets From China

  • Leeline provides you with a smooth platform for dealing with bracelet manufacturers on your behalf.
  • Leeline offers low-cost shipping from Chinese bracelet vendors and keeps the quality high.
  • Leeline works reliably, and they will never charge you hidden fees.
  • Leeline experience and professional team work hard to get your wholesale bracelets supplies on time.
  • Leeline offers free warehouse space for bracelet supplies for two months.

Leeline makes sure to work with reliable Chinese bracelet suppliers to give high-quality packing services. 

Need Leeline to Handle Your Shipping Bracelets From China

Bracelets Sea Freight Shipping from China

Bracelets Sea Freight From Shipping

Leeline offers the best shipping rates when you are importing bulk quantities of bracelets from China. To save money on wholesale, you can source your goods in bulk from China.

Bracelets Air Freight Shipping from China

Bracelets Air Freight From Shipping

Leeline will provide very competitive air freight, which is much lower than the market rate. You can use it when you require a shipment on an urgent basis. The air service of Leeline helps to deliver urgent goods directly from Chinese bracelet manufacturers.

Bracelets Rail Freight Shipping from China

Bracelets Rail Freight From Shipping

Leeline handles your wholesale bracelets in mass volume via the rail freight system. It takes less than 20 days for delivery. Keep your import bracelets in good and same condition by paying less than the market price.

Bracelets Door to Door Shipping from China

Bracelets Door to Door From Shipping

Leeline offers door-to-door shipping services. You can import precious bead bracelets like diamond or platinum through door-to-door services. Leeline delivers everything to your doorstep, and you don’t need to go anywhere.

Best 10 Bracelets Manufacturers In China

1. Yiwu Rinhoo Jewelry Co., Ltd.

1. Yiwu Rinhoo Jewelry Co., Ltd.


Yiwo Rinhoo Jewelry ranks among the top bracelet’s manufacturers in China. The company has its prime office at Yiwu-NO.1 Commodity City in China. Established in the year 2009, the company has around 200 people at its strength. 


Main Product

The company has its firm speciality in Chain bracelets and necklaces. Apart from that, they are also renowned in the manufacture of earrings and ring bracelets. The professionalism of their designers is and recognized across all major countries. They have a 38% share in North America and 10% in Europe and South America regions.


Why Choose Yiwu Rinhoo Jewelry Co., Ltd.?

They are proud to raise the slogan of promised quality, openness to new ideas, and a budgetary business. Apart from producing the finest brands, they are also the masters of sales because of a professional marketing and sales squad. The innovative jewelry styles are pretty famous among the returning customers as they ranked their profile as 4.6/5. Their average response time is within 7 hours. 

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2. Shanghai Joomee Trading Company Limited

2. Shanghai Joomee Trading Company Limited

They Established in 2014. Shanghai Joomei Trading Company specializes in fashion and silver jewelry products. They are located in Zhongshan Rd, Shanghai, China. The company is not carrying a vast workforce, and its total strength is under 100. The distinguishing features are the excellent quality products and within range prices.


Main Product

Tennis bracelets and earrings are their primary production. Some other items produced are necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, hair accessories. Thus, they are a well-reputed company, thus having a significant share in the North American market that is 40%. They also meet the demands of South America and Western Europe with a ratio of 15%.


Why choose Shanghai Joomee Trading Company Limited?

They are revolving around a single value of keeping the most excellent quality. That is why the potential customers looking for the most delicate products lie in the domain of Shanghai Joomee Trading Company Limited. The company stands in the higher ranks of China’s Bracelets Manufacturers. They believe in customer satisfaction, their score is 4.8/5, and they conduct tests to test items’ function.

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3. Yiwu Shenghui Jewelry Co., Ltd.

3. Yiwu Shenghui Jewelry Co., Ltd.

The company has a merchandise experience of 10 years. The vast expertise reputes the firm enough to buy wholesale bracelets from china style=”font-weight: 400;”>. In Zhejiang, China, and with a shrunk number of 10 employees, the company is still cutting much profit from the jewelry market. In a decade, they have earned a good name because of the modern and fashionable products and their spectacular features.


Main Product

They are experts in Bangle bracelets. They enhanced their production line by adding a variety of Necklace, Earring, Bracelet, and Pendant. Despite a smaller company, their exports are covering vast regions. For North and South America, they trade to about 20%, and 15%. Western Europe covers 28% of the market share.


Why Choose Yiwu Shenghui Jewelry Co., Ltd.?

They have a fundamental code of reciprocal benefit and promoting a cherishable relationship between the company and the client. Professionalism makes them champions of Productivity and Sales. For wholesale bangle bracelets, they opt for a resourceful source. With a good supplier rate and a response time of fewer than 3 hours, they make a pretty superb choice. 

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4. Shenzhen Right Grand Jewelry Co., Ltd.

4. Shenzhen Right Grand Jewelry Co., Ltd.

They found the company in 2014 and is in the Guangdong region of China. The firm has a smaller workforce ranging from 11 to 50 people on its payroll. Their products themselves speak the quality with a month-wise innovation of 500 plus new designs. The company stands in the higher ranks of china bracelet manufacturers.


Main Product

Their significant engagement is with producing a cuff bracelet, along with specific unique designs of Earring, Nose Ring, and Belly Ring. Their central seller region is North America, with almost 44% market share. South America and Western Europe grasp a 10% proportion.


Why choose Shenzhen Right Grand Jewelry Co., Ltd.?

The company has a good slogan ‘Quality is our Culture. Thus, it attracts customers who are in pursuit of great products. The company is trustworthy as they have specific quality certifications like SGS three times. Happy customers are its tradition, as the positive index rate is 4.9/5. They encouraged potential buyers to contact as the company staff is quick to respond with less than 5 hours timeline.

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5. Guangzhou Zhefan Jewelry Co., Ltd.

5. Guangzhou Zhefan Jewelry Co., Ltd.

The company started doing its business in 2013, and its office is in Guangzhou city, China. The company is famous for its overwhelming high-quality products. The company employees trained a workforce of 51-100 people. The company possesses a good enough reputation in the manufacture and sale of jewelry products.


Main Product

Beaded Bracelet is the top product of Guangzhou Zhefan. Other items included in the product catalogue are Rings, bracelets, and Pendants. The firm supplies in domestic and Asian regions with 15% and 11% ratios, For the American part, the company covered a 35% share.


Why Choose Guangzhou Zhefan Jewelry Co., Ltd.?

The company’s recommended order customization and they produce 200 new designs each month. They have certified products, SGS two times, and RoHs. They welcome you to contact and place an order and also you will get the quotation within 6 hours. The clients who have done business put their vote in favour of the Guangzhou Zhefan. Thus they achieved a 4.9/5 favourable ranking.

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6. Yiwu Ruigang Jewelry Co., Ltd.

6. Yiwu Ruigang Jewelry Co., Ltd.

The company is proficient in the manufacture of stainless-steel items for the past 11 years. They lay the foundation in 2011 with a smaller staff strength of only 50 people. Their skill and hard work made them a well-known professional jewelry company and are in Zhejiang, China.


Main Product

The company produces a variety of Rings, bracelets, and jewelry sets. They also do earrings, magnetic clasp, necklaces, and Brooch. However, their prime product is the charm bracelet. Their operative sales strategy gave them a 40% European market share. In North and South America, their presence is about 20%.


Why choose Yiwu Ruigang Jewelry Co., Ltd.?

The supporting factors in choosing their merchandise are superb quality, good supplier index. They have friendly staff to answer the customer’s queries, with a quick response time of less than 5hours. They achieved a 95% response rate and 4.7/5 based on reviews from contended customers.

Contact China Bracelets Factory Now!Ask A Shipping Quote

7. Guangzhou Yoya Jewelry Trading Co., Ltd.

7. Guangzhou Yoya Jewelry Trading Co., Ltd.

At the time of its establishment in 2013 by a couple of college students. The company now has spread its wings across significant markets and is considered as one of the majors of China’s bracelets manufacturers. The assorted workforce is between 51-100 people. All employees are dedicated, skilled, and hard workers committed to pursuing the company’s goals.


Main Product

The designer bracelet is the principal item of this company. The sideline products include bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, and custom jewelry. They also do the packaging as per customers’ needs and choices. Talented marketing staff acquired many places in North America that is 48.50%. However, Western and Northern European markets are also targeted to about 20% and 13% correspondingly.


Why Choose Guangzhou Yoya Jewelry Trading Co., Ltd.?

The values like integrity, quality, and assured delivery on time serve as a beacon for this company. The company follows strict quality standards at various mass production stages, packaging, QC, and shipping. Customers are satisfied; therefore, a rank of 4.9 out of 5 is awarded to them. The company has an overall response rate of 83.14% with a satisfactory supplier index.

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8. Yiwu Jinhong Import & Export Co., Ltd.

8. Yiwu Jinhong Import & Export Co., Ltd.

The company was formulated in the year 2012 to produce a variety of jewelry and the corresponding accessories. Yiwu Jinhong, Import & Export company, is now famous for its handmade jewelry products. The strength is only confined to just ten people and is located in the Zhejiang region of China.


Main product

Pearl bracelet & Necklace are the key items from its line of production. Rings of various types and earrings are also produced. In case you want to set up some small local business, this firm can be your local agent in Yiwu City. The company captures a vast market share in North America that is 60% and has a solid presence in Western Europe of about 40%.


Why Choose Yiwu Jinhong Import & Export Co., Ltd.?

Establishing a long-term business is the sincere motto of the company. Purchase from Yiwu Jinhong allows the clients to avail of after-sale services as well. Very little response time of fewer than 4 hours to address what you have asked. Also, the cooperative and friendly front desk staff is available to answers queries. 97.32% response rate means nothing gets unanswered. 

Contact China Bracelets Suppliers Now!Contact Bracelets Suppliers Now!

9. Zhangpu Duxun Town Zhuyin Bags And Suitcases Shop

9. Zhangpu Duxun Town Zhuyin Bags And Suitcases Shop

The company has over ten years of hand experience in making quality products for ladies. The core work areas include design, manufacture, and then selling in bulk quantity. In Fujian, China, the company has around 100 people at its strength.


Main Product

Wrap bracelets and necklaces are essential products. The company has a skilled and professional R and D Center, which uncovers at least a hundred new designs every month. The company has a massive North American market share of 70%, while Western Europe covers the rest.


Why choose Zhangpu Duxun Town Zhuyin Bags And Suitcases Shop?

The company firmly believes in “Innovative Designs, High Quality, and Reliability”. The facilities available at the workplace are advanced and modernized. They have a 3D printer as well, which they have imported from Germany. Besides that, their staff is well-trained and foreign qualified. You can contact them with complete confidence as their response rate is 93.28% with less than 5 hours.

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10. Xiamen Bidebao Import & Export Co., Ltd.

10. Xiamen Bidebao Import & Export Co., Ltd.

The company has a fine reputation in the fields of production and marketing of jewelry. The company achieved several milestones, and now it has made significant standings in the major countries. In Fujian, China, the company has 100 people on its working side.


Main Product

They mainly produced anklets and friendship bracelets. Finger rings, bracelets of other variants, and necklaces are also part of the selling items. The company is relatively newer, and it has got its proportion both locally and abroad. In North America, 22.50%, Africa 16%, and for the domestic market, the share is also 16%.


Why choose Xiamen Bidebao Import & Export Co., Ltd.?

Many decisive factors help to make a business choice with this firm. The most important of them is their strict Quality Control Standards. Thus, most suited for those who never forego the quality standards. They encouraged you to contact them as they are responsive at a rate of 96%. They have also achieved an appreciable ranking due to satisfied customers that are 4.8/5.

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Best 5 Bracelets Manufacturers In US


1. Zenzii Wholesale

11. Zenzii Wholesale

Founded in 2008, the intent to craft the finest quality, modern, and cost-effective jewelry. The company’s based in Atlanta, GA and has its branch offices in Dallas and New York City.


Main Product

Link and Chain bracelets are the main products. Along with some selective designs of beaded, cuffs and bangles are also produced. The women’s personality will be greatly amplified by wearing their brands, and her confidence will be unshattered.


Why Choose Zenzii Wholesale?

“Women should be highlighted always” The central theme of Zenii Wholesale merchandise. They do not compromise on the service, yet the quality remains outstanding, and the prices are competitive. On every purchase, there are some reward points which our valuable customers are liable to get. The staff customer service is friendly and well-trained to handle your queries.

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2. Faire

12. Faire

Faire is a local jewelry trading company founded in 2017. Soon the company spread to San Francisco, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Toronto. In this period, the company has made tremendous achievements. And incorporated 170,000 local retailers with its business.


Main Product

Chain and Tennis Bracelets are traded. However, they deal in a complete and vast range of brooches, rings, necklaces, earrings, and watches.


Why chooses Faire?

They are giving balanced business options for both the retailers and the wholesalers. The financial terms are easier and simplified than ever. Approaches like free returns and net 60 terms are attractive for entrepreneurs. The company uses high-tech and modern tools to amplify their owned brands’ sales, which benefits the sellers to get what they want with minimum marketing efforts.

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3. Creative Findings

13. Creative Findings

They established an older company in 1952, with 60 years of trade expertise, both local and foreign. Creative Findings has crafting valuable metals, parts, and glossy jewelry. The company is in the United States, with most of the products produced at home.


Main Product

The essential items are different karat gold and sterling silver bracelets. The company has a vast product range of traditional and modernized jewelry. Jewelry with bass and gold-filled metals is also trendy.


Why Choose Creative Findings?

The company possesses the latest CAD/CAM facilities to design the most complex designs and jewelry structures. The items produced under the Creative Findings workshops are free from toxic components like nickel. An X-Ray examination is also done to ensure compliance with the Produce Safety Rules. 

Contact Bracelets Factory Now!Ask A Shipping Quote

4. Kirvi International LLC

14. Kirvi International LLC

Kirvi International’s business is a three-prong strategy. They have a solid pride when they provide significant discounts for the people who purchase in bulk. The excellent quality and diversity of matchless designs are known for years. The company is US-based, with its office in New Jersey.


Main Product

Sterling silver delicate bracelets with a complete range are the primary point of attraction. Some other fashionable items about earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, and rings have been manufactured there. Handmade products like handbags are considered valuable crafts.


Why Choose Kirvi International LLC

Top-quality products with the lowest possible sale prices are present under Kirvi International LLC. The company is worth trusting as it has several years of successful business at its profile. The professional customer support service is also there. They highly encourage the clients to put forth their queries, which they try to address in the minimum time.

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5. Judson & Company

15. Judson & Company

One of the best online wholesale fashion markets is Judson & Company. Established in 1989 and is in Decatur, Alabama. They transfer the business as a heritage, thus promising you an uncompromised quality along with an emotional touch. They encouraged business partners to surf their website as exciting promotional offers are awaiting them.


Main Product

Initially, the company’s sales were famous for its branded watches like Seiko, Citizen, and Casio. But after 1994, the addition of elegant sterling silver bracelets further enhanced its product line. The company is now carrying a complete range of fashion jewelry and relevant accessories in its catalogue.


Why chooses Judson?

It started its website in 2004 and thus leveled the way for online business. The company is working in full swing. Progress made in newer, advanced jewelry designs and an increasing number of satisfied customers. The company is most suitable for retailers as it promotes the best quality merchandise with a mutual benefit approach. They also welcomed bulk pricing and International ordering. They always commit to the customer support section to resolve questions the clients may have.

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Best 5 Bracelets Manufacturers In UK


1. Diamond Bracelets

16.Diamond Bracelets

Diamond Bracelets is a place that is an innovator in producing Diamond based Products. The company is feeding the retailers and the wholesale diamond bracelets, customers. They are very passionate to share their products. The company is home to modern-day UK diamond jewelry.


Main Product

Diamond chain bracelets and rose gold tennis bracelets are the focused products. Apart from that, a complete range of gold, yellow and white bracelets and birthstone bracelets are available.


Why choose Diamond Bracelets

They are holding many national and international recognitions and certifications. The founder of the company has 40 years of expertise in jewelry making. For the past five years, Mr Jonathan Williams, the Managing Director, focuses primarily on Diamond Jewelry. They always welcomed interested customers. They can be contacted using the telephone and mail address provided.

Contact China Bracelets Factory Now!Get Best Shipping Price

2. Lisa Angel Wholesale

17.Lisa Angel Wholesale

Lisa Angel Wholesale is carrying a wide variety of wholesale jewelry items. The company is famous for its variety of bangles and named bracelets. They specialized the designers in the delicate placement of precious gems within the fixtures.


Main Product

Beaded bracelets and named bangles are the prime products. However, a vast range of jewelry, including anklets, bracelets, ear cuffs, earrings, and necklaces, are the showcase items.


Why choose Lisa Angel Wholesale

All under one roof options are there. They recommend Potential wholesale buyers. Decorative jewelry items for both genders are available at an appreciable bulk rate. A tremendous variety of accessories is also present. Customers can post their queries online and also using telephonic mode on weekdays only.

Contact China Bracelets Manufacturers Now!Contact Bracelets Suppliers Now!

3. Sell 4 Profit

18.Sell 4 Profit

Sell 4 Profit is another exceptional bulk supplier of bracelets in the United Kingdom. The bracelets are good enough to match your choice perfectly. They have quality products with suppressed costs on their website.


Main Product

Patterned bracelets, including chain styled, are the primary products of the company. They also deal in Chains, pendants, and rings with good variety.


Why choose Sell 4 Profit

The company has a fair policy regarding orders and returns, which is essential when doing online business. The company will provide its customers with a full refund if you have requested the return within 14 days of purchase. They do the packaging to ensure the safe delivery of items in case of any damage or breakage. They also encourage any exchanges which you want to make at any stage. They encouraged clients to do business with them, as they have a 24-hour fast track service.

Contact China Bracelets Suppliers Now!Ask A Shipping Quote

4. Charms Direct

19.Charms Direct

The legacy of Jewelry making is the basis of Charms Direct. The company started in 1953 and is providing outstanding services for its customers. The production unit is situated right amid Birmingham’s Hockley. Charms direct is the most delicate blend of traditional and modern jewelry-making techniques.


Main Product

There are three major product categories, children’s bracelets, Gold and Silver charm bracelets. Many new charms, pendants, and bracelets can be seen annually.


Why choose Charms Direct

The company’s motto reveals its policy, No Cheap Labour, No Funny business. They intend to provide top quality irrespective of the cost. The perfect use of charms and decorations in the jewelry makes them highly unique. They well handled the queries using their online form available on their website. 

Contact This Suppliers Now!Get Best Shipping Price

5. Boing Jewellery

20.Boing Jewellery

They founded the company in 2011. Their idea was to build a setup that produces elegant bracelets for both genders using a sailing cord. Anyone who wears and cannot restrain himself from praising the quality and decency loves these handicrafts.


Main Products

They produced rope bracelets of a wide variety. They have contemporary rings and necklaces that are also unisex as side products. The clients can do shipping in the UK, Europe, and the rest of the world.


Why choose Boing Jewelry

The unique company with rope bracelets is a fine choice. Two years guarantee for all products is available. A company has a firm refund and exchange policy. Cooperative and friendly customer service is available, so the customers must not hesitate to contact via telephone and email.

Contact This Manufacturers Now!Ask A Shipping Quote


Import Bracelets from china Ultimate Guide


‘Bracelet’ is derived from the Greek word brachile, meaning ‘of the arm’. The bracelet is also known as a small bracer. Materials for bracelets are innumerable and very delicate. Peoples from all cultures across the globe used China indigenous or imported material, handmade, and natural materials like beads, gemstones, and diamonds to make them. There is a contrast of bracelets such as charm bracelets, sterling silver bracelets, crystal bracelets wholesale, gemstone bracelets, men diamond bracelets, British bracelets, and custom bracelets.

China bracelets wholesaler and manufacturer have a collection of different styles of bracelets. China focuses on bracelet quality and manufacture and gives attention to sizing; neither so large that it slips off the hand nor so small that it does not move over the hand. China market offers a wide range of unique style, colors, and themes of wholesale bracelets.


How do I choose a bracelet?

Find a niche for your bracelet Business like friendship bracelets, charm bracelets, beaded bracelets or something else. Then go for a speciality of stones that which one is elegant and robust. China wholesale has a vast of bracelets in different colors, styles and themes. Before choosing the bracelet, check which type is trending. 

What is the best wholesale bracelets website?

China manufacturers set up websites to offer a one-stop shopping experience as like;

  • Alibaba
  • Gets
  • Very Selection
  • Nihao Jewelry
  • Ali Express

Bracelet wholesale provides different color and styles. And have also offered different themes of bracelets such as beads bracelets, friendship bracelets and bead bracelets. These all bracelets are available in different color and combination. 

Is a bracelet a good gift?

Bracelets 1

It is a great idea to give someone a bracelet as a gift. Many brands and expensive bracelets are available on the market nowadays, such as designer and charm bracelets. Suppose you think that bracelets gift is only good for girls, then I suppose you might be wrong. Friendship and beaded bracelets are good ones to present them. 

Can you wear bracelets all the time?

Yes, you can wear your favourite bracelet all the time. It depends on your mood whether you wear it all day or part of a day. A suitable one quality bracelet can last many years.

Where can I buy wholesale bracelets by the dozen?

Many Chinese bracelet wholesaler or vendor is offering dozen of the bracelet with minimum rate and high quality. You can call one of them. 

How much should I sell my bracelets for?

Generally, use the rule to multiply your expense, but if you want to sell bracelets wholesale, add packaging cost. For example, if you buy a single bracelet for $3, keep the purchase price and add packaging expense and profit margin. It would help if you sold this bracelet for $6.

How do I sell my homemade bracelets?

Bracelets 2

Home-based bracelet is trendy and high values in the market. Bead’s bracelet has some feature of home-based. Enjoy and make a large quantity and good quality at home; give your business boost up homemade bracelets that have sound potential. 

How can I buy a wholesale bracelet?

Many Chinese websites provide this option to buying the bulk of bracelet. Moreover, the Jimo market is broad; here, you get all the bracelet’s style and themes with minimal price as the compared market rate. They also provide a guarantee card that in case of any damage to the bracelet, you can make a call.

What is the best place to sell bracelets?

There are many platforms like Alibaba, Amazon, and Etsy for handmade items. You will find all website users friendly and great.

How do I start selling bracelets?

Firstly, check the demand of peoples and go through the market rate and criteria. Then you need only buy required bracelts and import them in bulk quantities to save on shipping and get the product for a lower price.

How much do friendship bracelets sell for?

The demand for friendship bracelet is excellent in the market. These bracelets are light weighted and straightforward. You can charge a reasonable rate according to the market rate. It gives good potential to your business and will boost your selling rate.

Where to buy the best quality bracelets?

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China is selling the best quality bracelets. People not only love even they suggesting others one. China bracelets wholesaler using creativity in their style and their work on the bracelets are very neat and clean. 

Why are platinum bracelets more expensive than gold bracelet?

The main reason is that platinum prices go up, and it’s much rarer than gold. Although their price sometimes goes the same generally, the platinum bracelets are much valuable and beautiful than gold bracelets.

What are the most popular bracelets?

There are five more popular types of bracelets in China. 

  • Friendship Bracelets
  • Diamond Bracelets
  • Bead Bracelets
  • Wrap Bracelets 
  • Tennis Bracelets

Final Thoughts on Wholesale bracelets from China?

Chinese jewelry is among the best made in the world. 99% are made in the country. China’s jewelry manufacturing concentrated in Guangdong Province. Bracelet’s wholesaler provides good quality bracelets. They use valuable gems and beads during the making of unique styles. The best bit of China market is that they will give you very rare and elegant styles. China bracelets wholesale helps thousands of businesses grow and boost their selling rate by sending unique and good quality bracelets. They use natural ornaments like gold, diamond, and platinum. Importing bracelets from China is very safe and easy.

We advised you to buy bulk bracelets from China and use leeline as your sourcing agent to save money. Their delivery charges are very standard as the compared market rate. Leeline, deliver your import bracelets very safely. Leeline always chooses the correct ship & airline to move your goods to meet delivery time. It is a superb option to grow your business and quick delivery.

Import From China

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