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As we keep growing, sickness is inevitable. It could be as a result of having a high temperature caused by fever or nausea and this is stressful for the parent.

This makes them run around trying to get things under control.

They apply first aid to at least tone down your fever before getting to the hospital.

We most times gulped down analgesics at the wrong time and with the wrong measurement.

This wasn’t because our parents were illiterates but because there was no thermometer to monitor our temperature. Thus, you will agree with me that the thermometer manufacturers in china are doing a great job.

We don’t have to make a guess of one’s temperature in order to administer drugs or treatment.

To guess the temperature of a child or even an adult, one used to just place the palm on the forehead, neck, or feet to take a guess.

Trust me; thermometers have saved us a lot of stress and wrong estimations. Everyone can use it regardless of their level of education or expertise because it’s made to be user-friendly.

What Is A Medical Thermometer?

One needs not to be medically inclined at least to know how to use a thermometer. A thermometer, as we were taught in early school age, is an instrument used to measure temperature. Over the years, it’s been medically reliable for measuring temperature.

It gives an accurate result and has been made user friendly. A medical thermometer, also known as the clinical thermometer is an instrument used to measure human and animal temperature. This is used simply by inserting the tip into the mouth; under the tongue. It’s also placed under the armpit, into the anus or ear. It initially began as a water thermoscope created by an Italian physician, Santorio.

He was the first to put a scale on it. The manual thermometer is filled with mercury, which is used to measure the temperature. A medical thermometer isn’t only limited to the hospitals; it can be used at home. It’s used to medically ascertain an individual’s temperature.

A Medical Thermometer

What Type of Thermometer

It’s one thing to need a thermometer; it’s another thing to get a good supplier for your thermometer.

Wholesale Digital Thermometers from China

The normal human temperature is meant to be between the ranges of 36.7◦C to 37.5◦C. This is the temperature of a healthy human. This means the person is free from fever and other health challenges that can affect temperature. Temperature, as we have a common knowledge of is the degree of hotness or coldness of an entity. Thus, using a digital thermometer to check the temperature of an individual makes it easier and faster. A digital thermometer requires you to flash it at the forehead.

It uses infrared rays to measure the temperature of the individual. This thermometer is very accessible and friendly to users. It’s a very hygienic and easy way to measure temperature. The individuals need not make contact with it; just a flash into the eye, and that’s it.

There are suppliers of thermometers in China; they offer both wholesale and retail services. Some of them are Safeway Inspection System Limited, a diamond member, and an audited supplier. It’s located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. You also have Stardent Equipment Co. Limited, a diamond member and an audited supplier located at Foshan, Guangdong, China, as well as, Quanzhou St. Source Police Surveillance Equipment Co. Ltd. You can have these suppliers deliver your choice thermometer to you at an agreed price, which depends on your country’s currency. The wholesalers sell strictly in stock or in bulk. They don’t offer bits selling and buying.

Wholesale Electronic Ear Thermometer from China

Thermometers have taken a drastic improvement. Its growth over the years shows its individual concern.

What is the necessity of having a thermometer which individuals can’t easily use?

With the increasing population, in a state of emergency, a thermometer that will give fast results is needed. Parents need not make the wrong guess to estimate an individual’s temperature before administering drugs. Everyone should have his/her temperature in check.

Though weather conditions can affect an individual’s temperature. The required range of a normal individual’s temperature shouldn’t be ignored as that is core. This electronic thermometer isn’t made of mercury or infrared. This thermometer is electronically powered. It’s positioned in the ear of the individual to read their temperature. This thermometer is very handy. Just to be gripped in hand, it has a circle hole facing the outside and reading of temperature facing the user. There is another that comes in pencil like form, straight out. You dip its tip into the ear, and your result is given.

There are reliable Chinese suppliers of electronic ear thermometer. They offer wholesale services to their customers. These suppliers are verified; thus, fear of swindling is not there.

Some of these suppliers are Stardent Equipment Co. Limited, located at Foshan, Guangdong, China; Holight Fiber Optic Co, Ltd., located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China; Beijing Leadbeauty international S&T Co, Ltd.  located in Beijing, China; and Shanghai Tongqing Trading Co, Ltd. This is a gold member supplier located in Shanghai, China. Any of these suppliers, amongst many more selected, would be a good choice for a supplier. These suppliers are reliable, and every business with them is assured.

Electronic Ear Thermometer

Importing from Forehead Thermometer Manufacturers

Thermometers are life helpers. Thermometers are needed for every sphere of life.  From nursery school students to high school. When a child gets all feverish and running a high temperature, and there is nothing to estimate his/her temperature, thermometer becomes important.

The forehead thermometer is also a very easy thermometer to use. Just place it on your forehead, and it reads. The thermometer is a very important item that shouldn’t lack in anyone’s closet. This thermometer comes in different shapes and sizes. Most times, its hand gripped. The temperature is ascertained by placing the thermometer on the forehead. When you want to buy a forehead thermometer, and you are skeptical about the supplier or manufacturer to patronize from.

There are many manufacturers in china as Jiaxing Recare Furniture Co. Ltd. A gold member and audited supplier. Located at Jiaxing Zhejiang, China. They supply all types of thermometers for your use. Another good supplier is Zhejiang Prosper Hometex Co. Ltd. It’s located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. This is a no-touch forehead thermometer, very easy to use. Shanghai Saferlifts Machinery Co. Ltd. They are thermometer manufacturers and supplier companies located in Shanghai, China. Dongguan JinWenHua Digital Technology Company Ltd. A very reliable producer of a medical thermometer. It’s located in Dongguan, Guangdong, China. A diamond member and audited supplier. They have various thermometers at different prices. Another thermometer manufacturer in Shenzhen Tousei Technology co, Ltd. Located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. A diamond member and audited verified supplier. Henan Synthe Corporation. Located at Zhengzhou, Henan, China. A gold member and audited supplier and manufacturer of a forehead thermometer. They all provide wholesale and stock supply of services. Importing directly from them gives a subsidy and lower cost. Also, reliability is assured, they won’t disappoint with delivery.

Forehead Thermometer

Import from Plastic Strip Thermometer Suppliers

The plastic strip thermometer is made of majorly plastic; it’s exterior. It’s a no-touch infrared thermometer that allows you the luxury of checking the temperature at ease. It’s powered by a battery that looks like a remote. Placed on the forehead to be able to record the individual’s temperature.

It’s majorly for household use and very accurate. Now households need not stress themselves guessing the correct temperature of an individual or a sick child. Infants and toddlers who can’t really say how they feel. This thermometer will be very useful for households with such kids. To take an accurate record of their temperature over time. For retailers that sell, make your wholesale purchases at a very reliable wholesale/producer or medical thermometers. Ones that are very reliable and have a long-life span. A highly durable thermometer.

There many manufacturers that can make supplies, but when one wants to buy something as important as a thermometer, one needs to get to the right manufacturers. That will offer good quality at a good price. A well-built thermometer that doesn’t give an inaccurate result. A thermometer that can last and also user friendly. They include Cangnan Packing and Printing Factory.

They are authorized manufacturers of the clinical thermometer. A gold member, located at Wenzhou Zhejiang, China. Wenzhou Chenzhe Crafts & Gifts Co. Ltd. They are also suppliers of plastic thermometers; they are located in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China. A reliable gold member supplier. Shangdong Highplus Biotech Co, Ltd. It is another well-acclaimed manufacturer and supplier of medical thermometers. They offer sales of these plastic thermometers and also very reliable and durable ones. They are gold members, located at Weifang Shandong, China. Dongguan City Heng Hao Electric Co. Ltd. It’s a gold member supplier and manufacturer of medical thermometers. Located at Dongguan, Guangdong, China. Should be contacted for your supplies. Gemc Technology Group Ltd. A gold supplier and manufacture of medical thermometers. They are located in Zhengzhou Henan, China.

Plastic Strip Thermometer

Wholesale Pacifier Thermometer from China

Babies can be worked up. Being a nursing mother is very challenging. Most times, a child is crying, and you don’t know why. Sometimes as a because of restlessness, sometimes due to sickness, many things can make a child cry, even lack of attention. Research has shown that handling toddlers is one challenging task.

The Pacifier thermometer was made to lighten the burden of a mother. When the child gets all restless and crying, all you need do is slip this pacifier into his/her mouth and observe. The pacifier thermometer does a double job; it pacifies your crying disturbed child as well as observes the temperature.

Most times, a child may be crying, and you will things its nothing, but slipping this pacifier into the mouth for distraction, you find out the child is actually running a temperature. It comes with a nipple-like rubber that is like a tit that is inserted into the babies’ mouth that will be sucked and nibbled on. It took up the name pacifier because it will keep the baby busy sucking and as well get the temperature checked. To get a supplier for your pacifier thermometer, you need to ensure you are contacting the reliable one. There are many suppliers out there, but very few are reliable and will deliver your package. The suppliers offer wholesale services to customers.

Some of the suppliers are Sainty International Group Jiangsu Yangzhou; Sumex Import and Export Co. Ltd, they are a diamond member and an audited supplier located at Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China; Highland Medical Co. Ltd, located at Wuxi, Jiangsu, China; Kingsun Baby Products Co. Ltd, they are gold members and audited suppliers of wholesale products located in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China; and Chuangzhou Roro Baby Products Co. Ltd., located in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. A reliable supplier or pacifier thermometer for babies from China to any part of the world.

Wholesale Glass and Mercury Thermometer from China

The usual thermometer we grew up knowing. The ones that the nurses at the hospital have to fling repeatedly in the air looking at it at intervals stare into the thermometer. As I child, I didn’t understand this at all. It took growing up, basic science classes and other training to find out that that act of the nurse wasn’t acting or fun. It was a glass and mercury thermometer.

The thermometer has mercury inside a glass-like thermometer. The thermometer is flung repeatedly in the air to get the mercury down to the tip. Then it’s inserted into the armpit or mouth. This is otherwise known as the manual thermometer because of the process required. It’s very delicate because of its glass structure, thus easily breakable. Having your temperature in check with this manual thermometer can be a challenging thought, but then it will still give an accurate result.

Some of its suppliers are Changzhou KB instruments & meter Co, Ltd. located at Changzhou, Jiangsu China; Caremax Co. Ltd. located in Qingdao, Shandong, China; and Nantong Truscare Medical Group Co, Ltd. located at Nantong Jiangsu, China. It’s a gold member and an audited supplier.

Medical Infrared Thermometer Wholesale

It’s an encouraging thing that development and technology are taken different dimensions. Dipping its roots into all spheres of life, including medicine. The infrared thermometer makes use infrared. An infrared is an electromagnetic wave which is not harmful in any way.

The manufacturers of this thermometer though on how to make the journey of checking temperature easy for the people. This is creative and very user friendly. Just point into an individual, and the temperature of the individual is immediately ascertained. Some of its manufacturers and suppliers who you can get durable and reliable medical thermometers from are.

Stardent Equipment Co, Ltd. A Chinese company located at Foshan, Guangdong, China. An audited supplier. Shenzhen Bestman Instrument Co, LTD. An audited supplier and diamond member. Located in Shenzhen, Guangdong China. Shanghai Saferlifts Machinery Co, Ltd. Located in Shanghai, Shanghai, China.  Alin Machinery Co, Ltd. Located at Liaocheng, Shandong, China. China Dragon Electronic Industrial Co. Limited. A gold member located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Shenzhen Oskyoo Technology Co, Limited. Located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. An audited supplier and gold member. These suppliers and manufacturers of thermometers are all based in China. Thus, every importation is from them. They have been certified as reliable and dependable, supplying durable goods.

Thermometer Certification

A thermometer is certified according to the NIST standard. For a thermometer to be certified, it’s thoroughly inspected to ensure they are according to NIST specifications. These thermometers are furnished with a document that proves traceability and felt-lined leatherette storage.

Is Thermometer Business Profitable?

What makes a business profitable?

Is it its ability to be popular?

Its ability to have many customers or its ability to sell at relatively high prices?

I believe everyone that ventures into a business did that to acquire profit, nevertheless room need to be made for loss. No one prays for loss in business, but a little lose and more gain isn’t avoidable. Thermometer manufacturers aside seeking to make a profit, I believe, also have the desire to make these products available to consumers. A business will give you what you give it.

Once you channel enough effort into the thermometer business and do the right research, having the right market strategy, profit is assured. Thus thermometer business is profitable depending on the effort the manufacturer and supplier put in.

In making the thermometers and also in supplying. In essence, a business is profitable, not because of its popularity, though it’s necessary. Not also because it’s an expensive business, nor because its customer strength is strong. But because the right effort has been channeled into the business to ensure it works out well. In the interest of both the producer and the users of the products.

Where to Sell Medical Thermometers

A medical thermometer can be sold anywhere. It’s sold in the hospitals, at the baby’s shop, in clinics, as well as pharmacy shops. It’s also sold online, but this is only by authorized sellers. Medical thermometers are very assessable and at one’s disposal. It’s not too away from people or out of their location, environment, or reach.

What Is the Import Duty for Thermometers from China?

Importing goods is a challenge that most business people don’t know how to go about it. Some have been embezzled in the process of this. How to go about government tariffs is also one of the many challenges to be faced. Importing from China isn’t much of a challenge as their import duties are accessible by the customers.

To import a thermometer from china, the following duties are charged—general duty of 80.0%. For MFN (most favored nation) duty rate of 4.2% is charged. FTA (free trade agreement) conventional duty of 0%~4.2% rate. LDCs preferential tariff of 0.0%. Import consumption tax of 0.0% and import VAT of 13.0% for all countries. China’s retaliatory tariff on USA 10.0% is new and was imposed as china’s retaliation against the USA enforced in September 2018 because of the trade conflict with the Trump administration.

Free trade conventional duty on Asia pacific Trade Agreement Nations. India, with a rate of 2.7%. Korea with 0%. Australia with 0%. Switzerland, Iceland, Costa Rica, Peru, Chile, and Georgia with 0%. Pakistan with 5%. Cross border E-commerce Import Tax rates which are, import duty at 2.9%. Import consumption tax at 0% and import VAT at 9.1%.

What Documents Do You Need When Importing Thermometer from China?

There are important documents needed to import from China, and they include.

Bill of Entry: This is a legal document to be filled by the importer duly signed. It’s an indicator of ‘total outward remittance of the country.’ This must be filled with thirty days of the arrival of goods at a customs location.

Commercial invoice: this is the document required for import customs clearance for value appraisal by a customs official.

Bill of lading/airway bill: this document if required for sea shipment or Airway bill under air shipment. This is issued by a carrier. It provides the details of cargo with terms of its delivery.

Import license: this is also important for import clearance, procedure, and formalities under specific products. It’s mandatory for importing specific products.

Insurance certificate: this is a supporting document against importer’s declaration on a term of delivery. This helps customs authorities to decide whether selling price includes insurance or not; this is used to find value.

Purchase order/letter of credit: this is a document required for importation. It shows all the terms and conditions which enable the customs authorities to assess value.

How Do You Get Best Prices When Importing Thermometer from China?

Best prices of thermometers are obtained by thoroughly searching through the suppliers. This can be very tedious, but one has to get determined with it in order to get really good prices. Bear in mind that with a low price sometimes comes low quality; thus, you have to ensure the supplier’s goods aren’t substandard. To get the most affordable, best price for thermometers, do thorough research. Good research and comparison will provide you with what you want.

What You Should Know When Importing Thermometer from China

  • Identify your import rights
  • Identify the goods you want to import
  • Classify your goods and calculate the landed cost
  • Find the thermometer manufacturer in china and place your order
  • Ensure the supplier will agree to ship based on the terms and conditions
  • Arrange the cargo transport
  • Always consider delays
  • Choose a good freight forwarder partner
  • Track your goods in readiness for the arrival
  • Obtain your shipment.

Can Thermometer Manufacturers Offer Free Samples?

This totally depends on the manufacturer. Free samples involve the manufacturer sending shipping the free sample all the way down to the consumer. This will incur costs along with other things. If the consumers don’t appreciate it, they will have to send it al the way back. If he appreciated the sample, the producer would go through another process of sending goods.

Most manufacturers have a video where the item was used, and also customer feedback is added. These serve as an encouragement to customers to make them trust the manufacturer and patronize. Most manufacturers won’t offer free samples because of its complexity. The task involved in sending and receiving isn’t easy to go by.

Free Samples title card

How Do You Check Quality of Thermometers from China?

This is very challenging. No one wants to buy what he won’t use or what will end up being a waste to him. How else do you know the quality of a good if not by using it? Most of these manufacturers make an effort by uploading feedback from their former customers.

These feedbacks are graded from 5 stars to 1 star. This is a good effort towards ascertaining the quality and durability of thermometers from china. There is no other way of checking quality aside using the product itself. Some people believe high priced goods spell quality, but u strongly disagree with this.

Quality isn’t in price or looks. When one uses a thermometer, he decides the quality. There are reliable suppliers from china who their products also speak for them as quality. This is highly based on the individual’s recommendations.

How Do You Verify Thermometer Suppliers?

There are many suppliers. In fact, most people’s profiles read suppliers. When you want to import a thermometer from china, how do you verify a supplier? How do you choose a supplier? How do you know this supplier is trustworthy?

With the level of cybercrime, theft, and fraud on the increase, individuals are skeptical about buying online from suppliers you don’t have one on one relationship with. To verify if a supplier is authentic, go through his work profile. Seek to find the title “audited supplier” attached to his profile. This goes a long way in helping the consumer and customers make a choice.

Also, another helpful way of verifying supplier is by going through customer feedback. This is painstaking, but then nothing goes for nothing. To get the best, you have to go through it to prevent regrets.

Verify Suppliers

How to Ship Thermometers from China?

Before making purchases and after making purchases. One of the most important questions asked is, “how do I ship my goods to me?” there are four different shipping methods one can choose. They include.

  • Express shipping: This is sending your thermometer from china to designated location through express means. This is faster and reliable and also helps your goods arrive faster and intact.
  • Air cargo shipment: this requires that the goods (thermometers) be transported from the producer/supplier down to the buyers through air transport. It is using planes or aircraft. This is the fastest means but most expensive.
  • Sea transport: sea transport is the movement of cargo from the manufacturer to the buyer through sea transport. The thermometer is shipped down to the buyers. This means it is less expensive but takes a longer time to get to a destination and has higher risk or damage or loss.
  • Train transport: this process involves the shipment of goods from the manufacturer to the buyer through a train or railway. This method is cheap and affordable but takes a longer time. The major disadvantage here is, it’s only obtainable in places that have functional railway services.

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Top 10 Thermometer Manufacturers in China

  • Xiamen Seebest Technology Co, Ltd: they are manufacturers of an infrared thermometer. It’s established in the year 2005. Precisely 22nd With total employers of 575 people. They also produce surgical gowns, face shields, face masks, amongst many other things. Its located at Xiamen, Fujian, China
  • Vuenicee Innovation limited: this company manufactures thermometers. They also produce surgical masks as well as a face mask. It’s located in Foshan, Guangdong, China. It’s a factory that specializes in manufacturing medical equipment, especially thermometer.
  • Poway Medical lab Equipment Co, LTD.: this factory is into the manufacturing of medical equipment. They produce an infrared thermometer. Its also known as a gun thermometer. Its located in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China.
  • Zhongshan Wotuo technology Co, Ltd: it’s a manufacturing company in china. It has been in existence since 2002. Located at No 7 Xiaoyang road, Tanzhou town, Zhongshan city, Guangdong China. They are also producers of medical thermometers.
  • Guangdong Nuonengtai Automation Technology Co, Ltd: this is a manufacturing company that manufactures thermometer. They produce infrared thermometers as well. They are interested in providing customers with quality goods. Being in existence since 2016, located at Guangdong province China.
  • Shenzhen Tousei technology Co, Ltd: producers of electronic products including electronic thermometer. It’s located at Shenzhen Guangdong China.
  • Rongen display technology limited: they are manufacturers of medical equipment’s. They also manufacture thermometers including infrared thermometers amongst many others. It’s located at Guangdong province China.
  • Bestman instrument Co, Ltd: it’s a manufacturing thermometer company. Their factory produces many other medical equipment alongside thermometers. Established since 2001. Located at Shenzen Guangdong China.
  • Feejoy Electronic tech, Co, Ltd: it’s a manufacturing company. They produce thermometers that are very durable. Established since 2004 and still thriving in business. It’s located at Shanghai, china.
  • Saferlifts machinery Co, Ltd: it’s a thermometer manufacturing comoany that produces medical equipments as infrared thermometers, mask and protective mask. It’s located at Haijie road 1128, Nanqiao, Shanghai, China.

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How leelinsourcing help you wholesale thermometers from china

LeelineSourcing has built a reputation as one the best product sourcing companies in China.

If you wish to go into wholesale thermometer distribution, hit us up and we will get it done for you.


With the research and study done, we have deducted that thermometers can’t be ignored. It should be an essential part of our kit at home.

From the manual ones to the automatic ones that use infrared. Thermometers shouldn’t be neglected at all.

Every family should ensure there is one available in case of emergencies.

Thermometer manufacturers are putting in considerable efforts to ensure they produce thermometers that are user friendly as well as accurate and reliable.

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