Surgical Mask Wholesale From China

Ongoing coronavirus pandemic worldwide, surgical masks are high in demand.

The WHO has named the virus as Pandemic-19. COVID-19 and Novel coronavirus are other names.

It is devastating. This is a global issue.

The only solution is to keep yourself and others safe. By staying at home. And wearing PPE when out for any basic necessity.

If you want to help others. Or you want to make sure the masks are available in your area.

We are here to help you with that. In this guide, we will let you know about the types of masks. The standards for the surgical masks. Also, the surgical mask wholesale industries.

The suppliers that are available and selling the surgical mask at wholesale rates. You will also find that the best surgical masks wholesale manufactures in China. They have decades of experience.

Also, they have the best personnel protective equipment (PPE) for you. Let’s see what is going on around the world. Plus, how to find the best surgical masks wholesale.


The entire world is under lockdown. It has halted businesses. Every day it is getting worst.  There is no cure. The only cure is to stay at home. If possible, everyone should start working from home.

The contemporary situation of China

The situation in China was nerve-racking. President of China Xi Jinping visited the Wuhan District. After the visit, he declared victory over the pandemic. Many industries are reopening. The situation is better. 60% of the industry is now open. The rest will open soon until the end of April.

Most Hit Countries and the sustainable solution for now

The USA, and European countries – topping Italy, the situation is arduous. Countries are trying their level best for catering to the situation. Then next in line are Spain, France, Germany, Ireland, and Norway. These countries have the highest cases per million people.Almost every country is under the impact.

For now, the only solution is to wear a surgical mask. Wash your hands and stay at home.

Let us tell you about surgical face masks and all that is connected to it.


If you are sick and need to be around others. Then properly covering your face with a mask can protect others. This can prevent them from contracting your illness.

A surgical mask is a loosely fitted wearing for mouth, nose and the surrounding area. It acts as a barrier to the environment with potential contaminants. Surgical masks prevent you from droplets that contain potential viruses.

If a person is sick it also blocks the spread of the virus to others. Besides, it also reminds us not to touch our mouth and nose. As any act like this can infect us if have not worn a surgical mask.

The Surgical masks of very high importance in the current situation of COVID-19.

What are the types of medical face masks?

The face masks are classified into two main types:

Wholesale General medical masks from China

Wholesale General medical masks from China are loosely bound disposable medical masks. They are helpful. They prevent others from the potential infectious disease from the wearer to others.

Wholesale disposable surgical masks from China

On the other hand, Wholesale disposable surgical masks from China are tightly bound to your face, nose, and chin. They give the greatest protection.

Wholesale medical protective masks from China

These are flat and rectangular, in shape and can also vary in design. The top usually contains a metallic strip. Metallic strip adapts the shape of your nose when you wear the mask.

Wholesale KN95 masks from China

In the USA they call it N95. FFP2 is the European Union name. While in China, it is KN95. We can use it for a longer period by a single wearer. If it gets dirty, broken or any human secretion is visible, simply dispose of.

Technical Standards For Surgical Masks

The standard surgical mask should have 3-Layer Protection. It makes the outer layer up of polypropylene non-woven fabric. The middle layer is polypropylene melt-blown non-woven fabric. While the inner layer contains activated carbon with polypropylene non-woven fabric. Also, it has a metallic strip at the top. This adapts the shape of the nose when you wear it.

The respirators have four protection layers. The first layer is a thick polypropylene layer. Second is the melt-blown electrostatic layer that isolates PM2.5 dust. The third layer is of N95 / KN95 / FFP2 standard filter material. The fourth layer is again the melt-blown layer. This can give 95% to 99.9% protection.

Surgical Mask Certification

The above-mentioned standards are certified by health, safety, and security institution. These institutes have set these standards. Following are the major institutions of certification:


Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a regulatory authority. It provides standards for diverse categories including face masks. It assists industries in developing the surgical as well as KN95 and other masks.

It has set standards the manufacturers should follow that to get them certified. FDA inspects production facilities. It can approve regulated products. Also, has the power to withdraw products, for safety.


European Conformity (CE) is the certification authority of masks in the European Union. CE rated masks are disposable masks. They are recommended by the European Economic Area for SHE  security standards. It assists industries in surgical and all other industrial graded masks. The masks are graded based on:

  • bacterial filtration efficiency.
  • splash resistance.
  • Biocompatibility
  • microbial cleaning.


National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health is another institute. It sets standards for health and safety. It also has set standards for surgical masks and respirators. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends the use of NIOSH-certified masks.

Classification of Surgical masks

We classify the following surgical masks from the perspective of COVID-19. We use them worldwide as a prevention against the Pandemic-19:

N95 Surgical Mask

N95 are the surgical masks or respirators. The NIOSH recommends these. N95 provides 95% immunity to the particulates. They are in severe demand these days. Based on the COVID-19 situation around the world. N95 is short all around the world because of high demand.

CDC and government authorities decided that the people in front line should use these. Doctors, paramedics, Laboratory attendants are preferred over others. These masks are reusable. Until they get dirty or human secretions are intact.

KN95 Surgical Mask

KN95 is the standard respirator. It is approved by the government of China.  And now it is also approved by the FDA and CDC which is alternate of N95. It is far more available than its counterpart.

Due to the ongoing situation of COVID-19, it is highly in demand. Manufacturer in China has doubled the production of the KN95. Also, it is imported all around the world. It meets all the standards of IOSH and CE as well.

Disposable Surgical Masks

Disposable surgical masks are also high in demand. They are 3 layered masks and are of one-time use only. They are used by people all around the world. These are cheap as compared to graded masks or respirators. But are the better alternate.

People around the world use it while traveling outside. It is recommended by many professionals. That is if someone with pollen or any other respiratory allergy while visiting a doctor should wear this and dispose of. The mask should not be touched by the hand directly. Because it is very contagious.

3PLY Masks

The 3 PLY mask is an alternate name of the mask. Because of its 3 protective layers.

It is a must wear a mask for the person expecting the symptoms of COVID-19. This prevents others from around him.

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Is Importing Surgical Mask From China Profitable?

Importing Surgical Mask from China is profitable. There are hundreds of manufacturers in China that are producing Surgical Masks. Besides, labor in China is low. Production and competition are high.

So the set price is very low as compared to the whole world. The standards are very monitored. It is audited by the agencies providing certifications. Because these products are related to the primary health of the people. Also, respirators like KN95 are used in industries. So there are strict restrictions and policies by the Chinese government.

Many sourcing and logistic agencies are working to help you import surgical masks at a very low price. So the net margin is quite high as compared to other countries around the world. That is why many big companies of Surgical Masks and PPE of the USA are also based in China, for example, 3M and Honeywell.

If you are planning to buy Surgical Masks for your country, do not waste your time. We are the best Sourcing agent in China. WE will help you with all that you need. From buying, sourcing to final delivery. Contact us for further inquiries.

How Do You Verify China Surgical Mask Suppliers?

There are many ways to verify the China Surgical Mask Wholesale Suppliers. Alibaba is the best market place to verify. If you are looking for a surgical mask wholesale supplier at Alibaba, to verify that you need to perform the following steps:

  • Check whether the supplier has trade assurance
  • Check if the supplier is verified
  • See the comments and reviews given by previous customers
  • Check whether the manufacture has his production point
  • Ask the seller to show his manufacturing plant going any live chat service. WeChat is popular in China.
  • Ask for the sample
  • Hire a sourcing agent
  • Ask sourcing agent about the authenticity of the supplier
  • Ask the manufacturer to arrange an inspection.
  • send your sourcing agent for the verification as many sourcing agents provide these surfaces.
  • Read the report sent to you by the sourcing agent.

This is the procedure that should serve for all the suppliers. Suppose you have searched a manufacturer that is not on Alibaba or any other market place. The best solution is to hire the best sourcing agent. Ask them for help. They will provide you with the top manufacturer and best market competitive price for the surgical masks.

We LeeLine sourcing also provide the best services for helping you. We will arrange the best surgical mask wholesale dealers that you need.

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Where can you Find a Surgical Mask Supplier in China?

In China, thousands of manufacturers make masks and personnel protective equipment. These are the cities where most of the Manufacturers and Suppliers produce Surgical Masks:

  • Xiantao
  • Wuhan
  • Shenzhen
  • Dongguan
  • Qingdao
  • Guangzhou
  • Hefei
  • Shanghai
  • Suzhou
  • Ningbo
  • Wuxi

We the LeeLine Sourcing, have known many of the manufacturers. Those are providers of top quality. They are market competitive surgical mask wholesale in China. Please contact us for any queries related to these suppliers.

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How To Import Surgical Mask From Alibaba?

To import surgical masks from Alibaba. You need to search the surgical mask wholesale dealers. Keep in mind that the manufacturers or suppliers are trade assured and verified. Ask for the product they have. Take your time and confirm the quality in every aspect.

Usually, the sales team of these manufacturers is quite professional. They help you with all the processes. Ask for MOQ. Prepare the list of the items that you need and send them the list. Conclude the deal. If you still have any doubts about this ask your sourcing agent to step in. Ask him to visit the manufacturer and find out the exact reality. They will inspect the factory for you and will share the report.

We LeeLine Sourcing can help you in providing the best quality audit. We can also perform an inspection for your manufacturer. Moreover, we can also provide you suggestions about the surgical mask. That which are of the best quality and market competitive price. Please contact us for the quotations.

What is the Import Duty for a Surgical mask from China?

The USA has given exclusion from import tariffs on medical goods imported from China. It also includes face masks, hand sanitizing wipes and examination gloves. This initiated in response to the ongoing COVID-19 situation. Other countries have also followed the footsteps.

There is a massive reduction in the import duty of Surgical masks from China. China is the only producer that is making surgical masks at a lower price. China is also working in a better capacity than any other country.

For more information on the tariff of import duty for your country contact us for the details. We will provide the best solution for the surgical mask bulk order.

Which Documents do you need When Importing surgical masks from China?

Usually, for importing surgical masks with customs bond you also need:

  • a bill of landing,
  • commercial Invoice.
  • arrival notice.

With these documents, detailed information is also needed for the import process. The best solution is to consult with the experienced broker.

Allow us to help you with this. We are here to help. We will make the operation of getting goods across your desired location. Contact us for more information related to importing the surgical masks. We Lee Line sourcing will provide you the best solution for the surgical masks to import.

How do you get Best Prices when Importing surgical masks from China?

Importing anything is quite a task. For importing Surgical masks from China you first have to:

  • Contact manufacturers available online at platforms like Alibaba, 1668, made-in-china, etc.
  • Check for the best prices and ranking of the manufacturers.
  • Compare the prices.
  • Compare their delivery procedure.
  • Compare the production level.
  • Now make a new list and write down what you need.
  • Negotiate with the representatives for the final price.
  • Give them your demand and ask for the sample.
  • When you receive the sample select the top 3 that you think are the best for you.
  • Arrange an inspection.
  • Ask your sourcing agent for the inspection or audit, or whatever you think is relevant.
  • See the report you receive at the end of the factory audit.
  • Based on that select the best surgical mask wholesale supplier for you.

If you think this is messy and a hefty process do not despair. Talk to us we can help in every possible manner. Share with us what you need and we will provide you with the best possible price.

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You should know when importing surgical masks from China?

The following are the things you should know while importing surgical masks from China.

  • Does the supplier have the PRC Medical Device Product Registration Certificate?
  • Does the supplier from which you are purchasing these surgical masks exist?
  • Is it registered and licensed to make the suitable surgical mask you are planning to buy from them?
  • How are you convinced that you will get the same surgical mask you ordered and paid for?
  • Are you authorized by your country to import the surgical masks?
  • Does the surgical mask you are importing meet your country’s standards?
  • How can you be sure your supplier will send you the quality of the surgical mask you will be ordering and paying for?

There are many other legal and technical issues that need to be well addressed. If this is confusing for you. We LeeLine Sourcing are here to help you answer all these questions related to your surgical masks. Immediately contact us we will deal with all your worries.

Top 10 China Surgical Mask Manufacturers.

Following are the top 10 surgical mask manufacturers in China:

Jiangxi Hongxin Medical Equipment Group.

Jiangxi Hongxin Medical Equipment Group is one of the topmost manufacturers in China. It has 3 decades of experience. The manufacturer is ISO9002, EN46002, and CE standards certified. They have already made their market place in exports. They have buyers worldwide. They export 41% to 50% of what they produce.

With factory workshops covering an area of 13,500 square meters. They have comprehensive facilities for completing all manufacturing and sterilization. Also, they have analysis and quality control processes in-house. They used over 800 personnel. It includes more than 100 engineers, technicians and QC staff. They import their production equipment and raw materials from South Korea. Specializing in the output of disposable infusion sets. They also produce syringes, injection needles, and infusion needles. They have a supplying capacity of a total of 550 million pieces. The nearest port is Shanghai Port

Shanghai Drawell Scientific Instrument Company.

Shanghai Drawell Scientific Instrument is another among the best suppliers and manufacturers. It provides surgical masks and other high-quality laboratory equipment.  It certifies according to  ISO9002, EN46002 and CE standards.

The main products are Surgical masks, Visible Spectrophotometers, and AAS. Also, they are the producers of Gas Chromatography and  Microscopes. Further, they make Electrochemical Instruments Incubators and other analytical instruments.

They use different kinds of scopes. Such as bioscience research, pharmacological science, quality control, food industry, and education. It has a history of more than 20 years. Drawell commits to provide high-quality scientific instruments for all users around the world. The nearest port is Shanghai port.

Wuhan Rainbow Protective Products Company

Wuhan rainbow protective products company is a manufacturer based in Wuhan, China. They are a manufacturer of personal protective products and medical disposables.  It started working in 2004. They provide high-quality products at cheap prices. They have advanced manufacturing equipment and very trained staff.

They provide a wide variety of personal protective products. Other products are disposable clothing and medical disposables. They have a very reliable performance. The factory has a large number of clients from about 30 different countries. It has business in the US, Australia, Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia. Ports nearest to them are Shanghai Port, Shenzhen Port, and Wuhan Port.

Guangzhou Powecom Safety Goods Manufacturing Company

Guangzhou Powecom safety goods manufacturing company. It is among the top-notch companies. It is in Guangzhou, China. They specialize in the production of various kinds of face masks. Such as Disposable masks, N95, and KN95. Also, It provides active carbon masks, valved face masks, Children Masks, etc.

Besides, It is an expert in the production of Gas Masks and Particulate Respirators. Other inline are Silicone masks, Rubber masks, and Dust Respirators. It also makes products related to ears. For example PU earplugs, Silicone earplugs, noise-proof earplugs, etc.

Its daily production capacity is over 800,000 pcs of nonwoven face masks. It includes Folding Masks and Disposable Masks. It has more than 260 full-time workers. It has a dust-free Workshops for Medical Face Masks at 2000 square meters.

Ningbo Yingmed Medical Instruments Company.

Ningbo Yingmed Medical Instruments Company is one of the professional suppliers. It provides Medical Instruments products. They have more than 10 years of experience in the medical field. They export their products to customers all around the world. Its business is in Europe, South Africa, Asia, and South America.

They situate in Jiangsu province. It is near Shanghai port. They produce surgical masks, Oxygen masks, and a Nebulizer mask. Othe parts are ET tubes, Latex Foley catheter, and tracheostomy tube. The company approves of CE and ISO certificates for most of the products.

An Qing Jiaxin Medical Technology Co., Ltd

AnQing Jiaxin Medical Technology Company is a professional manufacturer. They do a production of surgical masks, pure cotton non-woven fabric, cotton tissue, etc.

They have certified the quality management procedure. It follows standards of ISO 13485, FDA and CE. Their products are highly exported to Asia, Europe, North America, and the Middle East.

Hubei Mingerkang Health & Safety Appliances Company.

The company founded in 1994. It has grown into a leading manufacturer & exporter. It specialized in all kinds of non-woven & plastic disposable products. They make for safety protective and healthcare. The factory is covering a land of 30000 square meters. It has more than 1000 sewing workers. It has 50 managing workers.

It is ISO 9001 / 13485 certified. Its OEM manufacturer products are conforming to international standards. It meets known certification bodies TUV, SGS, Nelson, FDA, and NIOSH. Their disposable nonwoven products cover various types of materials. Such as polypropylene spun-bonded nonwovens(SB), Surgical Masks nonwovens, SMMS nonwoven, etc.

They can make protective garments that meet CE and FDA standards.

Hubei Mingerkang Health and Safety Appliances Company.

Hubei Mingerkang Health & Safety Appliances Company lies in the Xiantao, Hubei Province. Their main products include surgical masks, surgical gowns, and so on. They develop every product under CE, FDA. They are well sold in Southeast Asia, Mideast, America, and Europe. They export 25% of their product.

Jiande Chaomei Daily Chemicals Company

The company started operating in 2004. Jiande Chaomei Daily Chemicals is a manufacturer and trader. They specialize in the research, development, and production of surgical masks. Their factory is in Zhejiang. All their products follow international quality standards. They are very appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world.

Sunkiss Healthcare Company

Sunkiss Healthcare Established in 1999. They specialize in designing, producing and marketing of disposable PPE. Sunkiss is the leading manufacturer in the sector of adult PPE in China. It has 16 advanced technology production lines.

That is for incontinence care, Baby Care, Feminine Care, and disposable products. Surgical Masks are part of their disposable products. The company has business relationships in Europe, America, and the Middle East.

How LeelineSourcing Help You Wholesale Surgical Mask From China?

LeeLine Sourcing recommends the best surgical masks for you because:

LeeLine Sourcing is the sourcing agency. WE have decades of experience. We have developed a healthy and professional relationship with China’s top-notch manufacturers. We can help you in every aspect like:

  • Selection of the Surgical masks wholesale suppliers.
  • Negotiating on the pricing.
  • Quality check and Audits.
  • Sourcing and collection of your PPE from different suppliers.
  • collecting items at a single point.
  • Packaging of the products.
  • making audit reports.
  • If you are Amazon seller we can also provide you prep services for your products.
  • We can also help you and guide you with custom clearance


Surgical Masks are high in demand because of COVID-19. There is a shortage of Surgical masks all around the world. If you want to buy it from a surgical mask wholesale supplier. We can help you with that. Moreover, we will provide you detail for every surgical mask from 3 PLY to KN95.

We can provide a fast track solution. We can manage your bulk orders. If you are in worry about the licensing, we can help you with that too. We have super professional staff. We will resolve your issues in a few steps. Owing to the ongoing situation, the FDA has approved all the masks following the standards of the PRC. CDC has eased the import process for the masks and other PPE.

It is high time to contact the suppliers in China and help the people in your region. The masks are at quite low prices currently in China market as they relate to primary health and safety. The industries and manufacturers are also cooperating by going out of the box. They will give you the mask at the least price, as everyone knows it is for the good cause. So do not hesitate for the buying of the masks. If you have any confusion we are here to help you in every possible manner.

All you need is to have little market research. Talk to some manufacturers make a list and discuss with us. We will make sure that you will get the product at the least time available. The manufacturing industry is reviving. 60% of the industry has restarted. We hope that at the end of this month more than 90% will get reactivated.

China has achieved success over COVID-19 by staying at home. Plus taking most precautionary measures. This is the only solution. So we should tackle it in the same way so the world should get free from this devastating pandemic forever.

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