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Gifts Manufacturers

LeelineSourcing Find The Best Gifts Suppliers and Manufacturers In China For you.
  • Leeline can find the best gifts suppliers for you.
  • Leeline carries out gift manufacturers’ factory audits for you in China.
  • Leeline can be your agent in ensuring the quality of your selected and ordered products.
  • Leeline can conduct strict quality control for you in pre-shipment inspection. 
  • Leeline helps the most gift suppliers and gift manufacturers in China. 
  • Leeline also provides Amazon FBA prep services if you are planning to sell gifts on Amazon. 



10 Most Profitable Gifts In China

1.Gift for men

Importing Gift for men From China

Gifts for men include a wide range of items like accessories, sports equipment, stationery items, and personal care products. Personalized gifts are also trending as gifts for men. More specifically, the personalized gifts market may reach a CAGR of 5.6% by 2026.

You can find items like the Chinese-rich calligraphic set readily available in Shanghai, China.

2. Gift for women

Wholesale Gift for women From China

There are a plethora of options as gifts for women. For instance, there are makeup and cosmetic items, handbags, personal care products, jewelry, and so much more. If you are planning for Amazon FBA, product research is vital. 

Once you have an excellent product selected, you can expect sales yearlong. You can find a variety of gift products for women in Zhejiang, China.

3. Gift for Christmas

Buy Gift for Christmas From China

Christmas is one of the largest gifting events in the world. People buy gifts for every age group and sex, from the elderly to the kids. Some of the product types are as follows:

  • Electronics.
  • Clothing.
  • Gadgets.
  • Home appliances and so much more. 

People generally purchase gifts in shopping festivals like 11.11 on AliExpress and Black Friday on Amazon. It is advisable to have surplus stocks if you are planning on selling through Amazon. The Guangdong province of China has a variety of manufacturers for Christmas gifts.

4. Gift for girlfriend

Wholesale Gift for girlfriend in Bulk From China

Gifts to girlfriends can be personal and intimate items. They could be consumables like perfumes and personal care items, or makeup items. 

On the other hand, they can be jewels, jewelry, soft toys, fashion, and lifestyle products. Shandong has a bustling industry of manufacturers where you can choose a product perfect as a gift for a girlfriend.

5. Gift for boyfriend

Wholesale From China Gift for boyfriend Suppliers

There are a lot of options available for gifts for a boyfriend. The gifts can be based on individual interests as well. For instance, themed products with characters from movies, video games, etc. Jiangsu has gift manufacturers where you can choose products as gifts for boyfriends to resell.

6. Gift for wife

Wholesale From China Gift for wife Manufacturers

When it comes to gifts for a wife, the products you choose can depend on the occasion. For instance, there are different options like plush toys, intimates, and jewelry. For other occasions, fashion and lifestyle products can also work. 

Additionally, familiar items of use can also serve as gifts for the wife when there is no special occasion. You can find quality suppliers and manufacturers in the Guangdong province of China.

7. Gift for husband

Importing Gift for husband From China

Gift for the husband can be a range of items like watches, handkerchiefs, cufflinks, etc. If you plan to sell through Amazon FBA, choose specific types of products that are not very common on Amazon. There are always innovations in Zhejiang, China, for products suitable as a gift for husbands.

8. Birthday gift

Wholesale Birthday gift From China

A birthday gift is special. But it also gives a lot of freedom of choosing the products. Electronics, gadgets, toys, you name it. If you are looking to resell birthday gifts, Guangdong province has good suppliers. You can order gifts in bulk.

9. Gift for coworker

Buy Gift for coworker From China

Gifts for coworkers are more limited. It can depend on individual interests as well as the gender of the coworker. Stationery and productivity items are the right choices. You can find a lot of options from Shandong gift manufacturers.

10. Gift for students

Wholesale Gift for students in Bulk From China

 The best gifts for students are usually educational or products that assist in education. Products like bags, stationery items, and accessories are almost always the right choice. Its manufacturers are in Zhejiang, China.

Wholesale Gifts From China and Save You Cost Up To 50%

Product Sourcing

Gifts Product Sourcing

We will not only find but also verify the best-qualified gift product manufacturers with affordable prices for you.

Factory Audit

Gifts Factory Audit

We can verify your selected gift manufacturer in China as your agent. This will spare you time and cash.

Product Inspection

Gifts Product Inspection

We can set quality checks as strict as you are looking to ensure you get the gift products in the right condition.

Amazon FBA Prep

Gifts Amazon FBA Prep

We can customize your gift brand packaging, print and stick the FNSKU labels. We can also bundle various items as a single set as per your application.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

Gifts Shipping To Amazon FBA

We can choose the best methods to deliver your gift products from China. For Amazon FBA, we save your shipping cost by our efficient process.


Gifts DropShopping

We can be your order fulfillment agent and ship your customer’s gift orders directly to your customers.

Why Choose Leeline To Wholesale Gifts From China

  • Leeline can look for the best China gift manufacturers from AliExpress. 
  • Leeline uses its experience and expertise to be your best Chinese buying agent to aid you in import. 
  • Leeline can help you conduct certification for the chosen China gift factory.
  • Leeline also provides an Amazon FBA preparation service if you are planning to sell on Amazon. 
  • Leeline can test products one-to-one for quality checking before the product is shipped.

Best 10 China Gifts Manufacturers

1. Suzhou Freedom Gifts Limited

1. Suzhou Freedom Gifts Limited

Suzhou Freedom Gifts Limited is a company of many talents. Not only do they have processing plants under their wings, but an entire group of companies too. They first established in 2009 and have been growing in their sales, inventory, staff, and recognition. 

The numbers they pull annually reflect their dedication and prowess in this field as they conducted $12.5 million worth of business in 2016 alone!

Main Products

Suzhou Freedom Gifts produces items that work as gifts and for personal use as well. These include different types of bags like non-woven bags and cotton bags. They also make paper car air fresheners, ceramic mugs, and seamless bandanas. 

Why Choose Suzhou Freedom Gifts Limited?

With Suzhou Freedom, a customer gets a few perks that are bound to make them happy. These include order processing in under eight days, monthly output of 500,000 units of the product in under 15 days. This means that if one does conduct their business with Suzhou, they will get all that they need, with time to spare.

2. Linqu Shihe Textile Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.

2. Linqu Shihe Textile Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.

Linq Shihe Textile Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. is another veteran who has been making products and gifts since 1999. They were originally established under the name of Linqu Taihe Arts & Crafts but have since changed. 

This privately-owned company has a staff of 100 people, yet their annual sales figures touch USD 2 million. They welcome all of their clients and customers to reach out to them via email or phone, and if you want to visit them personally, you will have to go to the Shandong province of China.

Main Products

Their main products are different kinds of towels. They produce beach towels, kitchen tea towels, and magic towels. Additionally, they make compresses t-shirts and promotional gifts. 

Why Choose Linqu Shihe Textile Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.?

Linqu Shihe Textile is a company that has made its primary focus of producing products that are not only reliable but also made from environmentally friendly materials. Their sales figures are also exceptional. This means that Linqu as a company is dedicated and can operate at levels that provide the utmost satisfaction to their clients.

3. Yiwu Skysweet Jewelry Factory

3. Yiwu Skysweet Jewelry Factory

Yiwu Skysweet was established first in the year 2006 in the province of Zhejiang. Yiwu Skysweet is in manufacturing and in designing and innovations that have been pushing the standards of their products since their inception. They have also been certified by both SG & SGS boards and are made up of a staff of only 100 people.

Main Products

Yiwu’s main products include gifts for women like jewelry and other items like sunglasses, bags and watches. 

Why Choose Yiwu Skysweet Jewelry Factory?

Yiwu Skysweet Jewelry shines in the fact that they not only produce their products but also have a whole team that designs them in-house. With all their experience, their designs are surely bound to sell to customers from any part of the world. 

Yiwu Skysweet also deals in market locations such as North America, South America, and Western Europe. And from these places alone, their annual revenue goes over $2 Million.

4. Winson Stationery Gifts Company Limited

4. Winson Stationery Gifts Company Limited

Winson Stationery Gifts have been present since the year 1982 in Hong Kong. They started by working in the field of producing premium writing products. But as of 2017, they have shifted their approach to working on OBM & ODM Jewelry and watches products. 

Like their business with writing instruments, they have upheld their commitment to producing premium quality materials.

Main Products

Winson specializes in stationery items which can be good gifts for coworkers. These include writing instruments, stainless steel gifts, stainless steel pens, stainless steel jewelery, and stainless-steel findings. 

Why Choose Winson Stationery Gifts Company Limited?

Winson Stationery Gifts offer not only premium quality materials that are passed only after careful inspection of each of the units produced, but also that will be reliable in the long-term. 

When combined, both of these advantages give the customer of these products an experience that they will never forget. This, in turn, also ends up helping the clients that interact with the customers too.

5. Shenzhen Keeup Gifts Co., Ltd.

5. Shenzhen Keeup Gifts Co., Ltd.

Shenzen Keeup Gifts Co., Ltd. is a company from the Guangdong district of China that was first established in 2013. Ever since then, rather than choosing a niche to work on, they decided to manufacture a large variety of different products. 

With this preposition, they ask their clients to tell them what they need and want. And then move forward to make that as well as any custom logo design that is needed.

Main Products

Keeup Gifts are on the best when it comes to promotional items like gifts, keyrings, pens, bags and caps. 

Why Choose Shenzhen Keeup Gifts Co., Ltd.?

Shenzhen Keeup Gift’s main key point that sets them apart is that they don’t have a required inventory that clients have to choose from. Alternatively, they ask the clients what they need. This allows Shenzhen Keeup to cover a variety of different products. 

This helps clients because they do not need to go to different outlets to cover all their needs, as Shenzhen alone is enough for everything.

6. Shenzhen Sweetmade Gifts Co., Ltd.

6. Shenzhen Sweetmade Gifts Co., Ltd.

Shenzen Sweetmade Gifts Co., Ltd., located in the Guangdong province of China, was instituted in 2002. This company specializes in the production, design, and development of products such as Invitation cards, Candy boxes, etc. 

Their slogan throughout the years has been to change with the times, which helps them produce products bound to interest their clients and customers.

Main Products

Sweetmade Gifts produce innovative gift items. These include paper cut lightboxes, 3D memo pads, shadow box frames, greeting cards and cupcake wrappers. 

Why Choose Shenzhen Sweetmade Gifts Co., Ltd.?

Shenzhen Sweetmade is a company that has focused on innovation, reliability, and premium quality for its products since they were established. This is evident in the fact that they end up shipping out hundreds of tons of products worldwide every year. This has been possible due to their relentless commitment and the departments they have, such as R&D.

7. United Art Metals Factory Limited

7. United Art Metals Factory Limited

United Art Metals Factory was established first in the year 1992 in Hong Kong. Since then, United Arts has been in the domain of Metal Gifts, Crafts & Figures, and Home Décor. Their Motto is to exceed their clients’ expectations, and this is one thing this company strives for every day.

Main Products

United Art focused on metal gifts and crafts. They produce figurines with crystals that can be used as decoration items. Additionally, the company produces wedding gift items and corporate gift items. 

Why Choose United Art Metals Factory Limited?

If you are looking for a company that can offer and complete all your Gift needs, whether, for Weddings, Corporate offices, or Personal use, the United Art Metals factory has you covered. 

They not only produce in their factories but also have their R&D and Design departments. This helps them produce high-quality products and focus on precisely what the client wants; this is further enhanced by the fact that this company offers customization options too.

8. Zhongshan Artigifts Premium Metal & Plastic Co., Ltd.

8. Zhongshan Artigifts Premium Metal & Plastic Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Artigifts Premium Metal & Plastic Co., Ltd. was first established in 2007 and is now located in Guangdong province of China. They are a diversified company that deals in the production and designing of a variety of products.

Main Products

Zhongshan Artigifts feature main products like keychain, lanyard badges, emblems, medals and metal crafts. 

Why Choose Zhongshan Artigifts Premium Metal & Plastic Co., Ltd.?

Zhongshan Artigifts enjoy the luxury of being one of the veterans in the field of Metal crafts as they have been making products in this category since 2007. With all these years of experience, Zhongshan is bound to produce reliable, high-quality products and people around the world.

9. Ningbo Royal Union Co., Ltd.

9. Ningbo Royal Union Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Royal Union Co., Ltd. is a member of the Market Union Group in China. It is a prestigious Enterprise that houses the top 500 trade Companies working inside of China right now. Ningbo was established in 2006 in the Zhejiang province of China and is still situated there.

Main Products

Ningbo Royal produce travel accessories, bags, and general gift items. 

Why Choose Ningbo Royal Union Co., Ltd.?

Ningbo Royal is one of the biggest trade companies that are working out of China right now. With a staff of 120 people only, their annual revenue for the year 2020 was $40 million. This was possible since Ningbo Royal Union produces and designs all in-house. 

This helps them have strict quality control over their products. This means that if you do decide to conduct business with them, you will be satisfied.

10. Shengzhou De-Ju Import & Export Co., Ltd.

10. Shengzhou De-Ju Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Shengzhou De-Ju Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a company that was established first in the year 2012, and since then, they have expanded to owning ten different factories. They are one of the critical commodity Enterprises in the province of Shengzhou, China.

Main Products

The main products De-Ju produces are gifts, bath items, souvenirs, tableware and decoration items. 

Why Choose Shengzhou De-Ju Import & Export Co., Ltd.?

Shengzhou De-Ju Import & Export has expanded to 10 different factories over the years. This means that as a client, you can get a lot of your needs covered all by talking to one company. 

The process that Shengzhou has made easier by having a dedicated team meant to take care of all a customer’s inquiries. Their dedication to helping their clients is also expressed in their slogan, “Good Quality & Perfect Service.”

Best 5 Gifts Manufacturers In US

11. Kelli's Gift Shop

1. Kelli’s Gift Shop

Kelli’s Gift Shop Suppliers caters to the needs of all small and big retail businesses. They aim to stock and ship the range of 5,000 items from their distribution center, located in Texas.

Main Products

The suppliers provide a convenient purchasing experience. They offer 5,000 items from 600 vendors that are accessible under one name. The main products include; baby items, balloons, clothing, accessories, electronics and so much more. 

Why Choose Kelli’s Gift Shop?

Kelli’s Gift Shop Suppliers provide 500+ vendors through one reliable source. This helps save both time and money and provides convenience to the customers. 

They provide for not only big but small retail spaces as well. They cannot order in full-case quantities. This helps reduce risk and maximize budgets for small retailers. 

Another important quality is their fast service. They ship their orders within one business day with free delivery on domestic orders of $450+. This benefits the retailers with more inventory turnouts and more profits. 

They also allow their customers to reorder anytime through their online portals. This makes their experience simple and easy.

12. One Coast

2. One Coast

One Coast began acting in 1997 to serve the home décor and gift markets in the United States. It connects various regional sales firms. And aims to build the only nationwide sales and marketing company in the US gift market. 

Main Products

The main products of the company include baby items, home and living décor, clothing and accessories and fragrance products. 

Why Choose One Coast?

By choosing One Coast, the customers get high-quality products from a broad scope. This allows them to create design advances and the latest technologies. 

With experience of more than 20 years, the company can better serve its customers. It provides innovative programs and services. This helps to enhance the sales and profitability of the vendors and retailers. 

Moreover, they make purchasing experience simple and easy. Their Customer Care telesales team guides customers. Their award-winning showrooms provide a great shopping experience for all.

13. Eastwind Gifts

3. Eastwind Gifts

Eastwind Gifts provides a variety of giftware and home accessories from around the globe. The wholesaler business helps the small retailers with no minimum order limit. It is a supplier for e-tailers and independent retailers. 

Main Products

It provides a wide range of products, including business gifts, Christian gifts, novelty items, home decoration gifts and seasonal merchandise. 

Why Choose Eastwind Gifts?

Eastwind Gifts sources its products from around the globe; hence it has all kinds of gifts. The wide range of products helps the customers choose the right products. 

Moreover, Dropshipping is also an option at the store. Dropshipping helps customers expand their inventory without extra costs. 

The store increases the profitability of its customers. It also provides fantastic customer service to guide through the buying process.

14. AEWholesale

4. AEWholesale

AEWholesale is an independent, family-owned wholesale business with 15 years of experience. The main office is in Florida. It dispatches the orders from the warehouse in southern California. It started in 2004 and has sold more than $5.5 million products. 

Main Products

AEWholesale deals in office and home decoration items as well as garden and outdoor products. Moreover, they provide kid stuff, jewelry, accessories and even furniture. 

Why Choose AEWholesale?

Choosing AEWholesale provides customers to shop from a wide range of products. The online website provides a simple and easy shopping experience. 

Moreover, ground shipping in 48 states is free on orders of $50 or more. This flat shipping rate helps lower the costs for its many retailers. The available suggested prices help guide the customers to manage their inventory.

Choosing AEWholesale allows retailers to become more competitive and profitable in their businesses.

15. Bwanaz

5. Bwanaz

Being a wholesaler industry since 2017, California-based Bwanaz has already gathered a whole lot of following. 

Bwanaz is known for working with the highest quality manufacturers and showing support for local businesses. Its products are widely known. Major partnerships include Walmart and Microsoft.

Main Products

Known for the wide range of products that it has to offer in all the good quality, its main products include apparel, jewelry, bags, and makeup. Apart from that, food supplies for both yourself and your pet and all the gaming and fitness products that you may ever require are available.

Why Choose Bwanaz?

Free membership and shipping are the top reason for choosing this wholesaler in the US. Although available worldwide, there is a solid return policy and a three-month free trial for new sellers. 

Product recommendations and images are also available, making it one of the best gift manufacturers. 

Best 5 Gifts Manufacturers In UK


1. MXWholesale

Developed in 2001, this wholesaler company has gained a name all on its own in the UK wholesale industry. It offers discounted items which is the major reason in making it one of the leading wholesale stores.

Main products

Some of the largest ranges available herein are seasonal goods, garden products, toys, smoking papers, clothes, stationery, and a wide variety of household goods. Wholesale tools can also be found. 

Why choose MXWholesale?

As to being a huge variety in stock, there never is an issue regarding lack of availability. The variety of products in-store quickly makes MXWholesale.co.uk one of the best wholesalers in the UK. 

17.Wholesale Deals

2. Wholesale Deals

The latest and up-to-date wholesale deals are available herein. One can successfully sell on the online market and then buy from the wholesalers and drop shippers at up to 95% off the current Amazon and eBay prices which is wholesome.

The product goes through a series of verification processes before being put on to the site for sales. The sources are monitored regularly. 

New deals are updated daily, and customers continue receiving a continuous supply of low-priced goods, all for their profit. 

Main products

There is a variety of products for everything. You name it, and they have it there, from clothing to electronics and more. 

Why choose Wholesale Deals?

Wholesale deals are a good choice because of the variety it has, and that too for everything. The constant check on the products makes it a user-friendly as well as a verified source. Therefore, going in for it means a whole lot of profit waiting there for you.

18.Cut Price Wholesaler

3.  Cut Price Wholesaler

Based in London, it first started as an import-export company that specialized in homeware and bath wares. With the increase in demand, the company’s portfolio expanded to now being linked with other leading market leaders as well. 

From market and internet traders, startup businesses, and high street retailers, everyone is welcomed to join. 

Main products

The main products range from electronics, toys, smoking, and party stationery. The quality is known well known and appreciated by all.

Why choose Cut Price Wholesaler?

The company makes a careful choice to distribute to all the sectors of the market and make sure that all clients easily tock up with all the high-quality products.

19.Clearance Footwear

4. Clearance Footwear

Based in Cambridge, this foot ware company deals in wholesale footwear irrespective of age and type. Ex-catalogs and overstock footwear are also dealt with here.

At the lowest possible cost, you will yet get a better selection with no restrictions on the minimum number of orders. Not only wholesaler footwear but also surplus. 

Main products

Shoe types ranging from boots, men’s footwear, Wellingtons, and even ordinary day-to-day shoes, are available. Color and sizes are available as per your need and choice. 

Why choose Clearance Footwear?

Having all sorts of footwear in stock, this is thus the best option in view. As to size and color, there has never been an issue and no restrictions on selections. Clearance footwear is preferred for these reasons. 

20.DK Wholesale

5. DK Wholesale

Since its inception in Manchester over 35 years from today, it has been one of the leading distributors and exporters of branded stuff. It holds pride in having an extended portfolio as well as being a stockholding company. 

Its warehouses specialize in three regions: watch division, clearance and export division, and electrical and telecoms division. 

Main products

Branded electrical domestic appliances, personal care, fashion design watches, repair accessories, and hair care products are the wholesaler’s primary products. 

Why choose DK Wholesale?

Having a variety of all these is why it makes it a name in the list of the best gift manufacturers in the UK.

Leelines is the Best Choice to Ship Gifts from China

Gifts Sea Freight Shipping from China

Gifts Sea Freight Shipping from china

Shipping gift products by sea is cost-efficient but requires a long time.

Gifts Air Freight Shipping from China

Gifts Air Freight From Shipping

Shipping gift products by air is the fastest way available, but it is also expensive.

Gifts Rail Freight Shipping from China

Gifts Rail Freight Shipping from China

Shipping gift products through Rail Freight is a balanced method. This method is not very expensive or very slow. This is an excellent way to order wholesale gifts for resale.

Gifts Door to Door Shipping from China

Gifts Door to Door From Shipping

In this form, we are responsible for delivering the product straight to your customer. You can lessen the cost of stocking the gift items in warehouses.

How To Buy Gifts From China: Super Guide

 Import Gifts from China: Ultimate Guide

Are you currently in the midst of a gift-decision frenzy for your new shop? Don’t worry! We have got it covered for you. There is a vast Chinese gift category from toys to leisure products.

Rather than spending hours with your local vendors and paying twice as much as the cost, you should change your course and start importing from China. Not only will it be affordable as you will be buying in bulk, but you will also get some unique pieces that will catch the eye.

Don’t forget the advantage of having multiple gift suppliers. When one of them backs out, you can always contact other gift manufacturers and get a shipment of wholesale gifts.

How to Grow your business by importing Gifts from China?   

Gifts 1

What is the Gifts business?

A gift business is all about buying cute and creative items, pulling those together in attractive packages depending on the occasion. Either the business can decide on the target market and cater to a niche market or keep the horizons broad and go for the masses. These items can include toys, jewelry, fun gadgets, home décor, and endless ranges of other sectors.

The benefit of being in such a business lies in society’s belief in reciprocity. There will always be a need for gift baskets that stand out and match the occasions. In short, you will always be cash flow positive which means endless dollar bills!

What are the benefits of importing Gifts from China?

There are tremendous benefits of importing gifts from china instead of getting them from local gift manufacturers. The number one benefit is the gap between the price and sale price. As you will be buying in bulk, the per-unit cost will be a fraction of the actual cost. So, when you sell it for a higher price, the revenue will be tenfold.

Another factor that makes this option an attractive one is the “uniqueness” of gifts. Gift manufacturers in China always take the lead when it comes to innovations. The rare products will generate more traffic and give you an aggressive advantage over your regional competition.

Besides the revenue structure and a winning value proposition, you will also be providing durable products and have the highest quality. Yes, it’s time to disrupt the myth of associating low-quality with China. This brings us to the leverage you will possess when opting for Chinese goods.

You can set your prices without worrying about the price ceiling. In this way, you can reinvest in your business and boost its growth. Many opportunities will knock your gift business door, such as becoming a reseller for the top China gift manufacturers.

Who uses Gifts?

Many skeptics would think that the idea of starting a gift shop is, in Kevin O’leary’s words, “take it behind the barn and shoot it.”

However, this is not true as a gift business has a constant market. Whether it is the Baby Boom Generation or the Generation Y, they always buy gifts or others depending on the occasion.

Gifts 2

There is a continual need for general gift items for housewarming or graduation. Then there are occasions like Christmas where people like to buy expensive customized gifts for their children, parents, and family members.

Before opening your gift sanctuary, try to define your target market. If it is the female segment that you are more adamant about catering, then go for unique items like scented candles and other innovative Chinese products specifically made for women.

On the contrary, if you are interested in selling gifts for kids, toys are the way to go. It is a brutal space to work in; however, providing one-of-a-kind Chinese toys will give the business much-needed horsepower.

How to choose the best Gifts manufacturer?

This is the most critical business decision you will have to make during your gift business journey. Start by conducting basic research on the number of vendors in the area. Take the time to learn about the factory.

This will involve tracking down the previous customers and products. Look into the reviews regarding quality and reliability. Check the billing address of the manufacturer. If the account is not in the company’s name, it is your signal to move onto the next one.

After conducting the initial research and narrowing down your list, the next step is to visit the factory. Do not hesitate while asking for verification of their business documents. Check the insurance, ISO certificates, and other licenses and registrations. Inquire about the production cycles and lead time.

Sometimes, there are concealed costs that might quickly turn into a liability. Nobody wants that! Keep in touch with the Chinese factory’s primary contact so that there is no break in communication.

How to negotiate with China Gifts suppliers?

If you are new to the gift-selling game, negotiating prices with Chinese manufacturers will pose a daunting task. The cultural barriers and communication challenges can make the process even more difficult. Here are some Dos and Donts when it comes to negotiation with Chinese gift manufacturers:


  • Offer realistic figures and always opt for trial orders.
  • Try to share your growth objectives with the factory.
  • Do your homework on the standard cost of manufacturing to counter with better facts.
  • Do bring your translator so that there is smooth communication.


  • Do not overstate your demand just so that the manufacturer lowers the prices.
  • Do not give the impression that you can get other manufacturers.
  • Do not fall for the sweet talk of the manufacturer.
  • Do not engage in over-bargaining and jeopardize the quality.

How to carry out Shipping Gifts from China?

Shipping from China is another speed bump that you will hit during the whole importing journey. Try to get quotations from different carriers. Look into how the actual process works.

Gifts 3

You must hire a trustworthy freight forwarder who is located in China to handle all the logistic-related-headaches for you. Ensure that the shipment is insured and follows the correct incoterms rules. Maintain the records precisely to have the accurate expenses for your gift business.

How to Sell Gifts online to earn money?

To start a successful online gift business, you must set up your website or start with a Facebook page. You can choose the medium to reach your customers by analyzing the geographics and demographics. Before you delve into the customer engagement part, here are the steps that you must follow:

  • Start by making a business plan.
  • Come up with a catchy name.
  • Register your business
  • Get the licenses
  • Secure a Manufacturer and supplier
  • Select a platform
  • Invest in marketing to reach customers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I buy wholesale Gift Items from China?

To do this, you would need to contact one of the wholesale traders from China. These companies deal with the import and export of items, usually from inside China or surrounding areas.

After you have done this, you will need to place an order with them, and in the time specified by the company itself, you will get your order.

How many units of Products can I export?

This depends on certain factors. But mainly every company has a different policy on the number of product units that they can produce. If the company is well known, you do get around 100,000 units of product in under a month.

Who are Wholesale Sellers?

Wholesale Sellers directly make products in their own companies and then sell them from there in bulk quantities. These sellers are Business to Business as their target audience is companies that deal with customers.

Are all Wholesale Gift items made in China?

Not all Gift items are made in China, but most Wholesale Sellers originate from some provinces in China.

Is there a minimum amount of order?

There is a minimum amount of order, but that depends and varies for every company and its policies. Mostly all of the companies have this minimum amount listed on their websites.

What is the return policy on orders from wholesalers?

When you order in bulk from wholesalers, you need to keep a certain amount in mind bound to get damaged. This is because products usually get shipped in ships, over rough seas, and they stay in these close compartments for days on end. These things combined end up damaging some of the products that you order. But these don’t matter in the long run.

If you get a large percentage of your products damaged, you can get back to the company you ordered from, and they will help you out further.

Which is a good way to order from wholesalers?

The right way is to go to a website such as Alibaba. Websites like these allow you to order in bulk from all around the world.

Final Thoughts on Wholesale Gifts From China

If you have made up your mind that a gift business is an entrepreneurial road you want to take, fire up those sales engines. Importing from China can save you a lot of hassle of locating a manufacturer who charges less.

Many other benefits accompany this decision. You will not only be making more money, but you will also become the go-to shop when it comes to gift buying. Be sure to prepare a business plan ahead to follow a systematic approach.

So, what are you waiting for? Start looking for Chinese wholesale gift websites today!

Import From China

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