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Kids love toys. This is a universally recognized fact that no child could refrain from the temptation of cute, adorable toys.

Where they are mostly produced?

How do they reach the market without any signs? You must want to figure out them when you are in a load of toys in the market.

Actually, China manufactures some of the best toys in the world. Toy cars, electronic toys, dolls, stuffed animals and other children’s products are important parts of the toy market, and the Chinese suppliers offer the best prices.

As a result, it will be a good choice for you to procure toys wholesale from China. And you’ll undoubtedly find many unique ones which you would like to import to your country.

How could you make it? Will it be easy for the process?

How to source in cheap and maximize the profit?

This blog will help you figure out the answer to these questions in your mind before you start your own toy business.

How to Source Cheap Toys from China 1

What kind of toys can be sourced from China?

First, you’ll need a clear understanding of all relevant regulations and policies about toy importing from your local government and the toy exporting policies from China. Generally, toy importing regulations and policies vary in different places. For example, EU implements the toy directive regulations about the toy safety, while the USA has the CPSIA in place to ensure all imported children’s products are safe for its domestic consumers. Different as they are, they both require importers to be aware of the certification and consumer safety compliance. CE marking is a quality indication for the European importers as it shows the toys satisfy the essential safety requirements. An imported toy with CE marking means that the toy gains access to the community market, a trade symbol that it is legal to market the product.

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How to find the right china toys factory?

Once you have relevant regulations in mind, you can go to some B2B platforms such as Alibaba, globalsource, made-in-China to find relevant products and communicate with their suppliers.

Besides, trade fair is another choice for you to find the right suppliers.  You can find the trade shows details on trade exhibitions in your country. While, there are also famous toys fairs in China you should know about.  Below are the fair details for your reference.

How to Source Cheap Toys from China 2

Yiwu Fair

Date: Oct. 21st – 25th, 2019

Venue: Yiwu International Expo Center

Canton Fair

Date: April. 15th – May

Guangzhou International Toy & Hobby Fair

Date: April, 2019

Address: Guangzhou Pazhou Poly World Trade Expo Center

China Toy Expo

Date: October 16-18, 2018

Address: Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC)

Hong Kong Fair

Date: Jan.7th – Jan.10, 2019

Address: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center

Beijing International Toys and Preschool Supplies Fair

Date: May 11th -13rd, 2019

Address: No.7 Tianchen East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Chenghai International Toys &Gift Fair

Date: April 28th, 2018

Address: Chenghai ExhibitIon Center, Shantou City, Guangdong Province.

In addition to these trade fairs, do you want to check these suppliers in person? We will introduce the toy industry clusters in China and help you to know much more about your Chinese suppliers. China’s toy factories are located in different places according to different toys.

1. Chenghai, Shantou, Guangdong Province – The global capital of toys

Chenghai has been credited as the world’s capital of toys with its numerous large-scale toy factories around. If you are specialized in toys business and you are constantly purchasing them in large quantities, Chenghai shall be the top destination for your visit. You can find toys companies, factories or things related to toys everywhere in the city.  Many toys around the world come from Chenghai. The main toy categories in Chenghai include Chinese baby toys, plastic toys, China electronic toys, and high-tech toys. As a result, the procurement price in these products in Chenghai is the cheapest than the same products in the other place in China such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, or Hangzhou.

For example, if a china toys factory in Chenghai wants to manufacture a remote controlled car for your, they just need to purchase the main accessories of the toys from the local circuit board factories, wheel factories and then assemble them together. The cost of the toys will be greatly reduced and a lot of time will be saved, while the quality will be guaranteed.

Generally, most of the factories in Chenghai have no sales team given their poor English. How their products are exported to all corners around the world? This shall be attributed to trading companies, who upload all products to their Alibaba pages or personal websites and manage the foreigners’ orders.

These large trading companies have their showroom in Chenghai, you can also go there with a bilingual (Chinese & English) translator and visit the showroom. During the visit, you can put most toy samples you are interested in into shopping cart and take them away for free. There will be free lunch, free drinking as well as free cigarettes for you.

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How to Source Cheap Toys from China 3

2. Yiwu – a paradise for shoppers with low-value and small toys

The toy manufacturers in Yiwu mainly product low-value toys like DIY craft toys. The categories include fad toys, loom toys and magic sand. These factories scattered around in Yiwu. If you source these toys with small items, Yiwu will be the right place.

Except for Chenghai, Yiwu also produces plastic toys, but the price in Yiwu is much cheaper than that produced in Chenghai as there are many similar toy accessory factories in Yiwu also supply toy accessory in Chenghai.

If you want to find Yiwu toy factories, you can go Yiwu Wholesale market directly. If it is the first time for you to visit Yiwu, a china sourcing agent will be better for your visit.

Yiwu gathers the most complete toy categories. You can easily find plush toys, plastic toys, simple electronic toys, etc… at the lowest price in Yiwu market. There are some remote controlled and other high-tech toys suppliers in the market, too. But the price is not good. Because there are few manufacturers of complicated remote controlled and high-tech toys in Yiwu.

Normally, the price of Yiwu toys is the lowest. However, the quality is not as good as you would expect.

For example, the materials, glossiness, and color of the plastic toys produced in Chenghai are much better than those of Yiwu. Of course, the price of Yiwu will be half cheaper than that of Chenghai. To sum up, you have to make a balance between the price and quality according to your real demands.

If you are visiting China personally and your specialization is in plastic or electronic toy business, then you can visit Chenghai. If toys are only a part of your business and you want to buy many other products in your container, then Yiwu will be a suitable place. Because it‘s very convenient to buy all your products in Yiwu wholesale market. Even if you buy Chenghai made toys in Yiwu, the price here won’t have a great difference from buying from Chenghai.

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How to Source Cheap Toys from China 4

3. Yangzhou &Qingdao – The plush and stuffed toys

Yangzhou & Qingdao were the main place to manufacture plush and stuffed toys. However, these manufacturers have gradually moved into Jiangxi given the high cost of labor and production.

4. Yongjia, ZhejiangProvince – the main city to produce learning and playground toys

Qiaoxia is a small town in Yongjia city in Zhejiang Province. It is the main place where learning and playground toys are produced in China. If you source them online, please pay attention to the location in China, and make sure they are from Wenzhou as Yongjia belongs Wenzhou.

5. Yunhe, Lishui –Wooden toy city

Yunhe is a small town in Zhejiang province. Yunhe is famous for its wooden toys as it is rich in wood. It is home to a lot of wooden factories in this area. There is a wooden toy market in Yunhe. If you plan to visit Yunhe, we suggest bringing a Chinese translator with you as no people could speak English there.

How to Source Cheap Toys from China 5
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How to negotiate with Chinese toy suppliers?

1. Please be realistic about your upcoming order volume

Normally, it is better for importers to start off with a small order, or “trial order” to test the waters than negotiating on the basis of hopes and groundless dreams. Remember to offer a realistic figure for your expected order quantity and volume to keep things moving forward.

2. Bring the factory on board with your growth objectives

Generally speaking, china toys factory manager is much more likely to do business with you if you could prove that you have a solid plan to grow your business, and become an increasingly valuable customer.

3. Be serious with your growth plan

Make sure your serious attitude about your business plan. And tell the potential suppliers about how you will achieve the plan. This is how to make the factory manager believe that you are serious about growing your business and really understands what you are doing. As a result, they will take your orders more seriously. This extra consideration can help with maintaining product quality, obtaining a lower price per unit, adhering to production deadlines and establishing you as one of the factory’s highly valued customers.

3. Don’t fall for china toys factory sweet talk

In spite of the hospitable accommodation of the factories, you have to remain objective. Dining with the factory owner can be a great way to improve your relationship with a supplier. But if there are still questions up in the air about production or any other loose ends, don’t get carried away and manipulated into agreeing to terms you’re unhappy with.

4. Don’t bargain too hard with a china toys factory

What you pay, is what you get. The theory holds true for every Chinese manufacturer. Every dollar you shed off the supplier’s proposed price translates to an equal compromise in product quality. Most manufacturers will never say ‘I can’t.’ Rather, they will just feed you a product that’s proportional to your bargained cost.

5. Bring your own translator and deal with the decision maker

Please remember to bring your own translator if you are the first time to negotiate with Chinese suppliers even though there are English-Speaking Sales on the spot. This is to avoid the confusion and misunderstanding during the order.

How to Source Cheap Toys from China 6
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How to label and package your imported toys?

It is common to ship toys in bulk to save on costs. Toys and other products you buy from China are usually shipped via sea freight. How to label and package them before delivery? The size of the container matters a lot regarding packaging your imported products as it is a big part in importing. Generally, there are three types of containers when shipping from China:

20-foot container

40-foot containers

40-foot HC (high cube) containers

Choose the right container after counting and dimensionally measuring your import load. If you plan to ship in bulk, full cargo load (FCL) may be your option. If your volume is not enough to fill the cargo, we recommend you to have limited cargo load (LCL), and you can share a cargo space with other similar goods.

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How to Source Cheap Toys from China 7

How to make customs clearance?

Regarding customs clearance, below documents shall be prepared for the official customs.

A commercial invoice that lists the purchase price, country of origin and tariff classification of your items;

A packing list detailing your imports;

A bill of lading that lists goods in the form of a receipt;

And an arrival notice from your country.

Problems may prop up when imported toys from China

1. Toy qualities

As the Chinese government stipulates, toys need to be inspected by China custom when exporting to other countries to ensure your imported goods are accessible to your local market.

2. Toy design infringement

It is very common that a lot of factories are likely to print some famous animation characters in their toy products. Design infringement will occur if the supplier is not the designated authorized manufacturer by the animation company. Your products will be examined by both China custom and foreign custom. If they find you are not authorized, all these toys will be destroyed.

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