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Wholesale Toys From China

LeelineSourcing Find The Best Toys Suppliers and Manufacturers In China For you.
  • Leeline can find best toy suppliers for you
  • Leeline can do toy factory audit for you in China
  • Leeline can be your quality control agent and do product pre-shipment inspection
  • Leeline can help you transport products from China at the lowest logistics rate
  • Leeline also provide amazon fba prep servce if you sell toys on Amazon
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Action Figure Toys

Importing Action Figure Toys from China

If you want to buy cheaper Action Figure Toys, China is well known for the import of action figure toys.

You will find many certified toy manufacturers there, ,and all of the toy suppliers make sure that they are using the materials of good quality, so the safety of kids can be ensured.

Baby Toys

Importing Baby Toys from China

Baby toys are one of the popular toys and have a huge profit margin. 

The suppliers of baby toys are located in Yangzhou, Wenzhou, Guangzhou, Dongguan, and many other provinces.All of these suppliers are specialized, verified, and experienced in the manufacturing of baby toys. 


Importing Dolls from China

If you are looking for the best Dolls supplier and manufacturer, China is the right choice.

But don’t forget to double check the certifications for safety. Finding the right manufacturer will help you save time and effort.

Candy Toys

Importing Candy Toys from China

Find your ideal candy toys from the leading manufacturers found in China.

China manufacturers are supplying all types and brands candy toys. They manufactured high standard candy toys to meet the needs of your business.

Toy Guns

Importing Toys Guns from China

You should find the most trusted Toy Guns supplier and manufacturer in China for your urgent orders.

Leeline can recommend to you a kind of supplier who can handle the whole process for your safe product delivery. Providing fast efficient shipping process. 

Leeline Help You Import Toys From China

Product Sourcing

product sourcing from china

We find the best Chinese factory for you, get the lowest product price and increase your product profit.

Factory Audit

Factory Audit of Social Responsibility

Let’s verify your chosen toy manufacture in china on your behalf. You can save much time and costs.

Product Inspection

product inspection

Ensure that the products can be produced according to your standards and delivered on time.

Amazon FBA Prep

amazon fba prep

We can customized your toy brand packaging , and print and stick FNSKU labeling ,Bundle same or different products into one package as your request

Shipping To Amazon FBA

You can quickly increase your product sales through Amazon FBA

Let leeline help you transport goods from China to the Amazon FBA warehouse, we provide you with the most competitive prices and the most stable shipping time.


What Is Dropshipping

We will be your order fulfillment center and Ship Your toy order directly from our warehouse to your customers.

Best 10 China Toys Factory

1.Wenzhou Times Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.,

1. Wenzhou Times Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.,

Toys are things of great importance for kids. No matter where they go, toys remain a permanent sport for kids. Times Arts & Crafts understands this. For the last 18 years, the company has been serving kids with all that their heart desires. 


Main Products

The company mainly focuses on toys. The categories include wooden toys and wooden kid’s furniture. The toys mainly are DIY building, toys, train sets, Counting and board games, wooden dollhouses, and games for increasing IQ level. 


Why Choose Wenzhou Times Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd

The company is even more enormous than its description elaborates. They have a task force of 200 people that pushes the production. The company has a revenue of around 50 Million USD. The company also owns a land of 3000 sq. meters that has their production house. Their production house can produce 30,000 pieces of wooden toys, every month. 

2.Shantou Chenghai Hexiangxing Toys Co., Ltd.

2. Shantou Chenghai Hexiangxing Toys Co., Ltd.

Chenghai, the toy city and the heart of many other productions, has this giant toy company within. The company marked its location in 1999. They have significant production of wholesale toys from China. The company has, in literal words, earned the reputation that they hold today. With total revenue of about 25,000,000 US Dollars, the company has the second topmost position in producing toys. 


Main Products

The company mainly focuses on the production of toys. They produce a large variety and quantity of play gym mat, musical mat, wall chart, toys, phone, and toys pad for children. They also offer services of OEM and ODM. 


Why Choose Hexiangxing Toys

The company owns a production house of 30,000 sq. meters and ten production lines of their own. They have an output worth 50 Million. They can cater to your bulk toys’ requirement at wholesale rates is not a big task for them.  They export to markets all across Europe and America. 

3.Taizhou Huangyan Lianqi Mould&Plastic Co., Ltd.

3. Taizhou Huangyan Lianqi Mould&Plastic Co., Ltd.

Verified by the SGS Group, the Lianqi Mould & Plastic is one toy manufacturer in China. Being near to Shanghai port, the company has a massive benefit in the transportation. Based in Zhejiang, China, the company has a record of adding up to the export rate to Western Europe, Northern Europe, and North America. 


Main Products

The main products of this company are toys made up of plastic. They can produce 500,000 Pcs / Month of plastic toys that include many various types of toys that attract the younger generation. They have a vibrant color coordination in their products that are not harsh to the eyes. They make the products quite attracting for kids. 


Why Choose the Lianqi Mould & Plastic

The Lianqi Mould & Plastic deals with various toys, designs, and production. They are catering to all the needs of children of small age and companies that deal with them. They have super-efficient services when it comes to quick delivery. This company rightfully leads the industry. The company has years of services and reviews.

4.Hunan Splendid Culture Co., Ltd.

4. Hunan Splendid Culture Co., Ltd.

They have a standing experience worth 14 years in Hunan, China, as one of the China toys factory.  The company can export to the markets in the domestic market, South Europe, and North America.


Main Products

All the products produced by my Hunan Splendid culture cover an extensive range of toys. The company deals in toys of various kinds. They include children’s books, educational toys, promotional gifts, magnet sets, puzzle games, stickers, and lenticular. The company also provides services of design and customization. 


Why Choose Hunan Splendid Culture Co., Ltd.

Hunan Splendid Culture Co., Ltd. has experience with years in manufacturing toys and their successful dropshipping. With a production capacity as high as 20,000,000 pieces monthly, the company fulfills all your educational toys’ needs. They have about ten production lines of their own. 

5.Shantou Ocean Toys Co., Ltd.

5. Shantou Ocean Toys Co., Ltd.

Shantou Ocean Toys Co., Ltd. is a company known for trading based in Guangdong, a province of China. Established in 2015, the company is not that old but has completed half a decade in the toy trading business. The company falls under private ownership. They with markets of North America and Western Europe.


Main Products

The main products that the company deals with include Plastic Toys, RC Toys, Educational Toys, Intelligence Toys, and Kids Toys. 


Why Choose Shantou Ocean Toys Co., Ltd.

The Shantou Ocean Toys Co., Ltd. specializes in the providence of various toys the clients overseas. They bear good relationships with their customers of toy retailers. The company has self-earned the reputation solely due to its work and consistency. 

6.Shenzhen Dongyuan Toys Co., Ltd.

6. Shenzhen Dongyuan Toys Co., Ltd.

It is in Guangdong Province, China, and under private ownership. They have about nine years of experience as both manufacturer and trader. They have kept their total revenue hidden but do have an output worth 50 Million. The company has products certified by CE. They supply to Eastern Asia, North America, and North Europe. 


Main Products

Dongyuan Toys is in the manufacturing of various toys. The toys they manufacture and trade are Plastic Toys, Plastic Bank, Blind Box Toy, PVC Figure, and Dolls. Other options include customized toys on ODM and OEM.


Why Choose Shenzhen Dongyuan Toys Co., Ltd

The company offers appreciative service to the clients it deals with in business. They offer a supply of great designs and toys and bear good reviews on their online presence. They have a response time of fewer than 13 hours for the last past few years. 

7.Ningbo Tooky Toy Co., Ltd.

7. Ningbo Tooky Toy Co., Ltd.

The company is in the industry for a good time of about 16 years. It is the longest as yet of any industry to list among China Toys suppliers. The company is located in Zhejiang, China. They hold certifications from FSC. They have trademarks TOOKY, Tookyland.


Main Products

With an annual output of 15,000 000 USD and a production capacity of 1,300,000 pieces of toys, The Ningbo Tooky Toy Co., Ltd produces Wooden Toys, Educational Toys, Game Toys, and Puzzles. They also produce baby walkers. 


Why Choose Ningbo Tooky Toy Co., Ltd.

The company bears a quick delivery reputation and quality product production. They are associated with many companies all across the globe. They even have a long-term relationship of years with some clients of theirs. They have trustable reviews. 

8.Dalian West Shore Technology Co., Ltd.

8. Dalian West Shore Technology Co., Ltd.

Mainly active as a trader, the company is operational since 2027. The company West Shore Technology have their operation house in Liaoning, China. The company has the capacity to fulfil all the requirements of toys. They have major exports to Oceania, North America, and Western Europe. They have a team of around 11 people responsible for the operations. 


Main Products

The company produces products that are following their certification. The company trades toys. The company is mainly involved in Educational Toys and Children Furniture. The company has a trademark XIHA Toy


Why Choose Dalian West Shore Technology

The company is only operational for the last five years, but the statistics are too good. They have 95 transactions in the last five years and a response rate of even less than 7 hours. All their reviews speak volumes of the services they have provided within this short period. The work that they will provide ahead is reasonably interpretable. 

9.Zhejiang Tongcheng Toys Co., Ltd.

9. Zhejiang Tongcheng Toys Co., Ltd.

Having a record of only three years, this Chinese company is comparatively new in the field. But the way that the company provides services is astonishing. The company has its physical location marked in Zhejiang, a province of China. They have about 100 members that make sure of the production of toys of this manufacturing company. 


Main Products

The company mainly focuses on the trade and production of toys in bulk. The categories include wooden toys and wooden kid’s furniture. The toys mainly are Wooden Montessori Toys, Wooden Educational Toy, Wooden Puzzle, Rainbow Blocks, and Wooden Tether. 


Why choose Zhejiang Tongcheng Toys Co., Ltd 

They have the most comprehensive range of toys for their clientele. Their in-house quality assurance team makes sure they deliver a quality product to their clients. They prepare their stocks carefully, ensuring their products will end up with kids. You can choose them as your manufacturer of wholesale toys from China.

10.Caoxian Zhongyi Wooden Co., Ltd.

10. Caoxian Zhongyi Wooden Co., Ltd.

The Caoxian Zhongyi Wooden Co., Ltd is a manufacturing and trading company that mainly focuses on the production and wholesale of toys. Founded in 2005, the company specializes in catering to the requirements of their friend businesses. 


Main Products

The primary raw material used for the production of your products includes wood. Moreover, the categories include wooden toys and wooden kid’s furniture. They also produce Wooden Toys, Wooden Box, and Wooden Crafts. 


Why choose Caoxian Zhongyi Wooden Co., Ltd. 

This company can be your potential supplier. They have a considerable production capacity. The reviews they bear are commendable. They are perfect as a China toy manufacturer. The company also exports to the markets of North America.

Best 5 US Toys Factory


1. Mattel

The establishment of Mattel dates back to 1945. The three friends thought of innovation that could change the outlook of kids playing. Their ability to look at the world change as society evolves. The company Mattel is now one of the lading Toys manufacturers of the USA. 


Main Products

We engage consumers through our portfolio of other brands. The products include dolls, cars, fishing toys, UNO, and MEGA. 


Why Choose Mattel

The company has worked so hard since the days its productions laid. They have completed transactions with almost 150 countries. The company produces toys that unleash the total potential of children. Their products are one of the most widely sold products in the whole wide world. 

12.Green Toys

2. Green Toys

The green toys are, as denoted by the name, an eco-friendly toys manufacturing company. Their primary focus is the production of such toys that would affect children’s environment and health that play with them. 


Main Products

The company produces toys that are all 100% recyclable. The product list further includes new toys, vehicles, bath & water play, baby & toddler, Disney baby, role play, outdoor, arts & crafts, and sesame street toys. 


Why Choose Green Toys

The company has been in the toy manufacturing department for an extensive-time period. They company has a record of proving themselves in the manufacturing business. The company has verified production certificates. They are among those few toys producers that guarantee health and hazard-free lay times for your kids. 

13.OMICO Plastics, Inc.

3. OMICO Plastics, Inc.

Operational since 1963, the company is one of the ancient toy manufacturers. This sole thought navigates their procedures. They instead opt for prototyping. Firstly provide samples long before the production in bulk starts.   


Main Products

TheThe products of OMICA Plastics have been dealing with promotional toy items for a long time. You can find various toys here. Other than that, they also provide promotional gift toys.


Why Choose OMICO Plastics, Inc.

The company is delivering products for a long time. Their toys exhibit features, a fun element, and quality. They also hold a credible reputation among the other suppliers of wholesale toys in the USA. The company only provides consistent levels of professionalism if you plan on expanding your business.

14.Pioneer Plastic

4. Pioneer Plastic

Their in-house production teams can bring the innovative ideas of toys of yours to life. The company is one of the major producers of plastic toys in the USA. They have a task force that can cater to all your significant needs of production. They have worked with over 30 companies worldwide. They can go extra lengths to ensure customer satisfaction.


Main Products

All the products produced by them include toys. They have children’s books, educational toys, promotional gifts, magnet sets, puzzle games, stickers, and lenticular. The company also provides services of design and customization. 


Why Choose Pioneer Plastic

Every piece of toy that this company produces has to pass tests to meet the acceptance criteria. If you are looking for a business that might have toys that might be somehow difficult to find at others, then your search stops here. This company offers toys that will for sure help flourish your business.

15.American Plastic Toy

5. American Plastic Toy

The company lists as one of the oldest manufacturers of toys. They have a common goal to provide superior toy production to businesses across the globe. The company strongly believes in the reinvesting of company. 


Main Products

This particular company produces toys for children. The company clearly understands the importance toys hold in the world. They provide high-quality toys that comply with industry standards. They are among those few companies that have elevated the market standards and added to the share by developing affordable, safe, new toys and products beyond the toy industry.


Why American Plastic Toy

The company has excellent benefits if their products are of unique designs and high quality. Their designs are what keeps them going. They deliver goods related to the clients’ business model, and according to your requirements, they have asked for toys. 

Best 5 UK Toys Factory

16.The Wholesaler Co

1. The Wholesaler Co

The Wholesaler Co marked its online presence in the late 90s when the internet was just in its infancy. The company comes from an age where they did most of the advertisements in hard copies. Unlike now, back then, linking networking with companies so far away was impossible. As the company advanced with the internet, they have successfully listed some leading brands on their wholesale page. 


Main products

The company sources a broad category of goods from all across the borders and states. The included categories are Celebration and Occasion products, Clothing and Fashion statements, electronics, health and toys, and games. 


Why Choose the Wholesaler Co

The companies that started working with The Wholesaler, most of them are as yet with them. The company sources toys from some of the best toy suppliers in the UK. The product that the company provides bear responsibility for their quality.

17.Toy Shop UK

2. Toy Shop UK

During the late 20s, the UK was home to many toy manufacturers who made iconic toys. With time, many of the oldest manufacturers moved out. Simultaneously, many shops do standstill as firms but are no more supervised by UK men. The Toy Shop UK has stood tall during all these times and still stands. 


Main Products

The Toy Shop UK helps you with a toy locater to help you choose some of the hottest selling products. They source many toys from various companies all across the UK. Educational toys, Electronic toys, Outdoor toys, Party toys, science toys, and toys of many other, similar categories.


Why Choose Toy Shop UK

This particular company is one of those companies standing still when all others sought ways out of the UK. This company is a UK-based toy supplier. It has the broadest range of products and the most suitable wholesale rates. If you are looking to wholesale source toys in the UK that are the trendies and top sellers, you may find them through Toy Shop. 


3. Jemini

Julian Garner, the boss, and Nikki Garner, the real boss, head the company. The company manufactures some of the finest quality toys at their warehouse. But the team has infused it with modern techniques in a way that your products stand out. 


Main Products

The company manufactures quite the range. The main category of toys that Jumini produces are sorting & stacking, push & pull-along toys, games & learning toys, puzzles & lacing toys, small world toys, pretend play, pre-school toys, and musical instruments. 


Why Choose Jemini

The company considers all the criticality of the scenario of manufacturing toys for children. They ensure environmental consciousness. All the products that they manufacture are of sustainable material. The products are inspected against quality, quite strictly. The company follows high safety standards. If you are looking for wholesale manufacturing for sustainable toys, you can opt for wholesale toys.


4. ABG

Founded over 40 years ago, the ABGee company is a UK-based leading distributor for wholesale toys. They are the largest distributors of top UK companies like Hasbro, Mattel, MGA, Zapf, Moose Toys, and Tooky Toy. They have a 75,000 sq. meters’ head office in Derbyshire where all the operations take place. 


Main Products

All the products sourced by them are of quite an extensive category. They include children’s books, educational toys, promotional gifts, magnet sets, puzzle games, play roles, imaginative play toys, and action and figure toys. 


Why Choose ABGee

The company is operational for the longest of time. They also bear the best of statistics. The company’s services are commendable. The brand that it partners with speaks volumes of its services as a provider. The work that they will provide ahead for wholesale toys for resale is reasonably interpretable. 

20.NDA Toys Wholesale

5. NDA Toys Wholesale

The company believes that every kid should have access to good quality toys. They pride themselves over the fact that they have the easiest-to-use website. The company NDA Toys stands as wholesale toys sourcing company. The NDA has sourced some of the best and exceptional toys for addition to their catalog. They got success by trading toys of almost every brand across the globe.


Main Products

They have a wide variety of toys to choose from and order. They have a specialty in themed games and puzzle games. The products they source are primarily informative and add to the IQ level among kids. Parents highly endorse their products due to their providence of safe environment. 


Why Choose NDA Toys

The NDA Toys offer the best services at competitive prices. They have a wide variety of toys and are adding to the collection with time to stay updated. In the UK, they deliver products the very next day of order. They have an always ready to deliver inventory due to the companies associated with them. You can opt for them for wholesale toys bulk orders.

Need Leeline to Handle Your Toys Shipping from China

Sea Freight Shipping from China

Sea Freight Shipping from China

Shipping usually takes 30-50 days to ship from China to all parts of the world. The transportation time is longer than air transportation, but the transportation cost is much lower.

Air Freight Shipping from China

When you have requirements for logistics timeliness, air transportation is the fastest logistics solution, which can guarantee that your goods will be delivered to the warehouse within the specified time.

Rail Freight Shipping from China

best railway freight forwarder

Leeline helps more than 2,000 customers to import goods from China by rail transportation, providing you with the most competitive rail transportation prices.

Door to Door Shipping from China

Door to Door Shipping from China

Air, sea and rail transportation can be realized door-to-door transportation, as long as you tell us the pick-up place and destination, Leeline will arrange some delivery arrangements for you.

How to Wholesale Toys From China

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China is the manufacturer of the wholesale market, and this is the best marketplace to buy cheap yet effective products.

Just like the other products, China is also the largest manufacturer of toys, and more than 90% of toys are manufactured in this country.

China provides the best markets to buy high-quality goods in bulk at the best price. Therefore, buyers can get a lot of things with just a few pennies.

If you want China toys wholesale, get through this article, as the top 8 toys wholesale markets of China have been described here. You can find the trending toys 2020 at low prices here.

How To Wholesale China Toys


Why Wholesale Toys From China?

If you want to sell the best toys at your local market, China is the best place to source the best and most popular toys. China is supplying high-quality toys for your kids ate the lowest possible prices.

If you want to purchase the toys in bulk, you need to visit the Chenghai, ad it is the best place to source the toys from China. You can get many companies and toy factories here.

·  Pros

  1. You can get all variety of toys
  2. The prices are low
  3. Chinese markets help to get all the required products or toys under one roof
  4. The quality of toys is high
  5. You can get all types of high tech toys here

·  Cons

  1. The toys may not be suitable for the help of kids, as they may contain different metals like Lead, arsenic, and many others.
  2. The toys may contain an excessive amount of Bisphenol-A.
  3. In a few cases, the quality may not be up to the mark


Why Wholesale Toys From China



What can I wholesale in China Toys Market?

There are many toy markets in China from where you can wholesale China toys and earn a considerable profit margin.

Some of the most popular toys from Chinese markets have been provided here, and you can import any one of them to earn money.

When you are going to import the toys from China, you need to keep in mind the age and gender of the children.

You are going to target. For instance, kids love to play balloons or baby toys, adult boys like action figures, electronic toys, and sports cars, while girls love to spend time while playing with toys.

So, you need to choose the type of toys wisely, so that you can have a considerable margin to earn the profit.

· Action Figure

The boys and adult collectors mostly buy action figure toys. The young boys are much inspired by the heroes from the films, comic books, video games, or some other TV programs, historical or fictional.

China is well known for the import of action figure toys. You will find many certified toy manufacturers there, and they have situated in different regions of China.

All of the toy suppliers make sure that they are using the materials of good quality, so the safety of kids can be ensured.


· Baby Toys

Baby toys are one of the popular toys and have a huge profit margin. The infant or baby toys help the little champs to develop their senses.

The baby toys excite the babies and encourage them to babble and speak their first words. They can help the infants to spark their imaginations and motivate them to interact with others.

Toys help babies to learn about their environment or surroundings so that they can learn about the new world.

The suppliers of baby toys are located in Yangzhou, Wenzhou, Guangzhou, Dongguan, and many other provinces.

All of these suppliers are specialized, verified, and experienced in the manufacturing of baby toys. All of them have been manufacturing infant toys for many years.

· Balloons

Chinese markets offer a vast range of balloons to buyers from all over the world. You can get all types of balloons, including birthday balloons, wedding balloons, water balloons, giant balloons, latex balloons, and many others.

Beside it, you can also get the balloons with different sizes, shapes, colors, and quality, depending on the demands of the customers.

Balloons toys

· Candy Toys

BLJ international was founded in 1975, and The company is a manufacturer, distributor, and exporter of candy toys in China for the last 40 years. They are very experienced in the manufacturing of candy toys.

BLJ international offers a wide range of confectionary candy and novelty candy toys at the international level.

Their customers include mostly food retailers, wholesalers and importers, specialty stores, and supermarkets.

They supply their products to food and drug administration and Europe and other regulations. You can contact them if you want to import standard candy toys from China.

· Classic Toys

China offers a wide range of toys to buyers from all regions of the world. You can get the best toys with amazing features.

And these toys not only a fun source for the kids, but they can also learn a lot of things from them.

·  Dolls

If you want to target the kids of growing age, especially girls, dolls can be a good option for you. The dolls are made up of plastic and offer fictional or historical figures.

Girls like Barbie dolls, or they can be action figures resembling the characters from your favorite movies, comic books, video games, or TV programs.

In popular action figure toys, you can get superman, Cinderella, ninja turtle, G.I Joe, and many others. There are many wholesale markets from where you can import action figures from China.

To get the dolls or other toys from China, you need to identify the suppliers who can fulfill the certification requirements. You should select affordable suppliers.

·  Educational Toys

Educational toys are beneficial for teaching kids about different subjects. With the help of these toys, kids start learning alphabets and names of different fruits and vegetables.

You can find educational toy manufacturers in the Zhejiang Province of China. Beside it, you can also get reliable and experienced suppliers of educational toys in Abd Guangdong Province of China.

Hexin Toys was founded in 1973. They are specialized in the manufacturing of export of the wooden toys and different other wooden items.

Their manufacturing units are situated in the Yunhe, Zhejiang Province of China. They cover more than 260,000 square meters.

You can get a vast range of intelligent wooden games, pre-school and other educational sets, promotional gifts, building blocks, puzzles, toolset, and many others; at Hexin Toys. All of these toys help to develop the parents and teachers to develop the different skills of kids.

The products of Hexin Toys are imported to Japan, Europe, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia, and the United States of America also.

Chinese manufactures try to manufacture toys of good quality, which can be safe for the kids and an excellent way to teach them too. But to assure the safety of the customers, the certification is a must.

Educational Toys

·  Electronic Toys

Electronic and high tech toys are the most popular toys these days. You can buy different types of toys such as Bluetooth speakers, tablets which can be connected to Wi-Fi, radios, and walkie-talkies; from this category.

But all of these toys should receive the certification from the FCC.

The electronic toys are pretty standard these days, and their popularity is because of the fitted digital technology.

Electronic toys have different virtual elements, through which children can learn by getting the entertainment at the same time. All of these features make them highly interactive for the kids.

Electronic toys include different types of robots, digital dolls, and many other remote cars. You can get the experienced and verified electronic toy manufactures in China, and they are located in Shantou and Shenzhen. You can get the best electronic toys from both of these places.

While you are importing the toys from China, you need to ensure that they are safe for the kids. And also, make sure that your supplier has an FCC certification.

· Glass Marbles

Boys of growing ages love to have such type of toys. If you want to sell the toys for boys, glass marbles can give you a considerable profit margin.

You can purchase them at the lowest prices and then sell them to get an enormous profit.

·  Inflatable Toys

Inflatable toys are always best for the pool parties, where kids have a great fun time with their friends. Chinese manufactures inflatable supply toys of excellent quality.

You can get inflatable toys of different styles, at competitive prices.

You can get the golden Chinese suppliers in different areas of China so that you can find the required one easily.

They supply the toys all over the world. So, you can get all the toys of your choice, size, and style. You must tell the suppliers about your requirements and needs.

The inflatable toys are mostly used in the kid’s parties and include the pool floats, beach balls, ride on, and many more.

These toys make the parties of kids fun and keep them engaged. While importing the inflatable toys from Chine, keep the safety measures in mind, as they are most associated with the toy risk and injuries.

·  Light-Up Toys

The manufactures may introduce different types of features in the toys to attract the kids, such as lights or different sounds.

Lights are mostly included in the electronic toys, and these days balloons with the lights are high in demand.

You can get all of the most popular toys from China at the best price. The Chinese toys can offer you a high-profit margin if you buy them in wholesale or bulk.

·   Noise Maker

Mostly little champs or boys love to have this kind of toy. Kida wants to have them at their parties and have a lot of fun by playing with them.

·  Other Toys & Hobbies

China is the hub of toys, and here you can find many markets of toys. All the shops are decorated in a fantastic way to get the attention of buyers, especially kids.

The Chinese industry is well known all over the world for providing the best products at low prices. You can visit these markets and get in contact with the suppliers to buy trending toys.

·  Outdoor Toys & Structures

Kidseason industries are based in Chenghai city. They are manufacturing, supplying, exporting, and wholesaling the best, new and unique toys all over the world.

You can get a vast range of toys, including baby toys, educational toys, and outdoor play toys, pretend to play toys, sports toys, dolls, and many more.

The company is supplying the toys to brand toys, supermarkets, and wholesalers, including the Marvel, Walmart, Huggies, Caillou, Chicco, Amazon, Coca-Cola, and many others.


· Plastic Toys

Hongma Toys Company is specialized in the production and export of plastic toys for more than 15 years. And therefore, the company has gained popularity in the toy industry over the years.

The company is producing more than 300,000 types of toys, and all of them are available for wholesale.

The company is exporting its products In America, Europe and in different other regions of the world. The products of Hongma Toys are certified by the CE and ASTM standards.

CPS Toys is a leading plastic toy manufacturing industry in China. The company has three small factories across China. They are producing, developing, and exporting toys all over the world.

The company is manufacturing the dolls, kitchen sets, battery-operated series, radio control series, children cars, and many others.

The company has more than 500 skilled staff members, and they are equipped with advanced equipment.

The company has been working with many well-known brands, including BEN10, Power Rangers, KFC, Discover, and Channel.

Hongma Toys Company

·  Pretend Play & Preschool

The kids who love to play with the pretending toys are used to be much aggressive. They develop a frightening theme, which may involve symbolic weapons such or war toys.

Playing with these types of toys can be an enjoyable means as well as the training of young kids.

Shantou has verified, and experienced battling toys supplier of China and they assure the high-quality products at the economical prices.

Furthermore, ride-on toys are trendy among children. The kids enjoy the sense of movement in these toys, and a pretend element that these wheeled toys give them as they are imitating the critical adults in their lives.

Chinese suppliers try to offer the best quality toys at the best possible prices. Kidseason industries try to provide the different types of toys, including pretend to play toys, dolls, and many others.

·  Solar Toys

Electronic toys are trendy among the kids, but if they are rechargeable by the sun, it can be a fantastic option. Kids love them, and therefore, their demand is increasing day by day.

· Toy Accessories

Toys and as well as toy accessories are equally famous among the kids. If you want to earn money, you can also sell the toy accessories. Toy accessories add a little bit more fun to the lives of kids.

· Toy Animal

You can have a wide range of animal toys from the Chine. Stuffed or plush animal toys are made from the cloth, and then they are filled with soft materials.

The soft and cuddly stuffed animals provide hours of fun to the kids. They are also a perfect nighttime companion.

You can get the stuff toys from the verified and experienced manufactures in any corner of China. And mostly they will provide you the stuffed animal toys.

Besides the stuffed animal toys, you can also have plastic animals’ toys too. But the plastic toys provide the fun during playtime, and as they are soft, they provide comfort to kids.

They are the best option for the cold and nights or when the kids feel lonely. Furthermore, such type of toys increases the knowledge of kids.

You can get the toy animals from any part of China at a very reasonable price from the verified and experienced suppliers.

Toy Animal

· Toy Guns

While playing with toy guns can help the kids to develop and shape the kids for the future. They also teach many essential skills to the kids for their survival in the society.

It is a surprising fact that battling toys can help the kid in developing their physical, social, and intellectual development.

It is a different debate about whether kids should use battling toys or not; you can have a huge profit margin in this industry. You can develop a booming business by selling the battling toys from China.

You need to choose the toys which you should sell. You can select the toy guns, as they are sold out very quickly and gives a huge profit margin to the wholesalers.


How to Find the Best Toy Wholesaler in China?

The chines economy has shown significant progress during the last few years. Therefore, they are manufacturing products not only to fulfill their requirements, but they are also supplying the Chinese goods to all parts of the world.

If you want to get the most popular toys, you need to contact the Chinese suppliers. And the following are the best ways to get Chinese products.

· Toys sourcing agent:

You will find many reliable and trustworthy sourcing agents, and Leeline sourcing is one of them. The company tries to serve customers from all over the world so that they can get the best Chinese products.

The company can help customers in various ways to find trending toys in 2020, and you can visit the company.

You can have a long list of best Chinese suppliers, which provide you best and high-quality Chinese toys. Beside it, you can also visit the factory to check the quality of your products.

And if you are not willing to visit the company, Leeline sourcing will audit the factory on your behalf.

Furthermore, the company can also look after all the processing from manufacturing to shipping.

The company not only helps you out in getting the best Chinese toys, but they also facilitate you in finding the suppliers.

Furthermore, the company can also arrange the shipping of your products. They can also do the packaging and get all other required documents for the customs clearance.

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·  Toy Fairs In China:

For all the traders, who want to get the toys from China, Toy trade fairs can be a good option. And most of the toy traders visit these toy fairs many times a year.

You can also visit these toy fairs so that you can get an idea about Chinese products. It will also let you know what Chinese manufactures are producing these days.

If you are doing business in the toys, you should visit the Chinese toy fairs. These trade fairs will help you to get the best Chinese toys at reasonable prices.

You can get a chance to meet the Chinese factories and companies, which can offer you some exciting and worth considering offers.

  • China Toy Expo in Shanghai

Chine toy expo is held in Shanghai, and it is an excellent toy fair. It is the right choice for all who want to wholesale the toys from China.

The fair is held in October, once a year. So, you should visit the fair to meet the suppliers and to get the best products from them.

Fairs provide the best platform to get the best products. Besides it, many other small fairs are also held in China. You can also visit the fairs held in your country, as suppliers also attend the fairs held in other countries.

  • Canton Fair in Guangzhou

Canton Fair is held in October and April, twice a year. The fair is divided into many phases, so you can attend only those phases in which your required products are displayed.

You can get a large number of Chinese suppliers there. They showcase their products at the fair so that they can assure the customers about the quality of the product.

Many fairs are organized in China every year so that Chinese products can be introduced to customers from different regions of the world.

And in this regard, China’s toy expo in Shanghai and Canton fair in Guangzhou are worth considering.

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china Toy Trade Shows

·  Chinese Suppliers Websites:

You will find many Chinese sites providing the toys and other products at wholesale; you can visit them to find your required [products.

Alibaba mas, founded in 1999, and it is the most popular Chinese wholesale website. The company provides the products at wholesale. You can get anything here, as Alibaba is the best place to get cheap products from China.

Alibaba is a great platform, and it aims to provide the best Chinese products from different suppliers.

And the suppliers you will find here are ranked at the high position among other Chinese suppliers, and they are considered to be reliable and legitimate.

Alibaba is the best platform to contact the Chinese suppliers freely, and where you can learn how to import the products from China.

This website was founded in 2004, and it is the first Chinese wholesale website. The company focuses on providing the best Chinese goods at the international level.

Right now, the company has more than twenty-one million online buyers. They are directly buying the products from China. DHgate is shipping Chinese goods in more than 220 countries all over the world.

You can get good options there if you want wholesale toys in bulk. The company will provide the best toys.

At this platform, you can connect to thousands of suppliers at a time and get the required products at economical prices.

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DHgate toys


Top 8 Toys Wholesale Markets in China

If you want to buy cheap and effective, you should visit the Chinese markets, as this nation is the best manufacturer of the best quality goods.

More than 90% of toys are manufactured in China, which makes it the largest industry in the toys section.

Today mot f the people are well aware of the Chinese wholesale market, but from where to get the best toys is tough to find. Therefore, here the top 8 toys wholesale markets of China have been described.

If you want to purchase the toys in bulk, you are going to have the toys of high quality at the economical price.

Chinese products are cheap, which enables the buyers to get a large number of products with just a few pennies.

1. Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market

It is one of the largest markets for buying commodities. Yiwu is considered to be heaven for all those who want to buy the goods at the lowest possible prices. It is an efficient and updated market of Chine with a large variety of toys.

The person cannot come out empty-handed or without buying things from this market. The beautiful environment of the market gives an unforgettable shopping experience to the buyers.

The toy market is located in building 1, and there are about 2,000 suppliers of regular toys, electronic toys, inflating toys, and plush fabric toys.

The market facilitates the buyers to get a variety of suppliers in one place. Thus the customers can browse the whole market in just one day.

The market is updated according to the changes happening in the toy industry. For instance, balance scooters and spinners can be the most demanding goods during 2015 and 2017. Therefore, suppliers were trying to provide the new design each day.

The minimum order quantity on a single item is one CTN. If you want to get free delivery, you will have to buy 5 to 10 CTN from the suppliers.

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Buy From Yiwu Wholesale Market

2. Shantou China Toys Market

Shantou Chenghai has the most significant industries of plastic toys. You can get more than 8,000 suppliers of plastic toys.

And they try to provide the toys of good quality; therefore, you may feel that their prices are a little bit higher.

The minimum order quantity is also different and higher as compared to other markets; it is 3 to 5 CTN.

If you buy from this market, you will get the products directly from the industry, as they have just eliminated the middle man.

In the Shantou, you will find more than eight huge toy markets, which make it a toy exhibition hall.

3. Lingyi Yongxing China Toys Market

In China, the biggest toy market is in South China, but Lingyi is the largest toy market in north China.

It is a massive platform with more than 100 toy markets, both big and small. And the most significant market from them is Yongxing Toys Market.

The 4000 suppliers of toys are located in A, B, and C areas.

  1. This area contains the electronic toys, children’s bicycles, and inflatable toys
  2. This area contains plastic toys
  3. This area contains the plush toys

As the market is more significant in size as compared to other markets, therefore you can get more suppliers here. And thus you will be able to find the best products at low prices.

4. Yangjiang Wutinglong international Toys & Gift City

It is the best place for all those who love to buy plush toys or stuff toys. You will find the whole market is full of stuff toys.

The building consists of 2500 shops and is located on more than 180,000 square meters.

There is a minimum order quantity in this market; even you can get a single piece if you are willing to buy. It can be a little bit expensive as compared to wholesale prices.

Yangjiang Wutinglong international Toys & Gift City

5. Baigou Plush Toys wholesale market

Baigou market is also another great place to buy plush toys. If you can compromise on quality, this market will provide you the best-stuffed toys. As the quality is low, the prices of all the toys are also very economical.

Baigou market is located over 20,000 square meters with more than 380 suppliers, who are will to provide cheap quality toys at a low price.

And with a little effort, the customers can also get high-quality toys too. The transactions are around 130,000 US dollars per day.

Most suppliers provide the products at wholesale, but if you are willing, they can also accept the retail too.

6. Yunhe Wooden Toys market

Yunhe town is situated in the Zhejiang province and is well famous as the China wooden toy town.

The team here deals with the forest resources, and therefore more than 80% of toys available here are made up of wooden.

It is not a market; in fact, it is a city, which includes many shops. Here you will not get any shop or small markets; instead, you will be able to get the required goods directly from the factories. From this place, the toys are supplied to the Yiwu market and the other parts of the city.

Every factory in this marketplace has a showroom, where they showcase their products to attract the customers.

The customers can select any wooden item from the displayed items and can order the required products to the manufacturers.

7. Zhengzhou Toys wholesale market

The Zhengzhou city is situated in the Henan province of China. And the toy wholesale market is just near the Zhengzhou train station.

The toy market has more than 80 suppliers, who stay if the different plaza near to the market.

You can get cheap quality goods from this market. The price and minimum order quantities are kept lo to facilitate the customers.

8. Guangzhou Toys Wholesale market

Most people know this place due to the famous ‘The Canton fair,’ which is located in Guangzhou.

The Guangzhou toys wholesale market is not located in one place; there are almost four wholesale markets.

  1. Wanling Plaza Guangzhou
  2. International Yide Stationery & Toys Plaza Guangzhou
  3. Zhonggang Boutique Toys Wholesales Market Guangzhou
  4. Liwan Toys Wholesale Market


Problems May Have When Wholesale Toys from China

The kids use toy products, and many countries have strict rules and requirements while importing from China.

Except for it, there are many other problems which you may face while importing the toys from china.

1. The problem of Compliance and Safety

If you are buying the toys from china, you may have to test for their quality. If you are buying the toys in bulk, the cost of these tests will not be an issue; but if you have purchased a few products, it can be a little bit expensive for you. So, you can ask the suppliers if they can give you a result copy of these tests.

2. Commodity Inspection Required by China Custom

If you are importing the toys out of China, it will need a commodity inspection, which can cost about $200 to $300 for one container.

If you shop by LCL, the cost will depend on the material and on the volume of the toys, which is usually more than $100.

Asking for additional payment for customs clearance

3. The problem of Design Infringement

There are many factories used to print shapes or cartoon characters over the products. For instance, you can have two toys, one with a sticker and another without the sticker.

Both of them are the same, but the only difference is on the stickers. People prefer products with stickers.

And for this, the supplier should have authorization. So, while importing the toys with stickers, you should ask the supplier if he has authorization.


How Leeline Sourcing Help You Wholesale Toys From China

Kida loves the toys, and it is a universally accepted fact. And there will be no child who will deny from the temptation of the cute and adorable toys. Therefore, you can get a huge profit margin in this business.

China manufactures the best toys in the world. You can buy toy cars, dolls, electronic toys, and stuffed toys. Beside it, you can also get many other products for your kids.

The Chinese toy prices are meager; therefore, they can give you a considerable profit margin. Beside it, you can also get the trending toys from Chine, to get some extra amount.

1.  Guide you to find the best toy supplier

Leeline sourcing is the best place to get reliable and legitimate suppliers for China’s toys wholesale.

You can check different B2B platforms like Alibaba, global sources, and made in China to get the trending toys 2020.

You can not only select the product to sell from these platforms but also get a chance to contact the suppliers. Beside it, you can also visit the trade fairs to get the best products from China.

And if you want to check the suppliers in person, the Leeline sourcing will help you in doing so. The company can provide you a list of all the suppliers from the toy industry, with the required details.

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2.  Confirm and Follow-up your order

After getting a reliable supplier, the very next step is to place your orders. It is better to import a minimum order at the start. And if possible, you can also ask for a trial order too.

The supplier will consider you and will try to fulfill all of your requirements if you let them know about your solid plans to grow your business. And you will become a valuable customer for them very soon.

3.  Quality Control and Inspection

The Leeline sourcing is very concerned about the quality of goods. For that purpose, you can visit the factory, so the excellent quality of products can be assured.

If you have a shortage of time, Leeline sourcing can audit the factory to inspect the product quality.

Besides, when the products are exported from China to other countries, they are first inspected by the Chinese custom. It ensures that the products are accessible to your local market.

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Quality Control Checklist

4.  Documents Preparation

For the customs clearance, different documents will be required, including a list of the purchase price, country of origin, country of destination, and tariff classification of your items.

Beside it, a packing list detailing all the imports, a bill of landing all the goods and arrival notice from your country will also be required. Leeline sourcing helps you get all of these documents.

5.  Loading and Shipping

Most people ship toys and other products in bulk from China. Toys or other products, which you buy from China, are shipped through sea freight. All the products are packed and labeled before the shipment.

It is a very crucial step, and you can hire the professionals for this purpose. And if you want a reliable service, for all of these tasks, you need to contact Leeline sourcing.

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Final Thoughts on China toys wholesale

China is the biggest export country of toys in the world, and this market can never fall. The country has the top 8 wholesale markets of toys, and therefore, most traders visit them to get the best quality at a low price.

China toy wholesale can be the best option for those who want to supply Chinese toys to their local markets.


FAQ For China toys wholesale

While getting the most popular toys from China, you may have many questions in mind, a few of them are given below.

·     Is it safe to buy toys from China?

Yes, the Chinese toys are safe and secure to be used by the kids. Chinese toys might have a little amount of lead or other heavy metal at a time, but now China is supplying the best quality toys for the kids.

·     What percent of the world’s toys are made in China?

China is the largest manufacturer of toys, and the nation fulfills the 70 percent of the world’s demands.

·    What is the most popular toy in 2020?

If you are searching for the most popular toys for both boys and girls, it is a difficult task indeed. LOL Surprise! Amazing Surprise is the most popular toy of the year 2020.

·    Should baby toys be BPA free?

The toy association explains that babies can use the toys which have a minimum amount of Bisphenol-A. Still, if the amount of this chemical exceeds at a specific limit, it can be a real issue for the young ones.

·   What is the best website to buy wholesale from China?

There are many websites to get toys from China and Alibaba.com, Dhgate.com. AliExpress.com and Made-in-China are a few of them.

Import From China

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