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Wholesale Swimsuit Vendors

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Our Swimsuit Manufacturing Services Include:

Sourcing product suppliers

Sourcing Swimsuit Suppliers

When sourcing, our sourcing agent will get you a quick reply in 48 hours. In addition, we will provide you with free quotes and negotiate prices on your behalf. Additionally, you will receive mass production with a fast turnaround time. 

Swimsuit Quality Control

To ensure your products meet current quality parameters, our team manually assesses every product through specially designed quality procedures. Furthermore, all the faulty products will be removed in China before shipment to provide you with your perfect collection. 

Product Quality Control
Private Label & White Label

Private Label & White Label Swimsuit

Your products will be designed elegantly and uniquely packaged to surprise your customers. With our cost-effective brand strategy, you will surely be able to win the competition. Plus, stunning photography will boost your online business.

Dropshipping and Fulfillment

With LeelineSourcing, you will get the perfect drop shipping experience through fast shipment methods. To ensure worldwide shipping, your customers can access 18 hassle-free shipping methods. Furthermore, all the quality inspections will be done before the final shipment.

Dropshipping & Fulfillment

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Top 12 Wholesale Swimsuit Vendors

Every year, bathing suits are best sellers in summer. This implies that the swimsuit market will keep existing. The 2021 global “swimwear market” research report shows an expected market growth of 6.6%. Is the swimwear retail business profitable? You have the obvious answer. However, if you plan to start a swimwear business, you need to patronize the best wholesale swimsuit vendors.

We have the requisite skill and expertise to help our clients source reliable wholesale swimwear manufacturers. With our experience, we have made a compilation of 12 dependable wholesale swimwear manufacturers you contact today!

Keep reading to learn more now!

Top 12 Wholesale Swimsuit Vendors

1. Made-In-China.com

Made-In-China.com Wholesale Swimsuit Vendors

Made-in-China is one of my preliminary websites for drop shipping businesses. Their suppliers are reliable. 

Made-In-China is one of the leading business-business portals in the world. They are based on wholesale swimwear. The company specializes in linking global buyers with some of the top suppliers in China. The company provides complete and accurate information on Chinese suppliers everywhere. 

The business was developed, and it is operated on focus technology. It is also a leader in the field of electronic technology in China. Made-In-China.com was founded in 1996, and it has a mission to help clients drive sales and increase profit. Their goods are sold at wholesale prices, and their business strategy is executed using effective web-based solutions. 

One of the many benefits of Made-In-China.com aids small and medium-sized businesses in executing international trades while advancing to new markets. They have a mission to facilitate global trade between suppliers worldwide and Chinese suppliers. Their brand also aims to provide information that is factually accurate and dependable. Finally, they also prioritize supplier and buyer communications to do business effectively. 


  • +86(25)6667 0000

Email Address:

Hours Of Operation:

  • Monday-Saturday 9 am-9 pm


  • No. 7, Lijing Road, Jiangbei New Area, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

2. DOLL Swimwear 

DOLL Swimwear Wholesale Swimsuit Vendors

Doll Swimwear prides itself in being a trend-setting boutique. They sell high-quality swimwear, bikinis, and fashion accessories. They also offer beach and vacation connoisseurs extensive swim and resort styles. Doll Swimwear has 25+ years of experience and refined its processes to develop flattering and fun bikinis. 

I have checked their latest products. Their designs are innovative, and it is tailored especially for women.  All their branded bikinis are manufactured near the beach in California, and the bikinis are fun, functional, and beautiful. 

The styles they offer constantly redefine what a swimsuit should be. It also defines how the swimsuit should function in and out of the water. Through its innovative techniques, Doll Swimwear has set a pace in the swimwear industry. They make sure they stock the latest collection for women and children. 

However, they put functionality above everything else beyond just manufacturing up-to-date trends and styles. So, if you are searching for a wholesale clothing brand that offers only the best swimsuits, Doll Swimwear is your go-to shop. 


  • 714-563-4200

Hours Of Operation:

  • Monday – Friday 9 am-5 pm


  • 1528 Kimberly Ave, Fullerton, California, 92831, United States 

3. Bali Swim 

Bali Swim Wholesale Swimsuit Vendors

Bali Swim is the leading producer of low minimum productions worldwide. They work with hundreds of wholesale swimwear suppliers and labels worldwide. Some of the brands they work with are in Australia, Europe, and the USA. They boast a global team with over twenty-five years of experience in the manufacturing industry. The products they create are fashionable and made in Bali, Indonesia. 

The company wants to help startups succeed. They give startups the tools, resources, and strategies to develop their quality brand in the fashion market. Bali Swim prices are low, and through sheer will and innovation, they have revolutionized the swimwear and activewear manufacturing industry. 

Bali Swim has a low minimum order; their low minimum order is one of the best. They also have an innovative online shop both for sample and bulk orders. Their online shop page is full of trendy lingerie and customizable products. The company has a friendly approach, and its policies are open and transparent. 


  • +62 813-3888-8585 

Email Address: 

Hours Of Operation: 

  • Monday to Friday 8.30 am – 5.30 pm


  • Jl. Mahendradatta No.86, Padangsambian, Kec. Denpasar Bar., Kota Denpasar, Bali 80119, Indonesia

4. Orange Shine 

Orange Shine Wholesale Swimsuit Vendors

Orange shine is a leading online wholesale marketplace. They connect wholesalers with retailers creating an excellent synergy between them. The sole reason for my trust is the best discount prices—a massive opportunity for profits.

The company is dedicated to helping vendors push up their brands and increase their revenue. Orange shine is very concerned about its customers and their needs. The company claims to be fueled by pure passion and the need to create unique experiences.

The individual experiences give buyers and vendors access to a brand new style of e-commerce. 

Orange shine has a data-driven approach that keeps the customers updated about the new trends and prices. This helps customers to grow their businesses in a fast-expanding e-commerce ecosystem. When shopping with Orangeshine, you don’t have to worry about finding a vendor because the company has over seven hundred of them. The abundance of vendors means you can see Just about any product you want. 


  • +12137453001

Hours Of Operation:

  • Monday-Friday 7:30 am – 5:30 pm 


  • 17777 Center Court Dr, #250 Cerritos, CA 90703

5. Shestar 

Shestar Wholesale Swimsuit Vendors

Shestar is a professional trendy women’s cloth supplier with years of experience in fashion tucked in their pockets. Shestar goes over and beyond to provide various up-to-date lifestyle fashion collections. Whether it is fast or Street fashion, Shestar has you covered. They have a wide range of products from women’s dresses, tops, skirts, and blouses. 

Their website is perfectly tailored for retailers and online cloth shops. When you shop with Shestar, you will quickly discover that they are a very efficient wholesale women’s clothing vendor. Shestar believes that every girl is a star; hence they coined their name from the word “she is a star.” 

Shestar works hard to supply styles to their teeming customers on time and in good condition. They are a professional women’s online clothing line with a background of over thirty years. The business has made much on-demand manufacturing for quite a several Europe based brands. 


  • +86 180 7886 9890

Email Address 

6. Nihaostyles

Nihaostyles Wholesale Swimsuit Vendors

Nihaostyles is based in China and is a bulk supplier of Swimwear. They have eight years of experience designing, making, and selling women’s swimsuits. They make the swimsuits and transport them to various countries worldwide. They stock one-piece bikinis and swimsuits. They also do not leave out plus-size people because they also stock bathing suits. 

Nihaostyles has over 1500 styles to choose from when you shop with them. All of the company’s Swimwears are available at about fifteen dollars which is the wholesale cost. People who are VIP customers may be eligible to get discounts. Their website was established in 2020 to provide better services to their clients. 

Nihaostyles website is a professional site with over a hundred styles available. However, their site doesn’t have a minimum order requirement. Furthermore, if you order goods worth more than $99, the supplier will forgo the cost of shipping. 


  • +86 137 7789 7486

Email Address: 


  • Road yongjun, 322000 Yiwu, Zhejiang, China 
Suggested reading: Yiwu Wholesale Market Guide

7. Girl Merry 

Girl Merry Wholesale Swimsuit Vendors

Girl merry is one of the largest internet swimsuit retailers with various products.  The company has the latest styles and a large selection of swimsuits. This wholesale swimwear company has collections available at wholesale prices. This wholesale swimwear company has collections available at wholesale prices. It is 100% true because of my experience with this supplier.

The business also provides its customers with everything they want, from affordable wholesale items or other intriguing products. Girl merry has been selling women’s clothes since 2009, and they offer a wide range of some of the most fashionable dresses, swimwear, and other items.  They have over 4000 swimming suits that are available in all sizes. So whether you want the small sizes or the large ones, you can trust Girl merry to satisfy your needs. 


  • +8615102000458

Email Address: 

Hours Of Operation:

  • Monday-Saturday 8:00 am- 6:00 pm

8. Unijoy Swimwear 

Unijoy Swimwear Wholesale Swimsuit Vendors

Unijoy has been a professional manufacturer Swimwear manufacturer in China since 2008. They have an extensive range of products. Their swimsuit collection comprises bikinis, one-pieces, tankinis, and monokinis. Their products are UV resistant and suited for boys, girls, babies, women, and adults. The minimum order requirement is 1000, and they offer both OEM and ODM services. 

Unijoy Swimwear also allows its customers to modify their refined products to add logos, custom labels, and wash care. In addition, they have a professional Swimwear sample development room with skilled pattern makers and sample workers. So, once a customer provides a sketch, the team makes the drawing a reality on fabric. 

Unijoy Swimwear has a good quality control team that monitors the production process. They monitor the materials, middle production, and final packing. This ensures that whatever products the customer orders will arrive in pristine conditions. 


  • 86-592-8989923

Email Address: 

9. Envyaswin 

Envyaswin Wholesale Swimsuit Vendors

Envyaswin is located in the heart of Los Angeles, and they produce and design a variety of modern women’s swimsuits. The swimsuits are made to show feminine curves and highlight the shape of their wearer. 

The wholesale swimwear brand has an advantage because they provide private label services, which is very good for store owners who want their brands. Unfortunately, the company’s scope of delivery is limited to the United States and Canada. Those who want to buy from the company will first have to register and sign up on their website. 


  • (213)748-6628

Email Address:

Hours Of Operation: 

  • Monday-Friday 9 am- 5 pm 

10. Eroswholesale 

Eroswholesale Wholesale Swimsuit Vendors

Eroswholesale is another big wholesaler in the swimsuit wholesale market.  When you shop with Eroswholesale, you can make your selection based on gender, styles, and sizes. I have ordered the swimsuits online.

It is easy to select products. Put them in the checkout box. And ships.  The quantity in a box can range between twenty-four and seventy-two pieces. 

They have a minimum order quantity capped at twenty-four dollars. Because they are a one-stop fashion store, you don’t get just swimsuits; you can also shop for bags and other fashion accessories. Unfortunately, their brands are mainly sold in the US, and the international shipping is quite fast, which can discourage many abroad shoppers. 


  • 1-888-(376-7776)

Hours Of Operation: 

  • Monday-Friday 8 am- 4:30 pm 

11. City Goddess 

City Goddess Wholesale Swimsuit Vendors

City Goddess is one of the top choices for high street chains, boutiques, and department stores. They stock high-quality swimsuits and Bikinis that are made for fashionable women. They are a wholesale website and do not accept orders for retailers. 

To register on their website, you have to provide detailed business information. City Goddess shipping process is fast and will get to you usually in two to seven business days. However, they don’t ship to some countries due to customs requirements and restrictions. 


  • + 44 (0) 208 597 2744

Email Address 

12. Swimsuit Station 

Swimsuit Station Wholesale Swimsuit Vendors

Swimsuit station has been around for more than twenty years and is a leading swimsuit wholesale distributor in the United States. They have more than 350,000 brand products and have served at least 1500 customers. 

Isn’t it enough for you to believe in this supplier? I have chosen the BEST products.

They provide a variety of Swimwear for men, women, boys, and girls. Their scope of delivery is in fifty states in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Swimsuit station has an advantage because the warehouse is located in the United States, so the delivery is fast, and they don’t have a minimum order. 


View Page

  • 732-922-1111

Email Address: 

Hours Of Operation:

  • Monday-Thursday 8 am- 5 pm
  • Friday 8 am- 4 pm

How to start a swimwear line?

You are not alone if you have been looking for how to start your own Swimwear Line. When you have the idea to start your sketches into a tangible idea, you need to have the correct information. Below are some simple steps you can take when you want to create your wholesale women’s swimwear line. 

  • Naming the business 
  • Designing your logo 
  • Choose your desired market niche 
  • Sketch your design 
  • Find a manufacturer 
  • Design your website
  • Take your swimwear marketing to the social media 
  • Arrange the documents and Logistics 

One of the most important things to do when starting your swimwear line is to design the website. Your customers will define your website by how well-designed your website looks. So, go to Godaddy.com or any Google domain and purchase your domain name. 

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FAQs about Wholesale Swimsuit Vendors 

Is starting a swimwear line profitable? 

Yes, starting a Swimwear Line is profitable as long as your price is fair and your dresses are the top trend. Your dresses need to appeal to your target audience, women. It is also ideal for making your designs in extensive ranges so you can sell to people of all sizes. 

Why are swimsuits so expensive? 

The swimwear industry has many smaller brands that make smaller lots, making swimsuits expensive. Also, people don’t buy swimsuits very often, so the low demand always makes the available ones very expensive. 

What is the best swimwear fabric? 

Polyester is the best fabric for Swimwear. It is the best because it is stretchy and can quickly adapt to the rigors of swimming. Nylon is also suitable for swimming, but it may peel over time. 

Is the swimwear market oversaturated? 

The swimwear market isn’t saturated because consumers don’t regularly buy swimwear. This makes the market that still holds a lot of opportunities for new entrants. 


Plan for the summer season by shopping for the best wholesale swimwear suppliers. The wholesale clothing sellers you choose will go a long way to determining your sales and profit. Choose brands with a vast collection of stock at great prices. Here we have provided you with helpful information on wholesale swimsuit vendors. These vendors have been carefully selected to provide you with a vast array of swimwear collections tailored to your specific need. 

If you plan to start a swimsuit business, now is the time. Reach out to us for expert advice!

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