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Wholesale Clothes From China

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Wholesale Clothes from China Online

Wholesale Men Fashion clothing

Importing Wholesale Men Fashion Clothing From China

Wholesalers from China are also well known in Men Fashion clothing. Each kind of men fashion clothing is supplied from China.

Leeline can recommend to you a kind of supplier who can handle the whole process for your safe product delivery. Providing fast efficient shipping process. 

Wholesale Women Gym Clothing

Importing Women Gym Clothing From China

You can wholesale the clothing of the most famous Women Gym clothing and can sell them in local markets to earn the profit.

China manufacturers are supplying all types and brands Women Gym clothing. They manufactured high standard Women Gym Clothing to meet the needs of your business.

Wholesale Infant Clothing

Importing Infant Clothing From China

 Infant clothing are one of the popular clothing and have a huge profit margin. 

You will find many certified cothing manufacturers there, ,and All of these suppliers are specialized, verified, and experienced in the manufacturing of Infant clothing. 

Wholesale Jeans

Importing Jeans From China

China is one of the prime wholesaler countries for jeans clothing.

If you are looking for the best office jeans clothing supplier and manufacturer, China is the right choice.

Men Gym Clothing

Importing Men Gym Clothing From China

Men are more prone to the gym and also want to look good in gym clothing as some of them spend most of the time in gyms.

You will find many certified manufacturers in China,and get a vast range of Men Fashion clothing.

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suitable Product Sourcing

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Factory Audit

the best Product inspection

Before hesitating to cooperate with the Chinese factory, we need to know more information about the factory to ensure that the cooperation will not cause problems. Leeline can help you with factory audit, inspect the factory on site, and verify the factory’s strength.

Product Inspection

It is very necessary to do product inspection before shipment

Check each of our products one by one to ensure that there are no inferior products, you can provide customers with a quality product experience.

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product packaging

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Not only can we help you transport goods from the factory to the Amazon warehouse, we can also provide amazon fba prep service, as long as you tell us your product requirements, we help you get everything done.



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Best 10 China Clothes Suppliers

1.Huizhou Qian Industrial Co., Ltd.

1. Huizhou Qian Industrial Co., Ltd.

Established in 1999, the company adds to the list of Clothes Manufacturers in China. They are a specialized trader in the section. They aim to be the most significant company to create a hand knit and machine knit clothing line.  The company targets the main markets of North America, Central America, and Western Europe. The company has a turnover of about 2.5 Million. 


Main Product

They are the oldest manufacturer and trader of wholesale clothes in bulk. The company has sweaters, hand knitwear, garments, clothing for all sizes and genders.  The company also entertains ODM and OEM orders of their customers. 


Why Choose Qian Industrial Co

The Qain has extended its services with extreme honesty. Their products are of excellent quality.  They have a 5,000 square meters factory and above ten production lines to cater to all your clothes’ needs.

2.Hefei Yaohai Zeyo Garment&Accessory Firm

2. Hefei Yaohai Zeyo Garment&Accessory Firm

Zero Garment & Accessory is an Anhui-based clothes manufacturers in China. They have a well-equipped factory and a skilled workforce.  T excellent quality. They also keep a check and balance of the evolving clothing trend. 


Main Products

The company claims to have a wide range, good quality and reasonable prices of clothes. The company has other production lines too. They produce many products in the category of shoes, bags, electronics, and jewelry. 


Why Choose Zero Garment & Accessory

heirThey are one of the oldest and trusted manufacturers and traders in China. They have around 1000 men working in their factories that bring your dream products to life. They can come up with the production of as many products as you order. They have annual revenue of US$100 Million that speaks volumes of their services.

3.Fashion (Jiangxi) Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.

3. Fashion (Jiangxi) Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.

Fashion Imp. & Exp. has over 15 years of services as clothes manufacturers in China. They have strong textile and promotional products’ export relationships. They work with Disney, Samsung, LG, and other well-established and renowned brands. They have their head office located in Jiangxi, China. 

Main Products 

The production line of Fashion is quite an enough. The company covers all the ranges of promotional gifts and textiles. They have produced products such as T-shirts, Polo shirts, and Caps. They also provide services of OEM.


Why Choose Fashion Imp. & Exp.

With over 15 years of service, the company holds an excellent reputation. They export to North America, South America, and Eastern Europe. They have a strict in-house check for the quality of their products. Their designers are of great help when it comes to customized clothes for you. You can trust them for long-term trade relationships.

4.Xi'an Qifen E-Commerce Co., Ltd.

4. Xi’an Qifen E-Commerce Co., Ltd.

Qifen E-Commerce is a clothes supplier in China. The company is in Shaanxi, China. The company launched in 2016 and is not that old to have as good statistics as it displays. With wonders, the company has already completed 230 transactions as of March 2021. The company also bears a good reputation in the domestic market. 


Main Products

The company holds a specialty in the production of clothing. Qifen manufactures kid’s clothing and other related child supplies and other items like outdoor products and home gardening products.


Why Choose Qifen E-Commerce 

They have a super affordable process when it comes to wholesale clothes. The providence of quality product and reasonable price is their specialty. They have around 50 skilled men that provide you with satisfactory responses and end-to-end satisfactory delivery procedures.

5.Dongguan Worui Garment Co., Ltd.

5. Dongguan Worui Garment Co., Ltd.

Established in 2002, the Worui Garment is a manufacturer of wholesale clothes. They also have development, production, and marketing integrated alongside. They have their head office located in Guangdong, China. They have their feet fixed in the Middle East markets, which is possible for very few companies. They also export to the needs of North America and Eastern Europe. 


Main Products

Worui manufactures blouses for women, women tops, dresses, and t-shirts for women. The company caters to OEM and ODM services along. They also entertain bulk supplies of customized clothing. 


Why Choose Worui Garment Co

The Worui Garment Co has over 100 client businesses from all across the main markets where it trades. The company has strong relationships with famous brands like Blu, CROCKER. You can depend on for smooth and prosperous business deals for wholesale clothes. 

6.Nanan Suhuan Trade Corporation Limited

6. Nanan Suhuan Trade Corporation Limited

Sichuan Trade is a clothes manufacturer and trader from China. Established in 2005, the company has grown. This Fujian-based company has an annual revenue of US$2.5 Million – US$5 Million. It has 50 men working at the factory that handles the production of their sales. They are quite the trusted manufacturer in the markets of Eastern and Western Europe. 


Main Products

The main products of Nanan Suhuan include women’s and men’s clothes. They also have a vast collection of kids’ dresses, shoes, and other items of necessities. They also provide services of customized series of clothing and garments. 


Why Choose Suhuan Trade Corporation

Sichuan Trade Corporation has been in the industry for a good time now. Their statistics are excellent and unmatchable to any similar garments industry. 

7.Guangzhou Yiqi Information Technology Co., Ltd.

7. Guangzhou Yiqi Information Technology Co., Ltd.

The company launched ten years back in 2011. Yiqi Information Technology is a professional clothes wholesaler. They have the broadest range of clothes. Yiqi has a certification by SGS groups. The company has accreditation from the world’s largest inspection company. They also own a factory in the state by the name Tianmen Mengzhixin Garment Co., Ltd.


Main Products

The company produces women’s outfits, men’s clothes, bags, shoes, and kids’ clothing. The factory of theirs is capable of producing 200,000 Pcs of women’s clothing. They also make wholesale items according to clients’ requirements. 


Choose Yiqi Informmakeechnology

The company has pushed over 1000 plus styles of clothing into the market. Yiqi Information Technology has commendable services. They have minimal pricing, great delivery, and excellent customer care. The company welcomes clients and their orders from across the world. 

8.Xi'an Dinaa Import & Export Co., Ltd.

8. Xi’an Dinaa Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Diana Import & Export, as the name suggests, is a trading company. The company’s foundation dates back to 2011. The company has shown some commendable services over the years. With a workforce of 50 people, the company can fill the gap up of markets.


Main Products

Their products list includes women’s apparel and children’s apparel. The company also produces fashion bags, wallets, and school bags. They have about 12 departments of trade in the sector. 


Why Choose Diana Import & Export

The company is well known for making garments. They integrate continuous innovation and produce high-quality products. They have heavy machinery infused in their factories to cater to the needs of markets. They also have experienced workers that ensure the quality of the produced products. They go to lengths to provide the client with satisfactory services in trade. 

9.Jinhua Joya Garments Co., Ltd.

9. Jinhua Joya Garments Co., Ltd.

Its trademark ywhola or YWHOLA also knows Jinhua Joya Garments. They are a decade-old trader. The company only deals in kids’ clothes. They are, in fact, among the most trusted suppliers of clothing for kids. The company has private ownership and generates annual revenue of amount USD 2 500 000. The Jinhua Joya Garments have their head office and factory located in Zhejiang, a province of China. 


Main Products

The company specializes in the manufacturing of children’s clothes. Their product list includes children’s coats, dresses, rompers, and other outfits. They also provide services of ODM and OEM. 


Why Choose Jinhua Joya Garments

For over a decade of serving their customers through various platforms, the company has now set up its fourth shop at Alibaba. Alibaba is also known as an unsurpassed wholesale bulk clothes point for small to large scale businesses. The company claims to have good quality products for businesses and a profit margin to elevate their business. 

10.Shanxi Bafang Siji Trade Co., Ltd.

10. Shanxi Bafang Siji Trade Co., Ltd.

Established in 2020, the company is still comparatively new in the clothes industry. This company has about 180 transactions as of March 2021. The company has its headquarters located in Shanxi, China. They are a trading company that is starting to get recognized as good clothes and luggage suppliers. 


Main Products

As we know about the company’s genre that they are also clothes manufacturers, apart from luggage. The company has manufactured products like see-through clothing for women for summer, full-body jumpsuits, rompers, skirts, drawstring dresses, and many other trendy yet reasonable women’s clothing products. 


Why Choose Bafang Siji Trade

They hold a good reputation as suppliers in North America, South America, and Northern Europe. They have around 15-20 skilled people working for them in their trade departments. They have promising statistics as compared to other newly established clothes manufacturers in China.

Best 5 US Clothes Factory

11.Aiden’s Corner

1. Aiden’s Corner

When there arises a search for importing wholesale clothes from the USA, Aiden’s Corner tops the list. The establishment of these clothes manufacturers in the USA is not that old. The date of establishment is not confirmed. However, a few details show that the company’s operation began in 2016. The company is US-based and deals in kids’ clothing.


Main Products

The Aiden’s Corner specializes in the production and supply of Kid’s clothing. They have a series of products related to kids. But, the clothing section is what is of great interest for us. The company’s top clothes are onesies, rompers, jumpsuits, bibs and bath time towels, and accessories. 


Why Choose Aiden’s Corner

What is that one thing that any reselling business requires? Affordable wholesale rate, super high quality, and the broadest range of clothes to choose from, Aiden’s Corner gives you all of it. They have themed clothing of the cutest and trendiest characters. 

12.Denim Manufacturing

2. Denim Manufacturing

Denim Manufacturing started its journey of providing reasonable clothes to the market in 2018. The company laid its foundation when suddenly there was a strike of rates for even the most general clothing. That was when Denim Manufacturing realized something requires amendments. Their company caters to boutiques, chain stores, brands, and designers interested in high-quality denim made in Los Angeles & Pakistan.


Main Products

The company provides clothes made up of denim. They are one of the most significant manufacturers and providers of denim jeans all across Los Angeles and Pakistan. They also offer design assistance, wholesale fabric sourcing, dye services, and drop shipping.


Why Choose Denim Manufacturing 

The company has been manufacturing and providing jeans for many well-known brands across the world. Whatever you want to have related to denim clothes, this company can help you get it done. They also provide services of design assistance and fabric sourcing. You can have your customized design cut and sewn from them.  

13.The Mountain

3. The Mountain

The company started on the core principles that were ‘Eco-friendly’ clothes. In the early 90s, they pushed their first-ever article that was an environmental firmly shirt. Ever since then, the company has only elevated to success. In the production of their products, they use water-based inks and natural dye fusions. 


Main Products

The company has a production line to manufacture classic t-shirts, tri-blend t-shirts, scoop-neck t-shirts, V-neck t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, hoodies & sweatshirts, kid’s t-shirts, kid’s hoodies & sweatshirts. 


Why Choose the Mountain

The mountain can provide you with some of the finest quality clothes at affordable prices. Not just that, it enhances the chances of your success in availing you a reasonable margin of profit. People highly endorse eco-friendly products.

14.Wholesale Fashion Square

4. Wholesale Fashion Square

The Wholesale Fashion Square started in 2006. The company believes that clothes and jewelry for everyday use don’t have to charge a fortune. Their team consists of highly skilled professionals that make sure all their procedures for trade go smooth. The Wholesale Fashion Square acts as a stop shop for all wholesale products for you. 


Main Products

The main products that the Wholesale Fashion Square gets its hands on include women’s dresses, tops, kimonos, skirts, bottoms, rompers & jumpsuits, and other wear. They also cater to the clothes for plus-sized dresses. Apart from the clothing line, the company also has a wide variety of jewelry like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. 


Why Choose Wholesale Fashion Square

Their team digs up the trendiest clothing pieces and accessories to match their clients’ requirements and stand out among competitors. They have up-to-date stocks for almost all apparel categories. They provide extra assistance to the client business with whom they work.

15.Bloom Wholesale

5. Bloom Wholesale

Based in Los Angeles, the company is known as one of the USA’s wholesale clothes suppliers. They distribute clothes to some famous boutiques in Los Angeles. They outsource the latest fashion clothing and give you an enormous choice to pick from your boutiques. 


Main Products

This company outsources the main products include women’s dresses, tops, skirts, bottoms, and other wears. They also source clothes for plus-sized women. 


Why Choose Bloom Wholesale


Bloom Wholesale excels in sourcing all kinds of clothes and holds a good reputation for delivery across the globe with complete security. They have excellent pre-sale and after-sales service. They also exercise an excellent reputation and maintain the quality of their sales. 

Best 5 UK Clothes Factory

16.Wholesale Shopping

1. Wholesale Shopping

Being in the fashion capital of Manchester, UK, Wholesale shopping has a belief that it stands by. It believes that’s Fashion and stylish clothes are the basic things that should be accessible by everyone. The company tries hard to bring you some of the best prices of wholesale clothing. They have a good inventory that has all the hand-picked designs for you. 


Main Products

The company sources a list of products that include; tops, t-shirts, shirts, dresses, leggings, lingerie, trousers, dungarees, summer dresses, jumpsuits & playsuits, cardigans, jeans, and denim. 


Why Choose Wholesale Shopping

Wholesale clothing has gathered product lines within its initial year of launch and has products in great numbers. They have the best products and competitive rates in the market. They quickly make it to the toper’s list of clothes suppliers in the UK. 

17.Fashion Wholesale Online

2. Fashion Wholesale Online

Fashion Wholesale Online was shortlisted for the Fashion Supplier of the Year by Drapers Awards in 2017.  Established in 1993 in Amsterdam, the company has only seen success within the years of its services. The company never compromised on their quality, not even in the beginning nor now. 


Main Products

Fashion Wholesale Online has clothing lines for both men and women. The company manufactures wholesale dresses, playsuits, tops, leggings, jeans, & skirts for women. They all are according to lasts fashion and celebrity fashion. The company supplies tracksuits, short sets, t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, & shirts for men.


Why Choose 

They hold a good reputation as suppliers and manufacturers in the market of Manchester. They have good trade history with some of the finest stores and boutiques around the state. 

18.Parisian Wholesale

3. Parisian Wholesale

The Parisian Wholesale holds a record to have a constantly evolving list of products that it acquires from various inspirations. The company is involved in the supply of trendy clothing for women. They update their stocks every week with some of the latest fashion dresses.


Main Products

The main products of the Parisian Wholesale include women’s clothes. They produce dresses, shoes, and other items of necessities. They also provide services of customized series of clothing and garments. 


Why Choose Parisian Wholesale 

The company is sourcing and catering to many other small or well-known brands across the world. They have themed clothing of all the fashionable stylists. They can probably add some unique products if you opt for them for trade in the future. 

19.Missi Clothing Wholesale Fashion

4. Missi Clothing Wholesale Fashion

The Missi Clothing Wholesale Fashion launched in 2004 under the banner of Missi London and blinQ brands. They source their clothes from the global network of clothes suppliers of Europe and South Asia. They extended their extensive range of clothing items to have their plainclothes imported from various companies worldwide. You can find almost all designs of dresses for your business.


Main Products

The company has a dedicated design and manufacturing team that can serve OEM services. The company manufactures activewear, blazers, bodysuits, coats & jackets, denim, dresses, jumpsuits & playsuits. They also produce knitwear, leggings & joggers, and loungewear. They have an entire department for the clothes of plus-sized women. 


Why Choose Missi Clothing Wholesale Fashion

This company can cater to your wholesale orders in a matter of a few minutes. They have an extensive range of clothing items and even more extended designs in the field. They accept orders from everywhere across the world with a simple payment method. You can rely on them when choosing your clothes manufacturers in the UK.

20.Babez London

5. Babez London

Babez London is a UK-based wholesale clothes provider. The company deals in all ranges of clothing, from catwalks to high street fashion collections. They have an in-house production house for the batch manufacturing of these clothes. The company claims that all their fashion clothing ranges are first hand-chosen by divas across the world. 


Main Products

The London Babez has a vast category of clothes for you. They produce blazers, bodysuits, jeans, knitwear, outerwear, sweatshirts, and trousers. The range also consists of many other categories like trousers, loungewear, and leggings. 


Why Choose Babez London

Within the initial years of its establishment, the company raised to the heights of the industry. They have a target market of retailers, online sellers, & Boutiques across Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, Middle East, & United States. Their hired customer service providers extend utmost help when placing orders. They are highly professional and handle orders efficiently.

Let Leeline Help You Transport Clothes Order From China

Sea Freight Shipping from China

Amazon freight forwarder parter

Leeline will do its utmost to deal with your merchandise sea shipping logistics plan, to ensure that products arrive at your warehouse on time and efficiently, and increase product sales.

Air Freight Shipping from China

how to import goods from China by air

When you have requirements for logistics timeliness, air transportation is the fastest logistics solution, which can guarantee that your goods will be delivered to the warehouse within the specified time.

Rail Freight Shipping from China


Railway is slower than air transportation, but it is faster than sea transportation, and the timeliness and transportation cost are middle. It is also a good logistics transportation method.

Door to Door Shipping from China

Door to Door

We can provide you with door-to-door transportation services that transport goods directly from the factory to your warehouse, with flexible transportation methods and optimal logistics costs.

Wholesale Clothes from China Online:Ultimate Guide

Table of Contents Brief hide

The way China’s annual sales of clothing are increasing. Anyone can see that China is going to be the world’s biggest clothing manufacturer and wholesale clothes market.

A survey showed that the turnover generated by china’s e-commerce total has become the world’s biggest e-commerce business.

There are thousands of suppliers are ready to ship the goods anywhere in the world and at the cheapest prices.

The websites alone provide so many enormous opportunities that new startups can also take benefit and start their own business.

These wholesale clothing websites have hundreds of thousands of products waiting to be purchased in bulk or individually.

Everybody is shifting to online business.  Most of the wholesalers provide free dropshipping wholesale clothes services to their clients.

Currently, many enthusiastic business owners to expand their businesses are embracing this opportunity.

With the increase in online purchases, many young people are also joining hands with china’s manufacturers and selling clothing items to earn great profits.

The challenge is to find the right suppliers and get yourselves good bargains. Buying and selling seem like a simple process. However, there is a whole science to actually conduct this business smoothly.

To put your investment in the right products it is always better to acquire the services of an agency having the experience and right amount of people to look at all the aspects of your import business.

Wholesale Clothes


Why buy wholesale clothes from china?

As the new century started, china made some dramatic changes in its clothing and textile industry. Due to that, the circumstances on the market also changed.

Chine became a member of WTO in 2001. The moment China became the member they commit to the idea of lowering the prices of the clothing products.

The allocated trading rights to the enterprises and individuals that were able to handle this. Opened their domestic retail and distribution market for the retailers that were interested in doing business in china and they were foreign-funded retailers.

China accelerated its production as much as they could. Now, the biggest exporter of clothing and textiles is china. 50% of the world’s fiber production is on the shoulders of china. As for the textiles and clothing, china holds a 58% share of the world.

The domestic sale supported the whole system during the 2008 financial crisis. China kept growing and there is nothing on earth that china doesn’t produce, at least some of part everything.

Besides all the difficulties, china makes the world’s wider range of clothes. If you are worried about the quality, world-renowned brands have setup-manufacturing plants in china.

The prices and the unlimited quantity of products china offers don’t have a match. Express delivery, good quality, and smooth transaction of business.

The Chinese market offers a wider range of clothing

China offers a very vast range of clothing. From men jeans to suits, fashion clothing, infant and children clothes, etc.

China produces sportswear, undergarments, workout clothes, nightdresses, maternity clothing.

Winter clothing from china is very famous among many western countries along with the whole world. Whatever you need you will be available in wholesale from china.

China has the highest number of cheap online clothing wholesale suppliers

China has thousands of multiple vendor websites available for anyone to make contact and order clothing items in bulk for their store.

These websites have millions of suppliers ready to be contacted and move forward with the business.

These suppliers are very experienced as well, at least most of them. Just have to place the order they will take care of everything.

Most of the online wholesalers in China offer free drop shipping to their customers

Many of the websites including Alibaba, Wholesale 7, LightIn The Box, China brands, LovelyWholesale offer free dropshipping services for their customers. Thousands of drop shippers are taking benefits from them.

online clothing wholesale suppliers


What are the common types of clothes?

Wholesale Jeans Clothing from China

China is one of the prime wholesaler countries for jeans clothing. Quality products are manufactured in China and are available to the public around the globe at a reasonable cost.

China ensures its quality through customer care and many other aspects.

The type of jeans clothing supplied by China includes mother jeans, jean joggers, salopettes jeans, hot L girl jeans, skinny jeans, hot pants jeans low, sexy jeans, new models’ jeans, women s colored skinny jeans, embroidered jeans trousers women, and many more.

All of these kinds of jeans can be found in all sizes like plus sizes as well as extra small etc.

Wholesale Maternity Clothing from China

Maternity clothing is a new evolution in clothing which has become an essential part of it for the last decades.

It is a type of clothing worn by women during pregnancy as a transformation to the changes in body size. Now it has been a mandatory part of women’s fashion and styling as well as comfort.

China is a wholesaler of all kinds of maternity clothing as well such as maternity wedding dresses, breastfeeding dresses, nursing dresses, soft shell baby wear, baby wrap jackets, side slits cold, casuals, cotton, soft modal fabric, bodycon midi, office dresses for pregnant women, etc.

There are a lot of other types of maternity clothes that are wholesaled by China.

Wholesale Maternity

Wholesale Women Gym Clothing from China

China is a major wholesaler of around all kinds of clothes including women gym clothing. Comfort is an essential part of gym clothes which is ensured by the seller in China.

Gym clothes enhance your style and make workouts easy for you. The best quality gym clothes can be found in China at such an affordable price.

The gym clothes wholesale from China are Fitness yoga wears, workout clothes, yoga sport jumpsuits, fashion sport gym suits, seamless fitness set, tracksuits, training clothes, athletic bra and panty set, legging, and tops, and many more.

Wholesale Men Fashion clothing from China

Wholesalers from China are also well known in Men Fashion clothing. Each kind of men fashion clothing is supplied from China.

People are more likely to import from China. Because of the availability of various varieties produced in China. Countless types of men fashion clothing can be found in China according to your choice and personal style preference.

Men fashion clothing styles include: hooded parkas jacket, PU leather clothing, shoulder board epaulets coats, suit show shoulder, slim shirts, casual slim shirts, flannel plaid shirts, men’s tank tops, men’s outdoor sports clothing, various kinds of jeans, bottoms and other fashion wears are wholesaled by China.

Wholesale Winter Clothing from China

Winters holds most of the time of year in many countries all around the world. That is why winter clothing is a necessary part of clothing fashions.

It includes winters fashion wear and comfort is also an essential part of clothing along with styling and personal preference.

Like all the other clothing we have talked about in here winter clothing is also manufactured and wholesaled from China. Various verities in winter clothing can be found in China.

And you got to have so many selections to choose from. Some of the winter clothing types wholesaled by China are winter woolen coats, fox fur jackets, velvet jackets, polyester jackets, etc.

Wholesale Winter Clothing

Wholesale Infant Clothing from China

While talking about clothing stuff infant clothing is one of the major parts in clothing parents are so conscious about it.

Like what should be worn by their newborn. Parents require more appreciation and compliment for their babies styling rather than their own.

They want their babies to look stylish, cute as well as comfortable at the same time. Comfort is an essential part of infant clothing so that they can be saved by any allergies on their sensitive skin.

China holds the main part in infant clothing and manufacturing also. Worlds’ major brands trust China for its product manufacturing.

These products are further wholesaled by China all around the globe. Baby rompers, cotton wears, and many more are the parts of infant clothing.

Wholesale Women Summer Clothing from China

Women are so sensitive about their clothing styles even if it summers of winters. What are they wearing how they look in it is it comfy and many other aspects.

As women are so choosy about their clothing and it’s hard for them to pick on the base of their styling.

Their fittings, comfort zone, their looks all at the same time. They can’t trust easily on any wholesaler or brand regarding their clothing preferences. But China has the solution for all these questions in a women’s mind.

And women trust China wholesaler companies more as they easily find their selection of summer clothes and they don’t even have to compromise on the quality of the clothes.

Vestidos Mujer, club bodycon, organic hemp, beach suits, etc are some kinds of women summer clothing that are wholesaled by China.

Wholesale Women Summer Clothing from China

Wholesale Men Gym Clothing from China

Men are more prone to the gym and also want to look good in gym clothing as some of them spend most of the time in gyms.

Gym culture have changes a lot over the past few years, now, no one is to be seen in the easy pajamas. Working-out is a serious game now.

Everyone has to dress accordingly. So china is making a whole lot of gym ware to soak the sweat as much as the clothes can handle.

Wholesale Sari Clothing from China

Although sari is a traditional clothing from the sub-continent. But as the china have put it on itself to provide and manufacture everything in their country. Chinese sari’s is cheaper than the Indian or Pakistani ones.

Wholesale Sari Clothing

Wholesale Lingerie clothing from China

The undergarments for women made its entry very early. Highly paid women were the target audience for this.

Most consumers prefer the brands with a little low price bracket and with not so much difference in the quality of the undergarments.

Lingerie is an exquisite item and its demand I getting high with the each passing day. China manufactured lingerie are very innovative and unlike the other world, china makes them in vibrant beautiful colors as well.


How to Find the Best Clothing Manufacturers for Your Business?

Clothes sourcing agent

LeelineSourcing Company is a well-settled and reliable sourcing company with 10 years of vast China Purchasing experience.

LeelineSourcing provides your best cost for the entire process of manufacturing to doorstep transport. The company also provides you some extra services like inspection of product @ 0.10$ per product unit, Product labeling @ 0.20 per unit, Poly bagging, and bundling as well at an extensive low price. They committed to source high-quality products via a complete process.

LeelineSourcing offers you Amazon Fba seller services like labeling to photography and shipping to FBA or Owner’s warehouses.

LeelineSourcing helps to find the right clothing manufacturer for you, decrease cost, and reduce the risk of fraud as well.

LeelineSourcing recommended for small to mid-level e-commerce businesses at various marketplaces eBay, Shopify dropshipping, and Amazon.

How LeelineSourcing Help You import from China and make money from Online Amazon Business.

Online Directories

Online directories are a great source of finding clothing manufacturers for your business.

Without any doubt, online directories can be a reliable source for finding the china wholesale clothing supplier/manufacturers.

As for all the other online world problems which are whenever you try to find something online you always end up with a lot of options leaving you confused. Let me make that easy for you.

Kompass is by far the best online directory for finding the overseas manufacturers. There are more than 36M registered companies spreading over the widespread of more than 60 countries.

As your business development partner. They provide you with the overtime-developed data model/ strategies.

Unlocking your potential and optimization of your database to access data more efficiently. Kompass also helps in increasing the visibility and vision of the businesses.

Facebook Groups

Many of the entrepreneurs usually come from humble backgrounds.

Once they achieve their goals and become successful. They get very anxious to help more people to develop their businesses.

These kinds of entrepreneurs are commonly found in Facebook communities. When you can ask them any questions, they will be very eager to help you.


Shopify Entrepreneurs

Shopify entrepreneurs is a community of more than 100k entrepreneurs.

If you have any confusions or some general question you want to ask about the business. You can simply ask them in the group.

If you publish a post to find wholesale clothes suppliers/manufacturers from china. Many manufacturers will come forward.

Other entrepreneurs will also offer to help you find the manufacturers by giving you their contacts related to the niche.

Industry Meetups

Old and traditional ways always work. Asking around in the industry about the reliable clothing manufacturers will surely help.

If you attend industrial meetups of trade shows. You can ask questions to relevant people. This way you can save yourself from enormous amounts of research and data collection.

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China Trade Shows


How to Choose the Right Clothing Manufacturer?

Using the methods given above, your manufacturers are found. You have quite a list of your potential manufacturers.

Now it’s time to shortlisting and optimizing the list. Some parameters will help you decide.


The prices of the clothing manufacturers’ china should be within the limits of your funds. Don’t go overboard and start investing more funds into your business.

You need to work with whatever is available. Therefore, the prices of the manufacturers should be aligned with the funds.

Shipping times

You need to shortlist the manufacturer who is giving the express delivery. Because getting your products delivered on time is the most important thing that keeps business moving forward.


Always ask for the samples first and compare them with the samples of other shortlisted suppliers.

If you’re selling in multiple markets then the difference in sizes can be a damaging factor. Having the manufacturer that can deliver custom label orders will save you from disaster.


Choose a manufacturer with good reviews. Ask other store owners about the manufacturer.

Make sure you have run a strong enough background check. Sending products overseas needs to be packed properly and requires a lot of paperwork.

If the manufacturer doesn’t know his way around these things, then it’s not going to work.


Top 3 High-Quality Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers in China

1. Shandong Jining Ruyi Woolen Textile Co Ltd

The Shandong Jining Ruyi company became operational in 1993 and its headquarters are located in Jining, China.

Wool and worsted fabric were their primary products for the business. They have more than 5000 employees. Their annual turnover is more than $150 million.

2. Jiangsu Sunshine Co Ltd

Jiangsu Sunshine Co came into existence in 1994. They are into many businesses, pharmaceuticals, power, retail, oil and gas, electronic equipment, and textile.

Their annual turnover is $400 million and they are a big fish of business. Their products pass the customs easily as they have a reputation for manufacturing good quality products. Also, they know their way around the paperwork.

3 .Shijiazhuang Changshan Textile Co., Ltd.

Shijiazhuang Changshan is the manufacturers of textiles only. However, they also focus on research and trading. They started their business in 2000.

If you are interested in cotton textile, printing & dyeing, and warp woven garment then you are in the right place.

These are the specialties of the Shijiazhuang Changshan. They had 1 billion dollars of revenue in the year of 2017.

Shijiazhuang Changshan Textile Co., Ltd.


What is the best website for wholesale clothing from China?

Their many websites are working inside and outside china where you can find the manufacturers.


The most biggest and reliable wholesale marketplace is Alibaba. There you can find the suppliers and you can contact them.

Learn about communication skills. Their reviews, a little background check by asking other store owners. With the right amount of work, you can find the perfect supplier/manufacturer.

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Wholesale 7

The wholesale7 deals in online clothing and its accessories sales. They are an international platform.

They are commonly popular due to the fast delivery (2-12 days) and the high quality of the products.

People say they have specialization in the clothing business. Although, their return policy requires 30 days . the products with such good quality, whose going to return them anyway. 

LightIn The Box

LightIn The Box came into existence in 2007. From the beginning, they had all the categories of the products.

However, for the major part, their primary business is online Chinese clothing products. The return policy requires only 2 weeks to be processed through. Their delivery is fast and they make it happen in only 24 hours.

China brands

If you are looking for cheaper options then china brands in the right palace for you. They provide free shipping for their customers.

Another fun thing about this website is they also provide dropshipping services. A fantastic option provided by this website is they don’t have any minimum order restriction. They deliver products with fast 24-hour delivery powered by EMS and DHL.


The LovelyWholesale came around in 2011. Their main focus is on clothing, jewelry, shoes, and accessories.

They have a little bit of an interesting scenario. The quantity of your order and the shipping distance will decide the price of the products.  Their usual shipping time is 3-5 days but it can be reduced depending on the distance.



How LeelineSourcing Help You Wholesale Clothes from China

It’s simple with LeelineSourcing, too credible, reliable, and express service. LeelineSourcing ensures Supplier’ offers they listed in their advertisements and encounters any problems.

They consistently provide a standard and high-quality inspection to ensure you all products reach you in mint condition. The LeelineSourcing support team is very efficient and resolve your problem or any issue regarding order or products.

They fix all for the sake of a high reputation and business. In short, you’re most comfortable for souring with the LeelineSourcing venture.

LeelineSourcing can benefit you in so aspects of your business. As they are highly experienced, individuals and they know the market.

They are old players and they have been around for 10 to 12 years. That is enough amount of time and experience to make any business successful.

Why choose LeelineSourcing:

Key Features:

  • Efficient product sourcing
  • Personalized Consulting Session on Company Structure
  • Company Name Search
  • Chinese Company Name Suggestion
  • Preparing Paperwork For Filing
  • Assistance in Getting International Bank Letter
  • Assistance in Getting Your Chinese Business Bank Account Application
  • Chinese employment contract advising
  • Making sure you’re correct with the Chinese company setup for your international tax situation
  • Long-term effectiveness of this new company for your business vision.
  • Hiring staff, when can you do it?
  • Money flow, who should put money in, how much for your new Chinese company business account, and your situation
  • Chinese visa, investment visa. What is necessary for you, at what point, and for others on your team.

How Leeline Sourcing Help You Find Best Ecommerce Wholesalers And Manufacturers

1. Guide you to find the right Clothing Manufacturer

They will guide you to find the manufacturer that is suitable for your business from all the aspects. Shipping, pricing, quality of the products. They will make sure everything is going fine and all the business transactions are smooth.

2. Clothing Private Label Solutions

  1. Leeline can help you find the best private label factory to ensure product quality
  2. Leeline will be your best Chinese purchasing agent to help you import private label products from Alibaba
  3. Get factory quotes directly without any hidden costs
  4. Leeline can help you transport products from China at the lowest logistics rate
  5. One-to-one product quality testing can be performed before the product is shipped

Clothing Private Label

3. Confirm and Follow-up your order

LeelineSourcing will see all the things, from confirmation to following up with your order.

4. Best Quality Control and Inspection Services

Basic Inspection: basic inspection doesn’t have any charges, your products will be inspected from the surface. If any error was found you will be notified shortly.

1 to 1 inspection: Every unit in your order will be inspected one by one, and quality will be made sure. As a result, you can directly sell your products to your store. There no need for further confirmation.

Video inspection: the professional team will take you on a video call and you will be able to see all the inspection process by yourself.

On-site factory inspection: you can join the team of professionals and visit china for on-site inspection along with the LeelineSourcing team.

Best Quality Control

5. Expert in paperwork to clear customs

We will take care of the paperwork, considering the regulations of the country’s products are being shipped. There will be no problems during the delivery and shipment procedures, the expected time and date will also be put forward to ease you up.

6. Provide the best logistics solution for your orders

With proper planning, efficient transport, and warehouse management. Everything will be planned and the safe delivery of the goods will be ensured.


Final Thoughts on wholesale Clothes from china

China is dominating the clothing business. The market is moving along with china, wherever china goes, the market follows.

Be the part of this change and be the part of china’s products buyers. This is the future.

Evolve with the evolution of china and secure for yourself a bright and happy future. There are some bumps in the way, but LeelineSourcing takes care of everything.

The proper planning and guidance of LeelineSourcing make it look easy. Conduct your necessary research into starting a clothing business with china. You can thank me later in the future.


FAQ For wholesale Clothes from china

How to choose an e-commerce platform for a clothing store?

Proper image gallery, SEO, tools for checkout, and many more. Their tons of necessary features are required to run your e-commerce platform smoothly. However, the best solutions differ from person to person.

  • WordPress: With the tons of the features and customizable themes and plugins there, nothing you can’t do with the WordPress and without even touching or writing a single line of code.
  • Shopify: Shopify also offers the same facility against a mere amount of $27/monthly for the basic plan. But Shopify is better on the way to the advertisement. Those options manually have to be handled by the developer. On the other hand, Shopify can be accessed and customized from anywhere.

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Build Your WordPress Site

Which Chinese websites offer replica designer clothing?

Alibaba, Rosegal, Wholesale 7.net, and Dhgate are the best websites that provide replicas of designer clothing lines. Their quality is almost as good as the original products.

How do I start a private clothing label?

  1. Select clothing items you want to sell.
  2. Select the business model ( print on demand, wholesale, custom cut)

Are clothes made in China good quality?

Yes indeed cloths made in china are of good quality. Many of the brands have set up their production units in china because cheap labor and suitable conditions benefit them enormously.

Are online boutiques profitable?

If done right using the right tools and SEO to improve sales. Indeed online boutiques are very profitable.

How much money do you need to start an online boutique?

It all depends on the business model you are going to utilize. Usually, if you are going with the dropshipping, you just need the amounts to use for the promotions over the social media platforms.

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