Wholesale Umbrellas From China

Are you looking to start your own wholesale umbrellas business?

You can import wholesale umbrellas from China and can make a significant revenue out of it.

In this article, we will cover several steps that you will need to start such a business.

Umbrellas are vital devices that we need to protect ourselves from sunlight and rain. Everyone uses them when they go outside in different environments and places.

The umbrella is a folded canopy and is a hand-held device. The umbrella’s top is usually supported by a metal or plastic frame and attached to a metal or plastic rod. Umbrellas are often called parasols.

Yet, there is a bit of a distinction between them. The main difference between an umbrella and a parasol is the difference in the canopy.

There is a greater demand for umbrellas in the market. With changing environments, its needs are growing. Investing in umbrellas is an excellent opportunity for businesses nowadays.

People use umbrellas while going to offices, schools, workplaces, or parks. You can buy umbrellas and sell them for a profitable price.

Wholesaling umbrellas from China is beneficial compared to other countries. This article extensively discusses all the points for buying wholesale umbrellas from China.

Many Style Umbrellas For You To Choose

You can easily import wholesale umbrellas from China. It would significantly reduce the cost of shipping as well.

This article covers all the points you should look at if you want to wholesale umbrellas from China. We will tell you about the diverse kinds of umbrellas that you can import from China.

You will also learn about the suppliers and sourcing agents. You will come to know about all the necessary steps needed to buy umbrellas from China.

Why wholesale umbrellas from China?

China is one of the fastest-growing nations in technology and the production of goods. China’s products range from simple household products to the most complex machinery.

Another benefit of buying products from China is that they make products in bulk. China has factories that have fully automated machinery.

This facility means that they produce umbrellas in size and are of the finest quality. This process reduces the cost and time of production and increases their rate.

When it comes to umbrellas, China mass produces the finest quality of umbrellas. Hence, it is the best place to buy wholesale umbrellas. The China umbrella factory uses automated processes.

Thus, they maintain the quality. The following are some of the critical reasons for wholesale umbrellas from China:

China Markets Have Many Style Umbrellas For You To Choose

China is one of the chief nations in producing a wide variety of umbrellas in mass. You can buy umbrellas in different styles and shapes.

The array also varies in quality and price. Thus, you have a variety of umbrellas to choose from when wholesale umbrellas come from China.

You even have wholesale fashion umbrellas and classic and straightforward umbrellas. So, with the greater variety of umbrellas, the more profitable business it becomes.

Wholesale Umbrellas From China

Buy Direct From China Factory You Can Get The Most Competitive Pricing

Another benefit is that you can get umbrellas at a profitable price. This is only possible if you can ship umbrellas directly from a China umbrella factory.

In this way, you can get the competitive price of your wholesale umbrellas.

Selling Umbrellas Is A Profitable Market

Another benefit of wholesale umbrellas from China is that this business is profitable. Compared to many other companies that need a lot of investment, this is a great business.

The umbrella business needs less investment and yields more significant profit. So, it is an excellent opportunity to buy these umbrellas in bulk from China and have your share in the business.

Selling Umbrellas Is A Profitable Market

Types Of Umbrellas You Can Wholesale From China

There are different varieties of umbrellas that you can ship from China. You can import these items either in bulk or in small quantities.

However, it is beneficial that you import umbrellas in bulk. Since it provides more beneficial outcomes both in profit and comfort. Some of the different kinds of umbrellas that you can shift from China are as follows:

Classic Umbrella

They are the most common type of umbrellas available. They provide tolerable protection against the sun and the rain.

Foldable Umbrellas

Foldable umbrellas have the benefit of being foldable into a compact shape. These types of umbrellas are easy to carry around.

Bubble Umbrellas

The advantage of a bubble umbrella is that it can withstand strong wind. It has a bubble design that increases the curve and makes the inversion of canopy difficult. Hence, it is best for intense weather conditions.

Storm Umbrellas

The storm umbrella’s design resists strong winds and thunderstorms. They have a unique aerodynamic shape to protect against storms.

Storm Umbrellas

Automatic Umbrellas

Simple standard umbrellas may give you a tough time opening and closing the umbrella. Thus, there are automatic umbrellas available in the market. These umbrellas have a single-button-push, opening, and closing mechanism.

Golf Umbrellas

The difference between a golf and a regular umbrella is that the golf umbrella is bigger. It is so-called since it is big enough to protect golf players and their bags. Golf umbrellas have a high-quality material structure.

Pocket Umbrellas

Pocket umbrellas are small, collapsible umbrellas that can easily fit into the pocket. They are comfortable to carry around and use in time of need.

Pocket Umbrellas

Storm or High Wind Umbrellas

Storm or high-wind umbrellas are of such designs that they have more curved canopies. They are made from high-quality material to withstand strong winds and thunderstorms.

Paper Umbrellas

Umbrellas made of the paper canopy are often known as paper umbrellas. They are used for decoration purposes only.

Funny or Gadget Umbrellas

Funny or gadget umbrellas have unique designs and shapes. They look cool and unique, and they serve the purpose of protection as well.

Stationary Parasols

Stationary parasols are large umbrellas that you can stick out in your garden or on the beach. They are not possible to carry around and provide protection against the sun and rain.

Stationary Parasols

Personal Parasol

A personal parasol is a good looking parasol that you carry around in summer to protect against the sun.

Apart from this, MOQ is an essential point to which you must pay attention. MOQ is more commonly pronounced as the Minimum Ordering Quantity.

Manufacturers have proposed their MOQ that you must order. You can buy products more significant to that minimum number but not less than that.

Hence, carefully pay attention to it before making your final decision.

Wholesale Umbrella Suppliers in China

There are many wholesale umbrella suppliers in China. Each has its benefits, pros, and cons. The facilities that they provide may differ from one another. Hence, this portion of the article will help you with which supplier to buy. Given below are some of the top wholesale umbrella suppliers in China:

1. Alibaba

Alibaba is one of the leading e-commerce trading markets. It is considered one of the best online trading points next to Amazon.

Alibaba is known for its fast customer response rate and has customers from all around the world. Alibaba has an enormous amount of umbrella style and qualities.

So, you can buy wholesale umbrellas from Alibaba. These would vary in style, colors, shape, quality, and cost.

Alibaba offers millions of different products from small items to complex products. You can also buy a single product or in bulk. Hence, Alibaba is an excellent platform to buy different products and umbrellas.

One of the notable features of using this platform is that it is efficient and trustworthy. It can be easily understood and worked by a common man. Investing in products from this platform will make your business profitable.

2. LeelineSourcing

LeelineSourcing is a service that helps you to ship products from China. They offer you to get products directly from factories and at competitive prices.

They provide free sourcing services. LeelineSourcing will ship your products from China at affordable shipping rates. Some of the benefits of their services are as follows:

  • They would negotiate the price of the products on your behalf.
  • The prices that they offer are directly from the factory without any hidden charges.
  • If you need to delay your shipping, you can ask them to store your warehouse goods. This offer is applicable for an entire month.
  • You can easily follow the production to ensure the best quality of products.

Thus, LeelineSourcing is one of the best platforms for wholesale umbrella shipping. It provides free sourcing services.

It also offers a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their service. Hence, it is the best platform for shipping wholesale umbrellas from China.

How LeelineSourcing Help You import from China and make money from Online Amazon Business.

3. OK Umbrella

OK umbrella is an umbrella producing factory in China. It makes a variety of umbrellas of different styles and types.

They create unique umbrellas like color changing, folding, reverse, kids’, and LED umbrellas. So, you have a diversity of products that you can choose from to ship to you. You can also get competitive rates by choosing to buy from them.

OK Umbrella

4. J & H Umbrella Company Limited

The J & H UMBRELLA is a famous umbrella suppliers and manufacturers in China. They specialize in producing umbrellas like golf, folding, kids’, mini, and patio umbrellas.

The company exports umbrellas to almost all parts of the world. They export to the USA, Canada, and Europe.

The benefit is that you can get them at factory prices. Additionally, the products are unique in design and are of high quality.

J & H Umbrella Company Limited

Do you want to build your e-commerce umbrella brand?

This is the internet era. Many people tend to buy products online compared to conventional markets. Nowadays, people have become busy in their lives.

So, taking time out of the routine is stressful. Moreover, people find it easy and more comfortable to buy products online.

So, are you thinking of starting your e-commerce umbrella brand? You need to keep some points in mind before starting your online umbrella brand.

Since you need to import wholesale umbrellas from China, there is a need to have a warehouse. If you want to import umbrellas in bulk, you need enough capacity to store umbrellas.

Secondly, you need to make a name for your brand. For this, you need a proper marketing and promotional strategy for your brand.

The advantages and disadvantages of opening an e-commerce umbrella business are as follows:


  • E-commerce would help you to reach thousands of people, and that may be far away too. It provides a more extensive market compared to conventional needs.
  • You can have an easy tracking of the customer’s reviews and improve your products.
  • The expense of setting up an e-commerce website is very low. You don’t need to spend on ads or pay for real estate for shops or markets.
  • More opportunities are available in e-commerce as you can expand your business quickly.

These are the advantages of starting e-commerce business of wholesale umbrellas from China. But, there are some disadvantages of an e-commerce business that you must consider too.


  • Some customers are not satisfied with buying a product until they can’t physically see it. Hence, they remain hesitant about buying products online. So, this factor can lead to a decrease in customer tendency.
  • An e-commerce business demands that there must be complete internet access.
  • There is a decreased profit in selling products online. The reason is that customers can compare umbrella prices of different online organizations. Thus, it forces sellers to provide competitive prices for their products.
  • Security issues are a significant factor in the disadvantage of an e-commerce business. Credit card frauds are common, and this led people to lose their trust. Hence, there is a need to progress a complete security mechanism to overcome this issue.

The pros and cons of starting an e-commerce umbrella business might put you to a lot of thinking.

We have tried to summarize the details so that you can have an easier time making a decision. You need to sell the products through conventional marketing or an e-commerce store. The choice is yours.

build your e-commerce umbrella brand

The Best 3 Types Of Umbrellas Suitable For Your Private Label Business

In a private label business, a company makes a product under the label of an individual company. Hence, you can easily buy wholesale umbrellas from China and sell it under your private label.

This process would lead to many benefits, such as you can create your brand by the time your business grows. However, you need to be sure about the contract that you made with the companies.

Try to make a contract with reliable companies. Then choose to brand the umbrellas under your logo. Otherwise, if they fail to provide the products at the right time, it may lead you to lose your customer’s trust.

As your private label business grows, you can introduce different kinds of umbrellas. But, you must have a reliable source of importing wholesale umbrellas.

In this way, you will not lose your customer’s trust. The following are the umbrellas suitable for your private label business:

Promotional Umbrella

You can give-away promotional umbrellas. In this way, you can make a healthy profit from it once your brand is recognized. Promotional products are a unique way to make your brand recognized.

A promotional product is usually given free with some other service or product they buy. Now the person given the product becomes an ambassador of your work.

The people carrying an umbrella with your logo will interact with others. Your promotional umbrellas will impact them. And this would compel them to buy umbrellas from your brand.

You can use advertisement umbrellas to make your private label recognized. The quality advertisement compels people to buy a specific product without hesitation.

Like promotional umbrellas, an advertisement umbrella is also used for the same purpose. This would greatly help your private label umbrella business grow.

High-Quality Umbrella

The final thing is that you provide your customers with high-quality products. If you do so, it would quickly build their trust in your company.

This high consideration would help your business to increase. The quality of the product itself is an ambassador for your company.

So, ensure that you wholesale high-quality umbrellas from umbrella manufacturers.

How to custom your e-commerce umbrellas?

You can start an e-commerce umbrella business with your branding. You can do it by customizing the wholesale umbrellas.

You can import wholesale umbrellas from China and then customize them to feel and look the way you want.

There are many different possibilities to customize your imported umbrellas from China. Given below are some of the significant ways:

Custom Printing

You can custom print the tags and logos on the umbrellas to make it look yours. This custom printing would help the customers to recognize your brand. This will make your business grow fast.

Custom Material

You can customize the umbrella and build your custom material for the umbrella. However, some companies also favor customizing the products as you need them.

Therefore, you should also check for this possibility before shipping your products. This feature will significantly reduce your cost of customizing too.

Custom Frame

You can attach your custom frame with the umbrellas to fit it in the way you like. There are different kinds of umbrella structures there. For example, plastic, metal, etc. You can customize it the way you want.

Custom Handle

There are different kinds of handles with different types of umbrellas. Therefore, you can also customize this handle to fit them in the way you like and your customers prefer.

The preference of the handles may also vary depending on the type of the environment of the local area. Hence, you can customize the umbrellas by looking at these factors.

Custom Design

You can even custom design the umbrellas to make them look in a certain way that fits your brand. However, the type of arrangement may also depend on your customer’s choice.

So, you may need to consider that as well before customizing the products. You can also import craft umbrellas wholesale from China. It will give a personalized look to the umbrellas you sell.

Custom Packaging

Finally, the most important thing is the kind of packaging you sell your product. The right and beautiful packaging would attract your customer to your products.

The packaging with which the umbrellas come from China may not fit your brand. Thus, you should customize your packaging and style to attract your customers.

Custom Packaging

How LeelineSourcing Help You Wholesale Umbrellas from China?

Suppose you have concerns about importing your umbrellas from China. We have brought a great solution for you.

LeelineSourcing is an excellent gateway to your communication with the factories in China. Along with shipping and logistics, LeelineSourcing also negotiates the prices on your behalf.

After that, they ship it to your desired destination. Some of the key features of using LeelineSourcing services are as follows:

1. Guides You To Find The Right Umbrella Manufacturers

LeelineSourcing connects you with the best wholesale umbrella suppliers in China. They help you in finding the best China umbrella factory.

Their sourcing agents would find the best manufacturer from their supplier chain channels. And within two working days, you would have the best prices from all the manufacturers.

Thus, this would reduce your stress to find the best manufacturer for your umbrellas. They will do all the stressful work for you on your behalf.

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Right Umbrella Manufacturers

2. Provide OEM and ODM Services

They will help if you need customized products with your designs and specifications. LeelineSourcing will find the best kind of manufacturers that offer OEM services.

If you don’t want significant customizations, you can go for their ODM services. So, whether it is OEM service or ODM service, they have solutions for them both.

3. Private Label Solutions

If you need to come up with a private label, then LeelineSourcing will help you cope with this problem. They will provide you with the best branding opportunities.

You can have your custom logo on the umbrellas with custom packaging that fits your brand. So, you can easily import wholesale umbrellas from China with your brand logo.

4. Confirm and Follow-Up Your Order

LeelineSourcing keeps track of your orders so that the best product reaches you in time. They regularly check your order.

So, you don’t need to do such hard work. You can quickly check on LeelineSourcing to keep track of your order.

5. Quality Control and Inspection

LeelineSourcing ensures that your products are of the best quality. They provide professional quality control services.

Their quality control services include detailed videography, photography, and photo/video product inspection. LeelineSourcing will make its staff visit the factory to check your products.

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What is China Quality Control

6. Expert in Paperwork To Clear Customs

LeelineSourcing is an expert in paperwork. So, they clear customs so that you don’t have to worry about all the fatigue that comes with it.

They provide you with complete delivery of your products from start to the end. Thus, you need to sit back and relax while they deliver your order.

7. Provide The Best Logistics Solution For Your Orders

LeelineSourcing provides you with the best logistic solutions to wholesale umbrellas from China. There are many approaches and ways through which you can receive your order.

The type of shipment depends on the quantity and the time you want for the order to be delivered. Here are the  ways for your shipment to be delivered:

Suppose you want your order to be delivered extra fast. Then you can go for express shipping; it may cost you more but would make your work done efficiently.

  • By Air Over 100kg

The second possible way is through the air. This is possible if your order is heavier than 100kg but not so extensive as well. LeelineSourcing will get your work done effectively and in time.

  • By Sea Over One Cube

The final possible way is through the sea, and it can contain products of over one cube. It is best if you want wholesale umbrellas in bulk.

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Final Thoughts On Wholesale Umbrellas

We covered the main points and steps needed to import wholesale umbrellas from China. Many opportunities and chances are waiting for you in this business.

So, read everything mentioned in this article. It will be helpful if you are looking to buy wholesale umbrellas from China.

Wholesale umbrellas from China could yield significant profit margins for you. China has advanced both in technology and productivity.

They have excelled in making high-quality products at low production costs. Thus, China is considered the best place for importing high-quality wholesale umbrellas. If you follow these steps, you would surely make a huge profit from this business.

FAQs For Wholesale Umbrellas

The following are the frequently asked questions regarding wholesale umbrellas from China:

Which City Should You Visit and tour for an Umbrella Business in China?

Song Xia is a famous city in China in the northeast of Zhejiang. It is also known as the China umbrella city since it is renowned for making umbrellas.

This city has the most number of umbrellas industry, umbrella manufacturers, and suppliers. You can find almost any kind of umbrella here with a wide variety.

Song Xia is a famous city in China in the northeast of Zhejiang. It is also known as the China umbrella city since it is renowned for making umbrellas.

This city has the most number of umbrellas industry, umbrella manufacturers, and suppliers. You can find almost any kind of umbrella here with a wide variety.

The city has about thirty umbrella villages. There are around 2000 umbrella manufacturers and suppliers.

The total annual production rate of umbrellas in this city is around 600 million. You can find a massive variety of umbrellas in this city. A few of those are given below:

  • Folding umbrellas
  • Windproof umbrellas
  • Promotional umbrellas
  • Golf umbrellas
  • Child umbrellas
  • Beach umbrellas
  • Fashion umbrellas
  • Straight umbrellas
  • Travel umbrellas
  • And many more

So, concluding the discussion, the best city to visit for the umbrella business is Song Xia. You would surely get something of your taste in this city.

Which umbrella brand is the best?

Several umbrella brands are available in China. Each brand has its facilities, advantages, and disadvantages. Choosing the right brand for buying wholesale umbrellas depends on your needs.

We have discussed various brands and platforms from which you can import umbrellas. But, some of the most famous brands are Zhejiang Jiemei Umbrella Co., Ltd, Alibaba.com, and OK umbrellas.

If you are buying umbrellas from China umbrella factory, you can contact LeelineSourcing.

They would provide you with the best possible rates from all the factories. They will also solve your problems of logistics, shipment, and customs clearance.

What is the best website to buy wholesale umbrellas from China?

Many websites are available that let you buy wholesale umbrellas from China. However, one of the most important names in this field is Alibaba.com.

They have several suppliers available on their platform. This allows you to select the best quality products of different varieties. You can wholesale fashion umbrellas along with craft umbrellas wholesale products.

Alibaba is also a good platform to ship products to almost everywhere around the world.

The trust they have built and their reliability make them unique in the e-commerce world. Thus, we would suggest Alibaba as the best website to buy wholesale umbrellas from China.

How do I buy umbrellas directly from China?

There are many methods through which you can buy umbrellas directly from China. We have discussed all these points in this article.

However, we will summarize all the discussions. Alibaba.com is a good source to buy wholesale umbrellas directly from China using a website.

If you don’t like e-commerce buying, you can contact Chinese umbrella manufacturers. You can place your order, and they will ship your order to you once it’s ready.

LeelineSourcing provides a comfortable and efficient method to buy wholesale umbrellas from China.

They provide you with the details of manufacturers along with the best prices. They will also solve all the problems of logistics, paperwork, and shipment for you.

You have to place an order for them, and they would carry out all the tiring jobs for you. These were some of the best ways you can use to buy wholesale umbrellas directly from China.

In this way, you can easily wholesale umbrellas from China. We hope this article will be helpful to you. Goodbye!

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