Dropshipping Alibaba To Amazon

We HELP businesses start and EXPAND by dropshipping products from China. You get our services MORE COMPETITIVE and professional at the LOWEST PRICES. 

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Dropshipping Alibaba To Amazon

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Is Dropshipping From Alibaba To Amazon Online profitable in 2024

You generate a HIGH PROFIT by reselling the product from Alibaba to Amazon. It is profitable BECAUSE more merchants started buying products from Amazon.

When you buy from the more vast product supplier platform Alibaba and SELL on Amazon, you get MORE SALES. Dropshipping from Alibaba to Amazon is now becoming a trend for beginners. It helps them EXPAND their BUSINESS FASTER.

Is Dropshipping From Alibaba To Amazon  Online profitable

Wholesale Alibaba Products For Dropshipping


Wholesale Brush


Wholesale Chapstick

Rainbow Bath Bombs

Wholesale Bath Bombs

Neck Cream

Wholesale Neck Cream


Wholesale Slippers

Computer Backpack

Wholesale Computer Backpack

Our Alibaba Dropshipping Services Include:

Sourcing product suppliers

Sourcing Product Suppliers

You get FAST replies from suppliers within 24-48 hours. Our EXPERT supplier negotiates at every step to FULFILL the product quality.


Product Quality Control

We PROVIDE product quality testing. You get quality productsthat are WORTH your MONEY. YOUR whole inventory receives double-checking from us to meet ISO standards.

Product Quality Control
branded dropshipping

Branded Dropshipping

PUT your brand label on your manufactured PRODUCTS.  Your customer count increases, fascinated by your branded products. Making your mark in the market.

We help you SAVE COSTS throughout your e-commerce business.

Private Label & White Label Products

YOUR brand grows through our UNIQUE labeling services. We print the brand logo on each product and give it nice packaging.

Pushing customers to make purchase at first look through attractive product photography.

Private Label & White Label
Dropshipping & Fulfillment

Dropshipping Fulfillment

We PROVIDEdrop shipping fulfillment to SAVE you time and MONEY. You GET your product delivered to your DOORSTEP before the turnaround TIME.

Your focus on marketing as our experts manage your fulfillment process.

Why choose us?

More Profit

We provide our services at SMALL COSTS, so you invest more in BUSINESS EXPANSION. You sell more products and gain 2X profit. No loss guaranteed profit.

Fulfillment & Shipping

Once you start working with us,you NO LONGER DEAL with shipping management. We PROVIDE safe delivery on time. You GET 18 DELIVERY OPTIONS according to your budget and product need.

Inventory Management

WePROVIDEprofessional inventory management of your products as per your needs. We keep checking the SAFETY and QUALITY of your products. You get NO LOSS of any product at our inventory storage.

Hear it from fellow Alibaba Dropshipper

I’ve chosen Leelinesourcing to MANAGE my business for overfive years. Their product sourcing services have EARNED me a SIGNIFICANT PROFIT. Their suppliers negotiate well to SAVE you more MONEY. I expanded my business to 2X in a year only with the help of Leelinesourcing.

– Bob , USA

Source Your Alibaba Products and Start Dropshipping

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How to Dropshipping From Alibaba And Sell On Amazon?

Dropshipping Alibaba to Amazon is POSSIBLE and easy. Unfortunately, not many entrepreneurs know this. Causing them to LOSE on profit opportunities. 

As an Amazon dropshipping expert, I crafted this article to teach you EXACTLY how to dropship from Alibaba to Amazon. And listed its pros and cons, including top tips you shouldn’t miss! 

Start your Alibaba dropshipping business on Amazon without delay! 

Keep reading to find quality products to boost your dropshipping business!

Buy on Alibaba and sell on Amazon

Pros and Cons: Buy on Alibaba and sell on Amazon

Product sourcing From Alibaba to Amazon FBA is one of the building blocks of your Amazon sales. There are multiple aspects to focus on while buying from Alibaba and selling on Amazon store. To highlight those sections, I have added pros and cons.


  • You can grab quality merchandise from Alibaba and selling it on Amazon to gain a place among best sellers on Amazon.
  • Access to wholesale prices with minimum order quantity from different suppliers on Alibaba. We’ve tried buying just one product piece from Alibaba. Making it perfect for businesses on a budget. 
  • Many suppliers are available with a money-back guarantee. I use the ALIBABA TRADE ASSURANCE and pay through it. It gives my bucks back in case of quality or shipping conflicts. That is quite EASY business.
  • Negotiations with most suppliers are straightforward to hold.
  • Access to particular product samples from the reliable supplier.


  • You might interact with defrauders who will send you low-quality products.
  • Competition is high, leading to difficult survival on Amazon.
  • It’s possible that other people will buy your original concept. Counterfeiting or infringement of intellectual property rights ( IPI ) may be involved.

What kind of Products is Worth Selling On Amazon?

  • Retail price between $25 to 50

We found that this price range makes it simple to cover direct costs such as the cost of goods sold, Amazon’s fees, and advertising costs.

Higher than $50? I saw the conversion rate drop significantly. Causing sales to go down! 

  • Low seasonality

We’re after the products that sell throughout the year and not merely during specific seasonal periods.

The Google Trend Report is incorporated with the Chrome Extension to distinguish seasonal sales spikes you could avoid.

  • Under 200 reviews

The products with negative or positive reviews under 200 are great, but for the top Amazon seller (fewer than 100 is superb!)

  • Small (fits in a shoebox) and Lightweight

It is much faster and easier to import through Air, so you need something that won’t be too costly to import.

Suggested reading: Best China Products To Import
  • Can be improved

You could implement the feedback from your competitor’s item reviews and make an improved and superior item.

Suggested reading: Aliexpress Reviews
  • Easy to Manufacture

You don’t want to run into quality control or manufacturing process challenges, right? Stay away from electronics, glass, or highly complex products.

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Best 7 Tools Help You Start Amazon Business

In different surveys conducted, the new sellers on the Amazon FBA platform say that they found it challenging to select the products for their Amazon FBA business.

Nowadays, there’re various distinctive keyword research tools, and here, we’ve listed the best tools to discover the products for Amazon. We tried and tested each one for several weeks! 

Jungle ScoutThe Amazon sellers love Jungle scout as this tool is available for chrome users as a chrome extension to give product ideas.
With this tool, then you get case studies, e-books, and webinars to grow your own brand.
AMZ ScoutAmz Scout is a comprehensive and competitive method for discovering products. The AMZ Scout website has a free FBA Fee Calculator and a free Amazon Sales Estimator.
AMZ BaseBy using this tool, Sellers can discover the ASIN numbers and the descriptions of products in no time.
Likewise, the site gives quick access to Alibaba, AliExpress, CamelCamelCamel, eBay, and Google web search tools.
KeepaKeepa’s Product Viewer and Product Tracker could be downloaded for free.
The app is consistently updated to ensure that clients approach the latest products accessible, and Keepa likewise offers access to bestseller lists to make the procedure much quicker.
CamelCamelCamelThe users can download this tool, and they can use it as an application or even in their web browsers; the choice is yours.
There is a handy list of the favorite products among the buyers on the website’s main page.
Keyword InspectorIt is a suite of Amazon selling tools. By using this tool, you can do the following:
1. straight keyword search
3. Reverse ASIN searches
4. Indexation Tester
5. keyword trends
Google Trends By using Google trends, you can make sure that your profitable products will sell on the Amazon site.
1. The popularity of Your Product
2. Where Your exact same Product Is Most Popular
3. Previous Similar Trends
4. Times Suitable For Your Product
5. Sneak On Your Competitors
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How To Buy From Alibaba Safely And Cheaply?

For me, buying cheaply is not a BIG deal. I have worked with Alibaba suppliers for years. You must check the rates. Compare and find the BEST one. That is where you get both the quality and lower cost.

Alibaba is a safe site where businesses source products in bulk to resell online or in a brick-and-mortar store. But, some buyers complain that they got scammed. To some extent, it is 100% true. You know, why? No matter you are using Alibaba or Amazon, there are some risks involved. 

It’s not a problem at all. I always buy the cheapest Alibaba products safely. Here are some of the tips that stuck to my mind: 

It’s not a problem at all. There are multiple steps to buy safely. For example:

  • Look for Trade assurance suppliers with trade insurance
  • Discuss prices with the other sellers
  • Determine the payment methods such as bank transfer
  • Watch out for counterfeit goods
  • Risk of miscommunication while contacting manufacturers from around the world due to the language barrier

You can then begin by using the search bar to find the exact product that you are looking to sell. Alibaba will provide you with similar product categories and manufacturers. You should order samples from more than one manufacturer so that you can compare the quality. You should always order samples before committing to a larger order. It may feel frustrating to wait, but it will be worth it if it helps you find the right product and avoid any duds. You should avoid fraud scams when buying on Alibaba and importing from China

To get a detailed guide, check—How To Buy From Alibaba: Ultimate Guide

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How To Arrange Your Alibaba to Amazon FBA shipping?

I believe you are an Amazon FBA seller. Am I right? Since Amazon FBA requires you to transport inventory to the Amazon FBA warehouse. So, how will you do that? It seems problematic, right? If it is true, no problem. There are multiple shipping methods to check out:

  • Express Shipping
  • Air Freight
  • Ocean Freight

Depending on your delivery time and shipping costs, choose any of them to ship directly to Amazon warehouse. Beginner sellers can usually go through a supplier to arrange to ship since the first shipment will likely be small enough for air shipping vs. sea shipment.

Alternatively, you follow what I always do. And that’s to find a freight forwarder who will help arrange sea shipments, customs clearance, packaging, and more. For a detailed guide, check— Amazon FBA Shipping: The Complete Guide 2022

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How To Start Selling On Amazon Successfully?

How To Start Selling On Amazon Successfully?

Are you starting your journey as an Amazon seller? Great! Keep an eye on the best seller position on Amazon. Remember, there is no need for a business license for your buy and sell online business.

Let me help you achieve success much faster than expected. Here is a good strategy I learned after a decade of helping business owners sell on Amazon. 

1. Conduct product research

Product research is the first and crucial step. To hunt down the products, you can try multiple product research tools such as AMZ scout and Helium 10.

I have used Helium 10. It is a GREAT TOOL when it comes to product research. It gives a detailed analysis of the COMPETITORS and their best-selling products.

2. List the inventory

Listing is the INVENTORY is the first step to sell. I always optimize the listings with the KEYWORDS to rank better and higher. It gives me a boost to move ahead of my competitors.

If you have found the correct item and want to create custom products for your brand, nothing is better than that. Open Amazon seller central account. Have a proper plan and list the items. Do SEO, add high-quality images, and put videos of your private label product with your own custom logo in product listings if possible. You can have several brand names, depending how many brands you want to launch.

Suggested reading: Alibaba Custom Packaging

3. Keep an eye on the price

Clients focus on the average price. If your product price is higher than others, you might not be able to sell more items than your competitors. So, what is a plan of action in that case? Nothing special.

Check the price of products from other Amazon sellers and list competitive prices. I check the price of products from other Amazon sellers and list competitive prices. Sometimes, I even keep a Price lower than my competitors to get some POTENTIAL customers and make them permanent. It is a very EFFECTIVE strategy.

To work out your profit margin, you will need to subtract your costs from your sale price.

4. Do proper marketing

Marketing engages people and lets them know why they should prefer your item. It is the step where you need to make more fan following and implement more struggle. Even you have to try Amazon sponsored products ads to get the results.

5. Boom!

Have you done all? If yes, nothing else is essential. All the above steps will take you to the heights of success in no time.

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If you hard to negotiate with suppliers and pay on alibaba.com safely?

LeelineSourcing is ready to help you buy products from Alibaba low cost and efficiently.

FAQs About How to Buy On Alibaba And Sell On Amazon

Is selling products on Amazon free?

No. Selling on Amazon is not free. You have to choose Amazon FBA for the fixed monthly fees of $39.99. Amazon controls order fulfillment for you.

For Amazon FBM, you need to pay $0.99 per item sale. In this case, order fulfillment counts on you.

Is buying products on Alibaba safe?

There is no difficulty when you find Alibaba supplier.

Your money is safe and secure as long as you use Alibaba’s payment system. Like other eCommerce sites, some scammers are there on Alibaba. You need to contact supplier and ensure it is authentic and will send you the original item.

For this purpose, you can check the product reviews and find trade assurance program verified suppliers. This program reduces risks by providing a refund guarantee if a few Alibaba suppliers do not comply with the terms of the contract, including inconsistencies in product quality and quantity, as well as delays in delivery. Trade assurance will provide you with safety.
Suggested reading: Alibaba Refund Experience

How to defeat the competitors on Amazon?

No doubt, there is high competition on Amazon, but you can survive and defeat your opponent. So, how? Apply the following techniques:

1. Keep the affordable price of the products
2. Offer discounts to the premium buyers
3. Sell a quality product that is worth the price

How to rank the products on Amazon?

Since there are thousands of products on Amazon, it is hard for sellers to rank on the top pages. If the same problem persists for you, no worries at all. Follow the tips:

1. Conduct proper products research by using tools
2. Find lucrative keywords to rank in search results
3. Add videos to your products
4. Describe your products in detail

Is it legal to resell products from Alibaba?

Your business comes up as reselling products from China, often under your own private label brand. However, you must ensure that the products are not copyright and trademark infringing. You also need to ensure that the products you want to resell are not subjected to counterfeiting or IP infringement.

What’s Next

Overall, sellers aim to find the best way to gain good profit margins. But, still, some gaps remain unfilled in between the sourcing products. That’s what it takes us to buy from Alibaba and resell products on Amazon.

When purchasing products from Alibaba gold supplier, always be on the safe side. If you are a new business or don’t know how can you do that. Simply get in touch with Leeline Sourcing to find suppliers and sell Alibaba products on Amazon right away!

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