How To Sell On Amazon UK : Ultimate Guide 2021

Sharline Shaw

Amazon is one of the largest online platforms that offer numerous products for online selling and purchasing products.

Usually, people like that how to sell on Amazon UK?

Selling products on Amazon UK will allow you to get access to various marketplaces of different countries that fall in Europe.

The entrance to the EU marketplace means you can get the benefit of selling your products to more than 240 million customers.

Today, we will discuss all the necessary information required for setting up the Amazon account in the UK from the US.

How To Sell On Amazon UK

Why Sell On Amazon UK?

The main reason behind the attraction for sellers on Amazon is that this eCommerce platform has a broad base of customers.

Most of the people who want to reach a wide range of customers and want an instant output of their selling. Amazon is the best place.

However, there is a wide range of advantages to selling products on Amazon. But we mention a few reasons for affiliate marketers, especially for newbies.

· A Vast Number Of Potential Customers

Usually, people use search engines to get information about any particular thing or product. But most of the potential customers visit Amazon directly if they want to buy something.

The numbers of customers are much higher on Amazon as compared to many other popular eCommerce platforms like eBay.

The primary reason behind the significant number of customers is that it is easy for the customers to find their desired product with the desired rate and quality. Additionally, Amazon applies numerous rules and regulations to protect the rights of both customers and sellers.

· Low Startup Costs

The primary issue with the startup of business is the need for upfront investment, and many companies need thousands of dollars to get started.

But at Amazon, you just need a minimal amount for setting up the online business, and even you can start a business with some items available at your home.

However, you only need to arrange a few basics requirements like computer and internet connection to connect with the online community.

· No Need For Separate Online Setup

Generally, for online eCommerce business, the business owners need to build a website with eCommerce features.

Mostly the business owners don’t know about website development; therefore, the Amazon platform eliminates the need for a separate site. It allows the users to create an account using their email id and start selling products immediately.

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Benefits For Selling On Amazon Uk

It is the dream of every retailer to maximize their profits by selling more and more products. It is only possible if you run a known eCommerce platform along with a strong relationship with customers.

However, it is somehow difficult for new retailers to build a relationship with customers.

Amazon also facilitates its users with a lot of benefits that generally new retailers face. The following are the few benefits, especially for newbies.

· Strong Infrastructure

Amazon has a robust infrastructure that is not easy to beat even by many known eCommerce platforms. The main reason behind it is that it operates in most of the countries around the world. Therefore, more people have access to products on this platform.

In the personal eCommerce platform, business owners need to spend a lot of amount on advertisements and other promotional activities. Therefore, it automatically increases the cost of operating the online business.

Amazon spends a remarkable amount from their earnings on different promotional activities that are not possible for a new business to compete.

· Low Fees

Usually, people talk about the fees charged on Amazon and mention that it cut down their profits. But it is foolishness to solely to look at the cost charged and ignore the benefits.

When we compare the prices we need to build and run the website, it seems very minimal. Additionally, getting a well-organized and well-known platform adds value and provides a real return of money.

Furthermore, driving the massive traffic to the website requires SEO. A lot of effort is required in terms of money and time. But the risk of failure always remains present even after a lot of struggles.

Amazon eliminated all these risks and charged the retailers only if they make the sale. Also, users can cover the cost charged by Amazon by re-arranging their pricing plans or by increasing the number of deals with little efforts.

· Customer Easiness

One of the most important for capturing the customer is by providing an easy steps process for completing the purchase.

Shoppers don’t like the platforms where they have to face the complicated process of finding and selecting their desired products. Because they get confused with it and, as a result, close the website.

However, you can build a unique brand on this platform by providing discount offers on bulk purchases. You can also make custom deals and sell your products that are genuinely new in the world.

Amazon gives you the best platform that is not only easy for customers to operate and complete the purchasing process. But also provide a lot of options for you to make your brand known to the world.

Step-By-Step Guide To Selling On Amazon Uk

In this guide, we will provide you complete information about creating and managing the account. Let’s take a brief look at them.

Step 1: Decide What You Want To Sell

Before registering you as a seller, ensure that you have a perfect product plan that you can implement for increasing the sales and profit as well. Here we will suggest some points that you must consider. Let’s have a look at them.

It is an essential part of selling products on Amazon, or you can say it is necessary for every online business. You can find the best products that are trending and have more customers of this product.

Market research is the only way of getting comprehensive information about it. It will not only help to increase sales but also provide an opportunity to build a relationship with customers.

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Best Selling Products On Amazon

Step 2: Select The Seller Account Type

In the first step, you have to select between the accounts types available on Amazon. There are two types of seller accounts offered by Amazon, i.e., Professional Plan and Individual Plan.

Both these plans offer listing the products in more the twenty categories. But the professional plan provides an additional ten categories for listing the products that are not available in an individual account.

· Individual Plan

This plan is the best option if you are going to make 35 or fewer shipments in a month. The setup is free of cost and doesn’t require any type of subscription fee.

But you have to pay fee against every sale you made on Amazon as a commission that is $0.99 per shipment. Besides, you also have to pay referral fees and some variable closing fee.

· Professional Plan

The established brands mostly use this plan type, but it is useless if you will make shipments less than 35 like the individual plan. This plan requires a monthly subscription instead of a commission on every sale.

The subscription fee of this plan is $39.99 per month, and you have to pay an additional amount as a referral and variable closing fee every month. This fee is charged per sale, but the professional plan charges it as a monthly fix amount.

Step 3: Create An Account

After selecting the account type you want to create, you have to provide the required information for creating the account.

Most of the information required is private, but it is essential to complete the account creation process as well as for making transactions on Amazon.

It is easy to complete the process in just a few steps, but make sure that you are providing correct information. Therefore, we recommend reviewing the complete information you provided before clicking on the finish button.

· Business Name

You have to provide your business name that is visible to customers of the Amazon marketplace. We suggest you select the name relevant to your product’s category and create an attraction for customers.

· Legal Name And Address

Amazon required to name as a reference if you already have the account with them. If you are going to select the professional plan, then you must use the business name and address. It creates a positive impact on customers.

· Contact Information

This information is essential for both Amazon and your potential customers. You will receive all the notifications, updates, payment details, and even any type of communication that will be done on this information.

By using this information, customers can contact directly with you or representative of your company. But, you have the option to provide different contact details for Amazon and customers depending on your needs.

· Shipment Address

Sometimes, companies practice that they ship from other locations like their warehouses that are not the same as their business address.

This option can create an attraction for some customers even though it doesn’t have any impact on time and date for the delivery of products.

· Bank Account Details

You have to provide bank details for receiving payments against the sales you made. Usually, payment from customers is received by amazon.

After completion of the delivery process, this payment is transferred to the seller. Amazon makes payments to suppliers every 14 days directly in their accounts.

· Tax Information

You also have to provide tax information about your business or if you have a sole proprietorship. Then you can submit your social security number.

Additionally, if you are registered as an employer, they also provide an employer identification number. All the sellers have to fill out W-8 or W-9 for the same information.

· Shipping Options

This section requires information about shipping areas available for your customers. Here, you have to mention that whether the customers only from your local area can buy products or you can ship it internationally.

You can also specify the areas where you can provide expedited shipping.

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Cutting Off Shipping Expense

Step 4: Product Listing

Product listing is vital for selling products on Amazon. It not only helps the potential customers to find the product easily but also creates attraction and forces them to buy it.

Therefore, make sure that the following steps are applied adequately for product listing.

· Unique Product Code (Upc)

Most of the retail stores are familiar with it. UPC is an extended code along with graphics that checkout staff can scan on every sale.

Before listing the products, you have to buy a UPC for your product. It creates a sense of trust that your product is genuine and reliable.

For Amazon, the UPC must be compliant with GS11. If you have more than one product, then you have to buy a separate code for every product.

· Product Title

Amazon allows the sellers to add up the product title length up to 500 characters. However, in some cases, it is limited to 250 characters.

But it is sufficient even to describe the product in detail. Therefore, you can check that many products on amazon showing their title as a short description of the product. The more information you provide in the title, the better results you will get.

You can include the main keywords of your product in the title and can consist of all the necessary elements you want to add. For example, you can find product specifications in terms of weight, color, size, type, brand, model number, and many more.

· Product Images

Amazon requires the sellers to add at least five images for every product. It also allows adding more as you want.

These images describe the product from every angle. For example, customers can view the shape, design, packaging, and many more. It is the perfect way to attract customers and automatically go for purchasing when it sees the product from different angles.

· Comprehensive Details

Amazon provides a lot of space to sellers for describing the product, and you can upload information as much as you can. Just below the shipping and pricing details, bullet points are available for adding data.

We recommend you to make various bullet points for your product to highlight the features and benefits.

You can also use related keywords in this section that not only helps the customers to search for products on Amazon. But also provide rating your product page in search engine results.

· Description And Category

However, product description loses its importance after adding bullet points. But it still essential for providing information about the product that is not possible in bullet points.

Again, you can use keywords in the description and provide all the information that generally, customers asked frequently.

You must make sure that you add the right category for your product. You can cross verify this by checking the category of competitor’s products and use similar categories for your products.

Step 5: Sell On Amazon Uk And Manager Orders

After creating an account and do proper listing as per the above-mentioned criteria, surely, you will get order shortly.

Therefore, get ready for managing the orders. The following are the few steps that help you to know about the complete order system. It will tell you how you can manage your orders.

· Inventory Management

Just after receiving the order, Amazon deducts the particular quantity from the available stock in your account. If that was the last item, then the product will be removed from listing and shown in the manage page under zero stock.

In the meanwhile, Amazon verifies the payment from the customer. In case the customer fails to provide payment verification, the order will be canceled automatically.


· Pending Order

After receiving the order, Amazon holds the order for 30 minutes and let the customers cancel the order. If the order canceled by the customer at that time, it will be sent to cancel the orders section.

· Order Acceptance

After payment confirmation, Amazon sends a notification for order acceptance to the seller. At this stage, the seller has the option to accept or reject the order. But keep in mind, order cancellation may make the buyer leave negative ratings about you.

As you accept the order, a confirmation email sent to the buyer along with essential shipping details like date, time, etc.

· Unshipped Orders

Accepted orders are automatically transferred to the unshipped orders. You have to confirm the shipment along with the necessary shipment documents.

Furthermore, you have to confirm the shipment within 30 days of the order. Otherwise, your order will be canceled automatically, even though the shipment is made.

You have to ensure that the order is shipped on the provided address by using the recommended shipment method.

· Ship By Amazon FBA

Amazon introduces its shipment services with the name “Fulfillment by Amazon.” In this service, Amazon let the sellers send their stock in the warehouses or shipment houses of Amazon.

Upon receiving of order, Amazon shipped the order to customers and also provides customer support on behalf of sellers.

You can get this service by upgrading your account to amazon prime. Amazon also offers two-day delivery or free shipment to Amazon customers.

The primary benefit to sellers can get from this service is that it reduces the cost of managing the inventory and warehouse as well.

Most of the retailers’ practices to ship the order directly to warehouses of Amazon. In this way, they get the added benefit of transportation.

For example, instead of receiving the order at your place and then re-ship it to amazon warehouse, you can ship the order directly to Amazon.

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· Get Paid

After the completion of the shipment process, the buyer confirms the receiving of goods. The payment then transferred to your bank account as per the schedule.

Usually, the transactions made every 14 days. Upon completion of the first 14 days period, you can receive the payment regularly.

What To Sell On Amazon Uk: Products You Can Sell

Amazon UK allows you to sell a wide range of products if they are not prohibited as per the rules and regulations of shipping country or region.

You can sell any product under the following categories. However, some of them require approval, and we mention those categories as well.

  • Amazon Device Accessories
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Baby Products (Excluding Apparel) – Available to Professional Sellers only
  • Books
  • Camera & Photo
  • Cell Phones
  • Clothing & Accessories – Available to Professional Sellers only
  • Electronics – May require approval for certain products
  • Grocery & Gourmet Food – Available to Professional Sellers only
  • Health & Personal Care – Available to Professional Sellers only
  • Home & Garden
  • Industrial & Scientific
  • Jewelry – Available to Professional Sellers only
  • Luggage & Travel Accessories – Available to Professional Sellers only
  • Musical Instruments
  • Office Products
  • Outdoors
  • Personal Computers
  • Shoes, Handbags & Sunglasses – Available to Professional Sellers only
  • Software & Computer Games- May require approval for certain products
  • Tools & Home Improvement
  • Sports
  • Toys & Games
  • Video, DVD & Blu-Ray – Available to Professional Sellers only
  • Video Games & Video Game Consoles – May require approval for certain products
  • Watches – Available to Professional Sellers only
  • Wine – Available to Professional Sellers only

Products You Can’t Sell On Amazon Uk

Amazon sells millions of products every year but puts strict rules and regulations for certain types of products. Following is the list of products that are prohibited from sale on Amazon.

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Liquor licenses
  • Products marked as for sale to over 21 years of age only
  • Raw alcohol
  • Animal feces
  • Live creatures
  • Illegal wildlife products
  • Plant pests
  • Three-dimensional artwork
  • Textile, anthropological and archaeological-based art
  • Artwork without artist name
  • Hand-painted artwork
  • Motor vehicles that require registrations
  • Photo blocker sprays
  • License plate covers
  • Oxygen simulators
  • CAT, DPF or EGR delete kits
  • HID conversion kits
  • Used tires
  • Cell jammers
  • GPS jammers
  • Laser jammers
  • PCS jammers
  • Radar jammers
  • Wi-Fi jammers
  • Bithionol
  • Chloroform
  • Halogenated salicylanilides
  • Methylene chloride
  • Vinyl chloride
  • Zirconium-containing products
  • Swetha posing oil
  • Illegal drugs and narcotics
  • Explosives, Weapons, Export Controls
  • Unregistered infant formula
  • Goat’s milk infant formula
  • HIPP formula and milk products
  • Gambling & Lottery products
  • & few more
Products You Can't Sell

Pricing Your Products On Amazon

Amazon allows the sellers to display the price of products, and this price is posted in various places like on the product page, search pages, etc.

Amazon implements two rule criteria for reference price that you must have to meet for displaying the price.

  • The price must comply with the sale price at which you or another seller make some sales.
  • You have to confirm that the prices you provide are applicable for the current sale.

If your product price doesn’t meet the criteria mentioned above, and you don’t have the list price. Then leave the price field blank and use this field only in case you are running a temporary time-bound promotion.

In the case of running a deal, Amazon can use the lower price from the sales price or your price.  You can’t change the sale price or your price for manipulating the reference price used for a deal.

Amazon will penalize you and can’t allow substantial sales at this price. You may face penalties like suspension and termination of the selling account. 

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How To Sell On Amazon UK From USA

Amazon is a great marketplace that lets the users sell the products to the European market. Even you can make sales on amazon from the USA to the UK. But to get this facility, you have to fulfill a few requirements that we are going to discuss now. Stay with us.

· Business Registration

The first thing that you need for starting sales from the US to the UK requires business registration. Here you have two options:

(a) Use Current LLC

If you want to use your current LLC for selling products in the US, then you have to register for VAT immediately.

After registration for VAT, you have to pay the sales tax. Both the UK and USA, amazon accounts are interlinked and in case of a problem with any problem. Both accounts got suspended and sales as well.

(b) Register New Company

The second option is to register a new company in the UK, and it doesn’t require you to register for VAT immediately.

Also, both UK and US amazon accounts remain separate, and the problem with one account doesn’t create a problem for another.

Register New Company

Importing And Paying VAT

For importing the goods from one country to another, you have to fulfill specific requirements like custom clearance, import duties or any other administrative fee, etc.

If you want to import goods into Europe, you have to provide EORI (economic operator registration and identification) number. If you don’t have this number, you can apply for it online and get a response in three days.

Furthermore, they also required product code so that customs officials check the legal status of products in Europe.

As we mentioned earlier, if you are using an existing company name, you have to pay VAT immediately. But if you are registering a new one, then you can delay the VAT registration until you reach the taxable threshold.

Importing And Paying VAT

Sending And Receiving International Payments

As you start selling in Europe from the US, hopefully, you have to receive payments at the international level. For this purpose, you can use Transferwise borderless account for business.

By using this method, you can accept payments easily from across borders. If you want to receive payments in the UK pound, you can add borderless details in the amazon account or can use this for various other currencies.

At the time of payment withdrawal in US dollars, the mid-market exchange rate is applicable with a minimal upfront fee.

Amazon UK VAT

The VAT is a sales tax applicable to the sale of various products in Europe. Sellers have to collect this tax by including it in the price of products and submit them to local tax authorities. Sellers are responsible for VAT compliance in any case.

Even though Amazon offers support for VAT calculations with the help of online tools. But you can hire a third party tax consultant that is beneficial to tackle VAT within the UK and various other market places as well.

You can use amazon services for VAT registration and filing returns for VAT by using Seller central. You can get benefit from this service for sales in the UK, the Czech Republic, and Germany.

It will cost you around €400 per year per country. But you have to provide all the required documentation for this purpose along with bank details.

Amazon UK VAT

Tips For Selling On Amazon Uk And Importing

In this section, we will provide you some tips for importing and selling goods to the UK and European markets.

  • Just make sure that the goods you are going to the sale are permissible in the EU or UK.  There are different rules and regulations for various products in different countries.
  • Must consider using third party services supported by amazon. These services are beneficial for the growth of business and provide the real return of your money.
  • For receiving international payments, you must get a TransferWise borderless account for business for secure transfer of amounts from different countries.
  • You must be aware of sale seasons in different countries based on the type and category of your products.

How Leelinesourcing Help You Sell On Amazon Uk Successfully

Leelinesourcing is a sourcing company based in China. It helps retailers from various countries in completing their purchasing process by providing different services.

Like inspection of stock before shipment, factory audit, transportation support, and many others.

It also provides services for collecting the stock from different orders make their small and suitable packing, and ship it to the desired location. You can save your lot of transportation charges by using this service.


Sell on Amazon UK is an excellent option for retailers to grow their business, especially if you are not a resident of the EU. And want access to the marketplace of different countries for selling and growing the business.

In the above guide, we provide you comprehensive information about all the processes step by step. It surely is beneficial for the growth of your business, and the proper implementation will help you to get desired results in a short time.

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