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The Complete Guide to Sourcing Products From Yiwu Market

As we all know, Yiwu market in China is the biggest market for small commodity wholesale center all over the world. In this market, you can find different types of small goods at the lowest price possible. Ranging from needlework, clothes, caps or toys and household appliances, the market has almost everything you might require. Yiwu enjoys the reputation of “the ocean of small commodity and the paradise of the buyer”. The market attracts thousands of managers based locally and internationally that go there to shop. But for newbies, it is not easy shopping in Yiwu. This is why we at Leelinesourcing have decided to share this purchasing guide with you. It is our hope it will help you. (Related article: Everything You Need To Know About YIWU International Market )

China sourcing

– Transportation

For most foreigners, the first problem going to Yiwu is transportation. How can you travel to Yiwu easily? I will share with you the following ways of arriving at Yiwu faster and smoothly:

1. Non-stop flight

Take America as an example, all of the following cities have non-stop flights to Yiwu: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Washington, Boston, Detroit, Atlanta, Houston, Hawaii, Saipan, Dallas, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Miami, Denver, Orlando, Portland, Manchester, San Jose.

2. Transfer

If there is no non-stop flight in your city, I suggest you transfer your flight to Guangzhou, Shanghai or Hangzhou from which you can take the high-speed rail. This is also very convenient.

The flight from Guangzhou to Yiwu:  (the whole journey is about 2 hours. Cost about $700- $800)


The high-speed rail from Guangzhou to Yiwu: (the whole journey is about 6 hours. Cost about $100-$300)

The flight from Shanghai to Yiwu: the (whole journey is about 6 hours. Cost about $800-$1000)

The high-speed rail from Shanghai to Yiwu: (the whole journey is about 2 hours. Cost about $20-$50)

The flight from Hangzhou to Yiwu: (the whole journey is about 10 hours. Cost about $950-$1100)

The high-speed rail from Hangzhou to Yiwu: (the whole journey is about half an hour. Cost about $10. )

3. From the Yiwu airport/ railway station to the International Trade Mall

When you arrived at Yiwu airport or Yiwu railway station, I suggest you take a taxi to the International Trade Mall. This journey will take you 30 minutes and cost about ¥ 40. However, a taxi driver in the airport or in a railway station will quote directly instead of charge by meter. It is advised that you confirm the price with the taxi driver first.  

– Dietary

When you arrived at Yiwu, be sure to be attracted to a variety of delicious foods.  There various kinds of food near the trade mall to try out. Examples of these foods include Chinese food, west food, fast food, and snacks. If you don’t know which the best restaurant to go, I will introduce some special restaurants for you.

1. Zhenghe Pie

Pie is a traditional fast food which is quite popular among the Chinese people. This restaurant offers affordable price and will be a good fit. It not only offers delicious pie, but also offer rice served with meat and vegetables on top. You can also enjoy nutrient porridge and some other traditional Chinese food. This should be your first restaurant if you’re looking to enjoy some Chinese foods.

Per capita: ¥ 10

Tel: 0537-5182008

Address: NO.7, Seven building, Yiwu trade mall

Business hours: 6:00-20:30, Monday – Sunday

Zhenghe Pie

2. Lajia Private Chef

This is a mid-level restaurant offering authentic Chinese food and featured hot and spicy crayfish. The environment of the hotel and services are also pretty good. It is an ideal choice for if you like spicy food.

Per capita: ¥ 80

Address: NO.299, Yinhai road, Yiwu city

Tel: (0579)81577717

Opening hours: 10:00-02:00, Monday – Sunday

3. Tou Dengke Steak Restaurant

If you want to eat the Western food, you can visit the Tou Dengke restaurant. Here, you can find steak, bread, pottage, coffee, dessert and so on. The prices are affordable  while the food features an authentic tasty. The environment is also comfortable and relaxing.

Per capita: ¥ 50 

Address: NO.21, 12 Building, Xingzhong Community, Choucheng Street.

Tel: 85978098

Opening hours: 11:00-22:00, Monday – Sunday

Tou Dengke Steak Restaurant

4. KFC / McDonald’s

There many KFC, McDonald’s, and fast-food restaurants near the trade mall. They open all-day and are quite convenient.

Per capita: ¥50

Address: NO.1157, Gongren North road, Choucheng street, Yiwu City

NO.903, Chouzhou North road, Yiwu City

NO.404-422, Chouzhou North road, Choucheng Street. (near the Binwang Market)

– Accommodation

After a whole day’s of touring the market, I believe you can’t wait to find a good hotel to have a rest. Don’t worry as there are so many hotels of different sizes and prices near the trade mall you can check in. You can easily pick one and enjoy a wonderful night as you look forward to the next day. Let’s have a look at some good hotel choices for you:

1. Wanzi Delicate Hotel

This is a mid-level hotel at a convenient location next to the commercial district of the International Trade Mall. With convenient transportation, simple and fashionable decoration, it is a comfortable and warm choice.

House types: double rooms, standard rooms, chess and card rooms.

Hotel services: breakfast, airport pickup, receive foreign guests, laundry, left luggage, morning call.

Room facilities: WiFi, free local call, blower, 24 hours hot water.

Hotel facilities: Chinese restaurant, disabled facilities, smokeless rooms, chess, and card rooms.

Reference price: ¥ 116

Address: 8 Building, Yinhai 1 District, Yiwu City

Tel : (0579)85830666

2.Yuejia Business Hotel

This is a modern business hotel with elegant decoration and complete supporting facilities.

 House types: double rooms, standard rooms, chess, and card rooms

 Main facilities: WiFi, Parking lot, left luggage, thermos, blower

Hotel services:foreign currency exchange, laundry service, tourism service, car rental, car-hailing, morning call.

Hotel facilities: chess and card rooms, disability facilities, reception safe box, massage and protect fitness, smoking area.

Reference price: ¥ 93

Address: 21 Building, Yinhai 1 District, Yiwu City

Tel: (0579)81582188

Yuejia Business Hotel

3. Wanhao Hotel

This is a high-level business hotel located in the prosperous business District Center. You can enjoy the beautiful look biggest wetland park in Yiwu up from your hotel. This hotel has a wonderful view, convenient transportation, and an elegant environment.

House types: deluxe room, apartment room, administration room.

Main facilities: WIFI, Parking lot, restaurant, left luggage.

Hotel services: airport pickup, foreign currency exchange, laundry, postal service,

Tourism service, car rental, car-hailing.

Hotel facilities: business center, Chinese restaurant, coffee shop, pub, fitness room,

Disability facilities, reception safe box, VIP room facility.

Room facilities: morning call, national calls, various types of electrical socket outlet,

Small refrigerator, smokeless room, surf the internet, fax machine.

Reference price: ¥ 654

Address: NO. 188, Futian Road, Yiwu City, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province

Tel: (0579)81558888

Wanhao Hotel

Yiwu Purchasing Guide

You can easily settle down in any of the hotels and begin your shopping in Yiwu. Yiwu international trade mall can be divided into five districts. Each district has thousands of storefronts. If you have no idea about main running products in each district, you will waste much time finding what you need. So I will explain the main running products of each floor in each district and help you save your purchase time.

NO.1 District of International Trade Mall

First floor: managing plastic flowers, toys.

Second floor: managing decoration products.

Third floor: managing handicrafts.

Fourth floor: This floor is a direct selling exhibition area for manufacturers. You need to go there only when you want to purchase a huge number of goods.

Yiwu Market

No.2 district of international trade mall

First floor: Managing bags and suitcases and umbrella

Second floor: Managing hardware tools, electrician products, lockset, vehicle.

Third floor: Managing hardware kitchen and bath, home appliances, telecommunications equipment, electronic instruments, timekeeper and so on.

Fourth floor: Exhibition areas for local commodities.

Fifth floor: Foreign trade purchase service center.

The NO.2 district supports functions and service organizations such as Industry and Commerce, tax administration, local police station, bank, restaurant, logistics, postal service, telecommunication service etc. What’s more, there is a four-star hotel with a loop line tourism car that offers you convenient transportation and accommodation.

Yiwu Market

NO.3 district of international trade mall

First floor: Managing glasses, pen and ink, paper products.

Second floor: Managing working and studying tools, sporting articles of use, sporting equipment.

Third floor: Managing cosmetics, washing and protecting skin products, hairdressing and beauty, equipment, mirror and comb.

Fourth floor: Cultures and sports tools, cosmetics, glasses, button, zipper.

Fifth floor: rooftop parking lot

The NO.3 district has a surface parking lot and rooftop parking lot, modern logistics, e-commerce, international trade, financial service, and other complete service functions like accommodation, restaurant, entertainment etc.

Yiwu Market

NO.4 district international trade mall.

First floor: Managing socks.

Second floor: Managing general merchandise, glove, hat and cap, needle, and cotton.

Third floor: Managing shoes, string, rope, lacework, necktie, woolen yarn, and towel.

Fourth floor: Managing underwear, belt, scarf

In the NO.4 district, there are modern logistics, e-commerce, international trade, financial service, eating area and drinking service. What’s more, there is a 4D dynamic cinema, tourism, shopping and some other characteristic commerce service.

Yiwu Market

NO.5 district of international trade mall

First floor: Managing jewelry decorations, handiwork, food, health care products, general merchandise, clothes, shoes, hat and cap, African products.

Second floor: bedclothes

Third floor: raw material of spinning and knitting.

Fourth floor: car accessories and mountings.

Fifth floor: trade service area.

Yiwu Market

– About language

There is still a major problem you need to be aware of when you are purchasing,language barrier. In Yiwu market, most of sellers cannot speak English. Unless you can speak Chinese, then there will be communication problems between you and those sellers. However, there is no need to worry about this as Leelinesourcing has the professional buyers to help you recognize the high quality goods. Not only do we help you avoid cheating, but also help you negotiate the lowest price. We help you save a lot at the end. If you have this kind of needs, please tell us and we will help you.

– About logistics

After you’ve purchased your goods, you can confirm the detailed packaging forms with sellers and then consign the goods in this district’s logistics center.

– About shopping

 If you want buy luxuries or clothes, Yiwu international trade mall is not the proper place. This is because there are no proper places for shopping clothes. If you want to shop clothes and luxuries, I suggest you to go to Business Street in city center.

– About transportation

Although these five districts in Yiwu international trade mall are not far away from each other, each district occupies a huge area. If you only depend on walking, then you will be very tired. I will show you some public transport lines you can use:

International trade mall NO.1 district to NO.2 district

Take Yiwu NO.123bus; get on the bus at international trade mall NO.1 district station. Pass one station and then get off at international trade mall NO.2 district station.

International trade mall NO.1 district to NO.3 district

Take Yiwu NO.367 bus; get on the bus at international trade mall phase II station. Pass three stations and then get off at international trade mall at the leather ingredients station.

International trade mall NO.1 district to NO.4 district

Take Yiwu NO.363 bus; get on the bus at international trade mall west station. Pass three stations and then get off at international trade mall phase III south station.

International trade mall NO.1 district to NO.5 district

Take Yiwu NO.802 bus; get on the bus at international trade mall No.1 district station. Pass three stations and then get off at international trade mall NO.5 district south station.

Scenic spot in Yiwu

If you have some spare time and in no hurry to return after your shopping, you can spend some time and go to some scenic spots and historical sites in Yiwu. The journey will not be in vain. The following are some famous scenic spot in Yiwu:

1. Buddha Hall Ancient Town

Buddha Hall located in South Yiwu. It is a small town with ancient and modern. Main scenic spot has Buddha Hall Old Street, double wood monastery, ancient dwelling, Wanshan floating bridge etc.

Buddha Hall Ancient Town

2. Luo Binwang Park

This is a park established to commemorate a famous poet called Luo Binwang in Tang Dynasty. In this historic park, there are pavilions strew at random, circuitous winding corridor, white gooses swimming at lakes and a lush forest. It keeps a pure and nature state in the business center.

Luo Binwang Park

3. Qi’s Army Memorial Hall

Qi’s Army is a pride of all Yiwu people. Qi’s Army Memorial Hall located in a low and flat canyon with perfectly rounded and regular fluctuation mountain. There two massive gate towers stand majestically. Besides the gate towers, there are The Great Wall made by blue flagstones. It along with terrain, extend to south and north mountains. It inspires our respect and pride to the ancient’s spirit of patriotism and loyalty to serve the country.

Qi’s Army Memorial Hall

Ending this purchasing journey

In the end, don’t forget to go home after you finish your purchasing. Remember to take care of your passport, credit card, and other certificates. Contact the hotel in advance and book the pickup service. And then, return the same way you came. Have a nice trip!

All above are Yiwu purchasing guide which Leeline sourcing agent shared with you. Hope it helpful to you. If you have any other problems, you can consult us. We would love to help you. Lastly, welcome to beautiful Yiwu in China, hope you come back with fruitful results and business is booming.

If you have any more questions about FBA, please do get in touch so we can assist you in getting the right information. Leeline sourcing company is involved in different sourcing business that will help your company’s grow, and make your international business better. No matter how big or small your orders are, we will help you source quality and affordable products, and we will ship them directly to you.


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• Business and sourcing ideas: If you walk into our office, we will share business and sourcing ideas with you, even if you are importing yourself, our ideas will help you avoid mistakes that will be costly to your business. Our advice will surely help your business turn out better.

We will keep updating new resources about hot selling item in China, if you are planning to open your online shop and don’t know what kind of products to choose, welcome to subscribe our articles, we will give you some sourcing inspiration.

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