Wholesale Bikes From China: Ultimate Guide 2021

NEVER UNDERESTIMATE the power of the BIKE industry! 

This sentence HOLDS here. Guess how big the bike market will be? 

1 BILLION USD or 2 BILLION. You’re mistaken. 

It is a 6.9 BILLION USD industry. Thousands of bike manufacturers are there in the WORLD. 

Choosing the right one can be the CRUX of the matter. 

Leeline Sourcing has a decade of experience. We help eCommerce sellers choose the TOP bike manufacturers. Your customers remain satisfied. 

Want to go into detail? 

In this article, we will explore the BIKE industry and manufacturers. 


Let’s zoom in! 


Why Start Your Wholesale Bikes Business?

If you are going to wholesale the bikes from China, go ahead, as it is the most profitable option for you because of various reasons. And a few of them are given below:

Body Fitness Has Pushed Many People Into Buying Bicycles

These days everyone wants to look fit, attractive, and smart, and bikes are the best option for physical activities. That’s why they are high in demand and offers a huge profit margin to the sellers.

Bicycles Are Today Fitted With Exciting Features To Attract Customers

The bikes are as simple as they were to be at a time. These days’ bikes come with many fantastic and unique features and therefore attract the attention of the audience. You can get the benefit of it and can offer the bikes with fantastic features, which no one is providing in the market.

Increase In Fuel Prices Will Continue To Force Many Car Owners To Opt For Bicycles

I don’t know when inflation ends. Bicycles have INCREASED my physique and saved some bucks. Healthy life at NO RISK!

It is a universal problem, as the prices of fuels are getting higher; everyone is searching for an economical alternative. And nothing can be better than bikes.

The bikes do not require fuel, it is a better way to save money, but it is also beneficial for the environment.

Wholesale Bikes Business Is Up-And-Coming, And It’s Worth Investing

The bikes come with many advanced and unique features, which no one can ignore. The demand for bikes has been increased, and therefore it can be worth investing for you.

profitable option

Types Of Bicycles You Can Wholesale From China

The following are the bikes you can wholesale from China and can earn a massive amount of money.

Wholesale Mountain Bikes From China

Mountain bikes are designed for off-road cycling. These bikes are some similarities with the other bikes but are also different concerning many other features.

Mountain bikes are high in demand, you can wholesale them from China at low prices, and they sell them in your local market to earn the profit.

Wholesale Kid Bikes From China

The kids’ bikes are the best type of bikes concerning profit margin for a seller in the online market.

I have made MANY GRANDS by selling the kids. As per my experience, 20-30% PROFIT is a normal thing here.

You can get the attention of kids very quickly and sell your products to get the profit.

Wholesale Electric Bikes From China

The electric bikes come with many features, and thee are in demand these days. The motor of electric bikes provides the necessary power to climb the hills. And further, they are foldable, which makes them the most fantastic vehicle for daily uses. So you can find wholes sale the electric bikes to make money.

Wholesale Recreation Bikes From China

The recreation bikes come to entertain the rider. Therefore, bikes bring joy to the faces of the riders. So, you can import the recreation bikes if you have some fun-loving customers.

Wholesale Sales Bikes From China

Rather than new bikes, you can also import the used or sales bikes from China.

40% of MY CUSTOMERS search for USED bikes. And I provide them with a FAIR PROFIT.

These bikes come with the same fantastic features but at the lowest prices, which make them the best option for those who are searching for cheap or economical bikes.

Wholesale Ladies Bikes From China

The men or women both love the bikes equally. You can import the bikes for the ladies, as they prefer the bikes over cars as compared to men, as the bikes can be an excellent option for exercise to stay healthy.

Wholesale Urban Bikes From China

Urban bikes are designed for intracity traveling and to cover the shorter distances.

My experience says URBAN bikes are a revolution. You have a GOOD chance of making sales.

You can also import them from China if your customers are from urban areas rather than the city.

How To Find The Best China Bikes Suppliers?

Supplier is the critical factor for the success of an online business. Try to research so that you can get a reliable supplier. And once you got the supplier to try to develop the long term relationships with the supplier.

Bikes Sourcing Agent: Leeline

The company is indeed the best places to get bikes from China. The company helps you to get a list of reliable suppliers which can assure you of the supply of best bikes.

The company visits the working places of suppliers and monitors the quality of the products. So you can get one of the bikes.

The company can also arrange the factory audits, so you can also monitor the whole process. It lets you assure the availability of the best bikes to your customers.

How LeelineSourcing Help You import from China and make money from Online Amazon Business.

Online Bikes Store: Alibaba

Alibaba is the largest business to the business trading platform. If you want to buy from China, Alibaba is the best place to get the required products.

Through Alibaba, you can get the products directly from the factory or the best manufacturers. You can get the bikes within 3 to 5 working days. The minimum order quantity is also not an issue here, as you can order one bike also.

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B2B Directories

If you want wholesale bike parts or you are in search of cheap bicycle parts suppliers, B2B directories are the right destination for your search. These directories are the right places to get the required products.

You can contact different suppliers and can compare the prices. It will let you find unique bikes at the best products.

Visit Trade Shows

The trade shows are the places where you can meet the suppliers as well as you can examine the products also. The suppliers showcase their products at the tradeshows, so they can introduce their goods to visitors and can attract buyers.

You need to visit the trade shows, which are held almost twice a year. Here you can meet with the suppliers along with their products.

You can also ask them about the features of the products and their qualities. You can choose a reliable and legitimate supplier to wholesale bikes from China.

My opinion: 

I prefer two ways. Either visit the trade shows or hire a Sourcing company. Both are FAST and EFFECTIVE. 

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Trade Shows

Ten Best Bike Manufacturers In China In 2020

If you are importing bicycles from China, it might not be possible for you to visit China. Therefore, it is better to know about the suppliers and manufacturers present in the market.

It will help you to get the best products, according to your needs. The following are the best manufacturers of bikes in China. If you want to wholesale bikes from China, you can contact them.

1. Xiaomi

The first company that echoes in my MIND is Xiaomi. It is home to bikes of all types. 

The company is the best place to get bikes at economical prices, as it is a famous place to get cost-effective electronic products. They launched the first electric bike in 2016. And later on, they released a series of the Himo E-bike.

Home T1 is the new product launched by the company. It may look like a scooter, but the one which has pedals. You can get a bike at 529 USD from China.

Xiaomi bikes are high in demand, as they have beautiful and attractive features. The bike is quite popular because of its riding experience, excellent endurance, good quality, and economical price.

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2. F-wheel Dyu

The company was established in 2012. They are well famous for providing intelligent, commuting vehicle products.

The products of F-wheel Dyu are well famous in China and all over the world, as reported by the CCTV, Global times, German first television station RTL.

The company has more than 40 domestic and international patent awards. The mini bike series of the F-heel Dyu are supplied to more than 50 countries.

Within seven years, the company has got the RBM capital from the famous investment institutions.

The company has a well-experienced staff and is equipped with a strong R&D department in Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, and Hong Kong. The company provides innovative, unique, and smart products to the customers.

F-wheel Dyu

3. Golden Wheel

The golden wheel was founded in 1987, and now it has become the giant in the industry. The company has more than 4500 employees, 46 production lines.

You can get electric bikes, mountain bikes, beach bikes, sports bikes and kids’ bikes from the Golden Wheel.

I have ordered an ELECTRIC bike just for testing. QUALITY they have is outstanding.

The electric bicycle brand is E-Totem, and the production capability of the Golden Wheel is more than 120000 pcs per annum.

The company also manufactures the parts of bicycles, such as frames and handlebars. Golden Wheel assembles the complete kit so that they can ensure the quality, stability, and safety of their products.

The equipment, such as T4/T6 thermal treatment furnaces, is imported, which is top-notch n the industry.

The assembly factory of the company is located in the Czech Republic, which assures the fastest delivery and excellent aftersales services in the European countries. All the products pass EU ISO4210, U.S.A CPSC, and Japan JIS standard.

The company has partnerships with universities such as Beijing Jiaotong University, and therefore they had a strong R&D team. The company puts quality first.

They have rigorous quality control processes and comprehensive test machines, which ensures the excellent quality of end products. Golden Wheel has been exporting bikes to many countries all over the world.

4. Giant

Giant is one of my BEST suppliers. I have ordered bikes in the US. The shipping speed is impressive. 

Giant is the largest company, providing good quality bikes in the world. The company was established in1972, and its sales network has been spread over 50 countries on five continents.

The company has more than 12000 retail stores all over the world. The company imports the products to the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, Canada, Australia, and the Netherlands.

The company is among pioneers for adopting the aluminum frames, while the competitors were using the steel. The company is one of the beginners to manufacture bikes for their brand and other brands.

You can get multiple products such as road bikes, electric bikes, mountain bikes, kids’ bikes, gravel, and cross bikes.

The company has more than 10000 employees all over the world and manufacturing more than 3000000 pcs per year. The half pcs are delivered to China and res to the other countries of the world. The primary export market is Germany.


5. Guewer

The company was established in 2007. And now, Geoby has become the largest manufacturer of the E-bike, E-scooter, and E-wheelchairs; all over the world. The company has not gained much popularity over time, as they have been manufacturing the products and then selling to the wholesaler with different brands.

The company believes in research for the development of technology. Currently, they have more than 1500 employees, including 100 engineers. The market covers Europe, China, North America, and many other countries.

What I say here. 

Whenever you think of E-bikes, choose them. I am fascinated with their quality.

The company has been equipped with advanced machinery which is well efficient in the production of electric bikes. The products pass the E.U., ISO2001, and get the certificates and different other quality tests before they can be exported to the customers.

The company holds a comprehensive network of distributors. Geoby also has branches in different other countries, including the United States, Germany, and Japan.

6. Video

The young generation loves to choose two-wheel vehicles as they are portable, small, and fashionable. And Fiido is the ideal place to get the required bikes or two-wheel vehicles.

It is a new generation internet firm which comes with the products having unique designs. The company is working on research and development for the development and production of good quality electric bikes. Therefore, online sales have been increasing day by day.

The company offers the products directly to customers without the middle man. So, the users can get the best bikes at reasonable prices with excellent services.

The company consists of a group of people who loves electric mobility in life. All the employees are well experienced and have a command over online marketing, bicycle design, intelligent hardware, and production.

The company focuses on the production of the creative mobility industry. The company aims to provide green traveling ways to users with freedom and personality. Fiido is supplying its products to more than 30 countries all over the world.

7. Geoby

The company was established in 2007. And now, Geoby has become the largest manufacturer of the E-bike, E-scooter, and E-wheelchairs; all over the world.

The company has not gained much popularity over time, as they have been manufacturing the products and then selling to the wholesaler with different brands.

The company believes in research for the development of technology. Currently, they have more than 1500 employees, including 100 engineers. The market covers Europe, China, North America, and many other countries.

The company has been equipped with advanced machinery which is well efficient in the production of electric bikes. The products pass the E.U., ISO2001, and get the certificates and different other quality tests before they can be exported to the customers.

The company holds a comprehensive network of distributors. Geoby also has branches in different other countries, including the United States, Germany, and Japan.


The company is the best manufacturer of bikes in China. Yadea manufactures the E-bike &E-scooters &E-tricycle.

The company was founded in2001 and possessed seven manufacturers bases located in Tianjin, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Chongqing, Guangdong, Anhui, and Vietnam.

They were the first listed company in the Hong Kong stock market for the electric mobility industry in 2016. The company is manufacturing more than 6720000 pcs, and the sales volume is more than 5030000. Currently, more than 6000 employees are working with Yadea.

The sales network of Yadea is spread over 77 countries all over the world, which includes the United States America, Germany, Italy, and many others.

The company is manufacturing different types of electric bikes and their spare parts. The company is providing the best electric vehicles to its customers.

They are cooperating with many other companies for the development of high-quality two-wheel electronic devices.


9. Inmotion

The company was established in 2012 and focused on providing lightweight and lightweight electric bikes for short-distance transportation. T

he members have a rich experience in the robotics and vehicle dynamics, which makes their products innovative and unique among others.


The company is a well famous manufacture of vehicles at the international level.

I have checked their presence. They work GLOBALLY. Shipment to more than 70 countries is a GOOD FACTOR. 

The company exports its products over more than 70 countries around the world.

There are four manufacturing bases located in Guangdong, Tianjin, Hubei, and Wuxi. The company tries to provide bikes of high quality and performance to its customers all over the world.

SUNRA is the only company from China covering significant events such as the Shanghai World Expo and Beijing Olympic, and many others.

In 2015 the brands reached 8.395 billion RMB, which makes the SUNRA the top e-vehicle manufacturing company.

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Six Pieces Of Advice For Selecting China Bike Suppliers

If you want to wholesale bikes from China or want to wholesale bike parts, you need to keep the under given factors in mind.

1)   Price Comparison

When you are going to contact the wholesale bike distributor, you must compare the prices. It will let you get one which can offer the best products at reasonable prices.

The price comparison for the bikes is not an easy job, as the bikes are composed of different spare parts from different places.

The high standard of spare parts will cost you high. Therefore, you should research so you can get an idea about your needs. And then choose the products following your requirements.

If you are willing to wholesale bikes from China, then you must visit the Zhejiang province. It is the hub of bike manufacturers and could be the best place for the price comparison. And it will let you get more competitive prices.

Price Comparison

2)   Quality Control

You may get many manufacturers in the market who will offer you their goods at low prices, and it can be tempting. Still, you keep in mind the low price can give you products of low quality.

You should search for a manufacturer in the market that can maintain a supply of high-quality spare parts.

Try to contact those manufacturers who are not working in a small workshop as it will let you get the bikes of high quality. Otherwise, it could be a wastage of money and time.

Above all, you should not take the words of the sales agent dangerous, and do not rely on the manufacturer regarding the quality of products.

Keep monitoring the whole process. You need to check the quality of all the parts before manufacturing. And then keep in contact with the manufacturer during assemblage, and ask about the quality of products.

And once the product is fully ready, inspect it for one more time. all of this will let you make sure that all the spare parts used during the assemblage are of good quality and they have not made any changes

It is better to get them the electric bikes from the known supplier. So, there could not be a chance for doubt regarding the quality of products.

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Quality Control

Before Production

Most Chinese manufactures do not strictly check the quality of the products. Therefore they can use all the spare parts available in their stock to assemble your product. So, it is better to specify the manufacturer which components you need or want.

And you must do it before they start to assemble the bike. It is vital to keep an eye during manufacturing, as it is the only way to ensure the quality of goods.

During Production

You should keep on checking the whole process even during assemblage. It will help you to know about the quality of every part.

So, this can be a best way to assure to availability of high-class goods to your buyers. And it can be beneficial for the success of your business

After Production

You should examine the bikes even they are fully ready for sale, as it is the best way to assure the quality of products.

3)   Local Legislation

If you are interested in importing the bikes to The United States, Australia, or the United Kingdom, your products should pass the safety regulations. There are some laws to regulate the wholesale of bikes.

Some other regulations are applied for batteries and other components. Most of the manufactures may not know about them, but only a few know then in detail, and they are supplying the bikes from China to other countries.

You can ask the suppliers about safety test reports, so the quality of products can be assured. Try to wholesale the bikes from brands, as they can assure you of the excellent quality of products.

In the U.S.

When you are importing the products from China to the United States, make sure that all the products have passed the safety test and are safe to use in all respects.

In the U.K.

Just like the United States, you will have to show the reports of safety tests; while importing the bikes from China to the United Kingdom. It helps to make sure that all the products are safe to use.

4)   Import duty on an electric bike

Just like other goods, you will have to pay the import duties. The customs duties and other taxies depend on the final destination. And these can increase the final price of a product.

The rider must have to register the e-bike before using it, and you should keep this factor in mind. So, arrange the pricing following all the factors. So, you may not have to end up in a loss.


After assuring the quality of bikes, and are according to the directives and are correctly labeled. Still, you need documentation to import the bikes.

Compliance documents

This document includes specific information regarding records, reports, observations, and other product-related information.

Certificates for customs clearance

An insurance certificate is required to import the products, and it is necessary to find the accessible value, which helps in determining the import duty amount.

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Import Tax

5)  After-sales

After-sales services are the critical factor that helps the buyer to decide whether the supplier is suitable for wholesale bikes from China or not. And it can also give an idea of whether the supplier will be able to develop long term relations or not.

Try to take photos or make a video while unboxing the parcel. And then confirm that it contains all necessary parts, and the appearance of each part is according to the requirements.

And above all, you should confirm that not a single piece contains any scratch.

It will help you to avoid lousy communication related to quality issues. And if you got a defected piece, do contact the supplier with pictures and videos as proof.

Most of the products has a warranty of two years, so if you found any defects, you can get a new piece.

If you want to get the refunds from the seller, make sure that you have the required pieces of evidence. It is also better to consult their refund policy.

You must keep excellent communication with the suppliers, especially when they have one start review.


How Leeline Sourcing Help You Wholesale Bicycles From China

Leeline sourcing helps the merchants from all over the world to import the products from China.

1)   Guide You To Find Right Bicycle Manufacturer

The company provides a list of best manufacturers o suppliers from China. So you can contact them and wholesale the bikes from China.

2)   Bicycle Private Label Solutions

If you want to import the bikes with your labels, the company can help you in doing so.

Leeline sourcing can consult the manufacturers, and if they are willing to sell the products with private labels, the company will let you know. And then you can get the products by contacting the supplier.

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3)   Confirm And Follow-Up Your Order

The company is standing to help you at every step. As you will confirm the orders, the company will transfer your orders to the manufacturers. Hence, they start the production of products.

4)   Best Quality Control and Inspection Services

The company tries to make sure that the buyers are getting the best quality goods. And for this purpose, they visit the working places of the manufacturers.

They can also help you to audit the factory. The company inspects the manufacturing process at every step so you can get the best products.

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5)   Expert In Paperwork To Clear Customs

The company is quite experienced in dealing with all the matters. So you can consult them to clear the paperwork and other custom related issues.

6)   Provide The Best Logistics Solution For Your Orders

If you are facing any issuing while importing the bikes from China, Leeline sourcing is available to resolve all the issues. You just need to contact the company, and then they will handle all the issues.

My experience with LEELINE SOURCING TEAM has been great. They are very PROFESSIONAL in sourcing to shipping.

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How Leeline Sourcing Help You Find Best Ecommerce Wholesalers And Manufacturers

FAQ For Wholesale Bikes From China

The below mentioned are the questions which most of the merchants ask when the wholesale he products from China.

1.How do I order wholesale from China?

Many wholesale suppliers are available such as Alibaba, AliExpress, and many others; you just need to contact them. And they will deliver you all the required goods.

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Is Alibaba reliable

2.How do I qualify for wholesale pricing?

The following are requirements to get the wholesale price:

  1. Apply for EIN
  2. Get a tax license
  3. Register the business
  4. Get checking account
  5. Get debit card
  6. Search for wholesalers
  7. And apply for the buyer accounts

3.What is the average profit margin for a bike shop?

The average profit margin for a bike shop is more than 34%. However, this number can vary from one country to another.

4.Where can I buy bike parts wholesale?

You can source the bike parts from different marketplaces such as Made-in-China, Alibaba, and many others.

5.Are all performance bike stores closing?

The maximum number of performance bike stores is closed now, but only a few are still at work.

6.What is the right period to launch your bicycle business?

The right time to start the bicycle store depends on the type of vehicle you want to sell.

Final Thoughts On Wholesale Bikes From China

Chinese products are cheap and offer a huge profit margin to the sellers. You can wholesale bikes from China and sell them in the local market.

The Chines products are cheap and therefore give a considerable profit margin to the sellers.

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