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Wholesale Scarf

LeelineSourcing Find The Best Scarf Suppliers and Manufacturers In China For you.
  • Leeline can help you import the latest scarfs in bulk from China.
  • Leeline provides you with a link to the best wholesale scarf manufacturers in China.
  • Leeline ensures the best quality by performing factory audits.
  • Leeline can manage your shipment rates feasibly. 
  • Leeline provides you One-month free storage for your order until it gets shipped. 

Leeline is committed to keeping the proper check and balance of the products until you get them.


Top 10 Trending Scarf To Sell

1.Silk Scarf

Importing Silk Scarf From China

Silk scarves are the most used type of scarves. It gives you a dashing look with its wonderful shiny colors. They just add a stylish look with a simple casual dress. You can use them around your neck or have a knot around. These are used for a long time as a must accessory by many stars and celebrities.

Many companies in China are producing these silk scarves. You can go through their websites how stunning workpieces they are producing. One such China scarf factory is in Hangzhou Huacuiyuan Silk Co., Ltd. They are dedicated to producing silk scarves and shawls.

2.Jacquard Scarf

Wholesale Jacquard Scarf From China

Jacquard scarves are famous for their beautiful complex patterns.  Jacquard is old classy stuff that is used for years as a symbol of sober styling that suits any age. In jacquard, beautiful designs are woven in the fabric rather than printing or dying on it. It is special in terms of decency and durability.

If you are looking for such scarves, you will find many jacquard stuff. Silk jacquard and cotton jacquard are most common. In China, you can find this product from many companies. Y & C Co., Ltd is never to ignore the name in this context. 

3.Cashmere Scarves

Buy Cashmere Scarves From China

You cannot imagine your winters without Cashmere scarves.  These are made of soft wool. This wool is produced by goat fleece. It’s softer than normal wool. Cashmere wool combined with sophisticated designing techniques produces a marvelous scarf. These are famous for their light weight and smoothness.

China produces men and women cashmere scarfs. You can get the best quality cashmere with elegant colors. Almost all China’s scarf manufacturers export these most wanted scarves. Shengzhou Dynastyle Garment and Hangzhou Huacuiyuan are two major leading names for producing these types of scarves.

4.Infinity Scarfs

Wholesale Infinity Scarfs in Bulk From China

Infinity scarves are different than others in the way that they got both of their ends stitched or knitted. They are also known as loop scarves. Mostly they are wool knitted ones. 

In China, you will find many high-quality infinity cotton scarf manufacturers. You can find silk, wool knit, chiffon, almost every texture of wholesale infinity scarves. Shaoxing Changmao Textile and Yiwu Sungnan are the most significant manufacturers of these types of scarves.

5.Square Scarfs

Wholesale From China Square Scarfs  Suppliers

Square scarves are the classiest style scarves. Which are being used for years by many celebrities in a different style to make an elegant, stylish look. Square scarves are mostly made of lighter stuff such as cotton and silk.

Many enterprises and textiles in China produce square scarves. Since they are most in-demand worldwide. Trading them from China can increase your ROI significantly. Many companies, including Shanghai Totem Flag and Inner Mongolia Field Textile, produce beautifully designed wholesale square scarfs.

6.Hijab Scarves

Wholesale From China Hijab Scarves Manufacturers

The Hijab scarf is a famous type of scarf that is used mainly by Muslim ladies. They use it to cover their heads, mostly for religious purposes. You can find two major types of hijab scarves. They can be simple square shapes as well as rectangular like small shawls. These scarves are produced mostly with chiffon, cotton, and silk, etc.

China is the biggest manufacturer of these hijabs. These are exported in bulk throughout the world, meeting higher standards of quality. Purchasing these hijabs from China can be inexpensive. Ultimately revenue will be increased.

7.Neck Tube Scarfs

Importing Neck Tube Scarfs From China

This type of scarf is famous for keeping you warm during sports or outdoor cycling. These are multipurpose scarves. It is slipped over the head. They just keep the neck warm. Up to some extent, these are also used as a face mask. Mostly these scarves are made of thin material like cotton or polyester. 

China produces these scarves on a larger scale. Most textile and clothing companies add this scarf as their must product. You can find a number of wholesalers for trading these scarfs. Zhenjiang Kimtex and Jurong Jiasheng Knitting & Clothing are significant names in the context of neck tube scarves.

8.Wool Scarves

Wholesale Wool Scarves From China

Among the large categories of scarves, woolen scarves are the best option to keep yourself protected against cold weather. These scarves are traditional and famous for their warmth. You will need them when lightweight colon scarves cannot meet your needs in cold weather. These scarves are durable and every shiny. 

With all other categories of scarves, you will also find these woolen scarves wholesale market in China. China earns a noticeable part of its revenue from the scarf business. For wool scarves, you can take Inner Mongolia Field Textile and Jiaxing Sizhiyuan Textile into consideration for getting higher ROI.

9.Summer Scarves

Buy Summer Scarves From China

Summer arrives with colors and freedom. These beautiful colors also get reflected in the refreshing summer scarves. Whether a plane, printed or dyed, summer scarves appeal to everyone. They are used as style-adding topper outfits. 

You can find a wide variety of wholesale scarves in bulk in China. A number of manufacturers and suppliers are producing the best quality summer scarves which can get the highest customer satisfaction. Importing summer scarves from China will never make your customers disappointed.

10.Leopard Scarfs

Wholesale Leopard Scarfs in Bulk From China

Along with a variety of traditional sober designed scarves, you can also get these funky scarves for a stylish informal look. These scarves have leopard skin patterns printed on them. You will find them in many textures. You can find silk leopard scarves or cotton leopard scarves, etc.

Along with other scarves wholesale, China has a share in its market for this type of scarves as well. So don’t go anywhere else but come to China scarf manufacturers for bulk apply with low price rates. Their welcoming behavior and helpful market strategies will never let you disappointed.

Wholesale Scarf From China and Save You Cost Up To 50%

Product Sourcing

Scarf Product Sourcing

Once you deal with Leeline, all your worries about packing and shipping wholesale scarves from China will become Leeline responsibilities. It will facilitate you in both of these aspects.

Factory Audit

Scarf Factory Audit

Leeline will perform an audit of the scarf factory so that the end product you receive never disappoints you in any aspect.

Product Inspection

Scarf Product Inspection

Leeline takes the responsibility of product inspection and supervision of wholesale fashion scarves so that the items you receive are at the best quality level.

Amazon FBA Prep

Scarf Amazon FBA Prep

To facilitate its customers, Leeline will also assist in FBA Prep services. It will make sure that all of your worries regarding shipping your orders through Amazon just blow in the air.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

Scarf Shipping To Amazon FBA

Leeline can also provide the facility of shipping your bulk orders from China to Amazon. This amazing offer is also provided at a competitively low budget.


Scarf DropShopping

If you are an online store and you need your products delivered to your customers directly from a form your suppliers’ outlets. Leeline can help you with this even. Another big favor that they will provide is free storage for one month before your products go for shipping.

Why Choose Leeline To Wholesale Scarf From China

  • Leeline is the best option to ship your products from China. It performs most of the product delivery process on its own for you. So choosing Leeline will leave you with the least to worry about.
  • Leeline agents will help you to finalize your deals with the best scarf manufacturers in China. 
  • Leeline sourcing audits the manufacturing factories, so the product that you receive is at the best level.
  • Leeline will even do the packaging for you.
  • We are taking responsibility for your products’ safety until they get delivered to the right destination.
  • You will find the best services at the best competitive rates.

Wholesale Scarf and Shipping From China

Scarf Sea Freight Shipping from China

Scarf Sea Freight From Shipping

Leeline can help you ship your scarves and related products through the sea. This method will lead you to the most inexpensive delivery. But it is the most time taking method. It will suit you the most if you are importing goods for the upcoming season.

Scarf Air Freight Shipping from China

Scarf Air Freight From Shipping

This is the fastest and most efficient shipping method to get your orders in your hand. Leeline ships such services order through cargo aircraft.

Scarf Rail Freight Shipping from China

Scarf Supplies Rail Freight From Shipping

Rail is being used for delivering cargo for many years by many shipment companies. Leeline can also provide you this facility. Railway shipping is reliable and safe. You can choose if you have a little more time and a low budget.

Scarf Door to Door Shipping from China

Scarf Door to Door From Shipping

This option will suit you the most if you are an online wholesaler. You need not worry about storage for keeping the products before they get to sell. Leeline can help you amazingly by taking the products from manufacturers and delivering them directly to your customers’ houses.

Best 10 Scarf Suppliers In China

1. Inner Mongolia Field Textile Products Co., Ltd

1.Inner Mongolia Field Textile Products Co., Ltd


This trading company is located in the capital of Inner Mongolia – Huhhot. It was established in 2009. It trades wholesale scarves and accessories. Now it is getting famous for cashmere and wool-based products in not only China but also worldwide. 

Main Products

As an expert on scarves, they are producing many different styles. Silk scarves, wool knitted, woven scarves are available in bulk. You can also get silk/wool knitted, cashmere blended scarves such as silk/cashmere, etc. Further, and you can find a beautiful variety of sweaters, gloves, hats, and socks.

 Why choose Inner Mongolia Field Textile Products?

They are exporting plenty of scarves and sweaters shawls all over Europe. This leading company is providing OEM and ODM services. Their products are strictly inspected to meet the quality standard. They are welcoming new businesses for long-term future cooperation.

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2. Zhuji Hanchang Trade Co., Ltd

2.Zhuji Hanchang Trade Co., Ltd

This company was started in 2004 in Zhejiang, China. They are professional China scarf manufacturers. They are providing a variety of products. Their products are exported to American Asia, and Europe. 

Main Products

This company is offering many cloth products. A huge variety of fashionable scarves is available here. You can also get banners, blankets, flags, bandana scarves. A complete variety of socks is also available to choose from. 

Why choose Zhuji Hanchang Trade Co?

As the company was built in 2004, it has lots of experience in taking orders, finalizing deals, and satisfying its customers. You can take the benefit of their experience technicians and skillful workers to achieve the best of your customer’s satisfaction. 

Contact Scarf Manufacturers Now!Contact Scarf Suppliers Now!

3. Yiwu Yiwen Clothing Co., Ltd.

3.Yiwu Yiwen Clothing Co., Ltd.

Yiwu Yiwen Clothing was started in 2010. It is one of the leading scarf manufacturers in China. It is located in Yiwu. They integrate advanced techniques from research to production and sale to ensure high-quality end-to-end. 

Main Products

At this company, you can get a huge variety of scarves. It is a fashionable scarf enterprise committed to providing its customers with an astonishing variety of the latest scarves. Their collection includes cotton, silk, chiffon, and cashmere scarves. They also provide Muslim hijabs. 

Why choose Yiwu Yiwen Clothing?

As a manufacturer, this company is producing simple, elegant, classy, and comfortable scarves for everyone. They work on the customer-first principle. They claim to provide perfect products by combing styles, craftsmanship, and fabrics. Trading with this company will incorporate their specialties to get a high level of your customer’s satisfaction.

Contact Scarf Factory Now!Ask A Shipping Quote

4. Taicang Hengli Textile Co., Ltd.

4.Taicang Hengli Textile Co., Ltd.

Taicang Hengli Textile Co, Ltd. is a production company. This company has advanced equipment to produce the latest and trendy products that are second to none. 

Main Products 

At this company, you can find a variety of scarves, embroidered handkerchiefs, towels, and turbans. All their products are full of colors on fine textures. You can also find scarfs of different types, including Bandana, Tube Bandana, Durag, and other scarfs. 

Why choose Taicang Hengli Textile?

With the use of advanced equipment including weaving machines they are producing high quality latest products for everyone. They have won the satisfaction of their customers in Europe and the United States. Working with this company will lead you toward high customer satisfaction.

Contact Suppliers Now!Get Best Shipping Price

5. Shaoxing Changmao Textile Co., Ltd

5.Shaoxing Changmao Textile Co., Ltd

This company is located in the textile city of China. They are leading China scarf manufacturers with an experience of more than 11 years. They are serving customers worldwide. They aim to build long-term business relationships in a way that benefits both the company and its valued customers. 

Main Products

At this company, you are going to find newly updated products with the latest designs. You can find the best quality of all types of scarfs products. Here you find all kinds of other textiles, including beach dress, cover-ups, and a variety of bandanas.  

Why choose Shaoxing Changmao Textile?

You will find high-quality products at low prices. You will find welcoming behavior to maintain long-term business relationships. You can order from any of their marvelous products. In case of your special requirements, this company also takes custom orders. 

Contact Manufacturers Now!Contact Scarf Suppliers Now!

6. Zhejiang Shenaifei Garments Co., Ltd.

6.Zhejiang Shenaifei Garments Co., Ltd.

This enterprise was established 15 years back. They are committed to maintaining a high-quality scarf business. They are exporting their products to more than 120 countries all over the world.

Main Products

This company is marketing more than 320,000 items of 1500 categories. You can find here a scarf covering all materials, including silk, acrylic, and polyester, etc. An awesome fancy variety of chiffon, cashmere, and pashmina scarves are also found here. For casual use, you can find fur and lace scarves here.  

Why choose Zhejiang Shenaifei Garments?

This enterprise claims quality as its soul value. They are committed to providing the best quality products to their customers worldwide. You can find here a diverse variety of scarves to meet everyone’s requirements in every season. 

Contact China Scarf Factory Now!Ask A Shipping Quote

7. Hangzhou Huacuiyuan Silk Co., Ltd.

7.Hangzhou Huacuiyuan Silk Co., Ltd.

Among the list of China scarf manufacturers, you will find the brilliant name of Hangzhou Huacuiyuan Silk Co. They are the manufacturer and exporter of the best quality silk scarves and shawls worldwide for many years.

Main Products

At this company, you will find a range of silk products such as scarves and shawls. They also make sure to produce the best designs, including digital print and screen print designs. You will also find modal, cotton, and linen scarves here. 

Why choose Hangzhou Huacuiyuan Silk Co?

If you are fond of a specialized silk scarf manufacturer, this firm will be your ultimate choice. At Hangzhou Huacuiyuan, you will find fabulous designs, superior quality, and reasonable prices. You will find the best services and quick responses to your inquiries here. 

Contact China Scarf Manufacturers Now!Get Best Shipping Price

8. Shaoxing Keqiao Geweiya Textile Co., Ltd.

8.Shaoxing Keqiao Geweiya Textile Co., Ltd.

Located in China textile city Shaoxing Geweiya Textile Co., Ltd is a famous textile company. They are exporting their stylish products to many countries all across the globe.

Main Products 

At Shaoxing Geweiya, you can find the latest clothing, including scarves and handkerchiefs. In the textile section, they are producing fabrics and curtains. All of their products meet the highest manufacturing standards.


Why choose Shaoxing Keqiao Geweiya Textile Co., Ltd?

Trading with this company is going to reward you good reputation among your customers. This company aims to provide the best quality to achieve customer satisfaction. You will find welcoming behavior and the best services here. 

Contact China Scarf Suppliers Now!Contact Scarf Suppliers Now!

9. Yiwu Baili Import & Export Co., Ltd.

9.Yiwu Baili Import & Export Co., Ltd.

YiWu Baili Import &Export CO., Ltd is located in YiWu Zhejiang. They are providing the best quality scarf products for the last 12 years. You cannot ignore their name while selecting your China scarf supplier.

Main Products

YiWu BaiLi is happy to provide a wide range of scarves. You can find excellent diversity of scarf fabric here. The main categories of scarves available here are silk, chiffon, cashmere, pashmina, etc.  You can also find silk shawls and digitally printed scarves.

Why choose Yiwu Baili?

This firm is best suitable for you if you are from the USA, Europe, or are a Middle East’s marketer. You will find an excellent quality of product and services. Working with this company will end you up in an excellent business deal.

Contact This Suppliers Now!Ask A Shipping Quote

10. Yiwu Aokong E-Commerce Firm

10.Yiwu Aokong E-Commerce Firm

Yiwu based this enterprise is 5 years old. They are well established and have excellent experience in fashion accessories. They are focused on providing fashionably designed products with excellent quality in competitive pieces.

Main Product

This firm hires excellent designers and expert technicians to produce brilliantly designed durable, attractive products. You will find an exclusive variety of scarfs with the newest designs here. You can also find a wide range of hats and sportswear.

Why choose Yiwu Aokong?

At this firm, you will see the latest quality products at low rates. They are providing the best OEM services in customer’s styles. Trading with this company will lead you to the best experience of a win-win situation together!

Contact this suppliersAsk our best shipping rates

Best 5 Scarf Suppliers In USA


1. York Scarves

11.York Scarves

York scarf is a premier wholesales scarves supplier in UK. It was established in2007. The company has now accepted as a member of BAFTS, the British Association for Fair Trade Shops, for its excellent performance. Every year the company provides new designed fashionable scarves.

Main Products

You can find a large variety of scarves, pashminas, and shawls. They can be plain or patterned. You can also have a variety of stuff to choose from. It can be linen, silk, and woolen stuff to meet all of your requirements under all seasons and occasions. 

Why choose York Scarves?

 York Scarves spend a lot of time with its weavers in designing unique fashionable variety every year. If you are fond of the latest and best handmade scarves or shawls, York Scarves is your ultimate choice. It also facilitates its retailers with custom designs under competitive rates.

Contact Scarf Suppliers Now!Get Best Shipping Price

2. F & J collection

12.F & J collection

F & J collection was established in 2007. It is one of the biggest designers, wholesalers, and importer of accessories, especially scarves. The company has earned its name as a top scarf manufacturers UK. It is famous for its unique and fast-selling designs under competitive prices.

Main Products

At F & J collection, you can find stunning designs of scarves. You can get the best quality organic cotton scarves, which are ideal for summer. In the season of winter F & J collection takes care of you by providing a variety of reliable pashminas. It also produces hats, kimonos, and bags. 

Why choose the F & J collection?

This wholesaler is specialized in providing the best quality stuff. All of its products are prepared in the Far East by trained designers. You can find high-quality, latest, and trendy scarves with a reliable price range. 

Contact Scarf Manufacturers Now!Contact Scarf Suppliers Now!

3. Apollo Wholesale

13.Apollo Wholesale

Born in 1989 as a cash & carry, Apollo has become a huge wholesaler now. Its tentative customers are retailers, market traders, and online wholesalers. It has both a showroom and an online shop, making shopping convenient for everyone. 

Main Products

As a wholesaler, Apollo provides a wide range of products. You can find a wide variety of clothing’s including fashionable wholesale scarves and accessories. You can find scarves for both men and women. . Hats and scarf sets are also available. It has now started to provide ethnic scarves and dupattas. 

Why choose Apollo Wholesale?

Apollo Wholesale is ambitious in providing all of its products at competitive prices. They also have better customer service. In the scarf section, a new category of hat and scarf is introduced.  If you are looking for the same color and color of scarf and hat, Apollo Wholesale is your final destination.

Contact Scarf Factory Now!Ask A Shipping Quote

4. Wholesale Shopping

14.Wholesale Shopping

Wholesale shopping started its business as a wholesale cloth merchant. It has now become a number-one stop shop for fashion clothing. It’s now also deal with in wholesale scarves.  With the facility of the internet, it started providing products globally.

Main Products

You can find here the latest dashing scarves for casual use. Here scarves have a wide range of colors and designs. They deal in jumpsuits, coats, jackets, denim, and menswear as well.

Why Choose Wholesale Shopping?

As a retailer, wholesale shopping will suit you the most. Its best artwork will just satisfy your customer’s desire that they may become your permanent shopper even. In the UK it provides free delivery. You can get 10% off if you are a new customer.

Contact Suppliers Now!Get Best Shipping Price

5. PoM


PoM stands for peace of mind. It is a scarf and jewelry wholesale website. The motto of PoM is to producing excellent jewelry and scarves that women love to wear. They supply wholesale accessories and scarves to retailers within the UK and internationally. 

Main Products

Peace of mind is proud to produce stylishly designed products. You may find a variety of scarves. Which are available in silk, cotton, and woolen stuff.  It also sells ponchos. Now it also provides bags and purses.

Why choose PoM?

If you want to make your customers loyal, Peace of Mind can help you a lot. It provides abundant stylish scarves and accessories. People love to use them again and again. All of its retailers really appreciate their delivery services. You will always be full of stock if you choose PoM as your wholesale scarf suppliers.

Contact Manufacturers Now!Contact Scarf Suppliers Now!

Best 5 Scarf Suppliers In USA


1. Wholesale scarves USA

16.Wholesale scarves USA

Wholesale scarves USA is the leading company in the USA for scarves, pashminas, shawls, etc. They have experienced for over 15 years in this business. They are offering their services to locals scarf retailers and mall retailers. They are also famous for scarf wholesale online.

Main Products

Here at Wholesale scarves USA, you can find the best quality scarves. They also provide wraps, pashminas, stoles, and other shawls. Winter cashmere feel, woven, animal print, and jacquard border scarf are the main categories of scarves available here.  

Why choose Wholesale Scarves USA?

At Wholesale scarves USA, you find 1000 top-quality scarves to choose from. You can find a scarf for every season from a single wholesaler. You get the chance of putting minimum order as less as $100. They have a lenient return policy to win customers’ satisfaction.

Contact China Scarf Factory Now!Get Best Shipping Price

2. Organic Apparel USA

17.Organic Apparel USA

Organic Apparel USA is one of the leading organic clothing manufactures in USA. They have a focus on organic cloth manufacturing standards. Their motive is to produce the best quality scarves and other clothing in the manner that is most favorable for humans, nature, technology, and the planet. 

Main Products

At Organic Apparel USA, you can find a wide variety of clothing products, including scarves. It provides a bulky supply of colorful, glittery, flower, polka-dot, and leopard scarves. They also produce shawls, bed sheets, school uniforms, etc.

Why choose Organic Apparel USA?

If you are fond of high-quality organic designer clothing and scarves, Organic Apparel USA is your ultimate choice. At this company, you have the advantage of custom manufacturing. In case you don’t like their designs. You can get your own design ready with your name embedded on it. 

Contact China Scarf Manufacturers Now!Contact Scarf Suppliers Now!

3. Diva Designs USA

18.Diva Designs USA

This company is based in the district of fashion, Los Angeles. They are providing their wholesale services to retailers since 1987. They are providing high-quality products with the motto of having its customers coming back time and time again.

Main Products

Diva designs provide you with jewelry scarfs, shawls, etc. you will find silk scarfs and pendent scarfs. Providing scarves dyed in blooming and appealing colors is the specialty of this company. You can also have shawls, mufflers, and wraps here. 

Why choose Diva Designs USA?

If you are looking for wholesale scarves made in USA, you cannot ignore this company.  They are dedicated to providing unique and stylish scarves. All of its products are high quality within the best possible price range. You can place a $25 minimum order to start a business with this company.

Contact China Scarf Suppliers Now!Ask A Shipping Quote

4. NY wholesale scarves

19.NY wholesale scarves

NY wholesale scarves is a New York-based company. They are specialized in the production of scarves and pashminas. They have experience of more than 20 years. They are serving more than 10,000 boutiques and specialty stores in the US.

Main Products

NY wholesale scarves are scarves, hats, and caps specialists. You can find an adorable variety of men and women scarfs here. You can find burnout, embroider, and many more categories of scarves here. They are also dealing in wholesale infinity scarves. You can also get pashminas, shawls, wraps, and ponchos. 

Why choose NY wholesale Scarves?

As they are specialists in scarves, so their products are more competing to others in the market. You get a diverse variety of colors and designs here. You can start working with this company with as low inventory as $100.

Contact This Suppliers Now!Get Best Shipping Price

5. Wholesale Accessory Market

20.Wholesale Accessory Market

Wholesale Accessory Market is a fashion accessories wholesaler. It is serving as a source of inventory, supply, and support for small retailers. It is working since 2000. It aims to provide the latest, well-designed, durable and stylish accessories, including scarves. They have gotten big fame in wholesale fashion scarves.

Main Products

You can find two major categories of scarves as infinity and blanket scarves. These are perfect for the cold weather.  They have a variety of stylish colors and patterns. Plaid blanket patterns, polka dots, houndstooth design, are the most common ones. You can find miscellaneous other fashion accessories here too.

Why choose Wholesale Accessory Market?

This company offers you a diverse selection of scarves. All of their products, including scarves, are fashionable and trendy. The company is focused on providing the best quality at competitive market rates. You can get your own monogrammed scarves to feel more personal just according to your demand. 

Contact This Manufacturers Now!Ask A Shipping Quote


Wholesale Scarf From China: Ultimate Guide


  • Introduction about importing Scarf from China


If you are running a wholesale business of scarfs, you definitely will be looking for the most suitable scarf suppliers. We are offering you to take a step beyond and import from China instead of purchasing from your local suppliers.

 This will profit your business in different ways. Importing from China will be much advantageous over other marketers. Your products will be different from local wholesalers. Moreover, since China is the world’s second-leading exporter. It will provide you wholesale scarves in bulk at discount rates. 

Whether you are looking for winter scarves or scarves for summer, you will find every variety from China manufacturers. Thanks to the advancements in information technologies and advancements in eCommerce, trading with China is a problem now. Connections over the internet will enable you to study the offers of every manufacturer. You can select any of the best reliable manufacturers or suppliers, finalize your deal and start your business by selling these imported products.

During this whole process, Leeline sourcing will leave you with no worries about can help you in delivery and shipment. It offers you various deals to choose from, and everything will reach you in a few days.

  • How can you boost your business sales by importing a scarf from China?

There are a number of strategizes that you can employ to boost your business sales by importing a scarf from China. You need to understand the whole paradigm and all of its small tricks. This article can help you to understand everything in this regard. 

  • What is Scarf Business?

The scarf is a piece of cloth that is used in every season by ladies for style, covering, and religious purposes. So it is in demand throughout the year. Hence, it would be profitable to do scarf business.

You will need to contact some manufacturer or supplier to purchase a wholesale scarf. You can either buy from the local market or import from China. In China, there is a big market for this product, so it likely to get your order done easily, in a short time and low budget. 

Scarf 1

After finalizing your order, next comes the quest of delivery and shipment. Leeline Sourcing can help you a lot in this regard .they can do the packing and product shipping in the way that will be most favorable for you. 

Now you sell these items to retailers in the local market or through eCommerce websites. If you go for an online business, you can ship the scarfs to your customers throughout the world and get a higher ROI.

  • What are the Advantages of Importing Scarf from China?

China is a top wholesale market in regard to price and quality. Moreover, importing from China has made it relatively easier than other countries. Importing wholesale scarves from China style=”font-weight: 400;”> can get you plenty of advantages.  Some major advantages can be

  • Competitively low Rates 
  • High-Quality Products
  • A large variety to choose from
  • Products within everyone’s budget
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Reliable Manufacturers
  • Who Uses Scarf?

The scarf is a clothing product. It is a must to be part of every outfit nowadays. Many people in the world, including both men and women, use scarves for their respective purposes. These purposes can be to protect against the cold or for sophisticated styling, or it might be some religious purpose. 

Moreover, it is used by many celebrities and film stars for introducing new styles in public. Most of the costumes in the movies are incomplete without a scarf.

  • How to Choose the Best Scarf Manufacturer?

There are many points that you will need to keep in your mind while selecting any supplier or manufacturer for your desired product. 

The first thing is to select the manufacturer whose products meet your demands more closely, precisely, and exactly. 

Secondly, check the reviews from its previous customers or contact any other present customer to get a first-hand review and make sure the company is reliable, responsive, and helpful to its clients.

 If you choose any random manufacturer for your scarf business without considering these points, you get difficulties in the future with your business. 

  • How to Negotiate with China Suppliers?

First of all, do the market research that can be online. Note down their market values, their wholesale rates, and their behavior to their customers. Then choose the scarf supplier that suits you the most. Contact them and make a deal that favors both you and your supplier.

Otherwise, the manufacturer might not be ready to work with you in the future. Therefore, try to negotiate properly and professionally. 

  • How to Ship Scarf from China?

Shipping has become easier with the development of sourcing companies. There are a lot of ways to ship your scarves from China, such as you can get help from any sourcing company to deliver scarves for you. 

Order can be shipped by air, through the sea, or by road, according to your budget and time available. Some of these shipping processes are costly but fast, while others can be time taking but easily affordable. Now you have to choose according to your ease and feasibility. 

  • How to Sell Scarfs Online to Earn Money?

There are a number of already established e-commerce websites such as Amazon and eBay, etc. You can make your profile there as a seller. These websites will help buyers to see your product whenever they search for a scarf. If they like your scarves, buyers will contact you, and you will have a deal! 

Scarf 2

Another method is social media platforms. You establish your profile and advertise your scarves, and offer attractive deals. Customer contacts you if he likes your products and you have a sale. 

You can hire Leeline sourcing to ship your orders from China directly to your customers via door-to-door shipping methods

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which Scarf Manufacturer Companies Belong to China?

In Yiwu International Trade City, the Yiwu market is not only China’s but the world’s largest scarf market according to the scale of the year 2020.

  • Which Type of Scarves Are Demanded the Most?

Depending upon the season, the type of scarves in demand get changes. But silk scarves are the ones that are demanded the most. 

  • China Exports Scarves to Which Countries?

China exports its scarves worldwide. USA, Japan, Korea, Europe, South Asia, and Russia are the major markets that import from China.

  • How Can You Buy Scarf from China in Bulk?

First, you should do a good market search over the internet. Select the suppliers that meet your demands the most, then contact them. Finalize your deal with the most appropriate one. Then contact some shipping agency to get your product in your hand.  

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Final Thoughts on Wholesale Scarf from China

The scarf is a clothing product that is in demand throughout the year across the whole world. If you are considering starting a new wholesale business, scarf business is a good option. You can contact manufacturers to get the latest type of scarves, or you can order to get your custom-designed scarf. 

China has the biggest scarf market in the world right now. It would be quite beneficial if you import scarves in bulk from Chinese suppliers. Leeline is ready to assist you in getting your product wherever you want across the globe in a minimal amount of time. It is proud to meet its customers’ demands in the minimum price range. 

So contact Leeline and start your own successful scarf Import business from China!

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