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Personal Care Products Suppliers

LeelineSourcing Find The Best personal care products Suppliers and Manufacturers In China For you.
  • Leeline can find the best personal care products for you.
  • Leeline can do personal care products factory audit for you in China.
  • Leeline can be your quality control partner. Leeline can carry out a pre-shipment inspection of the products.
  • Leeline helps the most personal care products manufacturers ship their containers from China.
  • Leeline also provides Amazon FBA preparation services if you sell personal care products on Amazon.
personal care products

Top 10 Hot Selling personal care products From China

1.Facial mask

Importing Facial mask From China

Facial masks are one of the most in-demand personal care products. It is available in a range of qualities. Each with a different intended effect, like anti-aging, removing freckles, black spots, and more. 

The market grew very fast in the past five years. It is expected to reach $10 billion in 2022

Facial mask personal care suppliers and manufacturers are based in Guangdong, Henan, and other provinces in China.

2.Breast Mask

Wholesale Breast Mask From China

Breast Masks are consumables that help in breast nourishment and enlargement naturally. Its qualities depend on the ingredients used. They usually contain essential oils. 

Larger and firmer breasts are becoming a beauty standard. As a result, breast masks are getting increased demand.

You can get these items in bulk at low rates from provinces in China like Fujian, Guangdong, and others. Additionally, the manufacturers there offer private label services.

3.Breast Massager

Buy Breast Massager From China

Breast Massagers are usually electric devices. They stimulate blood flow in the breasts. This causes them to grow and remain firm. 

Innovations such as self-adhesion are standard in quality personal care products from China. 

The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.46%. Guangzhou Qianhe Beauty Equipment and Shenzhen Geniuschip Electronic are two significant players in the market.

4.. Facial Cleanser

Wholesale Facial Cleanser in Bulk From China

Facial cleansers are reusable implements. They can either be electrical or unpowered. Another form of facial cleansers are lotions packaged in tubes. 

Demand for these is increasing in the market. 

They are readily available in large quantities from personal care products suppliers in China. You can get high quality at reasonable prices from direct manufacturers.

5.Men's Grooming

Wholesale From China Men’s Grooming Suppliers

Men’s grooming products range from trimmers to beard oils. Electrical, non-electrical, and consumable personal care products are available in high quality. The market for Men’s Grooming personal care products is estimated to be US$38 Billion in 2020

Guangzhou province has a lot of men’s grooming product manufacturers. They have an expansive variety available for you.

6.Bath Set

Wholesale From China Bath Set

The bath set includes all the consumables that complement a bath. These personal care items are easy to pack and ship. This makes the shipping costs more manageable for you. 

Reports show that bath and shower products will reach USD 59.72 Billion by 2027

Manufacturers and suppliers from China can provide you superior quality personal care products at fair rates.

7.Hard Wax Beans

Importing Hard Wax Beans From China

Hard wax beans are a hair removal consumable product that is less painful than soft wax. It is suited to use in smaller areas. They are becoming a popular choice as a hair remover with increasing sales. 

Guangdong province has one of the best personal care product manufacturers and suppliers. These can provide superior quality personal care products at attractive rates for you.

8.Makeup Tools

Wholesale Makeup Tools From China

Makeup tools cover a wide range of cosmetics like tweezers, pencils, curlers, and more. Some makeup tools are manufactured with premium materials like a jade roller for massage. 

Global market research conducted for 2019-2023 reported that makeup tools are expected to post a CAGR of above 10%, according to Technavio. The provinces of Hebei, Zhejiang, and Guangdong have wholesale Personal Care products for trading.

9.Makeup Remover

Buy Makeup Remover From China

Makeup removers come as both consumables and reusable wipes. You can get high-quality makeup removers that do not irritate the skin. The market is expected to grow at the rate of 5.37% from 2019 to 2024, reaching a USD 2.48 billion market value

There are trustworthy and experienced personal care product manufacturers in Zhejiang and Liaoning, among others in China.

10.Hair Extensions

Wholesale Hair Extensions in Bulk From China

Hair extensions are a form of wigs. They make the hair on the head seem fuller and longer. They are available in many colors. 

Both natural and artificial varieties are available in high quality. The market size is expected to reach USD 10.42 billion by 2024. 

We have contacts with the best hair extension personal care products suppliers in Henan and Guangdong provinces in China.

Leeline Help You Import personal care products From China

Product Sourcing

personal care products Product Sourcing

We will search and check for the best and qualified personal care products and manufacturers with the most attractive prices for you. 

Factory Audit

personal care products Factory Audit

On your behalf, we verify the chosen personal care product manufacturer to ensure all the quality standards are being met. This way, we help you save time and money.

Product Inspection


personal care products Product Inspection

We manually check the product for any faults. We make sure the quality of personal care products is up to the mark.

Amazon FBA Prep

personal care products Amazon FBA Prep

We can customize the packaging to your brand, print and paste FNSKU labeling as required by Amazon. We can bundle personal care products into packages as you need.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

personal care products Shipping To Amazon FBA

We do the math and try to get you the best shipping rates to increase your profit margin. We use the best methods to ship your personal care products.


personal care products DropShopping

We can be your fulfillment center and handle the shipping of your personal care products directly to your customers. This saves you supply chain costs.

Why Choose Leeline To Import personal care products From China

  • Leeline can find you the best personal care Dropshipping Suppliers and Wholesalers from AliExpress. 
  • Leeline will be your dedicated agent for purchasing in China to help you import products from AliExpress. 
  • Leeline will help you conduct factory certification to make sure the quality of your dropshipping products is good. 
  • Are you looking to sell on Amazon? Leeline provides Amazon FBA prep services. 
  • Leeline provides one-to-one product quality testing before the product is shipped.

Best 20 personal care products Manufacturers In China

1.Shenzhen Perfect Idea Technology Co., Ltd

1.Shenzhen Perfect Idea Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Perfect Idea Tech. Co., Ltd is based in Guangdong, China, and was established in 2012. They have gained an extensive nine years of experience in personal care product manufacturing. There is even an R&D department that keeps bringing out innovations with 19 patents. 

They have grown into many markets. The Eastern Asia region is the leader. North America follows close behind. Finally, it is followed by the local market.  

Main Products

They are focused on home-based beauty and personal care products. Here are some of their main products; Head Massager, Ultrasonic Galvanic Beauty Device, Hot Cold Beauty Device, and Ultrasonic Skin Cleanser.

Why Choose Shenzhen Perfect Idea Technology Co., Ltd

Their motto, “Be Perfect,” shows in their meticulously crafted high-quality products. They are the pioneers of the Bio-wave skincare technology, which pleasantly surprises their customers. 

Their top brands Beperfect and Beauty Inside, are competitive players in the market. In total, they have 16 product certifications.

2.Beijing Goldenlaser Development Co., Ltd

2.Beijing Goldenlaser Development Co., Ltd

Beijing Goldenlaser Development Co., Ltd has been in the market since 2000. It is a high-tech company with active developments. These are R&D, production, sales, and after-sales services of personal care and beauty products. 

They have links with several foreign Research Centers specializing in Optical Engineering. Their primary markets hold almost equal shares. These are North America, South America, and Southeast Asia.  

Main Products

Their main products are; Beauty Machine, Laser Hair Removal Machine, Laser Tattoo Removal Machine, and Hydral Facial Machine.

Why Choose Beijing Goldenlaser Development Co., Ltd  

The company insists on the “Quality is our life, integrity will win market” principle. With excellent product quality, they have won the trust of customers. Their goal is to secure and maintain a top position in the Beauty field of science and technology. 

The company has been behind independently developed skincare and hair removal products and even laser tattoo removal products. In total, they have 2 product certifications.

3.Oriental-Laser (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd

3.Oriental-Laser (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd

This company has gained a lot of experience ever since its establishment in 2007. Their primary focus is on power diode laser research and high-power DPSS laser systems designs. These are for consumer electronics. The company has developed a large facility covering an area of 5,000 square feet. 

Their market is mainly in Western Europe. It is followed by Northern Europe and then the Middle East. 

Main Products

The company primarily deals in, Beauty equipment like body slimming machines, Diode Laser for Hair Removal, Laser Hair Removal, and Laser Tattoo Removal. 

Additionally, it deals in parts like; Laser Hair Removal parts, Handpiece, Dpss QCW laser module, and Dpss CW laser module.

Why Choose Oriental-Laser (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd

Their products are broadly used in the industry. There is a particular focus on defense, medicine, and research. Oriental-Laser’s principal values are performance, reliability, and efficiency. It is these qualities that make them competitive in the market. 

They even have CE product certifications and six patents to their name.

4.Guangdong Jinda Hardware Products Co., Ltd

4.Guangdong Jinda Hardware Products Co., Ltd

Guangdong Jinda Hardware Products Co., Ltd was founded back in 1997. As a result, it is a market veteran. Their vast 90,000 square meter factory averages 22 million units in production. 

They are well equipped to handle high volume orders with over 1000 employees. 

Main Products

The company deals in; Nail Clippers Series, Key Holder Series, Knife Products Series, Kitchen Supplies, and Beauty Tools. 

Why Choose Guangdong Jinda Hardware Products Co., Ltd

The company owns the largest factory for daily use metal products in China. They were one of the first suppliers in their industry to be accredited with ISO9001:2000 certification in China. They have satisfied customers from Eastern Europe, the Americas, Asia, and the Middle East.  

They also have CE product certification.

5.Zhongshan Kailei Personal Care Supplies Co., Ltd

5. Zhongshan Kailei Personal Care Supplies Co., Ltd

Zhongshan Kailei Personal Care Supplies Co., Ltd was established in 2007. Their focus is on providing OEM and ODM personal care products. Their primary markets are Europe, the United States, and other countries. Kailei puts R&D on priority with one patent. 

Back in 2015, the company brought the latest technology from South Korea to expand its product line. 

Main Products

Masks are their specialty, focusing on Facial masks, Hand masks, Foot masks, Protective masks, and Virus Blocker.

Why Choose Zhongshan Kailei Personal Care Supplies Co., Ltd

Their cosmetic workshop is a GMP cleanroom class 100000. Additionally, it meets the particular requirements of GMPC, Europe. It meets the product development and production regulations of the United States. 

Their principal values, integrity, strength, and quality, are widely appreciated in the industry. They even have 5 product certifications.

6.Beijing ADSS Development Co., Ltd

6.Beijing ADSS Development Co., Ltd

Beijing ADSS Development Co., Ltd was founded in 2005 July. It has its own in-house R&D Center, which handles putting out nine patents. They also have dedicated sales and after-sales teams along with a clinic center. 

They emphasize high technology implementation and development while implementing international production standards. Their primary markets are in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and South America. 

Main Products

ADSS manufactures Medical Laser Equipment and Aesthetics products like Laser Beauty Equipment. These include Laser Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Slimming Systems, and more. 

Why Choose Beijing ADSS Development Co., Ltd

Their focus is on value like quality, timely delivery, and perfect service. This has helped them gain a market in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and South America. They provide high-quality, reliable, and sturdy products. 

Their team can freely communicate in English, Spanish, Russian and Japanese. Beijing ADSS has 3 product certifications. 

7.Weifang Huamei Electronics Co., Ltd

7.Weifang Huamei Electronics Co., Ltd

Established in 2004, Weifang Huamei Electronics Co., Ltd is a HI-TECH laser medical equipment manufacturer. Huamei Electronics also specializes in the development, production, sales, and service of its products. 

Their main office is in Shandong, China. It is ideal for several potential clients. Their top existing market includes Europe and North America. 

Main Products

Some of Huamei Electronics’ main products include IPL Machine, RF Beauty System, Oxygen Jet, Laser Treatment System, and PDT Machine, among other personal care products. 

Why Choose Weifang Huamei Electronics Co., Ltd

They have the necessary certifications to ship their products all around the world. They have built a solid reputation in the medical and beauty industry for powerful machines and good services. Huamei Electronics has five product certifications, including CE and TUV.

8.Guangzhou Ekai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

8.Guangzhou Ekai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Founded in 2012, Guangzhou Ekai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd maintains a workforce of highly experienced professionals. Ekai Electronic specializes in the beauty equipment industry. 

They give particular importance to customers and are compliant with the ISO 9001 quality management system. Ekai also holds two patents for the Tattoo machine. They are based in Guangdong, China.

Their primary markets are in North America, Western Europe, and Southeast Asia. 

Main Products

Ekai’s main products include Derma pen, Derma roller, Hydra pen, ICE roller, Pmu machine, and other products. Ekai is a personal care product manufacturer.

Why Choose Guangzhou Ekai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

They uphold strict quality standards for product appearance and hardware, software testing, product assembly process, and packing. They offer attractive designs, dependable technology, timely shipments, and good after-sales support. They have 2 product certifications.

9.Yiwu Tryme Import & Export Co., Ltd

9.Yiwu Tryme Import & Export Co., Ltd

Yiwu Tryme Import & Export Co., Ltd has over eight years of experience in the market. Its head office is located in Zhejiang, China. They can be the right choice for clients looking for fashionable masks that are increasingly high in demand. 

They have captured a decent portion of the market internationally. These include North America, South America, and Western Europe. 

Main Products

Yiwu Tryme has experience in fashion jewelry and products like Mask, Gifts and Crafts, Fashion Mask, and more. 

Why Choose Yiwu Tryme Import & Export Co., Ltd

They manufacture high-quality face masks at low prices, which can boost your profit margin. They use advanced equipment for production. Most of their manufacturing machinery comes from Germany. 

Yiwu Tryme has tens of thousands of products under its belt. With efficient communications, their in-house design team can help you ensure you get top-notch designs and modifications.

10.Tianjin Kingson Science And Technology Co., Ltd

10.Tianjin Kingson Science And Technology Co., Ltd

Tianjin Kingson Science And Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2013. Tianjin Kingson has three factories, each with its line of products. 

They employ over 500 skilled workers with 20 technical engineers and two independent labs. Their top market is in China, followed by North America and Western Europe. 

Main Products

Specializing in patches, Tianjin Kingson produces Foot Patch, Foot Mask, Heat Patch, Cooling Patch, Anti Smoke Patch, and Eye Gel Patch as their main products. 

Why Choose Tianjin Kingson Science And Technology Co., Ltd

They are the largest manufacturers of patches in China with over 14-year experience. They have a large workforce. 

This enables them to produce high-volume orders with ease. They strictly follow the ISO9001:2008 standards, so customers get quality products from them. Kingston has a good foothold in the Chinese market. North America and Western Europe follow it.

11.SUS Advancing Technology Co., Ltd

11.SUS Advancing Technology Co., Ltd

Established in 2008, SUS Advancing Technology Co., Ltd is a worldwide manufacturer, developer, and supplier of personal care and medical applications. They have been at the front line of innovation, developing systems to cater to today’s ever-changing needs. 

Its mission is to make modular, low-cost, and high-performance systems available in the market. SUS’s central markets are in North America, Local Market, and Western Europe. 

Main Products

Their personal care products include Vacuum Cavitation System, HIFU, Laser Beauty Equipment, PDT Machine, Cryolipolysis Slimming Machine, and more.

Why Choose SUS Advancing Technology Co., Ltd

They enable professionals to offer personal care treatments to their patients. SUS’s vision is to become a leading manufacturer in the domain of technology-based solutions. They gained years of experience in the personal care industry. This shows up in their products and services. 

They also have 6 product certifications.

12.Shandong Bouliga Biotechnology Co., Ltd

12.Shandong Bouliga Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Shandong Bouliga Biotechnology Co., Ltd was founded in 2012. It is located in the hometown of Confucius, Qufu. They are financially stable with a registered capital of 3 million. 

Their factory in Qufu has state-of-the-art facilities, uses first-quality biological medicinal products, raw materials, production, equipment, and advanced laboratory. Their production flow is Gelatinization, Purification, and finally, Sterilizing. 

Main Products

Bouliga Biotechnology’s main products are Hyaluronic Acid Filler, Sodium Hyaluronate, Chondroitin Sulfate, and others. 

Why Choose Shandong Bouliga Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Their company values are reflected in their products and services. Their goal is to become a first-class brand. 

So, they do their best to ensure customer satisfaction. Their products are sold locally and in the US, Canada, Australia, India, and other countries.

13.Hunan Lesen Xinpin Electronics Co., Ltd

13.Hunan Lesen Xinpin Electronics Co., Ltd

Hunan Lesen Xinpin Electronics Co., Ltd is a relatively new company founded in 2017. Yet, it has built a market in the Middle East, Western Europe, and North America. They have an in-house research and development department. 

They even have their factory. This is where they manufacture personal care and medical equipment. Their production flow starts with preparing the raw materials, assembly, quality control, and finally packaging. 

Main Products

Lesen Xinpin offers Skin scrubber, Gua sha massager, Beauty eye care device, Beauty personal care, Facial machine, and other products. They manufacture one of the best personal care products, which are tested for quality. 

Why Choose Hunan Lesen Xinpin Electronics Co., Ltd

Lesen Xinpin provides both OEM and ODM services for customers globally. They also offer quality beauty salon products. 

Xinpin Electronics have 4 product certifications.

14.Kingwin Salon Equipment Co., Ltd

14.Kingwin Salon Equipment Co., Ltd

Kingwin Salon Equipment Co., Ltd is an experienced company specializing in developing and manufacturing high-quality salon and spa equipment. It was founded in 1997, and today, it is recognized globally. 

The primary market is North America, followed by Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. Their production flow begins with injecting and then printing, assembling, testing, and loading. 

Main Products

Kingwin provides one of the best Salon Products. This includes products such as trolleys, steamers, skincare tools, hairdressing accessories, and more. 

Why Choose Kingwin Salon Equipment Co., Ltd

They have gained global renown in the Salon Industry by being one of the most reliable and friendly suppliers. Kingwin is highly motivated by the trust it gained from its clients. 

Their R&D is active. They have six patents to their name. They also have 8 product certifications.

15.Shenzhen Xiteyou Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

15. Shenzhen Xiteyou Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Xiteyou Electronic Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2010. They are a HI-TECH private manufacturer. Based in Guangdong, China. 

The company’s primary market is North America, Southern Europe, and Southeast Asia. Their products are used in industries and consumer products like medical equipment, laptops, cars, UPS, solar products, electric tools, and more. 

Main Products

Their main products can be divided into the following broad categories, Beauty & Personal Care, Health & Medical, and Security & Protection.

Why Choose Shenzhen Xiteyou Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

They offer OEM services. They have more than ten production lines, which lets them deliver high-volume orders efficiently. The company is dedicated to making improvements through innovations. Their goal is to become the best battery supplier from China. 

Xiteyou Electronic works hard to provide high-quality products and services to its customers. They have 3 product certifications. These include KC, CE, and CCC.

16. Xi'an Imaherb Biotech Co., Ltd

16. Xi’an Imaherb Biotech Co., Ltd

Founded in 2015, Xi’an Imaherb Biotech Co. is focused on providing faithful services while bringing innovation. This has to lead them to identify, develop, and produce personal care products from nature. Imaherb also supplies a variety of natural and fresh raw materials. 

They are based in Shaanxi, China. Their primary markets are in Southern and Northern Europe and Central America. 

Main Products

Imaherb’s main product lines are Nutritional supplements, Health food products, Beverages, and Pharmaceutical products. Some of the highlights are; Organic Mushroom extract, Organic Superfoods, Cosmetic material, Sweeteners, and Sports nutrition.

Why Choose Xi’an Imaherb Biotech Co., Ltd

They have access to an ample supply of herbal resources in the Qinling Mountains. That too without pollution. They have access to thousands of different raw materials. 

Imaherb follows GMP standards in production. They have an innovative R&D team always working for innovations. They also have the certificate of organic operation.

17.Shenzhen Ifine Technology Company Ltd

17.Shenzhen Ifine Technology Company Ltd

henzhen Ifine Technology Company Ltd was founded back in 2011. It is based in Shenzhen, China. Their primary focus is the hardware and software design, development, and production of Electric Beauty care products. 

They have over seven years of experience in the assembly and design of motherboards and PCBA. Their R&D is active and has one patent to their name. 

Ifine Technology’s significant markets are in North America, South America, and Eastern Asia. 

Main Products

Their technical team worked on new products, including a fruit mask in 2014. Since then, it has become a part of their main products. Their products include Beauty care products, makeup brush cleaner, facial steamer, Hair salon equipment, and mask machine.

Why Choose Shenzhen Ifine Technology Company Ltd

They are developing new products proactively which customers might be looking for. They provide a full-stack service, from hardware-software to the final finished product. 

They prefer to form long-term business relationships so all the parties involved can benefit from each other. They also have 2 product certifications.

18.Guangzhou Coober Cosmetic Co., Ltd

18.Guangzhou Coober Cosmetic Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Coober Cosmetic Co., Ltd is a relatively new player in the online market founded in 2017. Yet, they are very experienced in their work with over 20 years of manufacturing experience. 

They are GMPC certified, while SGS verifies most of their products. Coober Cosmetics has a good market in North America, Western Europe, and the Middle East. 

Main Products

Coober Cosmetic mainly deals in manufacturing professional personal care products like hair care and hair beauty products. Other products include Toiletries, Skin Care, and Essential Oil. More specific products include hair styling wax, hair cream treatment, hair serum, and much more. 

Why Choose Guangzhou Coober Cosmetic Co., Ltd

They provide good quality along with good service as a starting point for maintaining long-term business relationships. 

They provide both OEM and ODM. They also offer private label services for different eCommerce platforms like Amazon. Coober Cosmetic also has 2 product certifications.

19.Shenzhen Beautou Technology Development Co., Ltd

19.Shenzhen Beautou Technology Development Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Beautou Technology Development Co., Ltd was founded on 17th July 2017. Their focal point is electronic personal care product designing, manufacturing, and marketing. Their leading technology focus is on micro-current, ions, EMS, ultrasound, and related domains. 

Beautou Technology has a yearly revenue of around US$2.5 to US$5 Million.

Main Products

Beautou Technology primarily deals in skincare products, facial beauty devices, lipo body slimming machines, plasma pen, and laser hair removal devices. They sell plasma pens, derma pens, blackhead suction devices, and other personal care products. 

Why Choose Shenzhen Beautou Technology Development Co., Ltd

Their primary markets are based in Northern Europe, North America, and Eastern Europe. 

They have managed to gain a foothold in the challenging markets speaks volumes about their products and services. The company can assure customers that they are getting competitive products. They also have 2 product certifications.

20.Henan Geesion Medical Devices Co., Ltd

20.Henan Geesion Medical Devices Co., Ltd

Henan Geesion Medical Devices Co., Ltd was established in 2013. They have become a leading name in healthcare products export in China. These also include personal care products. 

They take pride in their work as a personal care product supplier. Their market has expanded to North America, Eastern Europe, and Northern Europe. 

Main Products

Henan Geesion specializes in offering various Health Patches, including Foot Patch, Cooling Gel Patch, Slimming Patch, Foot Mask, Hand Mask, Pain Relieve Patch, Warmer Pad, and others. 

Why Choose Henan Geesion Medical Devices Co., Ltd

Their commitment to quality and acknowledgment of today’s market’s competitive nature pushes them to keep improving. They have provided OEM services for over eight years. 

Geesion provides high-quality products at fair prices, which work well for drop shippers and international traders. They also have CE product certification.

Need Leeline to Handle Your Shipping personal care products From China

personal care products Sea Freight Shipping from China

personal care products Sea Freight From Shipping

We recommend shipping personal care products by sea if the volume is high and delivery is not required urgently.

personal care products Air Freight Shipping from China

personal care products Air Freight From Shipping

The fastest way to get your personal care products is by air, which costs more.

personal care products Rail Freight Shipping from China

personal care products Rail Freight From Shipping

Ship by rail is a way to get large volume personal care product orders by land from China.

personal care products Door to Door Shipping from China

personal care products Door to Door From Shipping

If you are unfamiliar with the shipping methods, Door-to-door shipping is convenient and saves you time.

Import personal care products from China Ultimate Guide




There are a wide variety of personal care products you can import from China. In these innovative times, there is always a new product in the market which gains a lot of attention from buyers worldwide.

It can be challenging to run the full process yourself.

We’re here to help you establish a long-term business relationship so you can handle your business with peace of mind.

We have got you covered for whatever personal care products you are looking to source. Most often, traders and business people make mistakes. But we can save your time and money if you go through our detailed guide. When the proper steps are followed, you can easily be successful.

How To Grow Your Business With Importing Personal Care Products From China?

What is Personal Care Products business?

Personal care products business deals in consumable items and equipment designed to clean, beautify, promote attractiveness, or change a human body’s appearance. Typically, a sub-category within this broad category is selected by businesses to keep their efforts focused.

You have probably used several personal care products.

personal care products 1

You can start a personal care business yourself. You can begin by identifying the personal care products in high demand but have fewer companies selling those items. This way, you can start to capture the market and gain profits. All this without overwhelming competition.

These businesses can run both physically and online.

Physically there are options like selling through retail outlet stores or selling to retailers or large brands. You could set up a business meeting with retailers and make a long-term contract on becoming their personal care products supplier. As you build your agreements with more partners, you can get more lucrative profits.

When selling online, you can set up your eCommerce store. Or you could sell at significant eCommerce platforms like Amazon as a merchant. Learn more about selling on Amazon here.

What are the benefits of importing Personal Care Products from China?

For starters, importing personal care products from China gives you a lot of options. You can find all types of products across several sub-categories within personal care products.

Additionally, China has developed specialized industries for specific types of personal care products. This lets you source even the most specialized types of personal care products. You will find manufacturers, supplies, and wholesalers dealing with personal care products.

Moreover, you can expect an extensive range of manufacturers to choose which fits your requirements the best. This way, you don’t have to compromise on the product you want to source.

Although we have listed the 20 best personal care product manufacturers, there are many more in the market.

With such competition even within China, all the manufacturers are constantly improving. They are offering high-quality products at reasonable prices. Most of the companies have a dedicated R&D department working to bring innovation.

Who uses Personal Care Products?

Personal Care Products are used by people of all sexes and ages, starting from teenagers. It is a rapidly developing market that covers a large range of products serving specific age groups and genders.

For instance, men use bread care products like bread oil, beard brush, trimmers, and derma rollers. Another popular item among men is grooming kits, which contain all the tools for men to shave and generally include nail clippers.

personal care products 2

On the other hand, women use facial masks, breast masks, body shapers, breast massagers, derma rollers, hair extensions, makeup sets, makeup removal, and other products.

People generally get conscious about their looks starting from their teenage. Teens typically have acne and pimple problems. There are many personal care products designed and developed to reduce or solve these problems.

Then there are the universal personal care products that are used by everyone. These include facial cleansers, and bath sets, among other products.

How to choose the best Personal Care Products, manufacturer?

We have researched to bring you the best personal care product manufacturers on our list. Yet, you can visit Alibaba and find other manufacturers that may be best for you.

Our list highlights the main products offered by each manufacturer so you can choose according to your requirements.

How to negotiate with China Personal Care Products suppliers?

Work for a deal that benefits both parties. If you can come up with favorable terms for both sides, you will get a good deal and gain goodwill. Ask for prices based on the qualities of products.

You could first ask to buy an initial test to ensure the product is up to your requirements. It helps if you prepare yourself before the negotiations. You could prepare the data which would be relevant to your desired product and business. This helps a lot!

How to carry out Shipping for Personal Care Products from China?

You can use any of the three channels, air, rail, and ship, for importing from China. The fastest method is by air followed by rail and then ship. Although, depending on your location, shipment by rail may not be possible.

You could opt for door-to-door service, which is the most convenient method that delivers product by air. It’s also known as the Air courier service.

How to Sell Personal Care Products online to earn money?

There are a lot of good opportunities to sell personal care products online to earn money. You can start Amazon FBA, where you can open a merchant to start selling a personal care product of your choice. However, you must be mindful of the competition for the products you are selling.

personal care products 3

You can also go ahead and set up your eCommerce store. This way, you can sell personal care products without fear of competition. However, in this scenario, the most important thing is to bring quality traffic to your website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I find legitimate wholesale suppliers?

You can contact a local third party to find wholesale suppliers for you, depending on your requirements. Additionally, you can check online for the supplier’s reputation and read reviews to ensure their legitimacy.

Various online portals offer different indicators, which can further help you find legitimate suppliers. Indicators such as proper certifications, patents, and a long service duration help make sure the personal care products supplier is trustworthy.

Where can I buy wholesale items?

There is a lot of online portals that ease the purchase of wholesale items. Some of the leading websites are Alibaba, Chinabrands, DHgate, and other outlets. You can generally find many suppliers for the same product with a full system of reviews and certifications, helping you make an informed decision.

What do I need in order to buy wholesale?

There are a couple of requirements to buy wholesale. Firstly, you need to get a tax identification number or Tax ID. It is recommended to be aware of the local and national laws on purchasing wholesale and any specific tax laws before purchasing.

Can I buy from Alibaba and sell on Amazon?

You can, but not directly. Suppose you connect Alibaba as a source for your products from a new account. In that case, you could face a lifetime ban because almost all the items available on Alibaba are already selling on Amazon.

For a detailed guide on Alibaba, check out our article.

Even if you manage to buy from Alibaba and sell on Amazon, you will most likely be selling at a loss. There is a lot of competition, and even some of your competitors would be selling at a loss.

Can anyone buy from wholesalers?

Although anyone can buy from wholesalers, in most cases, businesses buy from wholesalers. This is because the order volume is usually extensive, which helps in reducing the prices. Companies then sell the products in retail, adding in the overhead costs and profit margin.

Final Thoughts on Wholesale Personal Care Products From China

So that was our detailed guide on wholesale personal care products from China.

Personal Care Products is a growing industry with an increasing market size. Almost all the products within this category are experiencing gains in market size. There is an excellent opportunity to sell products in this category.

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We hope this was informative for you, and now you are ready to take action! Leeline sourcing is always prepared to be your sourcing agent in China. Leave us an inquiry now, and we will set up a conversation to get you quality personal care products at reasonable prices.

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