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With LeelineSourcing’s cost-effective e-commerce services, you can save 40% of your budget. You will be able to get a quick response and on-time production of wholesale jewelry from China through our fast turnaround time. We also offer a 1-month free warehouse to fulfill your inventory storage requirements.

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Our Jewelry Manufacturing Services Include:

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Sourcing Jewelry Suppliers

With leelineSourcing, you can get multiple products at a time. This will save both your time and budget. Regardless of the niche you want, we will source the exact products you require.

Jewelry Quality Control

Your whole jewelry production will be unpacked and faulty products will be eliminated at our warehouse. Our quality inspectors will inspect every product and ensure the whole process is done in less time.

Product Quality Control
Private Label & White Label

Private Label & White Label Jewelry

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Dropshipping and Fulfillment

You will get 100% higher quality products and benefit from 50% lower shipping costs. In addition, you can use our 18 shipping methods to ensure worldwide shipping.

Dropshipping & Fulfillment

Hear it from fellow Jewelry Wholesaler

It was great working with LeelineSourcing as I always got an on-time response from them. They solved all my queries, which gave me 24/7 satisfaction. I received high-quality follow-up production, so I can always rely on them.

– Gregory, Indiana

Source Your Jewelry and Make Big Money

We offer the best wholesale price and high quality jewelry to help you boost your business.

How to wholesale Jewelry from China: Quick Guide

It’s important that you choose reliable suppliers for your China jewelry wholesale business. It will create effectiveness in production, offering quality made products that can attract sales and profits.

Do you know why wholesale Jewelry from China is creating such a hubbub online? It became a word of mouth almost instantaneously.

Many people wonder how the jewelry business can be able to catch the attention of so many people all around the world.

Well, the main reason behind it that there is an intrinsic soft spot for the use of jewelry among humans.

Our bodies are like the blank canvasses given to us by nature. Now it is on us that how we want to make them look.

For this purpose, we have to nourish them, keep them active, and also adorn them. We represent our emotions, our potential, and our tastefulness through our bodies.

The use of jewelry can be harmonized with the needs of love/belongingness, esteem, and self-actualization.

Hence, it is not a surprise why wholesale fashion jewelry has succeeded to persist in its position in the limelight.

wholesale Jewelry from China

Why Consider Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Online?

Now we all know the success of wholesale fashion jewelry online, and the market is only increasing.

If you deal in wholesale fashion jewelry, then it is high time to take your business on an online platform and increase your profit to ten folds.

It is also a great opportunity for people who are looking for a business idea. Through wholesale fashion jewelry, your debut in the market can be bombastic.

Let’s dunk deeper and understand why opting for the business in wholesale fashion jewelry can be an advantageous choice for you.

Fashion Jewelry Industry Has A Huge Market Demand

Jewelry is part of the fashion industry. It is expected that the value of the jewelry market will increase from about 279 billion U.S. dollars to 480.5 billion dollars by 2025.

Fashion keeps changing with new trends. If you can catch them, it has a huge profit. I missed a few trends but, later on, became part of a few. Stick to social media sites to see what’s happening in the Fashion industry.

China is stated to attribute the most share of the jewelry and watch market revenue. However, the structure of this industry is global.

The raw material is sourced from Africa, Australia, Russia, and Canada; the jewelry manufacturing majorly happens in China, India, Turkey, and Italy, etc. And the retail markets are present in other places.

Including all these countries, the whole world is also touting the demand for fashion jewelry. From the wedding rings of billions of couples all around the world to the Queen’s crown, everything comes under the sphere of jewelry. Fashion jewelry has a volatile market.

Fashion Jewelry Industry Has A The Huge Market Demand
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Fashion Jewelry Industry Can Attain Tremendous Profits

As the demand of the fashion jewelry industry knows no limits, it has the potential to skyrocket its profits. The fashion jewelry industry can be a great choice if you are interested in e-commerce.

High Value

Just last year, the accessories held a share of 29% of global internet purchases. It is expected to grow by 11% by 2021.

The experts expect it to be only growing. Hence, its high value should assure you of its profitability, if you are ruminating over your choice.

Small Volume

Another major reason why jewelry is the best fit for e-commerce is that it is very light weighted. Being light in weight, it can save you a lot of money.

Not only this, even though pieces of jewelry are often delicate material, they still have fewer chances to break and get damaged than other heavy weighted products. So, here is also a plus for jewelry.

Low Shipping Cost

Many e-commerce companies suffer from the loss of profit due to high shipping costs. But, jewelry, being light in weight, can save you a lot of money. Low dimensional weight of large outsourcing too, so courier shipping also works best for them. 

You can opt for the choice of using the service that charges based on how much the box costs and how far it has to travel.

Fashion Jewelry Niche Is A Big Opportunity To Online Businesses

Selling and buying cheap wholesale fashion jewelry can be an amazing opportunity for you to try in 2021.

With so many benefits and lowest risks, the fashion jewelry niche is the must-do if you are planning to increase your revenue or just simply deciding to take your first step in the industry.

Fashion Jewelry Niche Is A Big Opportunity

How To Find Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers?

Locating reliable suppliers is efficient. Effective suppliers will provide quality products and collaborate alongside the process.

That is why you should find reliable suppliers to work with. You can choose several methods for locating the right suppliers for your needs. Here’s how you do it:

1. Sourcing Companies, Agents Or Buying Offices

One of the ways is to find sourcing companies or work with sourcing agents. As evident from the name, these companies and agents work to source the right suppliers for you.

There are times when you face issues sourcing suppliers from areas or industries that you are new to. In such cases, these sourcing companies assist in locating the right suppliers for you.


One of the many china sourcing companies that you can ask for help is LeelineSourcing. The company has been offering sourcing services for the past many years.

Their sourcing services include locating the right supplier, negotiating the process, and getting quality products shipped with time efficiency.

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How LeelineSourcing Help You import from China and make money from Online Amazon Business.
Click On LeelineSourcing To Get The Profitable Jewelry Products

You’ll need to register with LeelineSourcing for getting profitable jewelry products. This can be done by registering at the company’s site and opting for their sourcing services that will help in getting the right kind of products. Not only suppliers but Leeline sourcing helps you to access factory owners too. Share your design and customize your jewelry with a professional design team. 

Set Your Online Business Free From Risks And Capital Problems

One of the competitive perks that working with LeelineSourcing will be earned is the safety of your capital.

Finding a trustworthy sourcing company is important so that your investment can remain safe. With LeelineSourcing, you’re bound to get safety from the risk and issues for capital management.

From choosing the right supplier for jewelry products to helping negotiate the right terms, your capital remains safe throughout the process.

1 Month Free Warehouses Storage And Convenient Logistics System

Another appealing element about LeelineSourcing is the trial warehouse storage and logistics system. With the advent of digitalization, sourcing companies are now making their move in the digital era.

This allows them to invest in complete automation, giving management an uplift. LeelineSourcing comes with an effective warehousing and logistics management system.

However, it also invites customers to experience the system themselves.

The customers can interact with the system and calibrate it according to their needs. It allows syncing the processes, giving seamlessness throughout the proceedings.

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2. Online B2B marketplace

Now if you want to start a fashion jewelry business, either by selling it as wholesale jewelry bulk lots or you want to buy it first and then sell it on your jewelry shop, there are some reputable B2B marketplaces online.

There are a lot of sellers and buyers present on those platforms with whom you can connect to make profitable deals for your business.


Alibaba needs no recognition. It is the go-to place of almost every manufacturer, supplier, exporter, buyer, wholesaler, products, and trade deals.

This international trade site has been originated in China. So, if you are planning to start a cheap wholesale jewelry deal with a seller or a buyer, there is no place more dependable than Alibaba. You get a variety of international & Chinese suppliers under a single platform. Also, their filters help you to decide the best suppliers. Read their past reviews and ratings to check their credibility and trustworthiness. 

TTT jewelry

TTT is a trusted name in the industry of wholesale fashion jewelry. It was founded in 2010 and it also originated in China.

It provides high-quality handmade jewelry all around the world. Their quality is commendable. So, you can buy you bulk from here!

TTT jewelry


Jewelrybund is the first choice of many consumers all around the world. If you want to buy cheap wholesale fashion jewelry that is also of high quality, Jewelrybund tops the list.

It has ten years of experience in manufacturing and supplying jewelry bulk lots at rock-bottom prices.


3. Search on Google

Another obvious way to search for good B2B portals for dealing in selling and buying of cheap wholesale jewelry is to search on Google.

Google will guide you in making the right choice according to your keywords and location. The best practice is to type “Product name” Supplier in “Location.” Use relevant search terms to find the best-performing supplier’s websites. 

Largest jewelry Wholesale Markets in China

As we can see that China is the hub of jewelry wholesale markets and enjoys the biggest share in the global revenue of the jewelry industry.

Hence, if you want to get into the industry deeply, you may be searching for the largest jewelry wholesale market in China.

Here we have listed some of them that are considered second to none. All of them have their specs so that you can choose according to your demands and requirements.

1. Yiwu

Yiwu is the largest wholesale trade market in the world. It features almost 75,000 booths that then carries a wide range of products that are more than 400,000 in their types.

Being such a vast market, Yiwu can be your one-stop solution if you are wanting to buy cheap whole jewelry bulk lots.

  • Low Price

One of the main reasons why we recommend Yiwu for high fashion jewelry wholesale China is because this is the place where you can get affordable rates.

Being such versatile, Yiwu has suitable deals for everyone who comes to it.

  • Best Choice for Small Jewelry Accessories Importers

As we have already stated that Yiwu can benefit everyone equally. So, if you are a small jewelry accessories importer and want to make a reasonable order, Yiwu would not disappoint.

You can search around and you will surely find a deal matching your needs.

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2. Guangzhou

Forbes ranked Guangzhou as the best commercial city in mainland China. It is known for its annual Canton Fair, which is the oldest and the largest trade fair in China. It also has easy access to ports and the nearest international Airports. Save your shipping costs with the easy-to-visit location. 

Hence, if you want to buy cheap wholesale jewelry, you must look at the option of buying from Guangzhou.

  • Best Quality

3 big jewelry wholesale markets in Guangzhou are exemplary in their quality. Many importers all around the world trust the markets of Guangzhou when they are looking for top-quality jewelry.

  • Most Specialized City of China’s Jewelry Accessories

Guangzhou is considered the most specialized city for China’s Jewelry accessories all around the world.

Guangzhou Taikang jewelry wholesale city is the place to go if you are looking for innumerable opportunities to find the deal of your dreams.

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3. Qingdao

If we take the name of the best cities in China for high fashion jewelry, we cannot just forget the name of Qingdao.

  • Major Production Place of Korean Style Jewelry

Qingdao is a big name when it comes to the cities that process jewelry for the world. Being located next to Korea, it is the hub for the production of Korean style jewelry.

Many Korean jewelry companies are established here. The main reason is cheap production. Also, if you want Euro-centric designs, you can share them with factory owners. 

Sino-Korea International Commodities market and Jimo Small Commodities market are the big names when it comes to buying Korean style jewelry in Qingdao.

The quality and costs of the jewelry bought from Qingdao have a good reputation all over the world.

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How LeelineSourcing Helps You Wholesale Jewelry From China

Having a reliable sourcing company that can offer assistance in China jewelry wholesale business is important.

LeelineSourcing comes with an efficient performance that you can count on. Here’s how the company can assist in wholesale jewelry bulk lots acquisition:

1. Guide You To Find Best Jewelry Supplier

The primary perk of a sourcing company is directing you to a reliable supplier. For your business to gain successive progress your supplier should be efficient and coordinative.

LeelineSourcing understands the need for a reliable supplier. It takes it on itself to locate the right kind of supplier for your needs.

From searching online to locating the supplier using their network, it finds the best supplier for your needs. Access offline wholesaler markets as their prices are lower than online suppliers. More profit margin and easy to negotiate through Native Chinese Leeline’s representative. 

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Guide You To Find Best Jewelry Supplier

2. Confirm and Follow-up your order

The next process of working with the supplier is to confirm your order. This is important since the negotiation process does take time. It’s not just about finding the supplier but progressing with your order is important too.

LeelineSourcing takes the responsibility for progressing your order with the supplier. From sample assessment to price negotiation, it completes every process.

Moreover, the progress of the proceedings is elaborated to you so that you may stay connected with the proceedings.

Once the order has been placed, the company then follows up on your order. This is done to make sure that the order is being processed and the supplier isn’t facing an issue.

However, before the order begins, LeelineSourcing brings everything into a contract. It allows ensuring that the proceedings go smoothly according to the requirements.

3. Quality Control and Inspection

Once the contract is approved by both participating parties, the production can finally begin. However, the work of LeelineSourcing is not done here yet.

The company guarantees the quality of the products. It’s of utmost importance that you get quality made products.

Not only will it save your investment but also boost your sales. Customers getting quality made products will acknowledge your brand, improving loyalty.

That is why LeelineSourcing ensures that the suppliers follow quality control and inspection processes.

It even regulates the measures by coordinating with you. It allows boosting the overall quality, according to your needs. They check every single item before shipping with different standards. Replace damaged units with untapped and good-quality items. 

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Quality Control and Inspection

4. What Kind of Compliance Is Needed for Importing Jewelry from China?

You may have heard of international companies regulating compliances for their production. Compliances are a set of rules that are accepted internationally.

These rules are made mandatory for trading in the international market. For products, these compliances ensure standards that must be followed.

Similarly, there is a set standard or compliance for importing jewelry from China. LeelineSourcing ensures that the goods you receive adhere to the compliance requirements. Here are some of the elements that are needed to be observed:

Physical test

The physical test is concerned with the physical qualities of the product. Since jewelry is touching the skin, it should be made with materials that don’t cause any damage.

Here are some factors that are assessed during the physical test:


The color of the jewelry is the most important element. It is one of the main things that attract the buyers along with the design.

This test ensures that the color of the jewelry item will not fade away due to exposure to weather or water. This is mostly guaranteed for a small amount of time in case artificial materials were used to create the product. Customers would complain and demand a refund if you didn’t provide the right quality. It saves your reputation from all this hassle. 

In case the product was formed using high-quality products, the warranty is usually high.

Tensile Test

The tensile test is based on the idea of how much will the product last in its elasticity. It’s an important element for jewelry.

You don’t want your products to be broken with just a mere pull. That is why the tensile test is done to ensure that it holds enough strength for the everyday hassle.

Sharp Point

You certainly don’t want to have cuts on your body by wearing jewelry. That is why the sharpness of jewelry is also measured to make sure it is safe for use.


The last thing is also concerned within a similar context. Apart from the sharpness of the jewelry, the edges are also considered to be the core requirement.

Chemical Test

These tests are concerned with the chemical nature of jewelry. The reaction to the skin will be caused by the chemical properties of the product.

Mainly Check The Content And Thickness Of Hazardous Chemical Substances

Jewelry items can be prepared from a variety of materials. from lead to nickel, every item must be assessed so that it is proven to be non-hazardous for the users.

Therefore, the chemical test is carried out to ensure that hazardous material has been used in the preparation.

Even with different non-hazardous materials, the level of materials used is taken into consideration.


For the approval of the good that has been crafted using lead, the amount should be equal to 0.05% of the total weight of the jewelry.

This is for the products that are coming in contact with the skin such as bracelets, necklaces, etc. Apart from that, it should be less than 6% of the total weight for electroplated products.


Cadmium is also measured for jewelry items that are coming in contact directly with the skin. It’s even more of a concerning element regarding children’s jewelry since it has potential chemical properties that can cause cancer if exposed to it for longer periods.


As highlighted earlier, nickel exposure is also measured during the chemical test. There are different values for it based on the type of the product and the market that it is entering.

Here’s a complete list of the chemical tests that are made for ensuring compliance of the goods:

5. Build Your Own Private Label Brand

Apart from ensuring compliance for the products, LeelineSourcing ensures that you create your private label brand. Private labeling includes getting products from different suppliers.

After listing them, you sell these with your name and under your brand. This uplifts your profile amongst the customers, allowing you to gain control. Design your own jewelry and get your full copyrights and patent. Customers enjoy unique products with your brand’s safe identity. 

Build Your Own Private Label Brand

Design Your Brand Look

Your brand will attract customers based on its appeal and product quality. There are times when customers become a fan because your brand offers them the appeal they’re looking for.

That is why the design for your brand’s look is important. LeelineSourcing knows how important it is for your brand to stand out amongst the rest.

That is why it takes special parameters for designing your brand’s look. From logo to labeling, every element is discussed with you to ensure you remain contented.

Later, these requirements are sent to the supplier to ensure the packaging of the goods in the required manner.

Product Specialization

Specialization in a specific product domain is important. Your brand’s aim should be to cater the products in the domain that no one else does.

Only then will the customers truly count on your brand for shopping jewelry. That is why LeelineSourcing creates effective analysis allowing you to choose the product domain you want to specialize in.

Once it’s done and you’ve got an effective market to yourself, the company then creates an opening for focusing on other domains.

Competitive Pricing

The pricing of your goods is another factor that attracts customers. Apart from that, your pricing is a strategy that allows to enter and capture the market. If you have low pricing and can offer discounts, it’s easier to crush competitors. Attract customers with huge discounted deals and low pricing. 

From market acquisition to price domination, everything should be considered before approaching the customers.

LeelineSourcing comes up with an effective price analysis. This shows the primary pricing to be set for selling the products. It also illustrates the next strategy for moving your goods when a specific pricing goal is met.

High Quality/Low Defects

The quality of the goods cannot be compromised in any way. Your customers will only be loyal to your brand if they find your goods better than others.

For your private label brand to be successful, LeelineSourcing ensures that the quality of the goods doesn’t get compromised. It coordinates with the suppliers regarding quality inspection for this matter.

6. Packaging of Jewelry

As highlighted earlier, the packaging is also important to stand out from the rest of the market. since jewelry items are sensitive, they must be packed in a way that will protect them during shipment.

LeelineSourcing takes special care of the packaging process. From choosing high-quality packing materials to ensuring safe shipping, it coordinates the entire process while giving you insights.

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Packaging of Jewelry

7.  How to Ship Your Jewelry Products When Import from China?

The next part of your jewelry acquisition from China is shipping. You need to make sure that the shipment method is favorable for your customers.

LeelineSourcing takes extra care in giving the best options that you can choose for your shipping. Commonly there are two methods used, which are:

International Express

International Express is chosen for deliveries that are made around the world. It’s most likely that you’re going to ship your products throughout the globe.

That is why choosing international shipping is a great idea. Apart from that, some customers need jewelry items in bulk quantity. However, with low priced jewelry, the price of international shipping can go high.

Moreover, some customers will also prebook the goods so that they may catch the next fashion trend early on. LeelineSourcing ensures that you get to regulate the international shipping method.

LCL Sea Shipping

These shipments are known are groupage. They refer to ocean freight shipments that use large containers for shipment.

Apart from your goods within the container, you also share the space with the goods of other shippers coming from the same market.

LeelineSourcing ensures the safety of your goods as well as management of the LCL shipping costs.

LCL Sea Shipping

FAQ about China Jewelry Wholesale

Here are some FAQs about China jewelry wholesale sourcing that can assist you in understanding:

What Are The Jewelry Trends For 2021?

For your jewelry business to be successful, you need to stay up to date with the latest trends. However, it depends upon the type of jewelry that you’re specializing in.
From colorful jewelry that consists of gold and silver colors to spring earrings, oversized chains, etc. These are some of the main trends that are being focused in 2021.
Apart from that, you can focus on pearl necklaces, big hoop earrings, etc. too. These products are currently under focus of many designers. It shows signs of growth in the market, which you can surely take advantage of.

Are There Big Opportunities In The Jewelry Industry?

Yes! the jewelry industry has potential and there are chances of growth that you can surely take advantage of.
The industry has been seen to gain continuous growth over the past few years. Based on the trend analysis, it is estimated to reach more than $480 billion by 2025. The expansion is estimated with an annual growth of 8.1%. If you’re thinking of investing in it, then it may prove to be a great idea.

Where Can I Buy Jewelry To Resell?

From Alibaba to various Chinese online stores, you’ll find several places that will provide an effective collection of jewelry to resell.

Where Can I Sell My Jewelry For Best Price?

If you’re focusing on the local market, you can easily sell it to any of the retail stores. However, if you’re sourcing it from the Chinese market, then it’s best that you create your online store, and sell it there.
Online stores have improved a lot. Customers are preferring buying from online stores more often. Creating your online store will surely lead to maximum benefits.
It will also allow engaging with a wide range of customer segments that you can sell to.

Is There Any Best Way To Promote My Wholesale Jewelry Business?

There are several ways that can be chosen for promoting your China jewelry whole business. One thing to note that not all these methods can prove fruitful.
Every business has its own ways of growth. keeping this in mind, you should choose the technique that benefits the most.
For example, you can sell your jewelry with special discounts. Apart from that, the store should offer competitive billing, navigation, and customer support.
It should have an eye-catching design and offer seamlessness in the overall operations. Adopting these methods will surely improve and promote your China jewelry wholesale business.

Final Thoughts On China Jewelry Wholesale

For the success of your China jewelry wholesale business, you need to ensure seamlessness and coordination.

Taking the assistance of a sourcing company such as LeelineSourcing can surely improve business proficiency.

From quality to reliability, your supplier should provide real-time efficient services. Choose reliable suppliers and coordinate the quality of the goods to get better outcomes.

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