Best 15 Clothing Manufacturers In Chicago: Elevate The Brand

The global clothing market has some JAW-DROPPING stats. You won’t believe me; it is NEARLY 1 trillion USD worth of industry. (IBIS World)

Sooner or later, progress would be even faster. Exploring the best clothing manufacturers in Chicago in such a crowd is total chaos!

But no worries! Make it cool and effective with LEELINE SOURCING. We have a COLOSSAL network of suppliers. Dig up the clothing industry. Pick the number of fashion-forward companies in the crowd. Unleash your business potential. Open doors to never-ending VICTORY!

Do you want to know our picks of top Clothing Manufacturers in Chicago?

Shed light in this article!

Top 7 Clothing Manufacturers In Chicago

List Of 15 Clothing Manufacturers In Chicago

CompanyLocationNo. of
Gil Sewing
Chicago, Illinois,
Top-Notch SewingChicago, Illinois,
Art FloChicago, Illinois,
Alanic ClothingChicago, Illinois,
Chicago Protective
Chicago, Illinois,
Scrappy Apparel
Chicago, Illinois,
Sharprint Decorated
Chicago, Illinois,
Windy City
Chicago, Illinois,
Urban Stitch Co.Chicago, Illinois,
Lakefront ApparelChicago, Illinois,
Chi-Town Fashion
Chicago, Illinois,
Midwest ThreadsChicago, Illinois,
Loop Style ClothingChicago, Illinois,
Mildblend Supply Co.Chicago, Illinois,
Magnolia Clothing
Chicago, Illinois,

1. Gil Sewing Corporation — Customized Stitching Solution Manufacturers in Chicago

Gil Sewing Corporation Clothing Manufacturers in Chicago

Gil Sewing Corp is a minority women-based clothing business. It sells women’s and men’s tailored clothing. They are proud to be involved in an industry that helps build the foundation for their country’s economy. They have been in operation since 1993. In addition, they have consistently met unsurpassed quality standards and people’s expectations.

Gil Sewing Corp is committed to providing you with unsurpassed quality fabric that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

They have fully automated apparel manufacturing machinery and have employed expert seamstresses trained to make sure that you get the best possible garments at the right price. They are a one-stop-shop for all your fabric needs and offer online delivery.

Primary Products:

  • Tailored Fashion Apparel
  • Dresses
  • Vests
  • Suiting
  • Shirts & Blouses
  • Slacks
  • Coats and Overcoats
  • Bottoms
  • Technical Apparel
  • Outerwear
  • Knits & Fire Resistants


  • 773-545-0990

Email Address: 


  • Gil Sewing Corp. 3500 N Kostner Ave, Chicago IL, 60641 USA

2. Top-Notch Sewing — Explore Trendsetting Designs in Factory

Top-Notch Sewing Clothing Manufacturers in Chicago

Top-Notch Sewing is a uniform clothing company based in Chicago, Illinois. We specialize in making stronger brand identities through manufacturing unique uniforms. They can not only manufacture new uniforms for your brand or company but can also freshen up the look of your existing uniform.

The goal of Top Notch Sewing is to create stylish uniforms with embroidery using specialty fabrics to make them more current by adding a touch of embroidery. They style uniforms that will last for years to come. Also, they’re dedicated to providing you with the best customer care possible, so you feel confident in your purchase!

Primary Products:

  • Face Masks
  • Barrier Gowns (PPE)
  • Custom Garments and Uniforms for Hotels, Restaurants
  • Specialty Garments


  • Direct: 773-293-7271
  • William Slewa: 312-866-2468
  • Carolyn Glastris: 847-226-0100


  • 6059 South Oak Park Ave. Chicago, IL 60638

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3. Art Flo — Open Doors to Artistic Embellishments

Art Flo Clothing Manufacturers in Chicago

Art Flo is a garment company started 60 years ago as a provider of printed bowling shirts. As they started building their repute, they became the leading national distributor and provider of embroidered and printed bowling shirts.

However, when the popularity of bowling ended, they diversified their range of products to provide women and men with clothing that would fit their bodies and lifestyles. 

Our team visited Art Flo’s factory once. It was very clear that this company has advanced technology and exceptional employees. Making it possible to take care of their target audience.

Primary Products:

  • Brands and Branded Items
  • T-Shirts
  • Fall Apparel
  • Polos
  • Work Shirts
  • School Spirit Wear
  • Outerwear & Jackets
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Apparel
  • Pants & Shorts
  • Headwear
  • Tote Bags
  • Towel


  • 800-266-1520


  • 6939 W. 59th Street Chicago, Illinois 60638

4. Alanic Clothing — Versatility with Eco-Friendly Materials

Alanic Clothing Clothing Manufacturers in Chicago

Alanic Clothing has been in the garment industry for decades, and buyers have a special place in their hearts for it. They believe that the fashion industry is an art and a science that requires both creativity and precision to be successful.

Their team of designers, fabricators, salesmen, and distributors are all professionals who work hard to ensure that our customers get only the best garments at reasonable prices. They offer superior workmanship. 

Alanic Clothing makes clothes from fashion to fitness, taking care of individualized preferences, allowing customization but never compromising quality and comfort. Men, women, and kids have designer clothes for all.

Primary Products:

  • Women Clothing
  • Men Apparel
  • Sports and Fitness Outfits
  • Kids Clothing
  • Footwear
  • Accessories
  • Custom Clothing


  • 1 855 525 2642

Email Address:


Penthouse, 8730 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, California 90210, USA

5. Chicago Protective Apparel — Unbeatable Designs of Clothing 

Chicago Protective Apparel Clothing Manufacturers in Chicago

At Chicago Protective Apparel they believe that protective clothes are more than just the fabric, stitches, and design. They’re an extension of you, and they should speak for your protection.

Whether you demand innovation or continual improvements in your protective apparel, they make protective clothing for all. They take care of individualized preferences, allowing customization but never compromising quality and comfort. This is one of my go-to manufacturers for protective apparel. The products they manufacture cater to different industries and have superior workmanship. 

Primary Products:

  • Arc Flash Clothing
  • Coveralls
  • FR Base Layer Garments
  • Aluminized/Non-Aluminized Coats and Jackets
  • Shirts
  • Pants and Chaps
  • Gloves and Hand Protections
  • Bib Overalls
  • Arc Flash Kits
  • Hoods and Spark Deflectors
  • Foot Protection
  • Face Shields and Lenses
  • Aprons
  • Arm Guards and Sleeves
  • Curtains and Blankets
  • Accessories


  • 847-674-7900

Email Address


  • Chicago Protective Apparel 8051 Central Park Avenue Skokie, Illinois 60076

6. Scrappy Apparel Company — Outstanding Texture with Accuracy in Styles

Scrappy Apparel Company Clothing Manufacturers in Chicago

At Scrappy Apparel Company, they are committed to making clothing as comfortable as it is fashionable. We know that when you’re choosing your wardrobe, you want to look good and feel great in what you wear—and we also know that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to style. In addition to the latest technology and materials, we use skilled professionals for screen printing and pattern making, along with our skilled professionals, to create clothes with top-notch printed USA apparel.

Their team of designers, engineers, and marketers work together to create garments that are beautiful and comfortable. However, they don’t prepare on-demand prints or offer contract digital printing.

Moreover, to get quotes, you must also submit your request through their website, as they don’t offer pricing on the phone.

Primary Products:

  • Hats
  • Pima Cotton
  • Sublimation
  • Screen Printing


  • 833-727-2779

Hours of Operation:

  • Monday through Friday, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm EST

7. Sharprint Decorated Apparel — Personalized Colorful Clothing Manufacturer in Chicago

Sharprint Decorated Apparel Clothing Manufacturers in Chicago

As a leading decorated apparel manufacturing hub, Sharprint Decorated Apparel has been making decorated garments for everyone. Their team is dedicated to creating garments that are both high quality but also personalized to fit each individual customer’s preferences.

They offer great design and customization without sacrificing comfort or quality. I’ve ordered both stylish and functional clothes from Sharprint Decorated Apparel. No regrets always. 

Primary Products:

  • Organic Clothing
  • Decorated Apparel
  • Custom Uniforms and T-Shirts
  • Polos
  • Knits
  • Sweatshirt
  • Fleeces
  • Caps and Hats
  • Outwear
  • Accessories


  • 888-800-5646

Email Address:


  • 4200 W Wrightwood Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60639, USA

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Advantages Of Partnering With Chicago Clothing Manufacturers

Advantages Of Partnering With Chicago Clothing Manufacturers

If you are WONDERING about perks with Chicago manufacturers, listen up loudly. Here are some advantages for you.

  • Superior Workmanship 

Chicago has a history of fashion richness and superior quality. It has excellent quality control, awesome artisans, and creative fashion designers. All join forces to manufacture quality products.

From t-shirts to promotional products, all have the BEST integrity. Fabric quality and STITCHING is next-level. LEELINE SOURCING can apply quality RULES. GRAB your best products from clothing wholesalers. Polish your BRAND position from now on!

  • Trendy Designs
Trendy Designs

In the US, Chicago is the HEART of the fashion industry. Trends flare up from this location and are tried globally. Clothing Manufacturers know the RECENT trends. Manufacture what sells the most around the globe.

That means you can get the new private label wholesale clothing. Extend your inventory range. Become the number one BRAND in the global market. 

Paramount point:

  1. Go through all the trendy fashions in your market.
  2. Explore the same designs in Chicago.
  3. Even try new designs to dominate your market!
  • Lower production costs

Are you tired of pricey products? I have good news for you. I have checked the costs. Prices are affordable compared to other regions in the US. Small business clothing manufacturers welcome the inexpensive material cost. The government also gives some relief on the products.

LEELINE SOURCING has a RICH supplier network. We get you REDUCED costs. Wipe off expensive DEALS. Raise your PROFITS. Make more REVENUE.

Pivotal Advice: Don’t buy lucrative and extremely low-priced products. Sometimes, they are scams, and sometimes, the quality is low. 

Yoyo XU, Supply Chain Management

How To Start A Clothing Business In Chicago?

How To Start A Clothing Business In Chicago

Do you want to TRY LUCK in the clothing industry? (Believe me, your decision is correct. But make sure you follow the right strategy.)

Here are a few steps to stand out in top clothing vendors.

  • Step 1: Do Market Research

Define your business first. Online or OFFLINE? Dropshipping or eCommerce selling? For dropshipping, explore the DROPSHIPPING clothing suppliers.

Deep dive into the market. Explore the cloak and daggers of the market. Find out the trends of wholesale clothing. Have you done the WHOLE research?

List out your key goals. Define the strategy of sellers! Experts like LEELINE SOURCING can assess the sellers and get you market insights. Sell products that MATTER the most. Become an undefeated champion!

  • Step 2: Dig out Top US manufacturers
Dig out Top US manufacturers

Got the products? It is time to HUNT down the suppliers. Chicago has many FAKERS! (AVOID! AVOID! AVOID!)

Run away when you find a scammer. Work with the top manufacturers who offer the best-quality STUFF. Attend sourcing agencies to wipe out scammers.

LEELINE SOURCING can FILTER out top custom manufacturers. Get you the BEST quality stuff. Shine your brand reputation. Stop losing MONEY to scams now!

Essential Point. If you don’t know top USA manufacturers in Chicago, get help from sourcing agents. They know the industry and get you the best one.

  • Step 3: Register Online and Offline Business

Have you planned an ONLINE store? Choose Amazon or Shopify. Get a DOMAIN. Hire the website developers. Beautify your store. 

For an offline store, get all the necessary tools to open your vendor shop. Register with the local government. Deal with all the legal complexities. Set a fascinating shop title. And start selling.

Vital Tip: First, get your company registered. Then, sort out all legal matters to avoid any hurdles in the business journey.

Lian Zhao, Procurement Consulting from CN
  • Step 4: List Products and Sell
List Products and Sell

Have you procured wholesale clothing from manufacturers? It is time to LIST them in your online store. For an offline shop, you can CREATE the shelves. Keep the attractive items on the top. Enhance the exposure of consumers.

Finally, market your business. Run Facebook ads in the Chicago region. Monitor your progress. Stay updated on profits and trends.

Fundamental Point: Buy wholesale clothing and sell it at the retail price. This is a secret sauce to profits.

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People Also Ask About Clothing Manufacturers In Chicago

1. What do you need to sell clothes online?

To sell clothes online, you must:

Define your target audience and product RANGE.
Grab a USA apparel manufacturer.
Create a store on an ONLINE platform. 
List products and sell.
Market your apparel in the fashion industry. Run ads and let people know about your business.

It is effortless!

2. Which type of clothing business is best?

Almost all types of clothing businesses are the best. However, some ideas are as follows:
• Opening a clothing store
• Setting up small-scale clothes manufacturing factory
• Custom T-Shirt printing and manufacturing

3. What types of clothing can you manufacture in Chicago?

There are NO RESTRICTIONS on clothing manufacturing in Chicago. A top manufacturer in Chicago gets you fast fashion products on demand. Whether you need custom or ready-made clothes, get them all in a blink.

4. Do manufacturers provide clothing prototypes in Chicago?

Yes. Many clothing manufacturers in Chicago offer prototype products. Some offer FREE! (Forget costs.) Others might charge a FEE. But tell them your business requirements. It can get you free samples on demand!

5. How do I handle custom clothing and packaging?

The Clothing Market is MASSIVE. Custom clothing can make your business distinct. But get the right approach. 
Tell your demands with complete details.
Get a prototype and review it.
If anything needs modification, don’t hesitate to speak loudly.
Get branded packaging with a BRAND logo and tagline.
It is a journey for IMPRESSING consumers.

What’s Next

Whether you buy t-shirts or grab custom UNIFORMS, here is a secret.

  • Explore the top suppliers.
  • List your BUSINESS demands.
  • Always focus on the HIGHEST QUALITY of materials.
  • Minimize the PRODUCT costs to bag some EXTRA bucks.

All these things are possible by ONE man! Can you guess? 

It is LEELINE SOURCING! We are a one-stop shop for your sourcing needs. Get hands-on TOP products. Filter out the QUALITY products. Sort out all your deals at COMPETITIVE rates. Make more profits. Become a choice of the decade for consumers!

Call us to get a free QUOTE for your business!


IBIS world: global apparel manufacturing industry 

Forbes: How To Start A Clothing Business

ZoomInfo: Company details

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