What To Sell On Amazon

Sharline Shaw

Amazon is the largest online selling marketplace around the globe.

FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is a step of Amazon to help their users to store their goods in Amazon Warehouses. In addition to this, Amazon offers various other services too.

Now, you may think about what to sell on Amazon.

Which products have more selling opportunities?

You may also think Amazon is not for you because you do not possess products physically.

Well, you are not supposed to have products on hand to do business on Amazon.

In this post, we won’t be trading with retail arbitrage. We don’t look for retail products sold on Amazon at a small premium price.

What To Sell On Amazon

While people are successful with retail arbitrage on Amazon, there are still many issues of becoming a seller of someone else’s product. These issues include direct competition on the product, lack of supply, and fighting for the buy box.

The disadvantages associated with retail arbitrage are not alike on Amazon. They are the elements that make Amazon FBA a more feasible place in this perspective. A user will have an excellent earning potential through the development of products from scratch.

This article is a try to focus all those issues relating to selling on Amazon. Further, this article will discuss the main steps of doing business on Amazon.

Why Sell on Amazon FBA?

Numerous reasons make Amazon a better place while you are doing business on the internet. These reasons are discussed as follows:

  • Diverse Clientele:

Amazon is the perfect place to buy or sell. Especially if someone is interested in reaching more diverse clientele, then Amazon is the better option than any other e-commerce platform.

  • Responsibility Seeking:

By agreeing on the terms and conditions on Amazon, you hand over service support and delivery process to Amazon. Consequently, you can focus more on your business rather than worrying about issues regarding shipment and customer relations.

  • Millions of Customers:

Amazon helps you to reach millions of customers shopping on Amazon. The statistics show almost 244 million active users are there on Amazon. Hence, if you offer your product on Amazon, there are bright chances that you can find customers.

The great thing about AMAZON is the customer base. I have sold over 100 pieces in the LAST MONTH. It is never hard to sell to such a customer base.

Why Sell on Amazon FBA
  • Reputation:

Further, in addition to a broad audience, Amazon has the best reputation in providing online business forums. Let us compare it with eBay, for instance.

Many users will hesitate to shop on eBay because they feel it cheap and dishonest. The same users love Amazon and shop there frequently.

Therefore, sellers keep an eye on this issue while they are choosing between these two big e-commerce platforms.

  • No listing Fee:

A user does not need to pay for the listing an item on Amazon. You do not pay anything till you sell something on it. While on other forums, you may have to pay for this facility. Hence, you are in a position to enlist as many items as you want for free.

On the other hand, you should also consider the hefty cut of Amazon on the sales price. It is usually around 20 percent. Amazon will charge this cut if a user is participating in programs like Amazon FBA.

  • Less Work:

You are in a position to do less work in selling goods on Amazon. Unlike eBay, you are not required to relist items continuously.

Still, you have to control the shipping and other customer services on your own unless you choose FBA service. Amazon offers this facility for the UK and American Sellers only. Amazon does not offer this in Australia yet.

Therefore, you should read the full guidelines on FBA if you want to reduce your workload being a seller on Amazon.

Is Selling On Amazon FBA Worth It?

Whether you should opt for an FBA or not? Whether FBA worth for the user? These answers to these questions based on some variables. We will discuss one by one as follows:

· What you are selling:

It is true some of the fees FBA charge with ratio to size and weights. But the costs of picking and packing handling are fixed. It means that if a user’s goods are small in quantity, not too heavy and higher-priced, it makes FBA a more feasible option.

Moreover, a user should sell those items which are highly demanded on Amazon. He should avoid slow-selling goods.

· How much you are selling:

If you are selling a large quantity, then FBA is an excellent means to store your goods. You need not worry about warehousing your items. Further, you can sell more by using more storage space.

· How much workforce do you have?

If you lack the manpower to handle goods and to cope with several orders, then FBA well worth it for you. Additionally, for often, you may need more employees as compared to regular days due to workloads. Using FBA service, you can counter these unseen problems.

· How much you value Amazon’s reputation:

What if things went wrong? Answering this question can change many decisions regarding online business. Well, FBA sellers have proven themselves very successful.

Because there is a school of thought that argues that customers on Amazon themselves want to buy on Amazon, they do it because of the trust component. It leads to the reputation of the Amazon. It means if things go wrong, Amazon will solve the problems.

Furthermore, FBA sellers are also in a position to sell more because of the attachment of Amazon’s name with their products. It is the main reason behind paying an annual fee to Amazon for the facility of Amazon Prime.

How To Sell On Amazon FBA:

If you are doing business with Amazon for the first time, then don’t worry. We are sure that you will find many things here you are ambiguous about. This section of the article will uncover some basics of how to sell on Amazon FBA.

Amazon FBA literally means what the name suggests. In this program of Amazon FBA, Amazon takes responsibility for all the hard work on your behalf.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Firstly, I send your goods to Amazon, and they store these into their big fulfillment centers. These fulfillment centers are massive warehouses operated by robots and devoted employees of Amazon. Premium care and updates keep me in the SELLING GAME.
  2. As a second step, your goods are sorted and inventoried with great care. For instance, if something happens terrible to your products in the Amazon fulfillment center, then Amazon will compensate you with the full retail price.
  3. When the customer orders your products, Amazon controls the whole transaction on your behalf. It is an entirely automated process.
  4. After the transaction is done, Amazon picks your goods from their shelves in FBA, pack them into a box. Then Amazon ships these to the customers on your behalf.
  5. It is not the end with the handing over the products to your customers. Amazon continues to follow up and ask the customer if they are satisfied with the products. For instance, if the customer finds a problem, then Amazon takes care of it on its own.

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If Amazon does everything, what do I do?

Now you might be thinking of, but you are supposed to do if Amazon is handling everything. Here are some of the works you have to do is an FBA Seller.

  • Pick the products:Although Amazon is handling the things on the back end, you have to decide from where goods to be picked up and what to sell.
  • Keep inventory in stock:When your stock is getting low, Amazon will inform you. Then you have to arrange further stock from the suppliers.
  • Promote and advertise:Amazon is an online market for millions of products. Hence, you are supposed to do a little work to promote your things so that the customer can see these on Amazon. It is a straightforward work. So do not worry.

What Is the Strategy to Find A Great Product?

If you are doing business online, then one of the crucial questions is to answer who to make a strategy to find the right product. You need to find the most trendy, profitable goods that will sell quickly with less work.

Coming up with the products having the above characteristics is not as easy. In a real sense, it is the trickiest process to decide this strategy in online business. You are supposed to perform many market and customer analyses to plan the strategy.

Almost every product you want to sell is already selling practically everywhere. If you are finding the product with the right profit margin, then many people find the same product. So, you are facing a competition even before coming into the business.

Do not worry. Luckily, there is always an opportunity for new goods because they sell most of the time. Anyhow, I have tried to put forward those essential ways to find the right product for your business. These are.

  • Your product should solve a customer problem.
  • Your products must appeal to enthusiastic hobbyists.
  • Your products should also comply with your passion.
  • Doing business requires professional experience. So, focus on those goods about which you have expert knowledge.
  • Focus on current market trends.
  • Consider the customers’ reviews on the previous goods and select these accordingly.
  • Select those keywords based on search inquiries by the customers.
  • Start your business on a low level to test it. Afterward, you may increase it.
  • Invest in those goods offering high-profit margins.
  • You must consider those products also; customers often purchase together in that specific niche.
  • Always I keep my eyes and mind on to scan the opportunities in the market. Whenever there is an OPPORTUNITY, I get the profits.

What are the Best Products to Sell on Amazon FBA?

Whenever you are going to a new place of purchase, you will be inclined to ask about those goods benefiting you the most.

Similar is the case when you want to start a business on Amazon FBA.  You should start by knowing what the best products to sell on Amazon are. These are essential aspects to consider.

The process of doing business on Amazon starts by picking the best goods to sell, and here are some things to consider.

  • Priced Between $10 – $50:What is the price bracket falling into which the products sell more?

Generally, the products having a price of less than $10 will not offer you plenty of profit. On the other hand, the goods pricing of more than $50 will need more investment. Further expensive goods sell less.

In the beginning, I chose products ranging from $10 to $50. The profit is 20-30% but the SALES are high. That is big point.Another factor is to consider is the way you sell your products.

  • Must be 1/3 of its Sales Price:It is evident that if your goods are shown on the front page of the Amazon, then there are more chances that your products will be sold. So, keep in mind this important aspect while doing business on Amazon.

Slashing a good’s price at least by third will increase the likelihood that your product will be on the front page.

  • Shipping Should Not Be a Hassle:The more substantial the product, the more challenging to ship. Therefore, to avoid the complex arrangements to ship bulky goods, one must consider the lightweight products. It will also decrease the cost of shipment. Eventually, you can earn more profits.

Furthermore, your products should be in as few parts as possible. Also, you should avoid those products which are breakable during transit to make your shipment hassle-free.

  • Must Come from a Reliable Source:Customer is an asset for your business. So, you should avoid every aspect that causes your customer to disappoint. Indirectly it is attached to your supplier. You should build a supply chain with a reliable source. That is why, before starting a business on Amazon, it is essential to search for a reliable supplier.

Additionally, you should look for the supplier who can manufacture goods for you within short notice. Hence, you may satisfy those customers having emergent needs. After all, any wrongdoing on the part of your supplier will end up with your defamation.

  • Branding:To make your products legitimate and recognizable, branding your products is very important. Additionally, they can be appropriately labeled. It will instill your product’s confidence in the eye of your buyer.
  • Sales and Reviews:As a rule of thumb, your items should be capable enough of producing more than 3000 sales in a month, having at least one hundred reviews of top sellers. It is to consider while you are doing business on Amazon FBA. It will also make you understand whether the product is profitable.

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How to Look for Best Selling Products on Amazon

What should I not sell on Amazon:

Currently, more than 600 million goods are selling on Amazon. But there is also a restriction on many products that cannot be sold on Amazon. Some goods are banned due to apparent reasons like explosive devices, dangerous animals, and human remains.

But what about antique coins, baby formulas, and surveillance equipment? It gets more complicated when you talk about some categories like makeup or dietary supplements.

There is a complete list of restricted products on Amazon, and therefore, you should not sell these products on Amazon.

Most Profitable Product Categories for Selling on Amazon FBA:

Listing the goods that are more profitable on Amazon is good practice. There are different categories in this regard, which are as follows.

  • Books:Books are one of the most popular goods on Amazon. You can shape a profitable niche on Amazon in this category.

There is a considerable profit margin on it. If you purchase books in bulk, you can sell them on even 1000% of the original price.

  • Baby Products:The exciting thing about baby products is that babies need different sizes very soon in stuff. Further, other baby products are used on more frequency. Secondly, baby stuff is inexpensive to buy and gives a huge profit margin. Especially keep in mind that parents spend more on newborn babies.
  • Exercise Clothing:In clothing, workout wears the hottest item on Amazon. You can get exponential sales if expanding niche into sports times in addition to because most people buy clothing in pairs. Hence, you can enjoy a handsome benefit.
  • Jewelry and accessories:Jewelry and its accessories can give you a profit margin of 50% and more. Only you need to market these diligently. The jewelry items are one amongst the female things having exponential demand.
  • Electronic Items and All Their Accessories:It is obvious that the demand for electronic items is increasing day by day. People love to have their gadgets for the latest technology. What is additional for you is.
  • Lower Amazon commission (8% versus 15%)
  • Multiple options in each category.
  • Technology is changing day by day.
  • You can work within each purchasing capacity.
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How to Find What to Sell on Amazon:

This page is of immense importance if you are looking at what to sell on Amazon. Amazon is dealing with more than 600 million products. Even experienced seller finds it difficult to decide among the products to sell.

Following are ten simple ways how you can decide what to sell on Amazon.

  • Use an Amazon Keyword Search Tool:

Using an Amazon Keyword Search Tool is the first step to carry on. It is recommended to use Amazon Keywords Tools to configure these keywords. It will show you the search volume and help you to validate your product name.

keyword research
  • Find Low Competition Keywords:

I have used TOOLS LIKE HELIUM 10 to know the low competition keywords. These help me RANK BETTER and drive sales.

You need to opt for low competition keywords to generate product ads on Google to drive traffic to your goods on Amazon. In this context, the following steps will be beneficial for you.

  • Put 5-10 ideas of Product Niche Ashrefs Keywood Explorer.
  • Tap all keyword ideas
  • Filter the results to Only Include Shopping Results
  • Filter the results to Only Low Keyword Difficulty
  • Tap the SERP for Each Keyword
  • Look for Low Domain Rank Sites (DR Sites)

If you find some low DR sites having one of Google, it means the niche is less competitive.

  • Use WatchCount to See What eBay Products Sell:

It is essential to know what is selling on eBay, to find best selling goods on Amazon. You can use WatchCount.com to see good sellers on eBay.

This website also provides the results generated by eBay that also track the votes by the users when they add goods in their watch list.

This website also tells about the number of visitors and includes rankings and also unique search capabilities. Eventually, you can narrow down your potential items list to target the attractive options to sell on Amazon.

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Amazon vs Ebay
  • Use Amazon Reviews to Find Product Market Gaps:

It is essential to know about the needs and requirements of customers by analyzing the reviews by current users. It is the easiest way to find the gap between the products offered and the consumer’s demand. Now fill this gap.

Since many sellers lack the time and budget to min customer reviews, Mining Amazon Customer reviews may prove the best in both ways of time-saving and cost-effective.

If you want to sell your goods on Amazon, search amazon reviews; You should consider the following things.

  • What items for people are wandering?
  • Search for unsatisfied customers with a specific product.
  • Use their complaints to update your products in those perspectives.
  • Search Alibaba for White Label Products:

If you need to sell white label products, first, you should figure out the types of white-label goods are big sellers. To do this, you can review the top product label ideas to start a $100K+ brands

Once you understood product ideas that are most lucrative for selling on Amazon, you can now search them on Alibaba. It is considered a significant procedure to look for white label goods that sell on Amazon.

Further, you can find the hot items too on this forum. Additionally, on Alibaba, you can find products of every type which are offered by overseas suppliers.

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  • Check Amazon Best Selling Categories:

What are the best ways to come up with good product ideas? Amazon’s best sellers list might be one of these. Since you are going to sell your goods on Amazon, it makes sense to understand what sellers on Amazon are hitting the big. From the smallest to the most substantial items, you can see the top sellers on Amazon.

It will help you to cater to the best-selling categories. Eventually, you can move in the right direction by selecting the ideal inventory to sell on Amazon.

  • Use Jungle Scout to Find Low Difficulty Niches:

You need to opt for a product having low competition. JungleScout.com provides a way to come up with the keywords which are associated with your product and determine the difficulty level in its niche.

This website also helps you to make your product searched easily on the internet. Additionally, you can decide what to sell on Amazon.

For finding the best niche market, many aspects are to be considered, and here again! Jungle Scout can help. These aspects include demand level, competition level, additional monetizing opportunities, and physical product opportunities.

When your product proves itself to be right in these aspects, you are opting for a product having low difficulty in niche categories on Amazon.

  • Reverse Engineer Top Industry Amazon Affiliate Publishers:

To pursue the products that are likely to sell on Amazon. You must try to discover where the big players are pushing the traffic. The use of analytics and marketing team’s research on this helps to avoid wastage of time on products that do not sell. You can get the edge of their research.

The following steps can prove beneficial in this context.

  1. Look for the big publisher and pop its domain into Ahrefs’s site explorer
  2. Tap on outgoing links.
  • You need sorting by linked domains to watch how many links are sent to Amazon.
  1. Further, look deep in those links focusing anchor text on another product’s link.

These publishers are driving customers to their required products; on the other hand, they also benefit the sellers in parallel. They create a bond between them, and they charge a commission that resulted in sales on Amazon.

You should also consider seasonal products. Some products need to sell at a particular time, in a year. So, you should avoid investing heavily in products that sell for a few months in a year. You should consider those products which have a uniform sale irrespective of the season.

· Research Trending Topics on Google Trends:

You can narrow down to the most selling products by looking at the trending topics on Google. Google trends will tell you which products are mostly demanded in which time frame. Ultimately, it can be beneficial for you to decide the best products accordingly.

It seems not to matter what niche a user is looking for to target his product to sell on Amazon. Looking at Google Trends will give him an idea of the top sellers in various categories.

Hence, Google Trends is one of the most popular research tools that you must use to zone in the most favorable goods to sell on Amazon.

​Google trends

· Power Browse Amazon Listings with a Chrome Extension:

There is another way to choose hot selling products for Amazon. It is by powering browse Amazon listings using a Google Chrome Extension. There are a few Google Chrome extensions that are used by the Amazon Sellers to search for products.

Some top extensions are these.

  • Jungle Scout
  • Unicorn Smasher
  • AMZScout Pro
  • SellerApp
  • Helium 10
  • AMZ Base
  • AmazeOwl
Jungle Scout

Where To Source Your Products From China To Sell On Amazon:

· Alibaba:

Based in China, Alibaba is amongst the world’s top online commerce companies. Hundreds of millions of users, in addition to millions of businesses, are hosted by its three main sites. These sites are Tmall, Taobao, and Alibaba.com.

You can source goods from Alibaba for your Amazon, but you have to consider some issues with it. If you have not hired a prep company, then you may face a lousy inventory and quality issues.

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· China Wholesale Market:

China has become a vibrant marketplace. China is leading in both wholesale and retail sectors. Thousands of foreign people in business and customers are associated directly or indirectly with China Wholesale Markets.

I myself buy from the CHINA SUPPLIERS. They offer a GOOD QUALITY and wholesale prices. You can generate high revenue, too.

There are many wholesale markets in China situated in different cities that benefit your business in many ways.

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How LeelineSourcing Help You find the best products to sell on Amazon:

Due to having diversity in its services, LeelineSourcing is the most attractive sourcing Company in China. It has a decade-plus experience of sourcing on Amazon. LeelineSourcing having a chain of the manufacturer can help you to find ideal products for your business.

They not only help you find ideal products but also at a competitive price. They also inspect goods on your behalf to assure quality. If LeelineSourcing finds any deficiency in quality perspective, they handle it on your behalf. Further, LeelineSourcing informs you about these concerns and help you to negotiate with the manufacturer.

Additionally, as part of the inspection process, LeelineSourcing also provides the facility of photography and video on demand. As per your instructions, the staff of LeelineSourcing can also visit the factory warehouse to inspect your goods.

The mixture of all these services makes LeelineSourcing the best option in sourcing, inspection, and warehousing your products. They offer you A-Z services regarding doing business on Amazon. LeelineSourcing can help users to save time and money.



I have tried to cover all aspects related to finding the best products on Amazon. Following these instructions, you can increase the chances of good sales of your goods.

You need to focus customer need to get attractive goods instead of investing in those products; customers do not need. Also, you should know the Amazon’s fees before starting your business on Amazon.

One thing is for sure that business on Amazon is based on pursuing popular products and undercutting the competition in these.

So, if you desire long term e-commerce success, you should sell your products on your site or opt Amazon affiliate marketing. Otherwise, Amazon can drown you out.

Top 10 Best Selling Products On Amazon

The Chinese manufacturing industry has the skill, technical capacity, and know how to manufacture any product known to man. Industries are scattered over China, and you can get anything you want to import from these industries.

There are lots of products for you to choose from as an importer, this section of this article will be looking at different products, and where you can get them easily in China.

Best Selling Products On Amazon

Major products and where you can get them in China

1. Leather Bags:

10 Amazon Hot Sale Products

Looking to get amazing leather bags from China? Shilling in Guangzhou city, Guangdong province is the best place to be. Shilling is the largest producer of leather accessories in China. Over 120,000 people are employed by the leather industry.

Shilling places a high priority in the production of leather bags and other accessories. A farming community, encouraged by government support, takes leather production as its primary industry, and the district has one of the largest leather industry clusters in China.

Here, you can get low and medium quality leather goods for the local community and also the international market. With the industry striving hard to produce high&end leather goods in the future.


10 Amazon Hot Sale Products

China is the world’s number one glasses manufacturer, and also the world’s number one consumers of the same product. Glasses manufacturers and wholesale markets are clustered in regions like Dongguan, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Wenzhou, and Danyang.

Shenzhen is mostly a high-end glasses market and comprises of major brand OEM production factories.

In these regions, you can get any type of glasses, from medicated glasses to fashion and sunglasses. Glasses produced here are of top quality and can be imported to any part of the world.


leelinesourcing lulu socks1

The number one socks producing region in China is definitely Datang in the Zhejiang province.

It produces over 65% of Chinese socks production and one-third of the world’s socks production. There are over a hundred thousand socks machines in the district, producing over 20 billion socks annually.

The socks produced in datang are of top quality, and it keeps improving on a yearly basis, as the people of datang are highly industrious, and possess the technical capacity to produce high-quality socks, that can be exported to anywhere in the world.

4.Shoes and boots:

leelinesourcing lulu Shoes%20and%20boots

If you are into shoes and boots business, and looking to import products from China, there are several options where you can get them. The Chinese footwear industries are divided into four major clusters.

The first is the medium to high-end shoe industries, and you can get those factories either in Guangzhou or Dongguan, it is called the Guangdong footwear industry.

To get medium to low-end men’s shoes, the place to be is Wenzhou or Taizhou, this is known as the Zhejiang footwear industry.

The western footwear industry cluster produces low end women’s shoe, and the major districts where these production facilities are located are in Chengdu and Chongqing. The Fujian shoe industry cluster produces mostly sports shoes.

The industry base is led by Jinjiang and Quanzhou.

Popular show brands like Adidas, Nike, and Li Ning have factories located in these regions, local shoe manufacturers also have numerous production facilities in this area, and they produce very quality products.

These places are the number one go market as a shoe manufacturer importing from China.

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5.Men’s clothing:

leelinesourcing lulu Men%20Clothing

Men’s clothing is a large industry all over the world, and the demand for men’s clothing is still on the rise, as purchasing power keeps increasing. China is a big market for high-end men’s clothing, and more importers are trooping to China to get their designs produced.

The Chinese men’s clothing industry is divided among these three industrial clusters, Zhejiang, Guangdong, and Fujian.

The men’s clothing industry has experienced a major growth in the past decade, as men now focus on quality clothing, thereby increasing the purchase value in the men’s clothing industry.

6.Home textile:

leelinesourcing lulu

The Chinese textile industry is a large one, and the textile industry there is divided into three major sectors, the home textile, industrial textiles, and clothing textiles.

China has five textiles industrial clusters. These are the Guangdong province, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhenjiang, and Shandong.

These provinces are the major production regions for textiles, and importers looking to import textiles from China should focus their attention on these areas.

7.Home appliances:

leelinesourcing lulu home%20appliances

The home appliance industry is a large one, and the growth can be largely attributed to the reduction in raw materials. The major industry clusters in the Chinese home appliance industry Shunde, Foshan city, in the Guangdong province.

Here you can get varieties of home appliances ranging from LCD TV to air-conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines.

8.Car accessories:

leelinesourcing lulu car%20accessories

The Chinese car accessories industries is the largest in the world. The number of car accessories produced in China is more than that produced in Europe, United States, and Japan combined.

The major industry cluster for car accessories is located in Tiantai, Zhejiang province. As an importer of car accessories, this is the main place to source for car accessories, as they have quality accessories at a cheaper price.

9.Chinese toys:

leelinesourcing lulu toys

China is the world’s largest manufacturer of children’s toys in the world. China has over 1500 toy manufacturing facilities, and the main toy industrial clusters are in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Fujian, Shandong, and Zhejiang.

Jiangsu and Shanghai produce stuffed toys, Zhejiang specializes in wooden toys, while Guangdong and Fujian produce electronic and plastic toys.

But to get all these toys in a particular region, the number one toy industrial cluster in China is located in Chenghai.

10.Electronic products:

leelinesourcing lulu electronics

The Chinese electronic production market is one of the largest in the world, and attracts thousands of investors and importers worldwide.

The Huaqiang Bei electronic market in Shenzhen is the largest electronic market in the world. You can get any electronic products you can think of here, phones and computer components are also gotten here in large quantity.

There are over 4000 electronic production facilities located in Shenzhen and its neighboring cities, that’s why it is an electronic importer’s first choice.

Lots of people have product designs sent to Shenzhen, and the products are manufactured with high quality at an affordable rate.


leelinesourcing lulu jewelry%201

The jewelry market in China is one of the largest you can think of, and the main marketplace for jewelry in China is the Yiwu international trade city.

Located on the second floor, district one of the international trade center, the over 3000 jewelry storehouses any type of jewelry you can think of, from the finest jewelry makers in all of China.

They have different income status jewelry here, from a few cents to several hundreds of dollars, depends on what you want. You can also buy in large quantities, or get a single piece of jewelry, the jewelry vendors in Yiwu are willing to sell to anyone.

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Leeline sourcing company is involved in different sourcing business that will help your company’s grow, and make your international business better.

No matter how big or small your orders are, we will help you source quality and affordable products, and we will ship them directly to you.

• Product Sourcing:  With over 10 years experience in this field, our team will keep your mind at peace, and you will be sure that the products are supplied through a responsible supply chain.

• Amazon FBA sourcing service: We offer you Amazon seller services, from product procurement, to brand labeling, quality inspection, packaging services, product photographing and also shipping of products to FBA warehouses. Just tell us what you need, and we will help handle FBA Shipping From China to Amazon.

• Business and sourcing ideas: If you walk into our office, we will share business and sourcing ideas with you, even if you are importing yourself, our ideas will help you avoid mistakes that will be costly to your business. Our advice will surely help your business turn out better.

We will keep updating new resoures about hot selling items in china, if you are planning to open your online shop and don’t know what kind of products to choose, welcome to subscribe our articles, we will give you some sourcing inspiration.

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