10 Amazon Hot Sale Products And Where You Can Find In China

10 Amazon Hot Sale Products And Where You Can Find In China

The Chinese manufacturing industry has the skill, technical capacity, and know how to manufacture any product known to man. Industries are scattered over China, and you can get anything you want to import from these industries.

There are lots of products for you to choose from as an importer, this section of this article will be looking at different products, and where you can get them easily in China.

Major products and where you can get them in China

Leather Bags:

10 Amazon Hot Sale Products

Looking to get amazing leather bags from China? Shilling in Guangzhou city, Guangdong province is the best place to be. Shilling is the largest producer of leather accessories in China. Over 120,000 people are employed by the leather industry.

Shilling places a high priority in the production of leather bags and other accessories. A farming community, encouraged by government support, takes leather production as its primary industry, and the district has one of the largest leather industry clusters in China.

Here, you can get low and medium quality leather goods for the local community and also the international market. With the industry striving hard to produce high&end leather goods in the future.


10 Amazon Hot Sale Products

China is the world’s number one glasses manufacturer, and also the world’s number one consumers of the same product. Glasses manufacturers and wholesale markets are clustered in regions like Dongguan, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Wenzhou, and Danyang.

Shenzhen is mostly a high-end glasses market and comprises of major brand OEM production factories.

In these regions, you can get any type of glasses, from medicated glasses to fashion and sunglasses. Glasses produced here are of top quality and can be imported to any part of the world.


The number one socks producing region in China is definitely Datang in the Zhejiang province.

It produces over 65% of Chinese socks production and one-third of the world’s socks production. There are over a hundred thousand socks machines in the district, producing over 20 billion socks annually.

The socks produced in datang are of top quality, and it keeps improving on a yearly basis, as the people of datang are highly industrious, and possess the technical capacity to produce high-quality socks, that can be exported to anywhere in the world.

Shoes and boots:

If you are into shoes and boots business, and looking to import products from China, there are several options where you can get them. The Chinese footwear industries are divided into four major clusters.

The first is the medium to high-end shoe industries, and you can get those factories either in Guangzhou or Dongguan, it is called the Guangdong footwear industry.

To get medium to low-end men’s shoes, the place to be is Wenzhou or Taizhou, this is known as the Zhejiang footwear industry.

The western footwear industry cluster produces low end women’s shoe, and the major districts where these production facilities are located are in Chengdu and Chongqing. The Fujian shoe industry cluster produces mostly sports shoes.

The industry base is led by Jinjiang and Quanzhou.

Popular show brands like Adidas, Nike, and Li Ning have factories located in these regions, local shoe manufacturers also have numerous production facilities in this area, and they produce very quality products.

These places are the number one go market as a shoe manufacturer importing from China.

Men’s clothing:

Men’s clothing is a large industry all over the world, and the demand for men’s clothing is still on the rise, as purchasing power keeps increasing. China is a big market for high-end men’s clothing, and more importers are trooping to China to get their designs produced.

The Chinese men’s clothing industry is divided among these three industrial clusters, Zhejiang, Guangdong, and Fujian.

The men’s clothing industry has experienced a major growth in the past decade, as men now focus on quality clothing, thereby increasing the purchase value in the men’s clothing industry.

Home textile

The Chinese textile industry is a large one, and the textile industry there is divided into three major sectors, the home textile, industrial textiles, and clothing textiles.

China has five textiles industrial clusters. These are the Guangdong province, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhenjiang, and Shandong.

These provinces are the major production regions for textiles, and importers looking to import textiles from China should focus their attention on these areas.

Home appliances:

The home appliance industry is a large one, and the growth can be largely attributed to the reduction in raw materials. The major industry clusters in the Chinese home appliance industry Shunde, Foshan city, in the Guangdong province.

Here you can get varieties of home appliances ranging from LCD TV to air-conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines.

Car accessories:

The Chinese car accessories industries is the largest in the world. The number of car accessories produced in China is more than that produced in Europe, United States, and Japan combined.

The major industry cluster for car accessories is located in Tiantai, Zhejiang province. As an importer of car accessories, this is the main place to source for car accessories, as they have quality accessories at a cheaper price.

Chinese toys:

China is the world’s largest manufacturer of children’s toys in the world. China has over 1500 toy manufacturing facilities, and the main toy industrial clusters are in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Fujian, Shandong, and Zhejiang.

Jiangsu and Shanghai produce stuffed toys, Zhejiang specializes in wooden toys, while Guangdong and Fujian produce electronic and plastic toys.

But to get all these toys in a particular region, the number one toy industrial cluster in China is located in Chenghai.

Electronic products:

The Chinese electronic production market is one of the largest in the world, and attracts thousands of investors and importers worldwide.

The Huaqiang Bei electronic market in Shenzhen is the largest electronic market in the world. You can get any electronic products you can think of here, phones and computer components are also gotten here in large quantity.

There are over 4000 electronic production facilities located in Shenzhen and its neighboring cities, that’s why it is an electronic importer’s first choice.

Lots of people have product designs sent to Shenzhen, and the products are manufactured with high quality at an affordable rate.


The jewelry market in China is one of the largest you can think of, and the main marketplace for jewelry in China is the Yiwu international trade city.

Located on the second floor, district one of the international trade center, the over 3000 jewelry storehouses any type of jewelry you can think of, from the finest jewelry makers in all of China.

They have different income status jewelry here, from a few cents to several hundreds of dollars, depends on what you want. You can also buy in large quantities, or get a single piece of jewelry, the jewelry vendors in Yiwu are willing to sell to anyone.

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