Wholesale Wallets from China

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China is one of the best countries in the world when it comes to making high-quality wallets.

There are many wholesale wallets suppliers here to contact and flourish your business.

Let’s take a look at some of the best available options from china.

Read about some issues and relevant FAQs about the questions in concern.

Wholesale Wallets

Why Should You Wholesale Wallets From China?

Getting wholesale wallets from china can make your business a lot easier. Take a look at some of the reasons why:

Affordable Prices For Wallets Ordered

Like every other buyer, you must be looking to get the best value for your money! Don’t worry, china offers reasonable and affordable prices for their items.

This affordability and purchasing of the goods in bulk have the utmost importance. There are no extra costs/hidden charges, so you enjoy the convenience of receiving things at low cost.

Trendy And Latest Wallets

China has the most uniquely-designed, multi-purpose wallets in the world. The built of the wallets available online and in-stores is of high-quality material.

They have a great feel to them. The luxurious look and adequate space of the wallets are sure to have buyers drooling over them.

Wholesalers from china aims to deliver the best products available. Form and function are both critical aspects of a wallet. So, you are sure to find something that fits both your individual aesthetic and purpose.

Many kinds of wallets, according to the latest trends, are available at low prices. Now you can get bi-fold, tri-fold, long/short front pocket wallets for your business. From traditional fabric to innovative materials, wallets from china are very superior.

The sellers believe in a good-looking, useful, versatile, and quality wallet. For them, it is enough to make the buyers confident and comfortable.

Stop spending your time searching through the browsers! Enjoy the price, style, and quality with absolute delight and surpassed expectations.

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World-Renowned Manufacturers To Meet International Standards

When it comes to manufacturing, china has the best manufacturers in the world. It is not unusual to see Chinese manufacturers on the world stage.

They have high production capability and international standards. They have excellent market expansion tactics, and lower production costs. China can give more results in less time.

There are many manufacturers to choose from if you prefer products of international standards. There are so many brands and varieties, so it is easy to pick one and choose what’s right for you.

Know all the aspects related to a wallet and then look for a seller to suit your requirements.

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Points That Wallets Importers Are Most Concerned About

The import business is for sure, a tough racket. You will be dealing with many problems, concerns, and extra responsibilities.

Let’s outline some common points that many wallet importers are apprehensive about:

What Is The Wholesale Price For Wallets In China?

Wholesale fashion wallets are of great value in China. But, many sellers sell good-quality wallets at a cheaper price rate.

For high-quality leather wallets, expect to pay money somewhere between $10 to  $28 per piece. Wallets made from other materials may go between $1.5 to $5 per article.

Ask the manufacturer to verify if the material is genuine or not. Make sure you get the particular products you asked for. Never go for pre-packaged ones that might be of different quality.

The Shipping Cost For Importing Wallets From China

There are so many costs to consider when importing wholesale wallets from china. Thus, it is important to know your estimated landed costs. You can then price the wallets with adequate margins to gain profit.

The main costs for importing wallets from china include their size. Container shipping cost, container cartage cost, duty, insurance, and GST is also important.

An estimated shipping container will cost you about $300-$400 for a 20-inch container. For a 40-inch container, the estimated cost is around $5000.

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How To Customize Wallets?

You can put your complete trust in Chinese manufactures with customized wallets. There is a rising popularity of customized wallets in China.

You may ask the manufacturer to design them in different styles. Apart from their folding style, you can add the numbers of compartments in the wallets as well.

Keep your budget in mind and order wallets made of different materials. Go for pure leather, faux leather, and PU wallets.

Go for some other well-known options like name laser engraving or color printing. Wholesalers in china also offer ready to print options. This option is for people with all the customization details.

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Wallets Manufacturer

Common Quality Issues You Should Know About Wallets

Quality issues with wallets can be the worst. Every wallet is not the same, so you must be careful before choosing or investing your money.

1. Low-Quality Material

High-quality wallets are only made of leather, cow leather, or sheep leather. Yet, many fake forms are also available in Chinese markets.

Knowing the difference between the original product and fake can be hard. It is even more challenging for newbie importers.

Always check the edges of the wholesale wallets before placing your order. Rough edges mean real leather, while smooth edges mean fake leather.

2. Craftsmanship

Well-crafted wholesale wallets are easy to distinguish from the dainty ones. At times, the fold, finish turnover, and stitching of the wallets may not be precise.  The items may have wider turns and crocked seam.

3. Easy Wear And Tear

Many wholesale wallets cannot survive the severity of use and abuse by the customers. At times, the crease is not made by using hot iron beside edge stitching,

or the corners are not rounded/pleated. Opt for stronger and more durable products. Know that they have a natural feel to them to assure their permanency in the long run.

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Where Can You Find the Wholesale Wallets Suppliers in China


1. LeelineSourcing

Importing from China is quite easy if you are with a reliable sourcing company to help with your demands. LeelineSourcing is a trusted sourcing partner in china.

It provides excellent services to the importers, which are hard to find these days. They cater to big, international importers. But, they also encourage small and medium importers from all around the world.

Like any other importer, dealing with a reliable business partner is important. LeelineSourcing has more than ten years of experience in the field. So, know that you are in good hands and will never face disappointment

Almost all the services provided by LeelineSourcing are comprehensive. They cover every aspect needed to source wholesale wallets from china.

They have professional and experienced team to help you source high-quality items. Each member of LeelineSourcing have a plethora of great knowledge.

They have good experience within the Chinese wholesale wallet market. They are completely aware of the appropriate methods and suppliers for your help.

Within the past few years, they have sponsored more than 200 happy clients. The owner of LeelineSourcing and her team stand by the clients.

They work hard to keep up with their set standards to achieve customer satisfaction. According to Sharline, the main aim is to see her clients achieve success in their business.

LeelineSourcing is currently helping millions of sellers with home-wares, sports products, and wallets. They have a wide range of wallets from many suppliers in their catalog.

It doesn’t stop here. All the products at LeelineSourcing are SEO optimized. It helps with convenient uploading on your stocks. This site is a viable option to venture into wallet commerce to expand your own business’s roots.


2. Alibaba

The name Alibaba needs no introduction at all. The uniqueness of their products, and supply of wholesale products is great.

The best thing about this site is that it is very easy to find your desired wholesale wallets. Alibaba has the policy to refund the amount to their customers. They do so only if the product is not up to your expectations or quality.

At present, Alibaba offers more than 1000 different types of wallet products. Also, there are many options and varieties available for the importers.

The company has excellent customer service and product quality. Also, they have water-proof, anti-static, and wear/tear-resistant wallets.

Your items and their safety is definite. Only you can decide the lot by choosing from the group of their certified suppliers.

With so many benefits, it is a great platform to solve your purchasing issues. Contrary to others, they have professionals to do quality checks on the products. The assurance checks are to ensure that the products meet your desired expectations.

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3. Made-in-China

Made-in-China knows the significance of wallets and other similar products. The company ensures the most high-quality products from their verified Chinese suppliers.

They are a trustworthy sourcing agent for good-quality wholesale wallets in bulk.

If you are also looking for affordable and quality products, consider this site at least once. At this site, you will be able to choose from a wide range of selections at discounted rates.

Only post your request and place your order with the company. The team members will get you in touch with their certified suppliers immediately.  The products you receive are of definite quality, plentiful supply, and affordability.

Some wholesale wallets from their collection include rubber wallet and coin wallet. They have ladies wallet, passport wallet, and pocket wallets as well.

The price range for most of the products is between $1 to $15 per piece. It depends upon the material and quality you choose from. Like other products in their catalog, they offer the same shipping models for the wallets. It is often based on destination and weight.

They have all the social media accounts. You can contact online agents via messenger or online chats.

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1. Shenzhen Market

One of the most modern and prosperous metropolis in china is Shenzhen Market. This place has the ability to offer amazing shopping opportunities to the people.

For wholesale wallet importers, Shenzhen Market has some excellent choices to choose from!

Wholesale, import, and marketing is an important pillar of this sector. Within the enterprises of Shenzhen Market, smart retail has been gaining popularity.

They use technologies like big data and artificial intelligence in sales of wallets. The business here is learning to use the internet fast. It is for the promotion of new wholesale wallet vending projects.

2. Guangzhou Market

By far, the most colorful and lively wholesale markets of china is Guangzhou Market. Here, you can find almost every type of wallets and other goods at unimaginable prices.

To import high-quality, affordable wallets from china, you can visit Guangzhou Market. Be ready to find amazing bargains on small quantities and bulk orders both.

There are dozens of leather goods shops in Guangzhou Market. All  focuses on top-grade wallets.

Most of these shops are running for over 20 years, thus the most reliable wallet trading market in China.

There are hundreds and thousands of wallet wholesalers. You will also find related accessories manufacturers/suppliers for potential importers.

More than 1000 importers engage in wholesale wallet business in Guangzhou Market.  You get products from all corners of china with international standards and low cost.

This market has the newest designs, most styles, and best price than its competitors.

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3. Quanzhou Fujian Market

Quanzhou Fujian is one of the best regional markets and the commercial center of china. It is a collection for many consumer goods ready to  dispatch in wholesale by the importers.

For many, it is the distribution center for importing merchandise through different cities.

There are many small-scale industries of farm implements, and leather goods (cheap wallets). With the variety in its products, the Market has attracted thousands of investors.

Keeping your budget in mind, order wallets made of different materials. Go for options like pure leather, faux leather, and PU wallets.

Go for some other common options like name laser engraving or color printing. Wholesalers in china offer ready to print options as well.

4. Yiwu Zhejiang Market 

Another largest wholesale market of china is Yiwu Wholesale Market. It has all the small commodities for your business, including wholesale wallets.

There are many designs to choose from. The shops are open 8 hours a day to give permanent tradeshow to the potential importers. Unlike other markets, you don’t need to buy many containers to receive favorable pricing. The least buy is one carton, with wholesale prices.

The shops here prefer direct sales, and the actual rates are the factory prices. The manufacturers and shop owners always keep wallets in stock and can deliver to you within a week.

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1. Yiwu International Commodities Fair

It is the most well-located and convenient place to find wholesale wallets in china. Yiwu International is an influential fair for consumer goods at wholesale prices. It is a verified, certified event.

The Ministry of Commerce and other relevant authorities entertain the event. This fair aims to bring rapid growth in import/wholesale business. The success of interested buyers s eminent here.

You can use this event as an effective platform to buy wholesale wallets at a reasonable price range. Use this opportunity to widen your marketing network.

Try to make contact with potential audiences from different parts of the world. Yiwu Fair is a place for the participation of importers and decision-makers.

You can attend the event and start your business dealings with the wallets of your choice. Also, get relevant information about the novelties in the region for future businesses.

2. Shanghai International Bag Leather Handbags Exhibition

This international exhibition is a must-join event for leather industry supporters.  It is a renowned, leading wallet industry platform.  Here, you will find almost everything about your choice.

There are leather bags, electronic items and wholesale purses. The manufacturers showcase Electronic items and fashion wallets as well.

Visit China and attend the event! Become a part of the cutting-edge wallet industry in china and expand your business even more.

There are no hidden costs or language barriers for international importers. The exhibit is important to find new buyers and associates.

Enjoy the exclusive meetings with top-notch professionals. Get help and become a fast-growing name in the world of wholesale wallets.

It presents the buyers with the latest and best industry products. If you are looking for a foolproof opportunity to start your wholesale wallet venture, this is the only place to consider.

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The Common Challenges When You Wholesale Wallets From China

How To Be More Competitive?

Getting admittance to new customers is very important for every business owner. To stay ahead of the competition, understand the following learning to international operations.

1. Bring More Value To The Customers

You can offer more value to the customers by giving them better products and services. Try to gain a competitive advantage over the international market.

Use effective positioning of your company. Tailor your wallets to meet the requirements of customers in new global markets.

2. Identify The Benefits Of Your Services

This way, you can bring a massive audience to your business. Lead with innovation, have fewer prices, and specialize in international standards. Learn the culture and expectations of the customers.  Make a thorough profile of your target market and work on it.

3. Know The Competition

Understand the weakness and strengths of your competition. Try to discern yourself from the market and fill in the gaps that other companies cannot fill.

Learning this competitive landscape is very essential. It allows you to determine the correct way to make an entrance in the wholesale business.

4. Flexible Approach

To stay ahead of your competition, use global expansion methods. Go for Intentional PEO and improve your speed to market the products.


How Can Your Product Be Different From Others?

To ensure a profitable and sustainable business, use these tactics to differentiate your wallets from others.

  • Bundle the wallets. Try to sell out different accessories or related products with them. Do it as a single or bundled product.
  • Discount the prices to make your wallets look more attractive.
  • Make it easy for buyers to ask questions and receive instant answers.
  • Build yourself as a unique brand. Try to focus on personalization. Give unique promotions and buying experience to the customers. They must be unique to your products.
  • Differentiate your wallets by origin. During marketing, throw in the source of your wallets as differentiation from your competitors.
  • Differentiate your product from others by your packaging. Alter the packaging of the wallets to make it stand out on the crowd. Set it or into a unique shape and give an appearance of a high-end label or an ecological option.
  • Customize by adding a simple feature or component. It doesn’t have to be a big notable change, but it is a great option compared to other wallet sellers. Alternatively, you can highlight a feature of your items to keep it different from others. Research the benefits of that feature and make it a bullet point during sales.

How Do You Make Your Customers Choose You?

Do you think your wallets have unique features that are important for the buyers? Here are a few strategizes you can adopt to make them choose you over others:

Treat Them Right

Potential customers only like to deal with people that they trust and value. Build up that likeness and trust factor and treat them right. Shape the trust by qualifying your products and their authenticity.

Know The Way Customers Think

As a business owner, try to evoke a powerful emotional reaction with the customers. Reason and inspire them with the support of their decision in choosing.

Give Them The Ultimate Customer Experience

Don’t sell your wallets; create an experience of a lifetime for your customers. Solve their problems, and let them feel connected to you. Doing so will have them raving about your wallets. They will share their amazing experience with your company.

Testimonials Are Important

Whether you sell wholesale wallets direct or via online appearance, gather as many testimonials from your customers as possible. These reviews are a proof to your potential customers that your product can actually deliver what they need.


How LeelineSourcing Help You Wholesale Wallets From China

1. Guide You To Find Right Wallets Manufacturer

LeelineSourcing knows the exact outlying areas for the wallets you are looking for! They have a list of reliable manufactures that you can contact.

They help bridge the communication gap as well as the cultural gap between you and the suppliers. Since they are experts in wallet sourcing, they are your eyes on the manufacturing line.

Each member respects your time and efforts. The team plans the process according to the requirements, taking all the pressure off of you.

Geographical proximity plays an important part in this regard. They are in China, so they can present you with many factories to deliver good-quality wallets in no time. LeelineSourcing has a huge network. They know which manufacturers are best for your business.

wallets Easy Wear And Tear

2. Wallets Private Label Solutions

In addition to the services and facilities mentioned above, LeelineSourcing also offers wallets private label solutions. This service by the sourcing agent include the following aspects:

  • Customization of the wholesale cheap wallets
  • Customization of the packaging and the labels
  • Free photography of all the fashion wallets for e-commerce and online promotion

As a sourcing company, LeelineSourcing takes adequate precautions in securing of the wallets. They do so to ensure business success and effective procurement. Hiring them would be proof that your decision to outsource wholesale wallets from china was wise.

Customize Wallets

3. Confirm and Follow-up your order

Based on your requirements, LeelineSourcing gets a quote from different manufacturers. Then, they decide one manufacture based on the quality of the wallets and cost.

Once you accept the quotation, they get physical samples for approval. You can check the samples and get the desired market feedback.

After the approval of samples, they arrange a trial run for the wholesale wallets. When you have confidence in everything, they begin mass production.

They discuss all the crucial aspects of wholesale with the manufacturer and take follow up on order. They ensure that the wallets are if the same quality during every step of sourcing.

4. Best Quality Control and Inspection Services

The last step to source wholesale wallets from china is to check the wallets’ quality before shipment. LeelineSourcing generally inspects the quality of wallets at different stages.

The frequency of inspection depends on your budget for quality control. The complexity of the designs is also crucial in this regard.

They carry out three types of quality control and inspection services.

Quality Control Checklist

5. Pre-Production Inspection And Quality Check

It is a part of the incoming quality control process. Here, they test the raw materials and components during manufacturing.

This inspection allows LeelineSourcing to inspect wallets at different stages of production. They check material use, workflow, and shipment of large quantities of wallets.

At this inspection stage, they look at the fished goods and their packaging.

6. Expert In Paperwork To Clear Customs

LeelineSourcing is expert and well-versed with paperwork, customs, and shipment methods. They provide the following services:

  • Importer security and remote location filing
  • Real-time status tracking, document retention, and PO management
  • Transport of wallets to docks and arrangement of a warehouse
  • All warehousing facilities
  • Booking of shipping space and obtaining marine insurance policies
  • Processing and preparation of relevant shipping documents. Includes dock receipt, lading bills, and import declarations)

7. Provide The Best Logistics Solution For Your Orders

LeelineSourcing offers premium logistics and shipment solutions. Everything is available for the potential importers at competitive rates from China to anywhere in the world.

Whether you are looking for ocean freight, air freight, or cargo, this sourcing company has you covered.

The range of their services also includes warehousing of the wallets and distribution. LeelineSourcing is also reasonable for custom clearance, bundling, and order fulfillment. So, if you need wholesale wallets from china, LeelineSourcing has:

  • Global appearance in many countries all over the world
  • Compact, cloud-based international supply chain management and logistics platform
  • Convenient and stress-free inventory management from anywhere in the world
  • Cost-effective, fast, and reliable order fulfillment solutions
  • Powerful fuel for your e-commerce business growth
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Final Thoughts on wholesale wallets from china

Wallets are becoming more and more functional. They are now in trend as a vouch for both men and women.

As a result of this, the demand for good-quality wholesale wallets is increasing. This trend has also improved market supply.

Many importers are now looking for ways to source wholesale wallets from China in large quantities. Wholesale wallet sales by online manufacturers, sourcing agents and wallet suppliers are becoming easy with each passing day.

Read on this article to know all about wholesaling wallets from china, the suppliers and the procurement process.

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FAQ For Wholesale Wallets From China

1. How Long Will It Take To Get The Wallets To My Country?

All the wallet shipments from china are usually made via air or sea. Shipments through the air will generally take about 1-2 weeks, depending upon the selected shipment rate. On average, sea shipments take 4-6 to arrive.

2. How To Verify Real Wallets Factory On Alibaba?

A real wallet factory on Alibaba has all the certifications by third-party institutions. The manufacturer must have a verified company profile, production abilities and management system.

Check the certifications of the factory-like business scope certification and enterprise quality certification.

Product R&D capability and quality assurance capability are also important to know the authenticity of any manufacturer.

3. How To Check The Quality Of The Wallets?

You can identify a quality wallet via the following factors:

  • Leather smell and feel.
  • You can small chemicals on a low-quality wallet.
  • Leather thickness. The Centerfold of the wallet should be two quarters thicker for the layers.
  • Stitching and sewing patterns. You must see two parallel lines of stitching to know a quality wallet.
  • The sides of the wallet must have a cut edge or a rolled edge. The corners of the wallets must be round as well.
  • The cuts and lines of stitching must be straight. Uneven cuts and off-kilter angles indicate a low-quality product.

4. What Is MOQ For Wallets?

The minimum order quantity is the lowest threshold of the wallets that you can order from the manufacturer.

The MOQ for wallets depends upon the material, design, stitching and customization. However, it is usually around 100-300 pieces per shipment.

5. What Type Of Paperwork Is Involved When I Import Wallets From China?

Some common documents required for imprinting wholesale wallets from china include:

  • Bill of entry (legal document filed by the importer)
  • Bill of lading or airway bill (for customs clearance)
  • Import license (for importing wallets within the country)
  • Insurance certificate (supporting document against importers statement on delivery)
  • Letter of credit (contains all terms and conditions of sales)
  • RCMC (for availing import duty exemption from governmental authorities)

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