Wholesale Socks From China

You will get one-to-one service when dealing with Leelinesourcing. You will be satisfied with our team’s service when you purchase wholesale socks from China at a cheap price. You can save 40% of your budget when sourcing and manufacturing your production through us.

Wholesale Socks From China

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Wholesale Best Socks From China

Kids' Socks

Wholesale Kids’ Socks

Kids' Socks

Wholesale Kids’ Socks

No-show Socks

Wholesale No-show Socks

Running Socks

Wholesale Running Socks

Velvet Socks

Wholesale Velvet Socks 

winter socks

Wholesale Winter Socks 

Our Socks Manufacturing Services Include:

Sourcing product suppliers

Sourcing Socks Suppliers

We don’t enforce any MOQ, and you can get as many products as possible. You will also get free quotes through our team, who will negotiate prices on your behalf.

Socks Quality Control

Our team will check all your products and inspect whether your products’ fabrics meet quality requirements. We will also do a factory audit on your behalf if you need to ensure you are getting the best merchandise.

Product Quality Control
Private Label & White Label

Private Label & White Label Socks

We will repack all of your products and do bundle, multipack, and shrink packaging. You will also get stunning photography at a low price to attract your customers.

Dropshipping and Fulfillment

Our dropshipping and fulfillment are small business-friendly, and you can also start at a meager budget. You will get on-time bulk production labeled under your brand and sent to your customers without putting you through any hassle.

Dropshipping & Fulfillment

Hear it from fellow Socks Wholesaler

I got my dropshipping services from Leelinsesourcing, and the process went smoothly without turbulence. The best thing is that I don’t have to spend much time on it, and Leeline Sourcing did the whole process. I am highly grateful for their low cost and on-time services.

– Michael, New York

Source Your Socks and Make Big Money

We offer the best wholesale price and high quality socks to help you boost your business.

How To Wholesale Socks From China: Quick Guide

Socks are the daily consumable articles and required by everyone all over the world. Therefore, socks offer a huge profit margin to the sellers.

When it comes to hosiery manufacturers, China comes first and fulfills up to 90% of the world’s requirements.

If you are going to sell the socks and worried about where to get the best quality socks, you are in the right place.

Continue the reading and learn how to wholesale socks in China.

Wholesale Socks From China

Why wholesale Socks from China?

You may find it a bit hard and tricky to find the right and suitable website for your business as there is plenty of sites. If you are searching for wholesale socks suppliers, you need to consider the following.

High quality

Quality is the key part of the purchase. If the quality of the products is not up to the mark, there is no reason to choose that supplier.

You must have carefully go through the feedback of the customers. You can also follow their business operations across the globe to get an idea about the products.

Furthermore, you can also ask for the samples; before you book the orders.

After getting the samples, you must inspect the products and make sure that all the socks are of the best quality.

You should also ask about the return and refund policies in case products fail to meet the desired quality.

Therefore it is a compulsion to judge the quality of goods before purchasing the products. It is very compulsory to maintain the balance between price and quality.

You can also check the feedback, as the authentic reviews and experiences of the previous buyers help you to make the decision.

Affordable Wholesale Price

The price is another critical factor after quality. And you will not purchase, which is expensive or beyond your budget. Therefore, you will have to get the required products.

You will find many suppliers who will offer products of good quality at economical prices. But this may not happen every time.

So, if you got the right supplier, try to develop a long term relationship with them. Only suppliers can make your business a success story.

You may also get interacted with scammers, who will offer you products at high prices, but their quality will be quite low.

Therefore, it is better to visit the whole market and then select the products according to your budget.

High Level Of Productivity

The Chinese markets offer you the best products at low prices. Therefore, China has become the largest marketplace for trade at the international level. You can easily use this platform to buy and sell products.

You need to choose that supplier who can give you some fantastic offers, like discounts or free shipments. You can offer discounts or free shipping facilities to your customers also; and get their attention.

It is an excellent way to get customers and increase the productivity of your business.

It can guarantee you a long term relationship with your customers and suppliers both, which can be helpful for the growth of your business.

Offer A Lot Of New Trends Of Socks

Customers always demand new, trending, and unique products. That’s why it is significant to get a supplier who can ensure you a supply of a wide variety of socks, according to the demands of the customers.

You can get the attention of the audience very soon if you offer some different and unique items.

It is a fact that everyone tries to look different and, therefore, always searches for something new. And if you’re the one who can supply the different and unusual socks in the market, you are going to be a success story.

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How To Buy From China

What Type Of Socks Can You Wholesale In China?

The Chinese market provides a vast range of socks from different categories at economical prices. So, you can wholesale socks from China and earn a considerable amount of profit.

The following are the cheap novelty socks that Chinese markets offer to their customers from all over the world.

Ankle Socks

There are a large number of wholesale markets in China, and most of them are supplying the best quality socks, for instance, ankle socks.

So, customers can run their businesses smoothly. You can get several qualified wholesale suppliers in Guangdong province of China. And all of these suppliers will help you to wholesale the socks safely.

You can get the professional manufacturers of ankle socks in Shenzhen, Ningbo, Hangzhou and many other regions of China. You can contact the suppliers any time to wholesale socks from China.

Ankle socks are the best choice for all those who prefer to wear low cut shoes, loafers, or boat types. Nowadays they are becoming trendy and more people are wearing them. I also prefer them while going outside. The Chinese manufacturers can provide you enough supply of ankle shoes to fulfill your demands.

Ankle Socks .
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Infant Socks

Provide them in different skin shades and you will see huge growth. People prefer them to match their skin tone. The wholesale markets provide you the required products at meager prices; therefore, they are beneficial for the success of your business.

It can be a difficult decision to get the right wholesale supplier. Still, it is essential for the success of your business.

There are many suppliers available in Zhejiang, which are great at shipping. The suppliers can ensure the safety of your products and will provide you the complete information.

Invisible Socks

The wholesale markets provide you the required products at meager prices; therefore, they are beneficial for the success of your business.

You can get the leading suppliers from China, and they can handle all of your orders professionally. You can get the best wholesale suppliers in the Shandong province of China.

You can develop a positive relationship with them for long term dealings. You can get the best products at a low price, which can help you to earn money with a little effort.

Kids Socks

There are multiple reasons for entrepreneurs to purchase the products from Chinese wholesale markets. All of the products are available at a low price, and their quality is quite high.

You can wholesale the high-quality socks at the best prices, from certified suppliers. All of the best suppliers of kid’s socks are available in Guangdong province of China. You can contact them and get the best Chinese socks.

Kids Socks

Knee Socks

From the Chinese markets, you can get thousands of suppliers, who can provide you a vast range of socks. And you can all of these socks for the tremendous growth of your business.

If you are a seller and search for wholesalers, Chinese markets can be the best place to find one.

Chinese manufacturers can offer you unique and trending socks at wholesale prices. And therefore, it can be the best choice for your business.

Men Sports Socks

Many men love to play sports. Therefore you can get a considerable amount of money by supplying men’s sports in your local market as socks are the basic needs for comfortable playing. Focus on the durability of these socks as they have to go through tough conditions. I choose strong and comfortable fabric quality. 

You can wholesale the sports socks from China, as it is a great business idea. You can find many wholesale suppliers from Chinese markets.

All of these suppliers are well trained and qualified in supplying the socks. You can get the Chinese suppliers in Zhejiang and Shandong provinces of China.

Men Liner Socks

China is the best place from where you can get wholesale suppliers. The suppliers can provide you durable and affordable liner socks, which support the growth of your business.

The Guangdong province of China is the best place for wholesale socks from China. The suppliers are capable of providing you the all the orders on time.

Finding reliable suppliers can be a difficult job. Still, once you got the one, they can ensure the success of your business through the supply of the best products.

Men Liner Socks

Moisturizing Socks

The suppliers who are searching for genuine and high-quality wholesale moisturizing socks, Chinese markets are the best place to get them.

China is well known for providing the best quality socks all over the world.

Chinese suppliers not only manufacture but also supply the socks of different fashion styles. And all of these socks are best suitable for your clients.

Mule Socks

If you are worried about where you should wholesale the mule socks, Chines markets are the right solution for your problem.

China is a country that has a high level of productivity, which makes it the best market to source the products.

The Guangdong province of China is the best place to source socks. You can get several certified suppliers there with a lot of certificates.

Nylon Socks

China is the best place to get all types of products at low prices, and socks are also one of them.

You can wholesale the nylon socks from China at affordable prices as Chinese suppliers are capable of providing the best quality products. Chinese suppliers are quick and efficient in providing the products.

Shandong and Jiangsu are the two provinces of China, which are considered to be the place to find suppliers of nylon socks.

Thigh-High Socks

If you are a seller and search for the best supplier or manufacturer who can ensure you a constant supply of products, you need to visit the Chinese markets.

The Chinese suppliers can ensure you a constant supply of products direct from Chinese markets to your warehouses.

You can get a wholesale supplier who can guarantee you a constant supply of thigh-high socks. Check the certificates of the suppliers for safety. Ask for a sample and then test it properly. Pay attention to their elasticity and softness. The right suppliers can save your time and money both.

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Thigh-High Socks

How to Find the Best Socks Wholesaler in China?

Being a supplier, you may be searching for the reliable and best suppliers. The following are some easy ways to find suppliers, and you use anyone of them to get the best supplier for your business.

1. Sourcing Agents

The websites of various companies, buying offices and agents in China can be beneficial in finding the right supplier for your business.

The sourcing agencies and companies are beneficial in finding reliable suppliers and manufacturers for your business. My sourcing agent saved me a lot of time and the pricing margin of my sourcing. Working with an agent saves me a lot of trouble and work sickness. 

The sourcing companies can help you in the translation and negotiation with the manufacturing companies.

All of these sourcing companies can facilitate you in product development with the assurance of high-quality from Chinese companies.

The sourcing agents are well trained and experts in freight forwarding and other related issues.


Leeline sourcing is a well-known company available to facilitate buyers from all over the world. You can contact the company to get a reliable supplier.

The company will provide you a list of best suppliers from China.

The company not only provides the details of the suppliers but also inspects the products for you. The company can arrange the factory audits for you. You get all supplier options with full details for wise decisions. Make your processes fast. 

If you are not free to visit the company, Leeline sourcing will inspect the products for you.

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How LeelineSourcing Help You import from China and make money from Online Amazon Business.

2. Search on LinkedIn

You can also search the products through LinkedIn, as it is the best way to find the best wholesale company from china.

It is the good way to get to find a reliable supplier from your home without any investment.

You can also check the reviews and experiences of the company with the customer profiles.

The wholesale companies give importance to feedback of the customers, as these reviews are beneficial in the progress of their business.

So, therefore the companies try to keep the LinkedIn profiles updated and provide all the details about the business activities.

You can use this token of information to get reliable Chinese wholesale companies.

3. Search on Google

Google is one of the best and right ways of searching for Chinese wholesale companies. You can search the wholesale agencies and companies in China, and Google will provide you the required details for your selection.

You can get a long list of websites, which are top wholesale companies and well famous for providing products from all over the world. I check the website of each agent and see their services. Updated Website with helpful content shows credibility. 

You can also compare the details of a company at different websites so that you can get a good idea about the supplier.


4. Trade Fairs Of The Clothing Industry

Trade shows are the best option to find reliable products. You can attend the trade shows, and meet the suppliers there.

The buyers and suppliers from all different areas of the globe attend the trade shows. It gives you the opportunity to network and face to face deals. I made one of the best business relationships through trade shows and conferences. 

The suppliers display their products at trade shows so that they can attract buyers. Through trade shows, you will not only meet the suppliers but can also examine the quality of products.

The trade shows are organized twice a year in China, and thousands of people attend them from all over the world.

So, you can get a chance to contact many suppliers at one roof. Therefore, if you are searching to get the supplier, you must visit the China trade shows.

China trade shows.

6 Best Wholesale Socks Websites in China

The Chinese socks market has got the attraction of many buyers from all over the world. But to find the right and certified supplier is a hell tough task.

The following are the best wholesale suppliers of cute cheap socks.


Alibaba is a well-known business in the business marketplace and the best place to get cheap products. It is an excellent trading platform for B2B marketing to interact with the international community.

Alibaba.com is a leading platform for the wholesale trading of various products at the international level. I apply relevant filters while searching to get credible and quality suppliers on Alibaba. 

You can get a wide variety of socks at low prices. The suppliers available there are certified and reliable.

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Alibaba shipping


AliExpress is an online selling company and has experience of more than eight years.

Small enterprises from China and Singapore are associated with it. And many other manufacturers for online customers from all over the world.

AliExpress is the most popular marketplace for online business in Russia, Brazil. The company tries to provide its services to small and medium enterprises.

So, if you are searching for wholesale socks from China at economical prices, AliExpress is the best option to get them.

Individuals and companies can both sell and buy the products from AliExpress. The company also supports affiliate marketing to get new customers from different regions of the world.

AliExpress is the best platform to sell and buy the products at the wholesale rate. So, it is the cheap lace for all who are searching to get bulk products at wholesale.

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If you want to wholesale the socks, Kaitesocks is the best place to get them. Kaitesocks are well experienced and skilled in manufacturing quality socks at a very economical price. Low sourcing price gives you more profit margin and marketing advantages. 

Kaitesocks has been providing customized socks and other related packaging services for more than ten years to different regions of the world.

The first products which you can get from Kaitesocks include socks for kids, men and women, crew socks, printed socks, dress socks, sports socks, and compression socks.

Their products are mostly made up of polypropylene, spandex, polyester, nylon, Lyrca, hemp, cotton, mercerized cotton, Combed cotton, bamboo fiber, and acrylic. You can contact them and get the other required details about their products.



GearBest has developed within no time and is well famous for providing the best quality products all over the world.

The customers are satisfied with their excellent equipment, facilities, and better existence. They are very expert in providing fashion wears. They are the best wholesale sock suppliers in China.

The company is expanding its range with direct door to door delivery of the products. And they are inexpensive alternatives. They offer free shipping to different countries, with complete warranties for product assurance.


Meetsocks is the one-stop destination for exceptional quality socks. If you want to wholesale socks China, then you must visit Meetsocks.

They have more than 14 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying high-quality socks. You can get the models to choose from the designs, and you can also get customized socks.

At the Meetsocks, you will get the models or templates first, and if you like them, book the order and get your products.

You can also get the socks with the private labeled socks, either hangtags or stock levels. International shipments are available either through sea shipping or express line. The customers can choose any one of these according to their demands.


If you want to wholesale novelty socks in bulk, wholesale bulk is the right destination for your search.

Wholesale bulk has been manufacturing and knitting socks for a long time. Therefore, now they are known as the best suppliers of socks, and everyone trusts them. Most of the sellers used to import the socks from them.

Having a long history of business means trust and credibility. I often feel safe while dealing with traditional suppliers. 

Wholesale bulk will provide you a brand of knitted products. You can sell all of the knitted products to your customers, as they are exquisite and comfortable. They are specialized in providing high-quality socks.

The company not only delivers the products, but they are also determined to offer the OEM non-label custom sock fabricating service provider for customers from across the globe.

The company is recognized as the top Chinese entrepreneur. The company exports the products to Euro-America, Southeast Asia, Canada, South Korea, Britain, Japan, the United States, and many other countries.

The company has developed trusted relationships with many other global manufacturers from all over the world.

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Tips For Selecting Wholesale Socks Suppliers In China

The following are the parameters you need to focus on while buying socks from China.

1. Quality Of  Their Product

The quality of products is an essential factor, and no one compromise on it. So, whenever you source products from China, always try to buy the best quality goods. If you are not sure about quality then hire an inspection service for it. It helped me to choose the best quality products. 

It would be best if you asked for the samples also, to get an idea about the product quality. You can make the customers happy, only if you are providing them high-quality goods.

2. Products At A Reasonable Price

The price of the products is a very crucial factor, as customers always try to find cheap products. You can get popularity in the market by just providing the best quality socks at low prices. Further, you can also offer discounts and many other offers to get the attention of the customers.

3. Delivered On Time

The customers cannot wait for the products and can search for other sellers; if you fail to provide the products on time. Therefore, try to contact only those suppliers who can assure you of a continuous supply of products. I always keep some suppliers as backups for smooth processes. No doubt it saves you from a lot of trouble. 

4. Long-Term Cooperation

Try to develop long term relationships with the customers. For that, you can give some offers discounts or free shipping. A good relationship with the supplier is the critical factory for the success of your business.

5. Check The BSCI & OEKO-TEX Certificates

It is highly recommended to check the BSCI & OKEO-TEX certificates of the wholesale websites before you source the socks from them. And you must get contact only those sites which have these certificates. You can have the safest supply of products in this way.

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How To Choose Suppliers When Buying In Bulk From China

How Leelinesourcing Helps You Wholesale Socks From China

Socks offer a high-profit margin. Most of the traders get the socks at low prices and then sell them to earn a profit. The sellers offer unique products to the buyers and earn a considerable amount of money.

The Chinese market is the most significant distributor of socks and many other products all over the world. The annual turnover of this market is above one hundred million Yuan.

1. Guide You To Find The Right Socks Factory

Leeline Sourcing helps you to find the right factory, from where you can wholesale the socks. Direct factory sourcing gives you customization access and pricing advantage. Save from sourcing and invest in marketing. 

The company provides you a list of all the factories and companies available in China and from where you can get the required products.

The company can organize factory audits and examine the quality of products. Leeline Sourcing tries to ensure the best quality goods to the customers.

The company also organizes factory trips for you. So you can examine all the products and make sure they are of good quality.

Socks Factory

2. Private Label Solutions

The company also tries to help you in getting private-labeled products. You can contact the company, and they will provide you a list of all the companies who can offer you their products for private labels.

All the factories do not offer products for private labeling. Therefore Leeline sourcing tries to provide a list of only those factories from where you can get customized or private-labeled products.

The company can also arrange a meeting between you and the supplier. So you can get to know each other and know about their products.

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Private Label

3. Confirm And Follow-Up Your Order

After getting the right supplier, the next step is to book the order. The company stands side by side with you to assist at each step.

The company will let the suppliers or wholesalers know about your order and try to make sure that you will get the required products on time with demanded quality. The company keeps on visiting the factory, so the quality of products can be monitored at every step. You won’t have to go through the return or refund option while having good quality. Saves you from potential hassle. 

Leeline sourcing examines the quality of goods before, during, and after their production. In short, the company aims to provide you the best products from the Chinese markets

4. Quality Control And Inspection

The company inspects the quality of goods at every step. The quality of the goods is the only factor which is needed to make the customers happy.

Once the customers have satisfied the customers, they will shop again and will also tell the others about your products. You can also ask the customers for their feedback, which will again help you to get success.

Therefore, whenever you are buying the products, try to make sure they are of good quality. And you can also ask for the samples. You can also visit the factory, and Leeline sourcing will also help you in factory auditing.

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Quality Control Checklist

5. Expert In Paperwork To Clear Customs

The company is an expert and well experienced in supplying the products from Chinese markets. You can contact them if you are facing any issues at any stage while buying from China.

The company can help you in getting all the required documents and in custom clearance. In this way, you can save your time and energy, which can be used to make the business a success story.

6. Provide The Best Logistics Solution For Your Orders

The company can provide you the best logistic solution while you are wholesaling the socks from China. The company can arrange door-to-door transportation, and it is a flexible way of transportation. No need to hire an extra shipping agent, it saved me a lot of time. 

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Best Logistics Solution

FAQ For Wholesale Socks From China

The following are questions that most buyers used to ask when they wholesale socks from China.

How to Start a Sock Business?

The following are steps that you have to follow if you want to start the sock business.
1. Decide your distribution channel, either offline or online
2. Do market research and get the best products
3. Compare the prices
4. Decide where to wholesale the socks
5. Buy the socks and start selling
6. Do marketing for your business

How Do I Buy Cheap Wholesale Socks?

The Chinese markets or factories are the best places for wholesale socks from China. You need to contact the supplier to get the socks.

Where Can I Get The Contacts Of Wholesale Sock Suppliers In China?

You can get the contact details of all the suppliers through different marketplaces, such as Alibaba, AliExpress, and many others. Leeline sourcing can also help you in finding the best suppliers.

What Companies Sell Mid-Priced Good Quality Socks?

Alibaba is the perfect place to get cheap socks direct from the Chinese markets. You can also visit Meet Socks, Cn-Sock, Kaitesocks, China Sock Manufacturer, Zhejiang Socks to get high-quality mid-priced socks.

Final Thoughts On Wholesale Socks From China

The Chinese markets have shown rapid growth over the last few years. Therefore you can get at least one product around you from china. China the best place to wholesale the best quality products at low prices.

If you are going to sell the socks, you can wholesale socks in China. Chinese manufacturers can supply you the unique and trending products to fulfill the requirements of your customers.

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