Wholesale Handbags From China

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Wholesale Handbags From China

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Handbags Quality Control

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Dropshipping and Fulfillment

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6 Tips on Sourcing Products To Sell Online

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Wholesale Handbags From China

Due to their popularity and their quality products, China is one of the biggest providers of handbags in the world.

Along with many other products, apparel is something China specializes in. When it comes to wholesale bags, people prefer to look for inexpensive products as well as branded products.

People also like to buy handbags in bulk and thus, it is better if the individual product is cheaper. To get the most out of importing wholesale handbags from China, we have prepared this guide to help you understand all about the process.

In this guide, we will first guide you on what handbags and designer handbags are. We will also guide you on the various materials with which quality handbags are made and their other features.

This will help you when it comes to selling your product. You will also learn how you can customize your own handbags or sell branded ones.

In this guide, we will also look at the major distributors in China. Whether you are looking for handbags online or offline, there are many choices and we will help you find the best.

These sellers have made their reputation due to their quality and their other winning features.

How to import wholesale handbags from China

What is a handbag? How hot is it?

Handbags are an item of necessity for most people in the world. They are used in the everyday life to store items and put your stuff in. Designer handbags are handbags that are made by brands and renowned companies.

Some of them are cheaper and inexpensive while others are more expensive. Handbags are quite hot due to their need in daily life and hence they are sold a lot in major and small countries alike.

Types of Handbags

Handbags are an everyday item and hence, they have many varieties when it comes to their design. Here we will look at some various types of handbags that you can buy from China.

· Shoulder Bags

Shoulder bags are one of the most common types of handbags. The main feature that distinguishes shoulder bags from the rest is that they are worn by putting the strap over the shoulder.

Many big companies produce and sell shoulder bags in their unique way. Shoulder bags have a long strap and are larger than the other varieties.

· Sling bags

Sling bags are similar to shoulder bags. They also have a long strap. In most cases, there is a string or a chain that holds the bag up. This shows that the actual size of the handbag itself is not that big.

Sling bags have a smaller capacity than most handbags but this is useful sometimes. Sling bags are also a variety that you can consider including in your import plan as they are very desirable.

· Satchel

A satchel is a nice category because it is the most versatile. This means that a satchel can be used in a lot of situations where you may want to carry a reasonable amount of items but avoid having a bulky bag. Satchels are not that small and they can be very useful as they have considerable capacity.

There are a lot of other varieties as well. This should give you an idea that how designs can differ and different categories can be made.

Materials of handbags

There are many different materials used in making handbags. Some materials are used more than others. We will list some materials here. This will help you get an idea of what handbags are made of in typical cases.

· Straw

Straw is also a very important material used in handbag making. Straw is one of the oldest materials as well and it has been used for a long time to make items.

However, in today’s age, straw has not lost its appeal and it is still used. Handbags made from straw have a distinctive beauty and are made by bigger companies as well.

These are some of the materials that are used in making handbags. There are more but these three are among the most common ones.


· Leather

Leather is perhaps the most used material in handbag production. There are many reasons for this. Leather is strong and durable.

Handbags that are made from leather can last longer than handbags made from other materials. Leather is also hard to damage.

You don’t have to take a lot of precautions when it comes to leather made items. Leather also looks good. When made in a nice manner, leather gives off an amazing look. This makes it more desirable.

· Denim

Denim is quite popular in handbags. Denim made handbags are even more desirable in shoulder bags because they are light and are easy to carry. Most brands and companies use denim to produce handbags.

The storage capacity of handbags

There are different types of handbags. All types have different capacities and are used according to the situation at hand.

People who want to store a large number of items in their handbags tend to buy large capacity handbags like shoulder bags. People with smaller needs can suffice with a sling bag etcetera.

The storage capacity of handbags

How to find cheap handbags from China manufacturers

If someone is located far from China or if they don’t know where to go, there can be problems. However, there is a solution. There are many platforms and agencies that one can use to get products with ease. Some of these agencies and in-between companies will be listed below.


Leeline sourcing is one of the best places to go when looking for an agency to help you import from China. Leeline sourcing provides product sourcing to companies.

This is done by putting them in touch with the Chinese producers. The companies can then buy wholesale goods with ease.

Leeline Sourcing goes through all the trouble of contacting the seller. Also involves getting quotes and other tasks involved in the import procedure.

They can also help you find suitable buyers according to your needs. Leeline sourcing also helps you when it comes to selling on your part i.e. when it is your turns to sell the handbags.

They have a variety of services and this makes them one of the best product sourcing agencies.

Leeline Sourcing was first established in Hong Kong but since then they have expanded. They are now also operating in China and thus they can provide genuine help to those who need it.

Leeline Sourcing also provides help for those who want to buy in bulk. There are many events held in China where buyers can buy items in bulk and they can point you in the right direction.

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How LeelineSourcing Help You import from China and make money from Online Amazon Business.


Alibaba remains another amazing option when it comes to importing from China. Alibaba offers a variety of products on its platform and buyers can look at their catalogs to find whatever they require.

Since there are so many options to choose from, buyers can find their product with more ease and accuracy.

It is recommended to check the background of the sellers you may find on the platform to make sure that they are legit.

However, you can get further help from Alibaba as their procedures can also be a connection between you and your seller. Alibaba also has remarkable customer service which makes them stand out even more.

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Chinabag888 is also one of the more known agencies when it comes to importing from China. The main point of importance is that Chinabag888 focuses on ladies’ inexpensive handbags.

And thus, it can be easier for buyers to get what they need in a limited amount of time.

Chinabag888 also focuses on the more inexpensive handbags. This makes it very easy for most wholesale buyers. People look to buy these products in bulk and that helps if the products are cheaper than most.


Rosegal is also a nice option when it comes to looking at agents to help you import. At Rosegal, you can find many handbags to fit your taste and requirements while enjoying some nice services.

Rosegal offers a wide variety of handbags and they update their webpage daily. This can help buyers to look out for something they might need or look for products that fit their needs.

Rosegal.com is a good place for you to take your importing business. You can enjoy ordering bulk orders of inexpensive handbags from China at reasonable prices.



Shoespie is also one of the more renowned platforms in this regard. From cheap leather handbags to all sorts of other handbags, you can use Shoespie to order bulk products from China.

These were some of the online platform used for the importing business. Now let us look at some offline places to import wholesale inexpensive handbags from China.

Maydiang Group

Maydiang Group is one of the top factories in China for these products. It was set up in 1989 and now has advanced to become quite a large group and it operates at a big level.

The main specialty for the Maydiang Group is to manufacture Leather products. Its clients involve big companies and firms on a worldwide level. The company operates at the domestic level and abroad. This can help to give us an idea of how vast their scope of operation is.

As a buyer, you can obtain your products in bulk from this place. As Maydiang Group specializes in leather products, sellers can get their required products with ease.

They have been operating for so long and their clients include such trusted companies. One can put their trust in this group and make their buys without worrying.

Guandong Handry Industry

Guandong Handry Industry is also one of the leading factories in China when it comes to handbag manufacturing. It was founded in 1993 and it operates in Shantou City.

Handry focuses on a variety of products related to bags i.e. school bags, handbags etcetera. Due to the time they have spent operating and delivering products, their company has a reputation. This repute is for being trustworthy and for providing quality products.

Being a factory, it is also easy to buy wholesale inexpensive handbags and to find what you need with ease. Handry has spread quite a bit in the country and has made its presence known in other parts of China as well.

Shanghai Newest Luggage Co. Ltd

Shanghai Newest Luggage Co. Ltd is also one of China’s well-known manufacturers of luggage products of a varying degree.

They make different sorts of items in terms of physical appearance and feel. This means that their products can include light items as well as heavy items.

The number of employees working for this company is around 1500. The monthly production capacity for this factory is 180000 packs.

As this is listed here, it is understandable that the export market for these companies is more than the domestic market. Hence, the domestic market for this company is 10% and the export market is 90%.

W.K Maxy Industries Ltd

Set up in 1981, this company is also one of the top manufacturers in China in terms of pack production. The employee count for this company was recorded to be around the 2000 mark.

All sorts of specialists and professionals are included in this company. This company also targets the market that is willing to pay reasonable prices i.e. less than the usual.

When it comes to the number of handbags they can manufacture within one month, the count is 150000 packs. This is also one of the best places for you to conduct your handbag buys if your interest lies in importing wholesale handbags from China.

W.K Maxy Industries Ltd

Zhejiang Yinzuo Cases and Bags Co. Ltd

This company was made in 2005 and is one of the major bags and luggage-related manufacturers in China. As the name implies, this company operates in Zhejiang and has a monthly manufacturing capacity of 300000 pieces.

Their clients include big companies like Samsonite etcetera and they have an export market of 70% and a domestic market of 30%.

How to customize your handbags in China to sell online?

When it comes to customizing your handbags before selling them, you have to make some iconic changes.

So that your product can stand out and be recognized. To do this, you can create your own identity by doing the following:

Nothing identifies a brand more than its logo. To do this, you can resort to several different methods. These include:

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a good technique to use if you want to create your own logo. Unlike embroidery or any other protruding method, screen printing lies close to the surface.

Aside from looking nice, this also helps as the logo doesn’t become a hindrance of any sort.

Metal Plate

A metal plate is quite a common method when it comes to handbag logos. Most companies use this method and it is a good way to go as well.

Unlike screen printing and embroidery, there is a slight chance that the whole thing can come off. However, it is not very probable so nothing to worry about. If anything, metal plates look more official than the other methods.

Design your handbag’s logo


The third choice you have is to use embroidery for your logo. Embroidery is also used by big companies like Ralph Lauren etcetera and it looks good. It suits a handbag very well and there is a lesser chance of it getting distorted or damaged.

This is one thing you can do to give your handbags a personal touch. However, you can customize them more by adding pockets. Some examples:

Bottle Pockets

You can add some pockets on your handbags for people to put their bottles in. Bottle pockets are a good addition because they don’t look too much out of place.

If you have to put a bottle in, you can go ahead. When you are not using them, they can collapse and fit the side of the handbag.

Cell phone pockets

In addition to this, you can also make pockets for cell phones in your handbags. Everyone uses a phone nowadays. So it is suitable to have a pocket for it in your handbag.

Pay attention to the belt length

This is something you should be careful of as well. The length of the handbag can make all the difference. As we saw above, different types of handbags can be differentiated only on their strap length.

Thus, when it comes to customizing your handbags, you should take care to regulate the belt length according to the type of bag you are selling.

Choose the high-quality zipper

Having a good zipper is important for your handbag’s quality. If the rest of your handbag is fine but the zipper drops off or stops working the other features can be useless.

So if you have to divide your attention for the different qualities of the handbags, you should focus on a high-quality zipper.

Choose the high-quality zipper

What to know about wholesaling handbags from China

Wholesaling may seem like a very idealistic solution to your sourcing problems. But there are some disadvantages and cons that need to be kept in view.

There are some things that you should make sure before commencing your import business so that you don’t get into any legal trouble. The disadvantages and cons include the care you have to take to keep your business legit.

Wholesalers may Offer Lower MOQs than Manufacturers

This is one of the main reasons people prefer wholesale rather than the lengthy process. When you have to order from a retail store or a private group (when you don’t buy wholesale), you have to follow a special MOQ.

MOQ means minimum order quantity. This means the least amount you have to order if you want to make a buy.

Wholesalers are lenient in this regard and they offer a lower MOQ for their buyers. This means that you don’t have to buy a whole bunch of goods. Rather, you can buy smaller quantities and see how your business works out.

Many Chinese Wholesale Suppliers Lack Export Licenses

This is where some issues can be created for the importers. It should be noted that this doesn’t apply to all manufacturers. Only some of them are those who don’t have the correct export licenses.

This is because there are some wholesalers who take their business to the next level and they target the export market. Others often keep their business for domestic clients.

Hence, when you are looking to import, you have to make sure that all the documentation and the legal affairs are in order.

This is where the agencies mentioned earlier come into place. They can help you find trustworthy and legit sellers.

Wholesale Products in China are non-compliant with the US, EU, and other Overseas Product Regulations

This is also something you have to be careful about. Products made in China follow the guidelines and the rules for that country.

Meanwhile, the European Union and the US have some restrictions and limitations on certain materials. So the bottom line is: when importing from China, be sure to check all the regulations and see if your desired handbags are free of all restrictions.

The rules for trade and the regulations are different everywhere. You should make sure that the products you are wholesaling are not illegal and they don’t constitute any restricted materials.

China makes its products according to its own rules. However, in light of the policies of other countries, you should be wary. Watch out for any materials used in the manufacturing of the handbags that are restricted in that country.

How LeelineSourcing Help You wholesale Handbags from China Smoothly

Leeline Sourcing can help you when it comes to importing from China. There are a lot of steps that are involved in this procedure. Some of these are:

Guide you to find the right supplier

As we learned, there are some problems that can present themselves when you are buying wholesale. To keep your business legit, you must keep all your legal documentation in order.

You must also take care to avoid any sort of rule-breaking etcetera. To do this, you must find a legit seller. Leeline Sourcing will help you find the right supplier so that you can conduct your business with ease.

Private Label Solutions

Leeline Sourcing will also guide you when it comes to any private label business that is involved in your selling.

Confirm and Follow-up on your order

Leeline sourcing provides you with a smooth experience. By acting as the bridge between you and your seller, they can help you accomplish any goals or objectives you need to do to conduct your business.

This involves checking and acting on your order. When you make an order, it is imperative that it should be confirmed so that there is no error.

Best quality control and inspection services

Leeline sourcing also helps you by providing inspection services. This means that the goods will be checked to make sure they are what you ordered.

This will help to avoid any sort of error and loss in the long term. Quality control refers to the standard they will keep to make sure you get the proper quality goods. In this case, that means inexpensive handbags and other products you may order.

When Leeline Sourcing will assist you, you will see that at almost every step, they will ensure your welfare. This means that by keeping your interests at heart, they will be able to guide you where you can get profit and avoid loss. Also, by checking the quality of your ordered products, they will be able to guide you.

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quality control and inspection services

Expert in paperwork to clear customs

Leeline Sourcing will also help you to deal with the paperwork. This paperwork refers to the legal procedures that need to be done during the import process.

All the customs and all the processes will become easy for you as Leeline Sourcing has experience in them and they will guide you.

When your customs will be cleared, you will have time and effort to spare for other factors in your selling business.

Best logistics solution for your orders

When it comes to the logistics concerning your orders, Leeline Sourcing will help you. Get the best solutions to avoid unnecessary hassle.

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Final Thoughts on wholesale handbags from China

Buying wholesale from China on a large scale can be lucrative. You can buy including inexpensive handbags, cheap leather handbags etcetera.

They also provide an opportunity since different buyers can buy according to their wants. For people who want to buy wholesale, the main appeal is the bulk buying at low prices. By paying less for larger quantities, buyers can make more profit.

We saw the various platforms one can use to conduct their import business and we saw the offline places as well. If you want to buy wholesale handbags from China, you should make sure your supplier is legit and trustworthy.

FAQ for wholesale handbags from China

What handbags are made in China?

There are many different types of handbags that are made in China. Many different handbags are differentiated on the basis of their materials.
Straw, Leather, and Denim etcetera are some materials. Also, designer handbags are also made. They include inexpensive handbags from different brands as well as others in different price ranges.
Other than these, there are different types of handbags that are defined by their physical appearance. We have shoulder bags and sling bags etcetera.

How do I buy designer handbags wholesale?

You can buy designer handbags wholesale by visiting different factories in China or by contacting agencies like Leeline Sourcing.
They can help you get in touch with a supplier who will be able to sell your designer handbags at a discounted price which you can sell for profit.
So you can visit the product sourcing agencies or contact manufacturing groups yourself. You should take care to keep your dealings legit and follow all the rules for import.

Can I wholesale replica bags online?

This is discouraged. Buying replica bags and similar knock-offs fall in the category of illegal business. You should avoid this at all costs.
Doing an illegal business is unethical and it can land you into trouble with the relevant authorities.

How do I sell high-end bags?

There is a variety when it comes to handbags. There are inexpensive bags and there are high-end bags. You can buy high-end bags wholesale and sell them for profit.

Is selling handbags online profitable?

Selling handbags that you buy wholesale can be profitable. If you buy them from a store under a private label, you will have to pay extra expenses.
If you buy them wholesale, you will save money. By saving this, you will be able to charge a reasonable price for them. This can be profitable. Handbags are an item of necessity and their demand can be a lucrative factor for you.

Should I source wholesale handbags from China?

Yes, you should wholesale handbags from China. Handbags made in China can be obtained at reasonable prices and can be obtained in bulk.
This way, you get good quality, inexpensive handbags in bulk. By commencing your business, it can be profitable for you to buy wholesale handbags and sell them at a profit.
The quality and the price alone are good factors that are incentives for buyers. This was some information that can come in handy while importing wholesale handbags from China.
By following all the rules and regulations relating to the import business, you should be able to avoid hassle and trouble.
You can get a variety of handbags and you can use the assistance of product sourcing agencies to help you select the best buy according to your needs.
There are some things that need to be taken care of while purchasing wholesale to avoid legal complications.

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